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Finding your proper ski getup is the key to successful ski season, but with so many different options out there it can be tough to figure out what you need and what is right for you. Let’s look at all the different women’s ski clothing that you’ll need for a winter full of riding that is comfortable and safe.


Jackets: the Focal Point


The ski jacket will be the central piece to your ski wear, important for both its ability and fashion. Contrary to popular belief, women’s ski jackets are very different than everyday winter jackets. A women’s ski jacket can suffice as your everyday jacket but if you have not purchased a jacket created specifically for skiing, then that is imperative to improving your warmth and comfort level on the slopes. There are several reasons for this, but one of the most important reasons is that a women’s ski jacket is going to be far more durable and able to withstand the added abuse from skiing.


Women's ski jackets are made of tightly woven nylon or polyester. These are materials that are designed for high performance use against the elements of winter. Extended exposure to high winds and the wet elements of winter are what make the construction of a women’s ski jacket a better fit for snow riding than your everyday winter jacket.


There are two main types of women’s ski jackets: insulated women’s ski jackets and shell women’s ski jackets. There is no exact answer for which is better because there are many factors to consider when making this choice. When looking for the perfect women’s ski jacket to purchase, always remember to factor in the type of skiing you will be doing and the expected weather conditions.


The jacket is often the most fashionable piece of your ski gear, showing off with flair and style. If you want to look your best while you ski your best, consider investing in women’s designer ski jackets. Brands like Bogner offer some of the most tasteful ski jackets you’ll see on the mountain.


Worried that you can’t find a jacket that will fit comfortably? carries women’s plus size jackets and women’s petite jackets, so everyone can find their perfect size.


Check out our Women’s Ski Jacket Buying Guide for a more detailed look at the different types of jackets out there. If you need help figuring out what size jacket you need, visit the Ski Jackets and Pants Sizing Guide.


The Perfect Pair of Ski Pants


Women's ski pants are necessary to keep you warm and comfortable on the slopes but you don't need to sacrifice fashion for function when it comes to choosing the right women’s ski pants. Women’s ski pants come in a variety of styles that will keep you warm, dry and, of course, stylish. With a ski pants selection that is so vast, it can become quite confusing as to which women’s ski pant will work best for your skier type and style preference.


There are several types of women’s ski pants, with the most common being an insulated pant. Other types include shell pants, stretch pants and bib pants. Just like the jackets, deciding which one to buy is a matter of determining what and where you’ll be using them for. A lot of it comes down to personal preference, as well. Some people get hot very quickly and will get very uncomfortable in insulated pants once heat builds up, whereas others are routinely cold and need the insulation to make them feel comfortable. Additionally, some skiers prefer the added protection from the snow with a bib pant. The purpose of this particular type of ski pant is to keep out snow and moisture, and some women may prefer the less bulky feel of a stretch pant.


Head over to the Women’s Ski Pant Buying Guide to get the full scoop on all things ski pants. Trying to find your fit? Take look at the Ski Jackets and Pants Sizing Guide.


The Importance of Layers


A good ski jacket is important, but you can’t expect it to do it all. In addition to investing in great fitting outerwear it is important to complete your assortment of ski apparel with layering pieces.


Layering pieces are key women’s ski clothing pieces as they can provide additional warmth on colder days. They are great for wearing in the lodge where you ski jacket might be too warm, but long underwear tops might not be warm enough. Layering pieces include sweaters, hoodies, vests, fleeces and even lightly filled down jackets.


Owning a few different styles of layer pieces is a key part of having a complete collection of women’s ski clothing. Having varied layers that you can mix and match especially comes in handy when you are on long trips and will need to adjust to a number of potential weather conditions.


Base layers are the first thing you’re throwing on when you’re headed out for the day, and are one of the most important. Items that can be used as a base layer include long underwear and ski socks, and are equally important as outwear and layers when it comes to women’s ski clothing. Investing in high-quality long underwear can make a huge difference in your overall comfort on the slopes. For women who get cold easily, mid weight long underwear made from soft merino wool fibers are great additions to your collection.


Next up on the Agenda: Mid Layers.


Mid layers are, believe it or not, the middle layers. In all seriousness though, this is going to be the layer between your base layer or long underwear and your outer layer or ski jacket. Mid layers include fleeces, merino wool sweaters, vests, technical tees, turtle necks and lightweight polyester sweatshirts.


Mid layers offer a substantial amount of warmth with little weight. Mid layers also offer a slight relief from being too warm because once you start skiing and become warm you can shed your ski jacket and ski in your mid layer. When you get too cold again, you can simply put your ski jacket back on.


Some of the most popular women’s mid layer jackets and sweaters come from the brands Dale of Norway and We Norwegians. These brands not only act as optimal mid layers under a jacket, but are stylish and comfy for all your après ski activities.


Shop smarter; visit the Women’s Long Underwear Buying Guide and Mid Layer Buying Guide for a more in-depth look at layering. Of course, you can always check out the Base Layer and Mid Layer Sizing Guide for any questions on size or fit.


Don’t Overlook the Little Things


Often overlooked are the smaller pieces of women’s ski apparel, such as socks, hats and gloves.


It is extremely important for skiers to own several pairs of quality ski socks. Ski socks are tall, cushioned socks made out of wool or synthetic fibers and provide skiers with additional warmth, comfort, and moisture wicking properties to ensure that you avoid frostbite. It is highly recommended that you carry an extra pair of ski socks in your ski bag in case your ski socks get damp or wet.


Light or medium cushioned socks are best. Socks that are too thick and bulky won’t help insulate any better and in most cases your feet end up being colder. Ski socks with light to medium thickness will leave a small amount of air space inside your boots which your body will heat up, leaving your feet much warmer than sock fuzz will.


The most common form of winter headgear is hats. There are many different styles of hats, and each will provide you with warmth in different ways. One of the most common hat styles is the beanie, a form-fitting cap that is snug and will retain heat very well. Hats with earflaps are also a popular look. This style of hat allows for extra ear protection and warmth. There are also hats with small brims or even the ever-popular ball on top for a cute finish. Some are even fur lined or fleece lined for extra warmth and comfort.


Freezing hands and numb fingers can completely ruin any skiing day. It is very important that you pick the right pair of gloves for your skiing adventures in order to improve your safety and warmth. You should look for the right combination of warmth of comfort for your hands.


Questions about any of these winter wear pieces? We’ve got a Ski Sock Buying Guide, Hat Buying Guide and Ski Glove Buying Guide to answer all of them. Get your size straight with our Ski Sock Sizing Guide, Hat Sizing Guide and Ski Gloves Sizing Guide.


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