Women’s Ski Tops Shopping Tips

When you click into the women’s tops section at you will notice we stock a lot of different women’s tops including different styles, brands and of course different colors. Whether you’re looking for something to wear as an underlayer or if you’re looking for something to wear after the ski day to the pub we stock something that will be exactly what you are looking for. Here we are going to cover a few of the different styles of women’s ski tops you will find here and how to pick one over the other.


Women’s Ski Tops – Sweaters stocks a wide range of women’s ski sweaters from the top brands including Dale of Norway, Moncler, Neve Designs, Bogner and more. Ski sweaters are great underlayers as they are typically a bit thicker and will offer great warmth especially on the coldest of days.


Women’s Ski Tops – Midlayers


Women’s skiing midlayers are going to offer a bit thicker design compared to underlayers and can easily be taken off if the temperature rises. As women’s ski tops midlayers can range from synthetic materials, wool and many other materials so be sure to check the description to see what you’re looking at. Midlayers are meant to fit quite snug nut should still be comfortable and easy enough to move around in.


Women’s Ski Tops – Hoodies


Hoodies are the go anywhere do anything women’s ski tops and will adapt to nearly any situation. Women’s hoodies can be made of cotton, wool, synthetic or many more materials. Most women’s hoodies sold at will offer more technical features than most so if you see a hefty price tag for what looks like a normal hoodie, be sure to check out the description and specs. Some women’s hoodies will offer windstopping elements and water resistance coining them being called technical hoodies.


Women’s Ski Tops – Vests


Vests worn while skiing are not just fashionable additions to your cute outfit. The vests sold in the women’s ski tops section are going to offer technical features such as windblocking and water resistant capabilities. These vests work great over a midlayer and offer a great layering look while being completely functional keeping you warm and dry while skiing.


As you can see there are a few different styles of women’s ski tops to choose from each with different purposes and styles. Choosing the correct women’s ski top comes down to your personal preference and the type of weather you will be seeing in your climate.


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