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Women's Ski Pant Shopping Tips

Understanding Women’s Ski Pant Cuts and Types


We stock a lot of women’s skiing pants and although at initial glance the selection may seem a bit intimidating you can quickly narrow your selection based on a couple of variables. Women’s ski pants are offered in 2 main types and 3 main cuts all of which are able to be narrowed down using the refinements on the left of the page. Here we will briefly cover these differences to help you better shop our selection and get exactly what you’re looking for.


Two Main Types of Women’s Skiing Pants


There are two main types of women’s skiing pants; insulated and shell. Both types serve great purposes for different reasons and here we will briefly cover each style.


Insulated Pants- One of the more common style of ski pants these offer a bit of insulation through a liner built into the pants. Great for most all skiers insulated women’s ski pants can be worn with or without under layers as the insulation will work as a type of already installed under layer.


Shell Pants- These ski pants offer no inner lining and are simply a shell. Best when worn with an under layer in cold conditions but can be worn solo when the sun is shining heating up the slopes. These are the most versatile of all the women’s ski pants as you can add the layers you need underneath based on varying weather and climates.


Different Cuts Available in Women’s Skiing Pants


Women’s skiing pants are available in full, regular or slim cuts for various fits and preferences. The different fits are offered for different body shapes but also for different personal styles; here we will go over the details of each different cut.


Full Cut Pants- Full cut ski pants are going to offer a bit baggier and loose fit. Full cut women’s ski pants are going to offer a bit more comfort for those who don’t want to feel constrained while skiing.


Regular Cut Pants- Regular cut falls between slim and full for a more standard fit. Still a bit on the looser fitting side you can easily fit under layers beneath comfortably. These are one of the more commonly worn fits as it really caters to all shapes, sizes and styles.


Slim Cut Pants- Just as skinny jeans have come into style more and more you can now get your ski pants in a tighter package. Not constricting but this fit is going to be more streamlined and offer a great look. If you want a fit most like everyday pants then try slim cut women’s ski pants and you will have what you’re looking for.


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