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Women's Snowboard Pant Shopping Tips


Getting a quality pair of womens snowboarding pants is the key to having a great time on the slopes. Since snowboarders spend a lot of time sitting on the snow strapping and un-strapping their bindings getting the right pair of snowboard pants is probably more important than any other piece of snowboard clothing.


Womens snowboarding pants are made from fabric that is waterproof. However, not all fabric has the same waterproofing capabilities. The fabrics used to make snowboard pants all go through waterproof testing and get rated. The higher the rating the less water is able to penetrate through the fabric to get your layers wet. Typically the snowboarding pants with the highest waterproofing ratings are the most expensive, however, it is a good idea to choose the pair of pants with the highest waterproofing rating in the price range you are comfortable paying.


In addition to waterproofing, the seams on womens snowboarding pants may be taped to keep water from seeping through the stitching. Snowboarding pants may have seams critically or fully taped. Critically taped seams means that only the most critical seams are taped to prevent water from getting through. Womens snowboarding pants which are fully taped, have every single seam on the entire pair of pants taped so that water doesn’t come through. Since this process includes additional materials and manufacturing time, womens pants with fully taped seams are going to be more expensive. However, if you can afford this feature, it is a great one to have.


Just because water can’t get into your pair of snowboarding pants, doesn’t mean that you are in the clear on staying dry on the slopes. If you get overheated while snowboarding and begin to sweat unless your pants are breathable that moisture will be trapped inside making you damp and eventually cold. The sorting refinements allow you to be able to find a pair of womens snowboarding pants with good breathability, like waterproofing, the higher the rating the better. Breathable pants are a good feature to have for snowboarding, since many riders tend to work up a sweat on the slopes.


Hopefully the array of womens snowboard pant buying and sizing information available in the Ski-O-Pedia will help you make an informed decision about getting the perfect pair of snowboarding pants. However, if you have any questions or would like to be pointed in the right direction please contact our customer service department via phone, email, or LiveChat.


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