Women’s Hat Shopping Tips


There are many styles of women’s hats and is happy to supply such a diverse selection to our customers. As hat enthusiasts ourselves we know just how important it is to get the proper hat. Let’s go over some of the most popular styles of women’s hats.


Women's Beanie Hats


Beanie hats are the most commonly found hat on the slopes and for good reason. Beanie style women’s hats fit great and offer several styles to mesh with any individual. stocks a full selection from KJUS, The North Face, Spyder, Turtle Fur, Bogner, Bula and many more.


Women's Brim Beanie Hats


Just like beanies above these hats offer a great fit and comfort from the slopes to après ski beverages in the lodge. The big difference in these women’s hats is the brim which will keep the sun out of your face and offer a bit of protection from falling snow.


Women’s Crazy Hats


Want to make a statement or do you have a hankering to throw people for a loop then you need to go with a crazy women’s hat. Available from Mental these hats come in a slew of styles from ones that look like Mohawks to dreads and everything in between. Sometimes standard women’s hats just don’t cut it so show some personal expression and watch the glances start rolling in.


Women’s Skull Liner Hats


This style of women’s hats is uniquely designed to fit underneath your skiing helmet. A regular hat is too bulky to fit comfortably under a helmet so they thinned out the standard hat and made it fit more snug with skull liners. These women’s hats offer a great fit underneath a helmet but can also be warn before or after you put your helmet on and need some extra warmth.


Using Refinements to Narrow Down Your Selection


You will see while you’re shopping women’s hats that we offer many refinement boxes on the left side of the page. Here you can select to show only certain brands, colors, prices, styles, materials and more. To use the refinements for women’s hats simply click onto what you would like to see. For example; if you only want to see women’s hats by Bogner in the color blue you would first select Bogner from the brands selection and the page will refresh to show only Bogner, once this happens you can now click the color blue in the color refinement and you will only see blue Bogner women’s hats. You can use these refinements to narrow down your selection of women’s hats right down to what you’re specifically looking for, makes shopping for a gift easier as well.


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