Women’s Ski Sock Shopping Tips

Shopping for a new pair of women’s ski socks shouldn’t be difficult but when you click into the women’s socks section here at you may be a bit overwhelmed. We know how important choosing a quality women’s ski sock can be which is why we stock so many socks not just for skiing but also for everyday use. Here we will go over some easy to use guidelines to ensure you are getting the most out of the socks you choose when shopping women’s ski socks.


Choosing a type of women’s ski socks


When you click into the women’s ski socks section of you will see several styles of socks that range from ski, snowboard to lifestyle. These choices are pretty easy to differentiate from one another as it is pulling directly from how you are going to choose to use the socks. Here you will choose whether you’re going to be shopping socks for skiing, snowboarding or lifestyle. Women’s skiing socks will offer the correct support, cushion and shape for skiing and wearing ski boots. Women’s snowboard socks will offer adequate shape, fit and cushion for snowboarding and wearing snowboard boots. Women’s lifestyle socks are going to be more regular and fitness style socks.


Choosing weight in women’s ski socks


Women’s skiing socks will come in different weights which refer to the thickness of the fabrics and materials used. Typical weights found in women’s ski socks are light, mid and heavyweight. The weights will go in order from lightweight to heavyweight starting with the thinnest and going to the thickest. Choosing the proper weight in women’s skiing socks is difficult as it’s a lot of personal preference. A heavier weight sock is going to offer a bit more cushion and will be quite a bit warmer. Choose a socks thickness based on your climate and your personal preference depending on how your feet naturally regulate temperature.


Choosing a material in women’s ski socks


The two main materials that you will see ski socks being made from are wool or synthetics. The debate of which is better is a back and forth that we will not get into here, let’s just cover some quick differences. Wool may be a bit warmer in extreme cold conditions and will remain quite warm even if damp. Synthetic is often thinner and still warm and will offer a much quicker dry time. Both materials make for a great pair of ski socks so if you’re not partial to either style we recommend trying both.


As you can see there are some quick ways to find exactly what you’re looking for when shopping women’s skiing socks. Hopefully this has helped quell the mystery giving you the adequate resources to make a great decision. For sizing information related to women’s ski socks please check out our size charts section.


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