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I live somewhere where there are no ski shops anywhere...and I tend to like to get on the mountain as soon as I get to the resort without having to wait in rental lines or whatnot. I knew I did not want to wait in a line to have my boots mounted or bindings installed. This service was great, just as all the customer service is on! The representative I talked to from the boot mounting department actually recommended I get a different boot after we got to talking about where I liked to ski and what I liked to ski. He made a great recommendation and I will be able to use my boots for more advance skiing once I get there. I would recommend adding this to your order, especially if you do not live in the vicinity of a ski shop! I have never been disappointed with!

- Mary | 9/8/2017

Great fitting good looking goggles. Great price as always

- John | 9/4/2017

Very happy with the items of clothing we bought at a great value. Will be back again.

- Peter | 9/4/2017

I had a Live Chat with Rick today, and he was very helpful. I haven't bought a pair of skates in over 20 years (my old Macroblades were the best) and I had a lot of questions about the new trends and technology. He really knows his products, and offers friendly advice. Thanks Rick!

- John | 6/9/2017 service is excellent! I ordered these in the small size for my son based on the sizing chart provided by Flow. My son has a size 8 boot, these are rated for up to 8.5 boots. His boot stuck off the front by nearly 2 inches. The hybrid design also doesn't stay in place on the for making rear entry a pain. It was an easy return thanks to size up if you buy these but I would not get the hybrid version and read other reviews on rear entry mishaps.

- Matt | 6/6/2017

The skis were on back order but the customer service reps kept in contact with me and shipped them as soon as they came in. The product is amazing! And came packaged really well! Love the skis! thank you

- Lana | 6/5/2017

I have never worked with an online company that is more helpful and knowledgably. Adam seems to know exactly what the best ski is for your skill level and ski conditions. His recommendations were always right on and helped me to avoid making some major mistakes. I also got to work with thom who can naturally get you excited about your skis and can give in detail the technical reason why a boot or ski is right. Then Rick was absolutely amazing as he helped me work through some unusual returns and credits. Everyone at made me evaluate my own company and compare to see if it measures up. You guys definitely set the bar for customer service, products, and price. I would definitely recommend you to a friend. this ski season would not have been the same without you.

- Anon | 3/21/2017

I ordered these skis online, and feel that I got a very good deal on them. They really handle well in all sorts of conditions. They arrived quickly and the packaging was great. Very pleased with this purchase!

- Mary | Maine | 3/13/2017

I'm very happy with my new skates! I'm not as good as I used to be, so I purchased the K2s knowing they were going to roll faster than I'd like at first..hoping to improve my skill set like old times. I've only used them twice so far and I have no complaints. They fit true to size and comfortably on my foot, they don't dig into my calves, the wheels roll super smoothly and the brake works well too. The colors of the skate are bright,vibrant, and fun. I'm very pleased and would recommend inlineskates and K2!

- 4Smooth | 3/13/2017

I loved the Volkl jacket and was happy to find something unique. It is good quality and comfortable. It was a little large and my arms are too short for a lot of jackets, this on included. I had to return the jacket but will do business with again

- Cody | Wyoming | 3/13/2017

Searched the internet for this pant, it's a past years model. They were wrongly sized due to the manufacturing. Customer service took the time to assist me with the sizing which insures the correct fit. Thank you, I couldn't be happier with the price, quality and fit. I'll be a return customer because of your helpful service.

- Happy Girl | 3/6/2017

I started skiing for the first time this year and moved up from Fischer bulletproof rentals and Fischer Viron rentals to the Rossignols. They feel lighter without feeling floaty. They also gripped the snow/ice better. All my skiing has been done in the warm Northeast so I don't have any powder experience with these. I would recommend them for anyone including a beginner, although a beginner might want a shorter ski before moving up to a longer one. As for they are an exceptional website to buy from. The only thing that I would like to see is them mount and adjust the bindings before shipping.

- Bubbychub | 3/1/2017

After a little debacle with locating my product I ordered (it somehow was the shipping room) the supervisor then sent it ASAP and was in my hands in two days. I find it refreshing that someone would take the time and get up from their but and go on a safari for a customer. And after receiving said merchandise I a very pleased with my purchase, great description, and good follow up! I would recommend to a friend, I also find your site very easy to navigate and very informative

- Tim | 2/27/2017

I want to compliment Barry with Summit Sports who worked with me to make things right after a pair of ski boots I ordered was stolen for my apartment building. These were an anniversary gift from my boyfriend as he wanted me to be able to ski with him more often. I will absolutely go to again when I look to buy new skis and snow gear. Thank you so much!

- Alina | 2/2/2017

Great company to buy from. Everything was as promised. Great Jacket!

- Jonas J | 1/30/2017

The North Face Long Haul shorts were perfect for my last Marathon, perfectly carrying gels, headphones, ID etc. - lots of suitably sized pockets and absolutely fantastic for affixing my race BIB. SKI's shipped the item very quickly and customer service has been top notch since i've been a customer. I just wish all purchases could be so extraordinary

- Blackwatch | 1/30/2017

I worked with Rick in the customer service chat and he was extremely helpful and patient with my questions. He helped me size my Ski boot correctly and worked through some order details. That you for running a top notch customer service, you truly set the bar high. - Nate

- Nate V | 1/12/2017

I've had some nice quality ski jackets through the years. One was an Obermeyer jacket I had many years ago. Loved it. But then moved on to other good brands, and haven't had an Obermeyer again for no particular reason. This year, to mark my return to skiing after a several year hiatus, I decided a new jacket was in order. I paused over ordering the Obermeyer Zermatt for a few weeks. The price was one factor (to be sure, there are more expensive jackets, but there are also much less expensive ones). But it was one of the few good ones in red (red being one of my un-negotiable demands for this jacket). Beyond that, I liked everything about it – the styling, the materials, and the functionality. Oh, and the color (red, did I mention that?). All that was left was the fit. But has the kind of return policy I require to buy over the internet. So I took the plunge. And I'm so glad I did. The fit is great. And it is everything I expected of an Obermeyer jacket. I happened to catch it when had a promotional going ($50 ski bucks to apply to a future purchase). So I even got a price break in the sense I have 50 ski bucks to spend on something else. All in all, I am 110% happy with this purchase.

- Finngirl | 12/30/2016

I ordered a pair of Rossignol Alias Sensor ski boots for my son for Christmas. He has a wide foot and a high instep, so I am hoping that these boots will provide the comfort that he is looking for in a boot. He has not used these, so my comments are really about the company. The boots were sent very quickly to me and were in perfect condition when they arrived. I received wonderful customer service and help from online chat representative Rick. and I want to award him the 5 stars from this review.

- Skier Mom | 12/11/2016

Hi, my friend asked me to help him find skis that are appropriate for his ability and interests, and your site is extremely helpful! I like the video reviews - this helps put a person with inflection behind the words and makes the reviews seem a lot more credible. Keep it up!

- Guest | 12/8/2016

Dear Sir/Ms, This order was placed on 11/30/2016 online, however it was determined with my phone conversation with you customer service representative named "Bobby". He was helpful, honest and patient enough to find out information I wanted to know which ultimately confirmed my decision to purchase the ski boots. Please make sure, he receives whatever credit your company provides to it's sales reps. Thank You Andrew

- Andrew | 12/1/2016

i completed my first order, an found i had gotten the wrong size, returning was easy an refund was very fast, replacement item is here just as quickly; i highly recommend this site to all my family and friends!!

- Bonnie | 11/30/2016

Talked to Rick (Rick, I hope you get to read this) VIA live chat on your site, he was an absolute pleasure to speak with and gave me some killer product suggestions. He was incredibly knowledgeable and able to recommend a ski that would be great for me in Michigan and out west. He really helped me sort through all the options. I will be sure to recommend based upon this interaction. Give that man a raise! Seriously! Thanks Rick!

- Evan | 10/28/2016

Great customer service! We ordered a pair of 2017 ski boots for our 4 year old daughter, when they arrived they were the 2016 graphics. Barry in the customer service dept was very helpful in resolving the issue.

- Steve | 10/6/2016

First, i ordered the wrong type of boot. I called Skis and customer service extensively researched whether i could use the boot and found i couldn't. they quickly canceled my order and placed an order for the replacement boots which arrived in 2 days and fit great. Super happy with the service!

- John | 8/26/2016

Dear Staff, I was delighted to get home from skiing yesterday afternoon to discover the boots I had ordered for my sister waiting on the doorstep - that was fast! Thank you so much. She is due to arrive here for skiing within the next week, so the timing was great. I ski the Pro EDT which I love, and she tried them out last year (fortunately we share the same size). So it was great to locate a boot virtually the same, in the right size (always a problem), and at a wonderful price. Please extend my thanks to all the staff involved, and I look forward to doing business with you again. (I have spotted lots of other goodies on your website!)

- Cushla | 8/16/2016

Nice packaging and fast shipping. Haven't got a chance to test these new skis yet because they were bought during summer sale. Can't wait for that first run down the mountain!

- Li Xu | 7/27/2016

I recently purchased a pair of Head REV 85 from The Skis were described in "Class A" condition which from memory was less than 10 or 15 days skiing. The skis recently arrived (I live in Melbourne Australia) and were exactly as described, I think they only have 67 days on the mountain. So you can feel very confident buying second hand or demo skis from , they have integrity and do their job very well. I think I got something like a 65% discount off list price - so big savings. Also as I live in Australia a bit more footwork to get the gear sent down here (you have to forward to a 3rd party first). All went off without a hitch. So buy demo skis with confidence from

- Jonathon | 4/26/2016

The Swiss WC Pants are comfortable, warm, well-fitted. They work with easy as well as aggressive skiing, just like advertised. And was quick, fair and professional in their customer focus. Great shopping experience. Thank you.

- Jon | 3/30/2016

Rick on chat helped me find an order status with little to no help from me...apparently I put the wrong email address in...didn't write down my order number...didn't know anything about what I ordered and he figured it all out and hooked me up with my tracking number and just did a great great job. It is people like him that keep me buying at, #1 Customer Service! Again...thanks Rick and thanks!

- Gerrick A. | 2/12/2016

I had a chat with Rick about the Elan Amphibio 84 Ti ski. He was incredibly helpful and answered my questions honestly. He also explained to me (in terms that I understand) the benefits of such a ski. Again, Rick has been most helpful and plan to purchase the Elan skis after I test them on Saturday at my local hill. Can't say enough on how helpful he was!

- Anonymous | 2/8/2016

Customer service is outstanding. I recently had a problem with a pair of skis I bought.Totally my fault. But they went out of their way to help me out and get me in the right ski. I can not say enough good things about the caring attitude of the staff. If you are thinking about new skis or boots ,look no further!

- Mark C. | 2/8/2016

Hello - I would like to take the time to thank the SKIS.COM team for a wonderful experience. One of your customer service reps, Trevor, helped me with an order today that required some background checking and approval from management. Let me say, I run a sales team, and Trevor was quick to respond, anticipated questions and needs, and got info to me faster than I expected. It is because of Trevor's excellent service, that SKIS.COM has a new customer - I hope management rewards and recognizes Trevor's efforts - he is a huge asset to your team! Thank you, Trevor for all your help!

- Scott S. | 1/28/2016

Rick J was SUPER awesome and helpful. Honestly, I got way more out of the experience online than I have when in a ski shop. Really impressed and REALLY pleased with my experience.

- Marcela S. | 1/24/2015

Oliver was superb! He spent 46 minutes with me on the phone helping me choose ski goggles.

- Michael C. | 1/19/2016

Rick helped me on my selection of ski and was so helpful! He was polite and thorough and honest. I haven't bought new skis in years and all of the choices are overwhelming with ski length, ski waist, and ability factored in along with height and weight. Rick supported me in my assumptions and helped make recommendations. Your prices are great, especially with free shipping! Thank you!

- Beth | 1/19/2016

I was in contact with Lisa, Jonathon, and somebody I spoke with on the phone (I don't remember her name). They were all extremely helpful and really helped to streamline the process. They were quick to respond and very helpful. I am very happy with the customer service I received and I would be happy to shop here again!

- Daniel J. | 1/6/2016

Rick was extremely helpful as I went through each of the items I am going to buy. I verified my reasoning on why I chose the equipment I did and the sizes I did. His suggestions led me to change my mind on the boots I was buying and to reconsider the poles I was buying. That kind of thought and advice reflects a person who cares to make sure his customers are doing the right thing. I feel more assured of my purchases than I did before the message exchange. Thanks, Rick!

- Anonymous | 1/04/2016

I ordered two snowboard, binding and boot packages on the 19th of December and received all my packages on the 23rd of December. Couldn't be more impressed with how everything worked out. Very happy with all my purchases and to get everything so fast and during the Christmas rush was incredible. Top notch company and one I will definitely buy from again in the future.

- Michael B. | 12/23/2015

Rick ROCKS. Seriously, super, amazingly helpful, he completely set me straight and was looking out for my best interests. Patient and willing to listen (read, since we were IM'ing), he made what was turning into a stressful choice an easy one. Seriously, top marks all around. Thanks Rick.

- Dan M. | 12/21/2015

Shipping (in December) was amazingly fast! And their customer service is outstanding.

- Kellie | 12/04/2015

I would like to let you know that my interaction with Rick tonight was very pleasant. He answered all my questions and was very patient. Employees like him make a great impact on the name of your company. I will be going for sure with your company thanks to the great customer service I received :) thank you Rick

- Alejandra | 11/28/2015

Buying skis and boot is not an easy job online. It is hard for me to choose what kind skis and what size boots are good for me. I had chat with Dru, very professional and knowledgable. Under his assistance, I bought a ski package and got 10% ski package discount. This is the first time of my shopping at, and I will do more in the future. thanks

- Kevin | 11/28/2015

I was having trouble placing my order on line. I called customer service and spoke with John. He was the most helpful customer service rep I have ever spoken with. He helped me place my order. I will definitely order from again in the future. Thank you for having such great employees.

- Anonymous | 11/27/2015

I was working with an Agent named Keith who was extremely helpful. I have been looking for ski helmets for weeks and didn't really know what I was looking for and he helped me pick out the perfect one. Great customer service.

- Anonymous | 11/27/2015

Keith was a huge help today. Answered all my questions and was helpful with suggestions

- Doug N. | 11/28/2015

great comparisons and very easy to look around

- James | 11/5/2015

Just a shout out for Adam P who responded to my many e-mail questions about what types of skis and boots to purchase. He gave more information that was pertinent to my abilities and age than anything I have read or heard. Thanks again Adam!

- Richard B. | 10/6/2015

Hello, I had to use the live chat multiple times and each time I had the same operator Dru. He was very helpful as well as polite, and assisted me with every request. He provided great customer service.

- Alexa | 7/28/2015

Just want to share my excellent experience with Dru today. He went above and beyond the call of duty to provide an extraordinary customer service experience. He should be an example of how to engage shoppers, I can assure that the only reason for my purchase was due to his professionalism and assistance. Dru deserves a raise, well done.

- Michael K. | 7/9/2015

Good deal on the skis that I have wanted for a long time.

- Peter I. | Chilmark, MA | 5/30/2015

Good service and prices at the end of the season

- Kevin P. | Ithaca, NY | 5/28/2015

I like the info graphics that tell about the ski's specs and such. Makes it easier to quickly compare different skis. The prices on the memorial day sale were also really good.

- Brighton L. | Bristol, VT | 5/26/2015

Great buy especially with out of season discounts.

- Michael N. | Morriston, NJ | 5/26/2015

Good prices and good selection.

- Aaron J. | Smithville, MO | 5/26/2015

Easy. Fast. Awesome!

- Jan N. | Salt Lake City, UT | 5/25/2015

I shop at all the time. The best website for snow equipment!

- John C. | Camarillo, CA | 5/22/2015

I have made numerous purchases from i am extremely satisfied with their pricing, service, and product quality. I will always check them out before making any purchases in this area.

- Cleora C. | Lake Barrington, IL | 5/20/2015

Excellent pricing, free shipping on oversized items, would definitely do business again.

- Vernon V. | Wilton, CT | 5/17/2015

Always great deals and if it goes lower they go good for it

- Mark B. | Keeseville, NY | 5/15/2015

I like the, its information is very completed.

- Yanhua Z. | Portland, OR | 5/13/2015

I've been looking everywhere for this particular color ski pants, and I FINALLY found them on, and at a great price, too!

- Ryan D. | Brighton, MA | 5/11/2015

Good ski shop online.

- Megan L. | Rochester, MN | 5/11/2015

Amazing company to buy stuff from.

- Ben H. | Monroe, MI | 5/6/2015

Thanks for helping me pick out a new pair of skis!

- Matthew J. | Leesburg, VA | 5/5/2015

Easy, Logical Straight forward purchases. Love the shopping experience.

- Steven L. | Menlo Park, CA | 5/5/2015

I had great experience shopping. Delivery was prompt. I already Recomended to my friends and they love it as well.

- Peter S. | River Vale, NJ | 4/28/2015

A number ONE company that is there for me and you.

- Judith S. | Edgecomb, ME | 4/28/2015

Excellent values, thanks!

- Gregory H. | Mendon, VT | 4/28/2015

The website was easy to navigate and you had just what I wanted!

- Dawn H. | Fairfield, CT | 4/25/2015

Great shopping experience.

- Qiang G. | Houston, TX | 4/25/2015

Very good selection on ski hardware. They have multiple items when other sites are not showing any, so I'll definitely be back for more.

- Robert S. | Lewisville, NC | 4/25/2015

Great site ... makes buying ski equipment for a family of 5 paletable.

- Thomas C. | Nyack, NY | 4/23/2015

Easy, great purchase.

- Michael R. | Naperville, IL | 4/23/2015

Great Site. Had the product I wanted available. Good customer service.

- Mark B. | Mesa, AZ | 4/17/2015

I have enjoyed your products and love the wide variety of brands and selections.Your products have always come on time and I could not be more appreciative.

- Carl W. | Trenton, NJ | 4/15/2015

Wonderful descriptions of skis with video reviews. Complete explanation of how to buy skis. My son Demo'd the skis your site recommended and is very happy. Great prices.

- Peter W. | St. Louis, MO | 4/11/2015

Great prices & user friendly site :)

- Melissa S. | Sunderland, VT | 4/7/2015

Skis is an excellent web site and great buying experience

- Patrick S. | Spencerport, NY | 4/3/2015

I purchased a lot of ski gear both online and local. I would place above every other online experience. Exceptional

- Brent B. | Broadlands, VA | 3/27/2015

You guys are great! No improvement necessary!

- Michael W. | Oakhurst, NJ | 3/26/2015

My customer service agent handled a problem with a defective product with great skill and got me all set up with a replacement in record time and to my great satisfaction. My experience buying ski boots online could not have been easier, more effective, or more satisfying. Great Work!

- Richard M. | Saint Johnsbury, VT | 3/21/2015

I ordered new Head Rev 98 skis, Nordica Firearrow F3 boots, and Marker bindings on a Friday and they arrived the following Monday! Then there was a price drop on the skis and boots and I was given credit for the $180 reduction! Both phone conversations were very pleasant experiences. The person who took my order was very knowledgeable and helpful. The person who processed my price drop request was very friendly and helpful, too. I've told my friends about the great products and customer service! will be my "go to" ski and gear site from now on!

- Guest | 3/10/2015

I love the coat I got! I live in Minnesota and this is just the coat for the weather!

- Kelly C. | Burnsville, MN | 3/9/2015

I love the coat I got! I live in Minnesota and this is just the coat for the weather!

- Kelly C. | Burnsville, MN | 3/9/2015

Your search options are awesome for narrowing down the kind of gear a person wants. Awesome website!

- Stuart L. | Richmond, VA | 3/6/2015

I am so impressed with the customer service of this site. We had to do returns and changes and everything was made so easy, as a company you were always very helpful and more than fair. I have already recommended you many times. Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air in a world where customer service is often overlooked.

- Toni W. | Garrison, NY | 3/5/2015

Your customer service dept is amazing.

- Jenny P. | Lafayette, LA | 3/5/2015

Great purchase experience

- Tai S. | Albany, OR | 2/17/2015

GREAT SITE, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Biggest selection and comparable or better prices than Evo and Levelnine. I appreciate the thorough reviews and the selector tools.

- Rhonda C. | El Dorado Hills, CA | 2/10/2015

Please, please, THANK OLIVER from the Chat Room in helping me find the v-e-r-y last NORTHFACE Tropical ski parka! He was prompt and knowledgeable. I've ordered the jacket and anxious to have it arrive before the end of my ski season where I'll wear it out to Utah. I'm a veteran ski patroller (Squaw Valley Ski Resort) currently stuck in St. Louis wearing proper Red & Black uniform. This particular colorful parka fuels my California Jimmy Buffett-side!! Thanks again!

- Irene O. | 2/10/2015

Great skis,great price, delivered on time. I will always check with first and buy again.

- Maryann V. | South Ogden, UT | 2/6/2015 has the best search and filter features, and product descriptions for finding exactly what I want.

- Wendy H. | Twin Lakes, WI | 2/2/2015

Great company and fast shipping. Deffinetely plan on doing business with again.

- Greg D. | Lexington, KY | 2/2/2015

I Love this website! I have been in the market for new skis after not skiing for over 20 years. The site has helped me immensely in not only getting up to date with the more modern equipment, but also helping me to do decide which new skis I will end up purchasing.

- John K. | Antioch, IL | 2/1/2015

Very courteous service rep assisted me with questions when I called to confirm discount on items purchased. Professional and helpful service, which will bring me back for future purchases.

- Richard G. | South Orange, NJ | 1/30/2015

Favorite On Line Ski Shop!

- Jeff C. | Chaska, MN | 1/30/2015

Hey I just wanted to say that Chris from Customer Service is an expert when it comes to customer satisfaction. You guys rock and I love your shop! :)

- Florian B. | Alamogordo, NM | 1/29/2015

The customer service I received on the telephone prior to placing my order was excellent, and was the deciding factor in whether to order from phone service

- Muriel M. | North Wales, PA | 1/28/2015

Bought the skis from you because of the excellent video reviews you have on your website. Those women knew their stuff and helped direct me towards the best ski for me.

- Mary B. | Action, MA | 1/26/2015

Very good costumer service!

- Michael S. | Chicago, IL | 1/26/2015 offers an excellent ability to filter the options to narrow down what you are looking for, saving me hours of paging through endless options that you have to do on other sites,..

- Wendy H. | Twin Lakes, Wi | 1/22/2015

Adam from the ski shop did a terrific job! Back in my day I used to be a pretty good skier however, I have not skied in over 10 years okay, maybe 15 years. Adam took the time to listen to what I used to ski like and what I think I can do now. Lol Adam recommended the Nordica fire Aero EDT skis and it was the best decision that I ever made by purchasing those skis. I just want to thank Adam for recommending the skis and for making me have a fantastic 2014/2015 ski year. Thank you again Adam!!

- Bill C. | Ballwin, MO | 1/21/2015

Amazing support! I bought a pair of high-end Rossignol skis a little over a year ago and was surprised to see some delaminating on one of the skis... I contacted during the weekend explaining the situation. Within 24hrs, they had coordinated with Rossignol, sent me a return label and agreed to replace the skis.

- Abby L. | Trenton , NJ | 1/21/2015

One of the few places that i could find snow blades that had a good reputation. all of the other sites or sellers on amazon had bad reviews, but you had all good reviews

- Steve W. | Herndon, VA | 1/20/2015

I worked with Barry, he was excellent and through his knowledge and suggestions I chose a 3rd pair of boots to try (I returned the previous 2 pairs) and saved me from having to go to my local overpriced ski shop.

- Chris F. | Colts Neck, NJ | 1/15/2015 was very helpful when I needed to return a pair of skis last month so I decided to buy a new pair of bindings here. Great company that I like shopping with.

- Dan P. | Fort Collins, CO | 1/14/2015

All purchases have been excellent in quality and arrived in a timely manner. Very satisified with experience with

- Leslie F. | Johnstown, NY | 1/10/2015

Adam is extremely knowledgable on ski boots and fitting issues. Considering that I ordered the boots Online rather then in a tradition store, I'm very satisfied.

- Scott K. | Shelter Island Heights, NY | 1/8/2015

I spoke with a customer service agent named Arun who helped me select the best ski socks for my needs and budget. Its because of people like him that companies thrive. He was very polite, helpful, and informative. If I call back in the future I'll ask to speak with him. This message may make me seem old but I'm 29 and I still like to talk to a person when I want advice on purchases.

- Thomas S. | Tallahassee, FL | 1/8/2015

I love the jacket I bought, and I was very pleased with customer support. I would highly recommend!

- Lynn M. | Hastings, MI | 1/6/2015

Have ordered from many times and have been quite satisfied. Thank you.

- William R. | Clarence, NY | 1/7/2015

Excellent site with an excellent reputation.

- Cory V. | Elkhorn, NE | 1/5/2015

Found what I was looking for (a pair or skis for my 13 yr. old who was not quite ready for adult skis) at a cost I was comfortable with (last year's model was still available : ). Skis shipped and arrived exactly as described upon purchase (quickly!). I'll always check in to to see if they have what I'm looking for. If they have what I want, I'll purchase through them without reservation.

- Chris D. | Bloomsburg, PA | 1/5/2015

Great selection and price for skis. Bought my daughter's first pair and she love's them!

- Sandra R. | Plymouth, VA | 1/5/2015

I did a lot of shopping and found exactly what I was looking for at Prices were great. Looking forward to getting my new boots and shopping here again.

- Shauna F. | Sandy, UT | 1/5/2015 is offering most important high quality brands at most fair pricing with incentives for free shipping or further discounts while allowing various payment methods vs. only credit cards alone...this is a company that stands only to succeed.

- Steve F. | Ellsworth, IA | 1/4/2015

Helpful and down to earth service staff.

- Javier M. | Forest Hills, NY | 1/2/2015

Awesome site for browsing ski jackets. The warmth and breathability ratings were a great help, and the spec tab was not only in a convenient location, but also told me everything that I needed to know about each jacket and help make my decision. The price reductions that you guys had on some of your items was pretty great too. For the jacket I ordered, I got 56% off! At those prices, I'll definitely be shopping with you guys again!

- Brandon N. | Davis, CA | 1/3/2015

What a great site for education and knowledge sharing! The videos, sizing charts, and complete specs very helpful and they were *absolutely* the key factor for me purchasing from

- Cameron C. | North Salt Lake, UT | 1/1/2015

Easy and quick to order from. Great selection of options. Very reasonable prices. Will be purchasing from in the future!!!

- Teren D. | Williston, ND | 12/26/2014

Great description of product lens: better than the brands website in fact.

- Leah N. | San Diego, CA | 12/22/2014

Excellent shopping experience!

- Henry A. | Land O Lakes, FL | 12/22/2014

Love this place!

- Bill C. | Ballwin, MO | 12/19/2014

Your Chat is the best out of all of the sites I've been to.

- David S. | Needham, MA | 12/19/2014 educates customers.

- Bridget B. | South Burlington, VT | 12/7/2014

This was my first time shopping with this vedor and it was overall a very positive experience. It made me want to buy more and more and more products and they had great deals. Thanks!

- Larissa C. | Point Roberts, WA | 12/7/2014 has the best price. Very easy to purchase!

- Pam M. | Austin, TX | 12/6/2014

Helpful customer support!

- Heidi S. | Ladysmith, WI | 12/6/2014

I Found the perfect snowskate for my little brother im so excited. I couldnt find one anywhere else.. I'm so thankful!

- Mary A. | Orlando, FL | 12/6/2014

Love always love to come back!

- Neringa L. | Ridgewood, NY | 12/3/2014

This was a great and easy purchase for me. Thank you for having a search where I could choose detailed options to find the right boot for me.

- Betty F. | Dickinson, ND | 12/2/2014

Love the site! Love the review videos as they are very informative! Great selection of products!

- Zachary R. | Alken, SC | 11/30/2014

I like to features and comparisons on ski products. Very user-friendly, specially for someone new to the sports.

- Yin Z. | Elmhurst, NY | 11/28/2015

Great shopping experience. I'll be back!

- Robin J. | Quinton, VA | 11/28/2014

Great site with awesome discounts. I'm a college student at UCSB on the Alpine Race Team and I found exactly what i was looking for.

- Angel R. | Santa Barbara, CA | 11/27/2014

I really appreciated the information about your items. When searching for an item online, it's hard to tell if it's going to be what you want. But with the "fit, warmth, waterproofing, breathability" ratings, I found it super helpful to pick exactly which jacket was right for me!

- Glenn O. | Joliet, IL | 11/27/2014

Loved the ability to compare boots side by side and like the graphics showing the best fit for each ski boot

- Maggie L. | Trenton, NJ | 11/26/2014

Great experience. Great price for great skis!!!!!

- Julie N. | Staten Island, NY | 11/25/2014

Always pleasant to work with, great pricing and products.

- Glenn D. | North Falmouth, MA | 11/24/2014 is awesome!

- Alfredo M. | Hermiston, OR | 11/24/2014

I LOVE this store! They are so friendly and accommodating, moreso than any other store I have dealt with online. Their return/ refund rate is VERY generous. They seem genuinely interested in my ski experience and that I have a great purchase experience with them, almost like I am in a store. Hats off to your customer service, competitive pricing and inexpensive shipping! Could not ask for anything more.

- Lisa H. | Danville, CA | 11/23/2014

Great selection of products and reasonable prices. Excellent communication throughout the process.And highest-quality produts!

- Michelle R. | Mosinee, Wi | 11/21/2014

You guy are the Best!!!

- Erik D. | Highland Park, IL | 11/20/2014

Great experience. Conversation with Dru from the chat help was very useful on prior purchase.

- Allen J. | Dallas, TX | 11/20/2014

Great jacket and fast service! First time it fit my son on the first try!

- Shannon M. | Houston, TX | 11/20/2014

My husband received an email that was having a sale and we needed a ski outfit for our 10 yr daughter. She found something she liked and they you had it in her size and the price was great. I also found a few things that were priced so low that I couldn't resist and I purchased those too.

- Lauren W. | Keene, NH | 11/17/2014

The buying guides are very helpful--they take the mystery out of the purchase. Plus, great deals and selection!

- William W. | New York, NY | 10/31/2014

Third set of skis and bindings we've purchased from and never disappointed.

- Edward H. | Lexington, SC | 10/30/2014

I had an excellent experience shopping at They have a great selection of items to choose from to fit my exact needs.

- Plano, TX | 10/30/2014

Experience was great overall. Dru was helpful in Chat and helped me make a final decision on a major purchase, new skis. Will shop here in the future.

- Thomas A. | Pleasantville, NY | 10/29/2014

My favorite thing about is how you can look up the specs on basically any ski.

- Guest | 10/26/2014

Great to deal with.. highly recommended.

- Joel D. | Sarasota, FL | 10/23/2014

Love the specs you have for the boots such as 'Actual Flex' rating. Even though these numbers are relatively subjective, a huge help. Also, the print out, 'Before you Try On Your Boots' is perfect. I want to post in the shop at the base of my local hill to help the rental shop explain to customers what's going on. It's got your logo, hope you don't mind.

- Mark O. | Portland, ME | 10/22/2014

Awesome selection and great sale pricing!!

- John S. | Spring, TX | 10/21/2014

Great selection! I am really looking forward to my new ski bindings.

- Bridget O. | Dillon, CO | 10/21/2014

Great Supplies, Great Video Reviews, Great Deals, Really happy with your company over all and look forward to coming back..

- Guest | 10/20/2014

Great prices and good choices. I've already recommended this site to several friends.

- Rogers E. | Monroe, CT | 10/18/2014

Love how I could "sort" when shopping by the style of the fit of ski pants (low rise, regular, loose etc)..

- Tammy J. | Summerville, SC | 10/17/2014

Great site, quick service.

- Chad h. | Bradford PA | 10/16/2014

Although this is my first purchase from I have contacted then with questions concerning ski gear and have received great support. This will be my go to web site for ski gear.

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A lot of information i would think i needed to go to a store in person for. First time ski buyer, just doing research, it was great! Hope to be back to make a purchase soon.

- Guest | 10/13/2014

Great site. I am always happy with the quality and reliability of the products.

- Shelly A. | Belfast, ME | 10/12/2014

Great reviews and information, I will see the accuracy when I jump on the mountain at Winter Park, Colorado. Stay tuned! Good communication and customer service.".

- Andy F. | Helena, MT | 10/11/2014

I think that has done a great job with the layout of the site and did an excellent job providing accurate and detailed information about each product with comprehensive video reviews for ski boots and skis. I will definitely return to this site when I need something ski related.

- John K. | Newtown, PA | 10/6/2014

Quick, easy, fast shipping

- Noah R. | Amherst NY | 10/4/2014

Love em! Love em! Love em! Customer service is 2nd to None! and a great selection of skates to choose from

- 10/4/2014

loved the short video reviews of skis and boots from the staff... very helpful also loved the search features of the site, which allowed me to find exactly what I needed very quickly customer service was also prompt and friendly when I called.

- Andy F. | Fort Worth, TX | 10/1/2014

Using the get 3 and return the other two boots is a great way of asuring a good fit. My call to quickley answered my questions.

- David T. | Marshfield, ME | 9/30/2014

Recently ordered a BOGNER mid layer top. I miss spelled my street address and order was, kicked. Your kindly representative took the time to contact me on my cell and cleared up my problem. Thanks for the personal touch''

- Michael P. | Stevenson Ranch, CA | 9/26/2014

Your walk through for selecting skis is just the right thing! So often folks ask me what skis to buy... I tell them it depends on so many factors and your selections hit them all in a nice uncomplicated way... good job!

- Ron | 9/25/2014

1st time customer - is right down my alley for Winter Sports gear. Breadth of product offering and brand names indicate: 1) they are genuine specialists; 2) they know their stuff. They're a great online resource because finding a competent ski shop in a large metro Midwest location is a challenge.

- David W. | Shawnee, KS | 9/22/2014

Awesome! I have purchased skis, bindings and gloves in the past year and have been 100% satisfied with I cannot wait to get my new boots, I expect they will awesome!

- David B. | North Granby, CT | 8/23/2014

Great website - I have bought items from in the past. I really like how informative/detailed the site is about skis and ski boots and how you can filter the skis you're looking at so many different ways.

- Joy C. | Barrington, RI | 8/22/2014

Very pleased with the selection and communication at The chat feature was very helpful. The prices are outstanding. I hope I will feel just as satisfied once my items arrive. I confirmed the exchange/return policy before completing my purchase.

- Lori R. | Colchester, VT | 8/21/2014

After looking on your site for various items such as a helmet, skis, and bindings I noticed that I had found these items extremely quickly. I looked for a helmet with audio, large skis, and bindings and found some perfect items rather quickly. I am happy with your site content as it is extensive.

- Erin B. | Corona Del Mar, CA | 7/22/2014

I have purchased from them in the past along with the other skiers normally I buy my skies onLine and in late Spring or summer when they run a sale seems a much better deal than paying FFR for new ski in December and your still getting a NEW ski. Thank YOU :-)

- Steven T. | Orlando, FL | 7/17/2014 are one of the very few US businesses that have a fully integrated eCommerce solution that works to deliver what today's and tomorrow's customers need now. Well done guys- great team effort!

- Cate G. | Des Moines, IA | 7/10/2014

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