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Chat was awesome. Rep had very good knowledge of ski differences.

- Verified Buyer | 10/3/19

It was hard to find the exact kind of boots online but it was easy to make sure I was buying the right product.

- Sean | 10/2/19

I've enjoyed using for 9 years. I buy all of my skis through this company and enjoy the ease of use and variety of equipment.

- Jarrod | 10/2/19

i loved the sizing method for ski boots. it also indicated at bottom of page every aspect of my foot and let me know if there may be any size concerns. i will see when i recieve them.

- Greg | 10/2/19

Good sale and was able to find a discount code on top of that!

- Verified Buyer | 10/2/19

The site is easily the best site to buy skis from, second would probably be the house

- tom | 10/2/19 is great. They have a great selection of new season gear and great prices.

- Verified Buyer | 10/2/19

Quick and easy purchase on my iPhone.

- Mike | 10/1/19

Informative, lots of variety, quick and easy

- Skibunny | 10/1/19

I ordered ski boots from as they were one of the few vendors with my size. The were delivered as promised on time. Product was professionally packaged and in excellent condition upon opening. This is the third purchase that I've made form and they have delivered every time. At this point they are my go to source for any online ski related equipment purchases.

- grayghost54 | 10/1/19

Great selection of products and great deals. Easy to navigate through the website.

- COskier | 9/30/19

Easy checkout, great product selection.

- Adi | 9/30/19

easy to use checkout. paid with Affirm. good promotions

- Elliot | 9/30/19

I found the sweater at a better deal than elsewhere. The checkout was easy, but i wish they had ApplePay set up. If i get my order on time, i’ll definitely check with them for future orders.

- rob t | 9/29/19

I purchased some Hestra gloves. I have heard good things about Hestra. I have purchased from in the passed and the experience has been most satisfying. This checkout was also super easy.

- Double black | 9/28/19

I feel good about my purchase and can't wait till the skis get here and I can get them mounted

- Frankdog | 9/28/19

On line chat help agent was knowledgeable & helpful

- Verified Buyer | 9/27/19

This is the second product I've purchased from The online shopping experience is quick and easy. Their website is easy to navigate and checkout is very easy.

- John266 | 9/27/19

Wish I had some wonderful marketing insight for you, but really it was simple. I was looking for helmets for my girls, had a good price and I purchased.

- BCheek30 | 9/26/19

Nice easy time ordering online....good price

- Nanc | 9/26/19

They had what I was looking for at the best price I had found and I bought it.

- Verified Buyer | 9/26/19

Excellent deal

- dee | 9/26/19

Good selection and good deals. Quick and easy to find what I wanted. Will be back when I need something else.

- JKL | 9/26/19

I like the great display and selection on an easy to navigate screen. I found The purchase process was so specific to what I was looking at and what I’ve ideally expected by purchasing Goods.

- ANGELES B | 9/25/19

Nice and easy to use website with a big selection of items. Easy also to find info for related products

- theophoto69 | 9/25/19

Found the skis I wanted on another website and had them for cheaper.

- Verified Buyer | 9/25/19

Good price, fast delivery, great experience

- maria 17 | 9/25/19

This place is great!

- Nick G | 9/25/19

always a good experience at The best prices on really good quality equipment.

- Verified Buyer | 9/24/19

I've shopped various sites for different types of sports, recreational, and home gear. In reference to the ski gear I've shopped on ebay, ski wharehouse, ski monster to name a few. I am very satisfied and happy to use the page is setup to have more choices available therefore making the final and detailed purchase much easier and more adapt to the person the gear is for. I would and have definitely recommended to friends for all the reasons i have stated in the previous info. I am looking forward to giving the new skis to my older daughter, she will be visiting us next week with our grandsons, they are coming from Tennessee for a short visit and a trip up to our local ski area Seven Springs for the October Fest. Can"t wait to see the expression when she picks up the new skis, she does not know. Honestly I would not change a thing with your web page, it hits the mark most efficiently. Thank you looking forward to future transactions.

- Pauly | 9/24/19

After years waiting to get back on the slopes, I decided to buy new gear, a season pass, and get out on the hills. made my shopping experience easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend, no matter what your age or experience level.

- Swanny | 9/24/19

Item was on hand, had good experience in past with

- Ken | 9/24/19

I've made several purchases at and have always been happy with everything.

- Verified Buyer | 9/24/19

Selection and pricing is very competitive and is definitely a must shop site. Be sure to compare with Amazon and other retailers, too, and check sizes, colors, etc. first to ensure availability before spending time narrowing your selections too far. Shop ahead and be patient - maybe you'll get a promo code for an additional discount!!

- Verified Buyer | 9/24/19

Skis had great ski gloves on sale for a great price!

- Bill | 9/24/19

Good online store to find and purchase ski-related items. Easy site to navigate and sale prices can't be beat.

- DDuck52 | 9/24/19

Great experience buying online!

- Verified Buyer | 9/24/19

I was looking to purchase new boot bags for my boys, and in my email from was a bag on sale. I looked over the price, researched the reviews on multiple sites, and decided to purchase them. Hoping they will fit my need for more space but not breaking the bank.

- Verified Buyer | 9/23/19

Loved the price, ease of order & free shipping. Usually do not take surveys because most of the time company s share your info, I hope you don't if I get bombed with offers I will never participate again.

- Verified Buyer | 9/23/19

Good price

- Verified Buyer | 9/23/19

Great products and customer service!

- Matheson454 | 9/23/19

Overall, very satisfied. I have purchased ski boots and accessories in the past, and was quite happy. Thought that the pros rating the various skis was very helpful.

- Paulie | 9/22/19

Simple experience - will use and recommend

- Verified Buyer | 9/22/19

The website is easy to navigate and found the skis and bindings I was looking for at the best price found. My ski partner is not in the market for new skis and i told him about my experience with

- Jack | 9/21/19

I was unable to find the type of ski in the size I needed at local retailers or otherwise online. Great to find it at and to have it readily available AND ON SALE! I love the bindings and look forward to the season.

- bwm | 9/21/19

No problems

- CraigC | 9/21/19

Got a great deal on skis on sale! Happy to have some new skis to try out this season.

- Court | 9/20/19

Awesome sale, and my sizes in the clearance! Gunna love these new pants

- Courtney | 9/20/19

It was so easy to purchase everything is good it’s just great. I would recommend to anyone

- Gus | 9/20/19

I was very pleased with my order and when I called customer service the gentleman I spoke with was very courteous and helpful. I will definitely order from again and I highly recommend buying from this store.

- Lynn | 9/20/19

Easy to use site , shopping is fast to get done plus free shipping after 49 dollar purchases. Very nice.

- Verified Buyer | 9/20/19

Your site was very easy to use from finding my boots to applying the coupons that you gave me and finally checking out! I was able to check the boot size that I needed to purchase as well which was very helpful. I have no reason to not tell someone to check out for their future purchases!

- Turbo | 9/20/19

SKIS.COM sent me a coupon for 10% off my first order. I really like the jacket, so I ordered it with the coupon.

- JRM | 9/19/19

Good descriptions and measurements. Appreciated ability to review based on foot shape and experience.

- L Kay | 9/18/19

Easy and quick. All of my items were shipped within a few days and came without damage.

- Micky J | 9/17/19

Great website with a lot of good information about the buying/decision making process of ski products. Quick and responsive on the phone and shipping your order out!

- GL | 9/17/19


- DAVID | 9/16/19

It was a good experience a lot of sale items of interest.

- caff | 9/16/19

Purchase was super easy. Took maybe 5 minutes!

- Bones | 9/16/19

I have been researching new ski equipment for a few months. I have checked options and pricing from several local and on-line retailers. I couldn't find anything that compared to the selection and pricing at

- CFS | 9/16/19

Absolutely love my new Line Press skis and Marker bindings. Got them for half the cost of retail and they feel amazing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else when shopping for winter gear!

- Twhitaker16 | 9/16/19

All good so far including prices.

- Verified Buyer | 9/15/19

Super easy! Price was right, too. Appreciated the free shipping.

- Skilove | 9/15/19 has an easy to use interface, allows me to filter my search for exactly what I'm looking for, including my size, color, etc. It is an easy shopping experience, and their shipping is timely. Everything arrived exactly as I would expect.

- john | 9/15/19

For the past few weeks I have been searching for a pair of skis and boots for my upcoming skiing road-trip. I finally stumbled upon this website and found everything that I had been looking for. The products I found on this website were name brand, and at a very reasonable price as well.

- Jake | 9/15/19

The store didn't have the jacket in my size during their sale, but I was able to get it online in my size at the same sale pricing!

- Steve | 9/15/19

Selection of products was great and the deals were good. They gave me a discount on my first purchase which I was able to combine with the weekend promo code. I thought that was an awesome thing! I'd purchase from again when I upgrade my skis.

- JakeC | 9/14/19

Great find and experience

- BCW | 9/14/19

good discount

- mteresa17 | 9/14/19

You had the best price on skis that were recommended by a friend in the know

- Verified Buyer | 9/14/19 is the best place to shop for the best prices and smooth web design. I appreciate being able to check out as a guest and they don't force me to get another password.

- Sandy | 9/13/19

I have made a few purchases on the website. The product is good, with reasonable pricing and fast shipping.

- Chris | 9/13/19

I like this website and what opportunities it brings to it's customers.

- Danchitto | 9/12/19

Excellent selection and good pricing. Product descriptions very useful.

- Steve | 9/12/19


- PAUL | 9/12/19

Thanks great deal quality brand.

- Bee | 9/11/19

Looking for a solid demo ski deal. This is the second demo ski I've purchased from Was very happy with the condition of the first purchase, hoping the second lives up to that standard

- OldSkier | 9/11/19


- Verified Buyer | 9/11/19

Good selection of gloves and lots of information about each to be able to compare and choose.

- Wiskier | 9/10/19 does a great job of explaining the characteristics of the product. It is very helpful when you know what characteristics skis have so you pick the ones most suited to your style. All skis are good but how do you want to ski? This is my favorite thing about There are other things that make awesome but for me that is the best. Thanks for your reviews we are listening!

- Surfcalikid | 9/10/19

Great company

- Tootles | 9/10/19

Cheap and free delivery

- Master | 9/9/19

Barry was outstanding!!

- Verified Buyer | 9/9/19

Easy to purchase items on line. Fair pricing, good selection

- Steve | 9/8/19

The price and ease of browsing the website were incredible! I got a pair of Salomon boots that were originally $600 for less than $300. Absolute steal and I highly recommend.

- Dylan Richelmann | 9/6/19

Very satisfied with online purchase experience... great prices on high-quality items

- Dave | 9/6/19

When selecting criteria for boots in the results it gives boots outside the criteria.

- Slopez | 9/5/19

Top of the line skis for half the price! Just got brand new K2 skis plus bindings for a quarter of the cost I would've paid on their sights. I will be coming back here for all my skiing needs before anywhere else.

- Twhitaker16 | 9/5/19

Plenty of options and easy site to use. The filters were great.

- Tom | 9/4/19

I’ve made several purchases from over the 2018/2019 ski season and have never been disappointed with the online purchase system, prices, quality of service and quality of merchandise. The downside of is every time I get an email from them I want to purchase something else because of the deals they offer.

- COSKIER | 9/4/19

the skis and bindings i bought from had the best prices

- scott | 9/4/19

you were quick to answer a question about the item I was interested which was very helpful

- Noah | 9/4/19

Nice, wide variety of ski gloves to chose from. Nice comparative info to find just right pair.

- WiSkier | 9/3/19

first time in, good experience

- ric | 9/3/19

Had an easy time finding what I needed.

- Summerstock | 9/3/19

All in all is a great website with great product selection and competitive pricing!

- Bryn | 9/3/19

Everything went fine just waiting for one item

- Steven | 9/3/19

good selection, OK prices

- rsc | 9/2/19

I have a Helly Hanson jacket and now skis from and love the quality and selection. I am impressed with the selection in inventory and the sale prices! I was actually able to get the skis I wanted in the size I needed! The checkout was a bit cumbersome but may not have been the fault of the site.

- bwm | 9/2/19

Was in the market to purchase a pair of new Ski Boots and new Ski Pants. Found the Salomon Boots and Descent Pants I was looking for at great prices. The selection of the goods was easy and the on-line purchase process was very convenient

- Churerboy | 9/2/19

A lot of options for all different skill levels. Great description of products. Easy to filter out what was wanted/not wanted.

- Tito | 9/2/19

Site navigation was easy and I was able to navigate to what I wanted to review quickly. The product information and pictures were excellent for decision making.

- Chris | 9/2/19

I was looking for a specific pair of ski pants and had them on sale. very happy.

- Miamiskier | 9/2/19

Easy to use website.

- Verified Buyer | 9/2/19

I felt like out of all the sites I researched on this one had the best deal on what I was looking for along with the nicest stuff.

- Will | 9/1/19

I purchased a pair of ski poles on sale and the price was excellent. The order was delivered one day earlier than expected. The product itself is great. I would definitely recommend additionally, I really like their website and the product reviews they provide.

- Jimmer | 9/1/19

I was looking for specific skis but not wanting the break the bank. These are exactly what I wanted. I don’t care that they are demos, I’ve only ever skied on rentals and these will be a huge upgrade.

- T-bone | 9/1/19

Easy to find the right skies through selection menu

- harry | 9/1/19 had what I wanted, in the right size, for the best price. The checkout process was quick and easy and standard shipping was free. Overall a great experience.

- Joe C. | 9/1/19

I saw the classic skis and it's what my partner likes so I am giving them a try

- Juan Carlos | 8/31/19

The best part was the navigation. It was easy to find precisely what I was looking for.

- Verified Buyer | 8/31/19

A great price on last years model ski. Free shipping and easy checkout.

- Verified Buyer | 8/30/19

You have what my son needs for this ski season. You also have what I want him to have for this ski season. Therefore, I purchased more than what he needs.

- satisfied customer | 8/30/19

I would highly recommend for all winter related purchases. Amazing customer service and selection of equipment at great prices and amazing sales!

- kt | 8/30/19

I found the ability to filter but item to be extremely user friendly. The pictures and breakdown of information was very easy to follow and understand. The selection of items is second to none and I found the price to be exceptional compared to other competitors.

- Eric E | 8/30/19

this is the 4th pair of skis I've purchased from I find the selection better than my local Colorado ski shops.

- Skier-4-62yrs | 8/30/19

10% Discount coupon sealed the deal.

- Verified Buyer | 8/30/19

One of the reasons I always purchase from is the video description of the product. You are accurate and give good info on how products will be in use. It is helpful because I can think about how I like to ski and how I will mesh with equipment. Thank you guys for doing what you do! I have never had a problem with as I have been ordering from them for a couple of seasons now!

- Surfcalikid | 8/29/19

I got skiis here because they beat the competitors price for the same ones. I didn't appreciate the sales tax but who does. Website gave me good info about the skiis.

- Alissa | 8/29/19

very easy ordering, glad I looked

- etgif | 8/29/19

I like it.

- RIP | 8/28/19

have used this site often over the years. Very happy with it.

- nudnick | 8/28/19

They provide great info and reviews of the merchandise that they sell and I found them helpful in making my buying decisions on ll things skiing.

- popeye | 8/28/19

It was exactly what I was looking for - an insulated jacket with a removable hood plus free shipping.

- Gator | 8/27/19 has the product I was looking for at a fair price, with no shipping charges.

- jennifer | 8/27/19

i liked the variety of years/models available for color options

- TJ Hill | 8/27/19

I was offered a 10% discount for joining and that was added to the 33% discount advertised for sale so, that closed the deal for new Fischer Z-17 2018 bindings

- Skiracer | 8/27/19

Super easy to use with great selection and competitive prices. I would use this site again.

- Ol'SR | 8/27/19

web site is user friendly & products are high quality

- Verified Buyer | 8/27/19

Great experience, easy to find what i was looking for

- Verified Buyer | 8/27/19

overall easy to use website to find skis when not sure what to get

- Verified Buyer | 8/27/19

The website was very simple to use and has great deals. I would recommend to a friend

- Verified Buyer | 8/27/19

Prices prices prices!

- Jiminimal | 8/26/19

low prices and easy to find what I was looking for

- chris | 8/26/19 is an easy site to work with and has good prices. I have been a solid AMAZON guy but recommend

- Chris | 8/25/19

Just like browsing this web site

- PVR | 8/24/19

I visited Don Thomas for their sale, and liked this jacket, but they didn't have it in my size at the sale. I was glad to find it on line for the same price with free shipping.

- Steve R | 8/23/19

Easy. simple. variety. sales discounts are a motivator.

- Verified Buyer | 8/23/19

Easy quality merchandise payment plan was sweet!

- BFLO Bridgie | 8/23/19

Good product and price, but link to paypal did not work.

- Dan | 8/23/19

Love the detailed filter options, being able to select tall sizes and full taped seams

- Verified Buyer | 8/23/19

I've used several times. All transactions went well.

- Allan | 8/21/19

Great selection and good prices. The product description was good and the size chart was helpful. User friendly website.

- Jim | 8/20/19

everything was smooth as silk no problems ordered ski boots last week they came early

- todd | 8/20/19

I wanted black ski pants with approximately a 30 inch inseam. These were in stock and fill the bill.

- Vince | 8/20/19

Great website with a huge selection of snowboarding equipment.

- Teacher M | 8/20/19

I found a good pair of used skis and a bag for a great discount.

- Mike | 8/19/19

Great price and free shipping on the bent chetler jrs. Going to have a happy 9-yr old!

- Ted | 8/18/19

At first I was confused by a previous coupon code, but realized it was for purchases over 100.00. I was going to hold off until i got a 10% coupon code. that prompted me to complete the purchase instead of holding out.

- Verified Buyer | 8/18/19

online prices and shopping experience was great. Will reserve any further feedback until I receive my products.

- redoak | 8/18/19

Searching for what we wanted was really easy. Only small problem was all the 2020 ski poles were not available for another month and we didn't wanna delay the whole order (skis boots and poles) - it wasn't clearly if it would all ship together or not but we thought maybe it would...

- Verified Buyer | 8/18/19

I had to keep checking back until my size was available. The site was helpful for researching the boots I was looking for.

- Verified Buyer | 8/17/19

this was great

- Tommy | 8/16/19

They make it easier for non-experts to shop! Their visuals, descriptions, and information are all very user friendly. Filters are great.

- Verified Buyer | 8/14/19

Fast and easy. Great site and experience

- Verified Buyer | 8/13/19

I would recommend

- Verified Buyer | 8/12/19

Good price. Good quality.

- Harrison | 8/12/19

high quality, great prices easy to order and fast delivery

- cmitche01 | 8/11/19

Site is very easy to navigate, products shown have important information visible and prices are very competitive to other places. The reviews are all very helpful and make making a knowledgable purchase much easier. I've been using this site for years and don't plan on going anywhere else.

- Pinger | 8/11/19

Easy to use website, very happy with price and shopping options. Only recommendation is easy link to sizing charts--if they are there I couldn't find them and had to use a separate chrome window to look up sizing (ie. inches to cm and ski length to height). This was necessary when buying for children when we didn't know what recommended sizing we required.

- Verified Buyer | 8/11/19

It was very easy to scan the items, compare and make a purchase. I can't really recommend until I receive and try the item, though :-)

- Suzy | 8/11/19

Good price. Need to do free shipping and I personally would purchase other items.

- Mark | 8/10/19

Ability to narrow searches were a tremendous help (for example size and price).

- Verified Buyer | 8/9/19


- Verified Buyer | 8/9/19's website was easy to navigate and the pricing was great. The Products ordered came early and as advertised.

- KC | 8/9/19

I like the quick easy to use selections to get to my ski and brand, then select length and done.

- skirdude | 8/9/19

Great experience ...all is good!

- Verified Buyer | 8/9/19

I just shopped and SKIS.COM for the first time and was very impressed with their selection and prices. I will definitely order from them again.

- AtlantaX | 8/7/19

Super easy to find what I wanted, good information on the product, and simple checkout.

- PJ | 8/7/19

It was good experience

- Verified Buyer | 8/7/19

Very good.

- Mateo | 8/6/19

I picked my item from the 75% off list. I just happened to find something I wanted (needed?).

- MLHARFORD | 8/5/19

My experience was pretty neutral. I googled these skis and found them on your website and was super pleased to find that they were basically 40% off!

- kate | 8/4/19

Easy to maneuver website. Product guides are excellent. Sizing charts take the guesswork out for a more comfortable purchase. Plus free shipping!

- Dunk | 8/3/19

I really like all of the sales that puts on! Also , the variety of product is great! I shop here anytime I am looking for new ski gear. And I always tell my friends about shopping on this site!

- Anna | 8/2/19

I received an email ad for a flash sale with up to 70% off, I checked it out for some ski pants and found something I thought I could use at a reasonable price. Check out was typical and easy.

- Cat Track Willy | 8/1/19

I haven’t used these bindings yet, but they are very good quality. They weigh a decent amount which is good because they will be more robust and should last longer than light weight bindings. They are plenty wide for my 116 wide skis, and at the price, they are the perfect budget bindings for wide powder skis.

- Dylan Aust | 7/31/19

Very good price for ski pants I’ve lost wt and knew exactly what I wanted Only wish it came in black

- Verified Buyer | 7/31/19

The ease of navigating the site with product feature/filters was great. Super easy to use and competitive pricing

- KeithC | 7/31/19

like the sale

- Verified Buyer | 7/31/19

I was looking to purchase some ski accessories prior to the upcoming season and had their 12 days of deals sale and had just what I was looking for. Shopping online was easy and the price savings were great. Would definitely shop here again.

- Todd | 7/30/19

I love the search features when looking at several similar items.

- Verified Buyer | 7/30/19

Easy to use and navigate. Fast check out. Size charts available by all apparel.

- Miranda | 7/30/19

I wish you have Apple Pay. Other than that I love your website.

- Aleks | 7/29/19

Selection, price and website were all excellent.

- None | 7/29/19

Good Price easy to checkout

- Jon | 7/29/19

Quick and easy

- Verified Buyer | 7/29/19

Best deal on slightly used demo skies. Have purchased from them before and they have excellent customer service.

- plasticboatman | 7/28/19

Good products, prices with no shipping cost.

- WLBCT | 7/28/19

Great exp

- Che | 7/28/19

Not much to say. They had a product I was looking for that was available at the best price.

- Bud | 7/27/19

Easy and fast and the payment portal worked well.

- bla | 7/26/19

I buy from skis often as there is a great selection of items with comprehensive descriptions. Its easy to navigate the site and the quality is always present.

- Fish | 7/26/19

Great experience, hope good product

- Ed | 7/26/19

im good

- Verified Buyer | 7/26/19

Bought from SKIS.COM again. Always great sale prices allows me to buy more of the gear that I want for me and my family

- BlandfordSkier | 7/26/19


- JT | 7/26/19

my husband is heading to New Zealand for a ski trip - we pulled out our ski bags and noticed they were pretty old and beat up (we have no need to travel with them much anymore) I received an sale notice from - perfect timing to purchase a new bag

- SO | 7/25/19 is a trustworthy business.

- Ace | 7/25/19

Great. Was looking for new skis for my daughter and then I remembered how much she complained about her goggles fogging up last season, so I bought her goggles and will show her the skis I like for her and see if she likes them.

- El Jefe | 7/25/19

Great website. Good prices and offers

- Verified Buyer | 7/25/19

It’s great

- CC | 7/25/19

I have ordered from before and I did not hesitate now because everything was always very smooth from start to finish. You care a big selection of winter sport products and I really like the internal search tool. I am able to always find what I need quickly. The product information is also very helpful because I am not an expert myself, so I trust your recommendation and have never been disappointed.

- Vanina | 7/24/19

I like the description and look of the product. I am anxious to find out if the product lives up to the add.

- skibum | 7/24/19

good products, great prices

- Verified Buyer | 7/24/19

it was really easy find that right skis for me and then buying was a breeze eveyone that skis or snowboards must buy from

- CJ | 7/23/19


- DOC | 7/23/19

Super quick and easy to use. Quality products.

- Hi-Weyer | 7/23/19

it was fine

- bac | 7/23/19

It was acceptable.

- Vince | 7/22/19

My last experience had a hiccup and I received excellent customer support. Since then I have been checking the site regularly to take advantage of sales. Keep up the customer first experience and I will be a loyal consumer and spread the word about your site!

- Jerry | 7/22/19

great and easy experience

- steve | 7/22/19

Website very easy to use.

- Tom | 7/22/19

Everything was great! Website was a little slow but all in all good!

- Verified Buyer | 7/21/19

Good looking products. Good price. Looking forward to finding out if these are good products.

- Skibum | 7/20/19 gives good prices and has all the newest products. I only buy my ski gear from them because they are a trusted seller.

- Dylan Aust | 7/20/19

quick and easy

- NarNarWal | 7/20/19

I found a nice, warm shirt to wear for skiing. Since I sometimes teach in storms, etc., I have been searching for something to layer under my jacket and this looks perfect

- Karen | 7/19/19

Great Selection

- Verified Buyer | 7/18/19

I go to when looking for out-of-season equipment. They have a good selection, and I've found a couple of good deals from them.

- Verified Buyer | 7/18/19

It's a great online experience. Easy to find what I wanted, and easy to purchase.

- RichM | 7/17/19

My Previous purchase from was a good one with the best price! So i hope this one goes just as well! I'm sure it well!

- Mountain Man | 7/17/19

Ordered size 9 gloves based on 8 1/2 hand measurement. Liked the gloves but they were too small. I returned the gloves and promptly received the applicable credit.

- vic | 7/17/19

fair pricing.

- fabri | 7/17/19

Good selection, great prices! You can't go wrong with And returns are a breeze. Can't wait for snow!

- NubsJim | 7/17/19

Great Web Site

- Verified Buyer | 7/15/19

Everything was great, would be great to add little bit more variety to your stock of items, and add Apple Pay at the checkout.

- Goldman | 7/15/19

First time buying. Nothing to report.

- Bing gue rae | 7/15/19

Great site. Fast and easy

- Che | 7/14/19

The website is well laid out. The ordering process was easy

- DKW01 | 7/14/19

Beautiful sweater! Even better than anticipated!

- LoreleiPatrice | 7/11/19

quality products priced right

- Paul Olson | 7/10/19

Hey dude, if you want to buy skis off season, checkout They're a google certified seller, great options and in a few cases they beat prices at I like the ease of use when comparing multiple products. And amazon pay to top it off just made for a great customer experience. 10/10 would recommend again. Will most likely buy ski gear (jackets, pants) from here soon.

- Ananth | 7/8/19

I had a great experience at They had exactly what I was looking for at an an awesome price, a price I actually couldn't pass up! My boys love their rollerblades, they fit perfect and are so much better quality than I would have found at Wall-Mart or Target.

- hwilson8 | 7/8/19

yes would recommended

- squirrel | 7/8/19

Good selection. Great prices!!

- Burton170 | 7/6/19

first time I've ever seen tall ski pants for women! And not all in Black!

- chgogrrl | 7/5/19

1. your search could be improved. For example when searching for helmets, there should be an option to select MIPS helmets. 2. Some of the information isn't correct. For example, Oakley Airbrake XL goggles list most of the lenses with incorrect VLT numbers. I had to spend a lot of time confirming the real numbers on

- Verified Buyer | 7/4/19

I have purchased ski equipment from before and I have always had a very good experience with them and I will always go back because of this as well as their product selection.

- Loveland Basin Skier | 7/3/19

Very excited to find what I was looking for in a comb (helmet and goggles) cheaper than I could find anywhere! Fast and easy checkout.

- Meg | 7/3/19

Good experience, but was surprised at having to pay sales tax.

- Shaggy Rider | 7/3/19

Overall, this website has great design, great user interface, and overall a fantastic selection of skis. The promotions are great, and were the initial reason why I went to this website in the first place.

- AdamSkip | 7/2/19

I've been waiting until this item was on sale before i purchased it. I saw the sale and immediately bought it.

- anitah | 7/1/19


- Verified Buyer | 6/30/19

Exemplary in every respect.

- Baf426 | 6/30/19

great deals and easy to maneuver

- Tim | 6/30/19

highly recommend

- joski | 6/28/19

Great deals in the summer

- Conor | 6/27/19

simply the place to go

- doc | 6/24/19 has tons of choices and has good tools to help you pick out what your trying to find.

- Kevin | 6/24/19

Bought on sale this summer to be used next winter in some good pow I hope.... Very pleased with price.

- Jersey dad. | 6/24/19

Great I would recommend

- Timbuhl | 6/22/19 was very good to give ratings of all the products I purchased, in terms of ability level, how good it is and what kind of terrain it is good for.

- Jony | 6/22/19

Buying from was a great experience. Good prices and good selection for the items I was looking for. I highly recommend it if in need of sporting goods for summer or winter!

- hwilson84 | 6/21/19

I love all of your products and the prices are even better!!

- DC | 6/21/19 did not have this item, and it was available on for a good price.

- Skibum | 6/19/19

Loved the selection of Obermeyer women's ski jackets! Price was fantastic! True to color and sizing. My ski jacket was delivered 3 days faster than I was told.

- Kathy | 6/18/19

easy to use, especially if you've done your research and know what you want to buy.

- ohio coffee man | 6/17/19

I wish all web site etailers were like this.

- MRS | 6/16/19

I ordered a pair of ski boots under the sale tab and found a boot that fit my picky expectations. Cant wait to use them next season.

- Johnny come latley | 6/16/19 had exactly what I was looking for!

- Greg | 6/15/19

Website was easy to negotiate and find items in different categories. Also best comparison app I have used.

- Verified Buyer | 6/14/19

selection and sale prices were good

- cornerpost | 6/12/19

Good selection of ski products

- Ai-Ai | 6/9/19

I like the price point compared to other sites with similar items. I also liked how easy it was search for items and compare them.

- Kenny | 6/8/19

Had to wait a while for the item I was interested in to hit the price I wanted but it finally did.

- Bob | 6/7/19

I liked the description and reviews of the jacket I ordered.

- Kathy | 6/7/19

checkout was incredibly smooth

- Smitty | 6/5/19

The customer service guy really helped me by phone. I appreciated his professionalism.

- Verified Buyer | 6/5/19

Backpack fit comfortably on ride and was easy to put water in. Plenty of room to put food, keys and all the extras.

- Amanda | 6/4/19

Excellent customer service. Had to return an item. Great recogmendtions!

- Goose | 6/3/19

for trying out a new hobby to challenge myself it was good to find a website that offered such great deals to get me started in a new endeavor yet not hurt my single mom budget.

- Gigi | 6/2/19

Generally good info and good selection of skis, boots, and ski clothing.

- Jersey guy | 6/1/19

good exp

- allen | 6/1/19

The website is designed well. Lots of options. Would love to visit in person. Cheapest brand new option available. Only size of this specific boot i could find. Will definitely be making more purchases from skis rather than evo. Maybe send some stickers with the package!

- SavageSavoy | 5/31/19

quick and easy

- bk | 5/30/19

Great price and gear

- Verified Buyer | 5/30/19

rick on the online caht was awesome.

- Verified Buyer | 5/30/19

I came to buy after season boots to catch a sale. Ski gear is expensive.

- Marty | 5/29/19

great selection and prices

- Verified Buyer | 5/27/19

Great sale, easy site to navigate.

- Stefan | 5/27/19

Website is very good and checkout process is easy and straightforward.Prices and shipping are very reasonable.

- Mel | 5/27/19

I have been telling everyone about your site. You have in my opinion better vendor selection over Level 9 for what I am looking for in gear. Your sizing charts, icon summaries, and consistent reviews on products make the consumer experience positive and a confident purchase. I have now purchased everything from pants, jacket, boots, poles, skis, and now apparel. Keep up the great work!

- RMR Ski Bum | 5/27/19

10% off for joining

- kevin | 5/26/19

Overall I was satisfied with my shopping experience at

- Verified Buyer | 5/24/19

Knew the jacket I was looking for and found it on sale in my size on your website. I signed up for email alerts and got an extra 10% off. I’m a happy shopper, thanks!

- Izzy | 5/24/19

Very kind personnel, helpful, knowledgeable.

- ladya | 5/23/19

lots of selection, eay to find

- cpsocal | 5/22/19

Great client service on the chat bot - Rick was very knowledgable, patient and friendly. Better service than Walmart/Moosejaw. Great prices. Part of Don Thomas family of companies.

- Verified Buyer | 5/21/19

Second successful purchase, good products, good prices.

- AusSkier | 5/20/19

Found via google when price matching. You had the best price, better than who i was comparing against

- Conor | 5/20/19

Got the gloves I wanted at a great price.

- hess127 | 5/19/19

Reasonable pricing

- Jim | 5/18/19 has a great selection and variety of options for ski gear and clothing. My favorite part of the site is their gear guide and review system. I always visit here first when I am in the market for new ski equipment. This is my second pair of skis purchased from them.

- corlando | 5/18/19

Easy to use

- Verified Buyer | 5/17/19

Great shopping experience, I was surprised at depth of products available through this site. I purchased a ski jacket and several nice winter sweaters at end of season with sale prices. Unfortunately, the Solomon jacket size ran small (I had tried on other brands at a local store in same size that did fit) and the size I wanted to replace it with was no longer available. The sweaters were great, one was replaced with a different size. was easy and accurate with the ordering, return and refund process. I will return as a customer again.

- Verified Buyer | 5/17/19

price was the deciding factor . Just slightly more than I budgeted, yet too good to pass up.

- Mooch | 5/16/19

Fairly easy to navigate this website.

- Scotty R | 5/16/19

They were the only retailer in which I could find this rare product.

- Verified Buyer | 5/15/19

Looking for a parka for my nephew since he received a scholarship to USF in Joliet, IL. Large young man needed a winter coat. Skis had the size (3XLT) at a great price.

- Bosslady 63 | 5/15/19

Boots ordered too small. Told to return and call for excahnge to next size. Called and was told I had to reorder vs. exchange. Not a big deal but would have done so if told excahnge not available when first called. Perhaps a misunderstanding on my part.

- chris | 5/15/19

Good prices and excellent service

- Verified Buyer | 5/12/19

Very simple purchase and easy site to navigate! would highly recommend!

- awilson24 | 5/8/19

After a long search, I found just what I was looking for at the right price. Great purchase.

- Heath | 5/8/19

Prefer maybe more technical detail of some of the skiis and bindings but overall, was a good experience

- TPEAR | 5/8/19

Appreciated the incentive 10% additional off of purchase coupon...made the difference. Plus the ease of payment option via Amazon.

- JB | 5/5/19

Everything went smoothly. I appreciated the email reminder about the sale, and I was able to get the ski boot bag we needed.

- JH | 5/5/19

a lot of information about products

- Ivan | 5/4/19

I have been looking at this product for 3mos, but the matching powderflo skipants size was unavailable. Royce found the size in the other color of the jacket, which I did not know was available, in my size. Thanks Royce! BTW, I bought my skis/boots from you last year and just enjoy them so much. It’s easy to get quality gear from Thank you. Mark Dedinsky

- Mark | 5/4/19

Always a good selection and at very fair prices

- Verified Buyer | 5/3/19

Good deal on ski wax. is a place I always check when shopping ski equipment or clothing.

- plannersteve | 5/2/19

Really liked Amazon pay.

- Verified Buyer | 5/2/19

Easy to use web site. Sales price on 3 items bought is very good.

- Tetons | 5/2/19

Good products with good prices

- hess127 | 5/1/19

Fair products for fair prices.

- Verified Buyer | 5/1/19

I was looking for a birthday gift for my son, who snowboards and who expressed excitement over getting a snowboard for his birthday (as opposed to renting every trip). It is late in the season, and finding a board was tough. I Googled snowboards and found I then researched the site and it was legit. I went to it and found a Rossignol board/binding package that seemed perfect. I checked the reviews of both and bought the package. It was quick, easy and I got exactly what I needed.

- Matt | 4/30/19


- Verified Buyer | 4/30/19

Great selection!

- MerMcG | 4/30/19

I was looking for a really warm jacket for next year and decided to look at their sale items. I saw this jacket that has both insulation and warming features so it is very warm. The price on sale was much better than I had expected, so I bought it.

- Djteach | 4/30/19

all good

- Verified Buyer | 4/28/19

easy order process. can't wait to receive my product

- joe | 4/27/19

Great prices and selection

- Verified Buyer | 4/27/19 always makes my shopping experience positive, efficient and extremely price competitive.

- dsnow | 4/27/19

Product selection and price very good. Hoping delivery matches prior experience.

- ErieSkier | 4/27/19

The feedback I received from the Q&A forum was critical in my decision to purchase from Thank you for sharing your expertise.

- Colin | 4/26/19

I would recommend. Will know more after the products are received.

- Jim | 4/25/19

Great website, very detailed information the products which was very helpful.

- Verified Buyer | 4/25/19

I would recommend

- Verified Buyer | 4/25/19

Very easy to find what I was looking fo. A good selection of items and quick & easy checkout

- Weaver | 4/25/19

how are my points being added

- Verified Buyer | 4/22/19

I tried several demo skis and finally decided to buy Head Kore 99 skis. However, I could not find any local stores that had these skis in stock. I found the skis in my length on at a very good end-of-season price. Ordering online was very easy and they were delivered within a week. Very satisfied with all aspects of this purchase.

- Gary | 4/22/19

I'm very skeptical about purchasing boots online - I prefer to try them on first. I chatted with an agent online (Rick) and he was very helpful.

- Rick | 4/22/19

Clearance specials are great.

- David | 4/21/19

Great site for cold weather wear. Also uses eBates!

- Verified Buyer | 4/21/19

Easy to maneuver around web site and they had exactly what I was looking for!

- Verified Buyer | 4/20/19

As usual everything went as reliable as I expected. Never had any problem unto this date even down to the last hrs of need for ski trip I received my package as promised.

- Verified Buyer | 4/20/19

Easy to search and find exactly what I was looking for. Quick and painless

- Wes | 4/18/19

Site is good, wish the skis showed a profile of the rocker etc like EVO does, that is helpful in purchasing. Maybe some better illustrations of the characteristics to cross shop.

- Justin | 4/18/19

end of season should have larger discounts

- rod | 4/18/19

Good explanation of product

- Tim | 4/17/19

The item was perfect. Package arrived early too!

- Chel | 4/16/19

I was pleased to find the sale price on of the item I was shopping for via Google Shopping. The process of selecting the size and ordering was smooth and I appreciated the option to checkout with PayPal.

- Verified Buyer | 4/15/19

Good value for closeouts and prior year's gear.

- Skeptic in Maryland | 4/15/19

Wonderful web site! Easy to move throughout and purchase was made in less than a minute!

- Verified Buyer | 4/15/19

Had to call in for assistance in purchasing bindings. Gentleman who assisted me was absolutely fantastic. Incredibly helpful.

- Jack | 4/14/19

quick & easy

- Verified Buyer | 4/14/19

Easy to find skis via Google, good reviews

- Lauren | 4/13/19

found best deal on this site for what I was looking for. And they had plenty of sizes.

- T&T | 4/13/19

Good product at a reasonable price. Product description was well done - plenty of info for comparing to other products.

- Rick | 4/11/19

Excellent product selection & prices

- Chick | 4/11/19

I enjoyed the good prices and excellent service at!

- kcurr | 4/11/19

I just bought ski poles on and it was so easy! I've been looking to get a new pair of poles for a while and is definitely the best website I've used to date. The website is very clean and user-friendly, and they have a great selection of products. If you're looking to get any new ski gear for a great price I recommend!

- Ali | 4/11/19

Good selecton of products. Fair price.

- Alexey | 4/11/19

Tried to locate the item I wanted and finally found it on your site

- CBLV | 4/10/19

Prices were good. Checkout process was easy. Love the free shipping. Will return.

- HL | 4/10/19

Happy with my purchase!

- Verified Buyer | 4/9/19

Skis is a retail sight comparable to Dick's but better. Better deals and better quality.

- Alex | 4/9/19

Ten minutes on to off of your web site, not including survey. I always shop the Sale menu first. Epic Pass Holder & iKon pass holder. We ski twenty to thirty days yearly. Bought skis and accessories from

- Gary or 'HEY YOU' | 4/9/19

I was able to find the product i was looking for very easily and was happy with the selections available. I really like that shipping was free.

- Steph | 4/9/19

I was looking for new ski boots for my grandson who is a the beginner/intermediate level. These were just what we were looking for. A solid boot that was economical and would help him move up to the next level of skiing.

- DannoW | 4/8/19

Great price on ski boots

- Verified Buyer | 4/8/19

I found a lot of my favorite brands at incredible prices on I will definitely look there first before my next camping, skiing, and paddle boarding adventures!

- Lena | 4/8/19

The product was what I expected very good quality. Fast delivery.

- joe | 4/8/19

the website is easily navigated. great products/brands. you don't get too many emails jamming up your inbox. very easy to place an order. great deals end of season

- Verified Buyer | 4/7/19

Glad to find ski items at the end of the season. Everything arrived in a timely manner, looks & fits great

- Sha | 4/6/19 has great savings on all of its products and I highly recommend it to you.

- Bob | 4/5/19

Honestly, this is the first place I look to for any ski equipment. I found my ski boots at the right price and they are amazing! When I received them I went to an authorized Salomon dealer and they heat shaped them to feet. They fit perfect! Also purchased my base layers; mittens, socks, etc. Great place to find everything.

- Meems | 4/5/19

Great Products, Great Prices!

- Verified Buyer | 4/5/19

Right product at right price

- COSkier | 4/5/19

Very easy website to negotiate. Availability of hard to find skis. Very reasonable prices. Free shipping with very reasonable delivery times.

- Gary | 4/4/19

Great site. Very convinient. and easy to use, impressive selection.

- Benek | 4/4/19

Our son needed a new full face ski mask and found one on your website with ease. He took it out to Vail, Colorado for spring break & loves it. The shipping time was fast!! Thank you as this great experience will bring us back.

- Cindy | 4/3/19

I found the item I was looking for... for $20.00 less than anywhere I looked!

- KHAY | 4/3/19

Actually delivered ahead of schedule. I had difficulty finding Dale of Norway at other stores. Then I found exactly what I wanted at

- ACE | 4/3/19

Site is easy to navigate and prices are better than most.

- Verified Buyer | 4/2/19

Decent selection of ski wear

- Verified Buyer | 4/2/19

Customer service was incredibly helpful. Actually researched an inseam length for me.

- Mikki | 4/2/19

Great colors. Good price too.

- Verified Buyer | 4/2/19

Love this site!! Great deals and easy to use.

- Buckyparker | 4/1/19

Great site. Loved the gear summaries, such as those provided for skis...e.g., all mountain; intermediate to expert, etc. Very competitive pricing. As I haven't received the product yet, I can't provide further information regarding my overall satisfaction.

- Barbi | 4/1/19


- Verified Buyer | 4/1/19

It's a good experience to shop in and I will recommend my friends to shop on this website.

- Mike | 4/1/19

Very easy to use website!! Ordering was very easy and quick!! No hassle!!

- Jan | 4/1/19

The site is reall easy to navigate. Could have a wider variety, but overall a good company to buy from. Prices vary. Hopefully I love my order.Looking forward to it.

- DREW | 3/31/19

I was looking for ski pants that were for short people. Found it bought it

- Verified Buyer | 3/31/19

Good website...easy usability

- Verified Buyer | 3/31/19

I was looking for a ski jacket shell, which apparently is difficult to find while ‘in-season’. I finally found one, that isn’t ridiculously expensive, considering the kid will outgrow it after one season.

- MLHARFORD | 3/31/19

Website is very easy to use and has good products. I would recommend shopping here.

- Tricia | 3/31/19

So far so good.

- Verified Buyer | 3/30/19

Great prices. Glad they had somethings in our sizes at the end of the season.

- Verified Buyer | 3/30/19

I needed a really quality pair of snow gloves I purchased a pair last month and got such a good deal I just purchased another pair

- Pete | 3/30/19

i found just what i wanted!

- Verified Buyer | 3/29/19

Liked the depth of sorting allowed when looking for an item.

- Verified Buyer | 3/29/19

Very easy online experience!

- Zac | 3/29/19

I ordered spyder pants to small and reorder size medium. Returning size small. Thanks Tom

- Verified Buyer | 3/29/19


- HAKSTER | 3/29/19

Convenient with great pricing, shipping prices good

- Scotty R | 3/28/19

great & fashionable ski apparel for women. Check-out quick and easy.

- Hautemama | 3/28/19

No other comments

- Bobby | 3/28/19

Easy to navigate and great sales!

- skiiere | 3/27/19 is easy to navigate, has quality gear and terrific pricing.

- MFskisTahoe | 3/27/19

Good experience with chat feature with Rick

- Verified Buyer | 3/27/19

Item I wanted was available in my size and on sale. Free shipping was cool.

- Verified Buyer | 3/27/19

was pleased to find that had enough stock in ski pants my size that i was able to purchase what i needed and have it shipped in time for tahoe vacation!

- yes | 3/26/19

I would recommend because a very reliable person who owns a ski shop said you were a good business to work with since he was sold out of the boot I wanted.

- Verified Buyer | 3/26/19

A Terrific customer service person helped me locate this purchase on your site, patiently, and efficiently, enabling me to buy it.

- Head and Kjus fan | 3/26/19

I found through a search engine; saw the option to online chat with a sales representative and did so to learn if my size was an option and in stock. Easy, simple and neat. Beats going from ski store to ski store to locate a pair. My first pair were purchased at a Michigan ski store that no longer carries this brand.

- Verified Buyer | 3/26/19

great selection, ebates, availability

- terra | 3/26/19

Clear web page, somewhat easy to find items needed. A lot of products available

- idaho kelley | 3/25/19

needed a ski bag to go skiing in colorado

- misfit | 3/25/19

It was so easy to purchase what I was looking for and was pleasantly surprised by the 1 year return guarantee. This site was the only one I could find the boots I was looking for for under $200. All other sites had the same boots for $300-$400. I was amazed.

- Adrienne | 3/25/19

My purchase was quick and easy! All the information was there, the price was competitive and the checkout process was seamless. I'd definitely purchase from again.

- Molly | 3/25/19

Will always think of for future winter stuff purchases

- Verified Buyer | 3/25/19


- DOC | 3/25/19

These guys have a great selection, and the prices are reasonable. I wish they sent discounts, even small ones, that could be applied to future purchase. is a reliable operation that carries quality products, and ships them out quickly.

- Verified Buyer | 3/25/19

I initiated a chat and got a quick and professional answer immediately which made me confident in my purchase.

- livetogrow | 3/25/19

skis .com is a company that you can trust if you do not like what you ordered you can return the item. I did such a thing a few weeks ago and did not have a problem.

- joe | 3/24/19

Great price..nice selection!

- MG | 3/24/19

I found the exact item I was searching for - with bindings included! Hooray!

- Verified Buyer | 3/24/19

I knew what I wanted and I was in and out in 5 minutes. had exactly what I was looking for.

- Wizbo | 3/22/19

I like the fact that there is a large variety of options and options on sale from previous seasons. I think that the shipping is over priced but with a faster shipping time it makes sense it is going to be more expensive.

- Tomas | 3/22/19

looking forward to my purchase, great prices!

- Rochelle | 3/22/19

Basically you find good quality products and good prices; also delivery right on time. Excellent customer service treat with respect and good knowledge of products. Definitely I would highly recommend.

- Verified Buyer | 3/22/19

ease of use and great product selection

- Jamese13 | 3/22/19 has a great selection and great prices. The website makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for and it’s easy to check out.

- Verified Buyer | 3/21/19

Ordering was simple I appreciate your satisfaction guarantee very much.

- Verified Buyer | 3/21/19

Site is easy to use.

- Verified Buyer | 3/21/19 has a great selection of products.

- Verified Buyer | 3/21/19

Easy to find the product I wanted. Terrific price. Checked out with Amazon in a flash. Awesome.

- Fliege | 3/20/19

I'm impressed by the prices. Big sale of the snowshoes was a no brainer!

- Vince | 3/20/19

looking for good inventory, price, and look.

- ck | 3/19/19

Easy to use, for the items are as good as advertised.

- Verified Buyer | 3/19/19

The site is a little crowded looking but other than that super easy!

- lylabug | 3/19/19

fair pricing, good selection of options to pay; would recommend. Con - needed to correct both zip codes and billing address, don't know why it was not picked up from PayPal.

- Al | 3/19/19

the deals were good. filtering of products got my hopes up since some of the options didn't fit with my size. overall pretty good experience.

- kungfupanda | 3/18/19

This company had the boots I’ve been looking for in my size and when they went on sale I decided to buy them before they were sold out. Shipping was faster than expected

- Verified Buyer | 3/18/19

It was a good value.

- Verified Buyer | 3/18/19

Cheap snowshoes, easy to order.

- Verified Buyer | 3/18/19

The search engine found exactly what I was looking for and the price was incredible. The checkout process was really fast.

- AJ | 3/18/19

I have always given great reviews. But it's to bad that doesn't have a page where i could go and offer a different price for an item. It could be a win win deal for and the buyer.

- Bullet | 3/18/19

Was looking all over for some new skis for my daughter, found best price at and it had free shipping, so it was a win-win

- GD | 3/18/19

Love your site

- Zuw | 3/18/19

The shopping experience online was easy to accomplish, and delivered my order on time.

- Tony | 3/18/19

purchased ski helmet and goggles

- Tagura | 3/18/19

Easy ordering, great prices, good selection. What more can you ask for.

- JC | 3/17/19

I would like to see are sizing specs provided from all vendors

- Joe | 3/17/19

found easily what I wanted, looked for sale items, great itemization easy to find what I wanted.

- pam S. | 3/17/19

long-time customer of Purchased a few skiing equipment goods throughout the years. The additional % discounts given to me after any purchase in the oadt I have never been able to apply to further purchases. I like the site product descriptions mainly and some of the after-season discounts as “super senior” category what I’m described by some ski resorts. I have just received the M-size MIPS Smith Camber helmet from and it feels a bit more tight regardless of the boa adjustment. So, reading about that this Smith MIPS helmet are running a bit undersized comoared to the same make/model w/o MIPS I have decided to take the disappointment out of me and repurchased today the right L-size of the same maje/model on your site. Now I should deal with the inconvenience of returning the same M-size helmet to yoyr competitor.

- baylor1991 | 3/17/19

Great website, although I'd suggest adding product reviews and more information about the products. It's missing some lackluster type of product details. Also recommendations would be good. Example, if you buy a ski the site could add a recommendation about compatible bindings, etc.

- Jerry Stass | 3/17/19

The product I bought was well described, with lots of pictures and good tech description. It was a great sale price and I am happy with the purchase.

- Verified Buyer | 3/17/19

Looked for year end clearance on ski bindings, found a good deal on your website

- Neons | 3/17/19 is a fun site to browse. I keep a lookout for deals for thing my kids ( college age) might need and want as a gift. This time I was caught off guard and just treated myself to a new helmet that I really didn't need.

- GregO | 3/17/19

No problems Great price 50% off

- Iggy | 3/16/19

good link on google; price was right

- doc | 3/16/19

Great company! Will come back for further purchases!

- Zack | 3/16/19

ordering was easy. Will know more after the gift is received....

- Verified Buyer | 3/16/19

Easy site to navigate. Try on in a store to be sure of sizing. Prices are very good at the end of a season if they have exactly what you want.

- yogiken | 3/16/19

Yes I would recommend this website to a friend!

- JAKE | 3/16/19

good and easy

- andy | 3/16/19

Easy to find what I wanted. Check out process and options were easy.

- mfitzg1 | 3/15/19


- MICBUC | 3/15/19


- Verified Buyer | 3/15/19

I checked out new helmets in a ski shop, I found an even nicer helmet at for a better price!

- Verified Buyer | 3/15/19


- BOB | 3/15/19

Good selection of items, and. especially at the beginning of the season, most everything is in stock. Website is easy to navigate. Certainly worth checking out if you're in the market for some gear.

- Verified Buyer | 3/14/19

We googled ski bags online and saw some at that were price competitive. When we went to order the inventory and price were still there. The order included free economy shipping and a promo code I got when I signed up for emails. It was fast and easy. Now fingers crossed that shipping happens before we leave on our trip just six business days from order.

- Verified Buyer | 3/14/19

I am very happy with my order. The transaction was very simple. My order arrived on time and it was brand new in excellent condition. There were no hidden fees. I received a conformation for my order once it was placed and the order went through. I received a tracking conformation when my Ski Jacket was sent. My order arrived on time and I am very pleased with my overall purchase. I will most definitely be ordering again from this company. I had no need to talk to coustomer service because everything went so smoothly from my on line purchase to delivery.

- Night Angel Skis | 3/14/19

I liked how informative the description of this ski was, plus the videos of three different skiers opinions of what they thought of the ski. I also liked the price of the skis with bindings.

- Schu Holler | 3/14/19

I found older ski boots through this site. Problem is they run small and not wider

- Verified Buyer | 3/14/19

Good inventory and description of each item, great prices, quick checkout

- petert | 3/13/19

It was pretty simple ordering online.

- Don the Cleaner | 3/13/19

great product selection, competitive pricing and ease of use!

- jaseib13 | 3/13/19

I talked to "chat" and that person was very helpful. Thank you.

- someone | 3/13/19

Very good selection of quality products at good price

- Chick | 3/13/19

Easy purchase. Like return policy.

- Verified Buyer | 3/12/19

Very easy to find what I was looking for? Also easy to find sizing charts to get proper fit, easy check out process!

- Karl | 3/12/19

Very happy with I had previously bought my new K2 Challenger skis at a great price and now needed to replace my ski poles. They had a a great selection and I was able to find an awesome pair of K2 composite poles at a great price! I'm VERY happy with and will continue to be a loyal customer.

- BobG | 3/12/19

Simple, easy. I knew of the manufacturer which made the selection easier.

- Guac | 3/12/19

Very easy to navigate the site and found an item at an unbeatable price.

- Verified Buyer | 3/12/19

Yo I got a new pair of bindings from for pretty cheep. They’re dope. Shipping going to take a week though, so dumb. Why don’t they have free two day like every other store in the world.

- Z | 3/12/19

it was good

- slick1 | 3/12/19

Great prices and offers multiple ways to pay for purchase! I found this Jacket at a ski shop for $475.00. It was on sale at for $300.00!

- Kim732 | 3/12/19

Very happy with sale price of these skis

- Verified Buyer | 3/12/19

I have been looking for a boot bag and I saw this website and was like WOW there are a lot of stuff on here that I am interested in and will look ahead to when I need stuff I will be coming here and getting whatever I need.

- jim | 3/12/19

Great selection and even greater savings

- Verified Buyer | 3/11/19

I found a good deal on a helmet that I liked. There was enough information to make me comfortable with my purchase.

- David | 3/11/19

I got a great price on Kjus gear. Immediately texted 2 froends to check out the selection.

- Verified Buyer | 3/11/19

great return policy and sidte

- Verified Buyer | 3/11/19

I found what I wanted, and will likely buy again. Prices were very competitive for the skis I got.

- kiki | 3/11/19

Ski boots model and size in stock. Checkout was painless.

- Doug | 3/11/19

Love the selection and the pricing of the products on this site.

- Karin | 3/11/19

Easy to use with the best price I could find on a ski package

- D | 3/11/19

Great experience

- Verified Buyer | 3/11/19

I have to say I could not be more pleased with my recent Lange boot purchase. I know it can be dicey order ski boots online, but your teams superior product knowledge and outstanding service made all the difference between a questionable purchase and a confident one. Thanks for all your advice and the free speedy shipping. I’ll be back! - Mac

- Mac | 3/11/19

Great prices and great experience

- Tanner | 3/10/19

Thank you.

- SkisRating | 3/10/19 has everything you need to get suited up for an adventure outdoors. Filtering products couldn't be easier to find what you need. Super clean website and very appealing. The return policy also made me feel secure in my purchase, so if that what I needed didn't work, I could return it to get something that fits my needs better. The prices competed with the other websites, but the return policy is 100x better and the website is just easier to use. Definitely making it my go-to online ski shop.

- Ari | 3/10/19

It was great!

- None | 3/10/19

Very good and specific information on website on how to select skis and boots. It allowed me to select ski boots that fit my feet shape.

- bobbick | 3/10/19

Best price!

- KC | 3/10/19

I had a question so I called customer service. Barry was great! Very helpful, knowledgeable and nice. Easy to deal with. His computer booted him out twice so I did the order on line. He stayed on the phone with me in case there was a problem but it went through fine. I recommend Barry.

- Nancy D | 3/10/19

Good selection in all products and good prices. Highly recommend.

- Richie | 3/10/19

Found great sale items of good quality, and future purchases of used boots for my son to come back to in the next year or two when he grows out of his current boots, or needs a better pair when his skills improve.

- Verified Buyer | 3/10/19


- Spud | 3/9/19

great deal and selection on, highly recommended

- expertdino | 3/9/19

can't complain about anything!

- Verified Buyer | 3/9/19

The additional spec information was very helpful (warm, waterproof level, fit). Filters were good but should be able to select more than one price range for products.

- Tahoe1 | 3/9/19

great price

- Chase | 3/9/19

As advertised

- Steve | 3/9/19 was very easy to use. I was directed to the site after a google search for "Full Tilt men's ski boots." Although many sizes were sold out, I was able to find the size I need (I hope!). Overall, quick and easy buying experience.

- Andy A | 3/9/19

Could not find a goggle case in any store. Found one on this site.

- Verified Buyer | 3/9/19

Easy online purchase

- Verified Buyer | 3/9/19

On time as promised will use again This survey is the worst part of my experiece

- Verified Buyer | 3/9/19

Provides great service, good prices, and knowledgeable staff.

- Jim | 3/9/19

Skis were delivered really fast, great prices, and great selection! I’ll definitely come back

- Verified Buyer | 3/9/19

Good price on the only ski binding I use.

- BH | 3/9/19

easy to navigate, fast and clear ordering

- h | 2/5/19

It was great. Excited to get my skis

- Matt | 2/5/19

First to see on google, the site showed the shipping costs without having to go all the way to the end, love that! Easy to use site, found the product quickly.

- BRI | 2/5/19

Was a straightforward experience. I knew what I wanted, they had and I ordered it. The only issue I had was that I had to call and confirm my credit card purchase. This was after my credit card company flagged the purchase. Apparently, they didn't recognize this as an online purchase, but rather an out of town purchase for me.

- Verified Buyer | 2/5/19

All good experience -- highly recommend

- mcw | 2/5/19

I was looking for new bindings but not wanting to spend a lot. I found great bindings and they were 29% off. Awesome!

- Verified Buyer | 2/5/19 offers good quality products at attractive prices.

- Tom | 2/4/19

The purchase process was very easy. I'm hoping to get my order timely

- Kelly | 2/4/19

I would highly recommend your site. Thank you.

- Patri | 2/4/19

Skis were a great price. I really liked the graphics on the web page that explained my skis. They arrived before expected!

- mtngirl | 2/4/19

I had searched stores and on-line for these ski pants - no one had the size I needed or the style/color. Until I ran across - there they were and on sale!! Excellent price, excellent follow-up and delivery. Pants fit great and look super! Yah!

- chocky | 2/4/19

Received a gift and I decided to match the jacket with ski pants

- Edskier | 2/4/19

Customer service was great, helpful with all questions I had. My order came on time and was able to use my new boots this weekend and they fit perfectly.

- Danny | 2/4/19

The site has exceptional quality as well as well priced. Excellent web site... very fast if a repeat buyer. Everything needed if related to skiing, outdoors,etc.

- dannymc | 2/4/19

easy to use

- mrk611 | 2/3/19

Your web site is great! It's really easy to use, navigate and search. The search button is really easy to find, not always true at other sites. Love that there is no tax and shipping costs because the prices are a bit high. Love that there is a huge selection of awesome products! Your return policy is great and it's very easy to contact your store. I'm happy with my on-line shopping experience and will be back at the end of ski season for some sales. :)

- Verified Buyer | 2/3/19

Nice site. Good products. Happy with fast shipping on first order.

- Verified Buyer | 2/3/19

Good selection and well described item. Very helpful on the details section of the item. Great price as well.

- Fish | 2/3/19

If you are looking for a good deal for winter boots try and sign up before ordering online to receive 10% off discount! Good deals with the discount and free shipping.

- Rona | 2/3/19

This site is the only one of many that had the item I wanted in the size and color needed. Site is so easy to navigate.

- Verified Buyer | 2/3/19

Good prices compared to what I saw in the ski shop yesterday.

- Verified Buyer | 2/3/19

Great selection of products and very good prices

- VR | 2/2/19

I found what I was looking for. Finding a coupon to use was harder, but the price on the product was competitive.

- Chinadoll | 2/2/19

Great first experience. Good price and carried my odd boot size

- Verified Buyer | 2/2/19

Good selection of ski equipment and dress. I like your discounts!

- Arkady | 2/2/19

Easy. Good products. Great price

- Monacobob | 2/2/19

We're headed out west to ski in a few weeks and needed to replace some old gear that either wore out or doesn't fit our (11 year-old) son... Found everything we needed from clothes to accessories and luggage at competitive prices and reasonable shipping. Accepting PayPal makes checkout easy, and the options were great.

- Verified Buyer | 2/2/19

Very easy!

- Verified Buyer | 2/2/19 is a great website. They frequently have good sales and you can find a wide range of products. If I can recommend an improvement, it would be to increase the filter options to be more specific. For instance, if I wanted a ski jacket with a removeable hood AND removeable powder skirt, it would be nice to have that as a filter option. Similarly, being able to filter based on insulation fill weight would be really nice! I've purchased several items from over the years and have been well satisfied each time.

- Dan R. | 2/1/19

Skis was the only site I found that had Black Strap balaclavas in stock in any sort of variety. My boyfriend was looking for the overcast hood and I'm so happy I found it here! Hoping to get in time for Valentine's Day!

- Megan | 2/1/19

Products are reasonably prices and excellent quality

- Chick | 2/1/19

Good value.

- Verified Buyer | 2/1/19

Bought some really nice skis after reading all the information provided about them and their specs, at a really good price. I'll probably buy my boots from them also in the near future if the shipping is fast.

- hawaiiboy58 | 2/1/19

Easy to use and good information on the material

- SkiBum | 2/1/19

Great Site. Fantastic variety of products/brands.

- Verified Buyer | 2/1/19

Great selection, great sale prices

- Verified Buyer | 2/1/19

Great selection, fair pricing, easy to navigate website.

- A.J. | 1/31/19


- BOB | 1/31/19

The website is user friendly and the checkout process is fairly easy. The site did not sizes on many of the products I wanted to purchase, but that may have been due to the current sale and timing of my product searches. Overall, a wonderful experience.

- CarolinaG | 1/31/19

Easy and efficient online purchase. I ordered these from another vendor only to be told that they were out of stock and on back order. Great experience!

- Scott | 1/31/19

So far I am happy with my experience.

- Larry | 1/31/19

I was looking for Obermeyer women's ski pants in white, size 14S and finally found some!

- Zim | 1/31/19

I bought my first pair of skis and I could not be more excited! Looking forward to skipping the rental lines up on the mountain!

- T sully | 1/31/19

It was a good experience.

- Verified Buyer | 1/30/19

I would recommend, great site

- RE | 1/30/19

comparative pricing is great, super quick checkout and lots of delivery options

- Ash | 1/30/19 has a great selection of ski items and offer free shipping. Plus, you can use Amazon to pay for your items, which makes the checkout super fast.

- mlisboa | 1/30/19

recommend because good products, good prices, good service

- Bill | 1/30/19

I found after looking for a new jacket for my son. As I was browsing, I saw the ski lesson voucher offer, and that totally sealed my decision to buy from you. Your selection is amazing and the customer service was also top notch. We are new to skiing, and I will definitely be coming back for more products as we need them!

- E.M. | 1/30/19

I wasn’t sure about getting the ski jacket I got on my cart, but sent me an email reminding me that I had an item in my cart and offered me an extra 10% off and that made me think more and decided to place my order. Also since I didn’t have my CC with me handy, I like that they give the options to Eder with other payment types, in this case I used my amazon account. Very happy with my purchase and can’t wait to get my new jacket !!

- Mandome14 | 1/30/19

Good assortment of ski poles but the ski socks I was not satisfied with the selection due to limited brands. Overall good site and I will look for future needs.

- Verified Buyer | 1/30/19

My boyfriend and I are preparing for a trip to Colorado. We've been on this site at least twice a day if not more to buy our skis, poles, and all other goods. My boyfriend noticed on the homepage that you can get $50 of you took a ski lesson before January was up, we both knew I really needed to take a lesson and this just made the cherry on top. I took an hour lesson, finally learned to turn and stop like a pro! Now I can enjoy the slopes at any speed because I have control! I know how to ski and I got $50 to spend on some ski goggles. Beacause of I had motivation to learn and I am Colorado ready!

- Verified Buyer | 1/30/19

Site is easy to use, great sales, easy to use coupons, easy checkout, site is very straight forward.

- Jess | 1/30/19

Great inventory at cheap prices

- Oscarfish1999 | 1/30/19

Couldn't have been easier. Right prompts and exactly what I wanted when others were out of stock

- Nanick of the woods | 1/29/19

Had good prices. Didn’t have all the sizes in skis but did find a good pair that works well for me

- Jake | 1/29/19

Awesome looking gear from reputable brands at great prices and they're offering free shipping over $50 so check them out.

- DuFF | 1/29/19

good prices on quality products

- andy | 1/29/19

I searched for the product, was able to compare and quickly make a decision.

- Verified Buyer | 1/29/19 had what I was looking for at a great price. The check out experience was easy as I used my amazon account to pay and there was free shipping!

- Verified Buyer | 1/29/19 had a lare inventory of cross country skis, much bigger than other istes, plus they had 2019 skis not 2015. I was impressed with prices and selection, there is also ample information about products and easy to use photos of products.

- aegir | 1/29/19

1s class organization ….. keep up the ghood work!

- mb83 | 1/29/19

fast delivery, product was just what we wanted, very happy!!

- Verified Buyer | 1/29/19

Good selection of gear. Quick delivery.

- Ron | 1/29/19

A great selection of quality gear.

- Bobby B | 1/28/19

I found a very good selection of what i am looking for. I like the website and the discount i received :)

- kartanesi | 1/28/19

Great inventory available at very competitor prices. Site easy to use, and everything shipped correctly and quickly.

- Verified Buyer | 1/28/19 makes it so easy to order, love that I could pay with amazon or PayPal. Prices were best I saw online

- HS | 1/28/19

It is difficult to find ski jackets in size 3XL. I tried my local ski shop, but no luck. had several in stock in different colors. (Will be ordering another jacket in a different color later this year now that I know that makes them available. On-line purchase and check out was simple and straightforward, and my jacket arrived 4 days later. I am very happy, and will continue to purchase items from

- JR | 1/28/19

I am a beginner. It sure was helpful to have the live online chat with one of your professionals to help me make the correct purchase for my level. Thanks

- Mark | 1/28/19

Overall very good.

- Verified Buyer | 1/28/19

I shopped for some skis originally by myself but had troubles processing the order. After speaking with Rick in customer service, he gave me some advice on a different pair of skis, and some other general advice while staying within my budget. Great experience! I also love that Amazon Pay option!

- DJ | 1/27/19

Easy & good price. Good reviews on site. Comprehensive product description.

- KD | 1/27/19

I needed bindings for my snowboard and had a few questions prior to purchasing them. The online chat assistant was very helpful. I also had a discount code too which was awesome.

- Char | 1/27/19

Web site is easy to use and the I store service that referred me here was very helpful, am willing to refer a friend to this website

- Avid skier | 1/27/19

Best part is warmth ratings in boots jackets. So much easier to shop with this. Please continue to ensure accurate information on these warmth ratings - so appreciated. It a safety matter when negative digits hit for us tundra mom’s kids.

- Verified Buyer | 1/27/19 makes it easy to find the most relevant items because of the great filters. Then you can sort by price. (I’m never going to buy gloves for $100+, so I dont even want to see them.) I can find what I want and be done with it.

- Mike | 1/27/19

I thought the shopping experience was designed very well. I appreciated the ease and informative help with my purchase.

- Rocky | 1/26/19

Nice user interface, not perfect but satisfactory number of items.

- Cat | 1/26/19

The prices beat other retailers and the shipping rates are good. That alone is enough to convince anybody to shop here.

- Cole | 1/26/19

i got to the product quickly and checkout was quick too

- Verified Buyer | 1/26/19

My husband and I have been buying quality items from for many years and find they are a company we always go to when looking for something for our ski seasons.

- Ladydi | 1/26/19

I have been looking for these ski pants in colors other than black and for a price that is cheaper than what I can get locally. It took me hours searching every on line merchant and even ebay - I would find the right color but the size or price was wrong. Finally, popped up and eureka! Nice color, perfect size, and discounted price below anyone else. I already knew the pants would fit because I had tried them on at a local store - but they were black and no price reduction. I wrote down the item # and it matches perfectly with the info given on listing. Plus they gave all the pertinent information that matches identical with the features I was expecting. This takes all the guess work out of purchasing on line - I'm so glad tells you everything without holding back - this way you know exactly if you have found what you are looking for and trying to match it up. Pictures were great and you can zoom in for details. Can't believe the price either! Easy check out and prompt email confirmation. I will be back - local stores can't compete!

- Brumby | 1/26/19

My experience was quick and easy. Recommend to any of my friends

- Verified Buyer | 1/26/19

Easy to buy and check inventiry

- Verified Buyer | 1/25/19

Nice site with clear information and ordering process.

- Michael | 1/25/19

It was great, there were great deals and great sales for almost everything

- zak | 1/24/19

easy to search. good selection.

- Vanessa | 1/24/19

I just bought these 90 dollar googles for 39.99 that goes well with my helmet, you should definitely check them out.

- James | 1/24/19

It was an easy and straight forward process. I was able to find quickly what I was looking for, and at an affordable price. I don't shop for snowboarding accessories too often. However, I know in the future I will got to first when I am seeking something specific.

- K.B. | 1/24/19 has excellent product information, reviews, and the specs truly answer my buying questions. I appreciate the variety and the competitive pricing.

- ph6601 | 1/23/19

The selection of ski boots were more than i oould have imagined.

- danny | 1/23/19

i am a "newby" at skiing- the customer service was amazing- i have asked them all kinds of questions about the ski clothing and accesories- which ones would work bette than others. They were fantastic and honest. I picked a jacket that they actually recommended.i am excited to learn how to ski. I love the website because it has everything you need!

- Emilia Serem | 1/23/19

I knew what I was looking for and it was very easy to buy them.

- Dori | 1/23/19 has a wide variety of ski gear from all major brands at affordable prices and great discounts and sales, many of which come with free shipping. I would definitely recommend this website to anyone looking for brand name ski equipment at affordable prices!

- Verified Buyer | 1/23/19

Great Experience... Easy

- Verified Buyer | 1/23/19

I would recommend the site as it is simple to use and has more than enough brands to choose from.

- jboardperson | 1/22/19

I had realized I made a size mistake on my ski's, a rep redirected the order and ordered the correct ones for me, I had to wait a little longer on shipping but it prevented a return.

- la | 1/22/19

Quick and easy,

- Verified Buyer | 1/22/19

I am enjoying the ski boots I purchased. Thanks for having a quality product at a reasonable price. I will recommend to my friends and family.

- KM | 1/22/19

it was a good price, I wish they didn't hit me for taxes at the end, but I guess it's not their fault

- happycus | 1/22/19 had exactly the product I was looking for and shipped it for free.

- Josh | 1/22/19

Boots shipped quickly and were just as described.

- EchoTony | 1/22/19 has what you need at good prices. It is easy to order and no worries about returns.

- betse | 1/22/19

Great selection Nothing bad

- JB | 1/22/19

recommend 100% so fast and simple

- intzzz | 1/21/19

Size chart was helpful.

- Verified Buyer | 1/21/19 had the item I wanted in stock for a good price

- Kevin | 1/21/19 had the exact size and length measurement I was looking for.

- E | 1/21/19

Need Ski stuff. has a massive inventory and a wide variety of prices and options. Its so easy.

- Andy | 1/21/19

Loved all the selection and the jacket my daughter liked was on sale so made the purchase even better. Free shipping was also a plus.

- Penny | 1/21/19

New skis were a great price. I really liked the graphics on the page that explained my ski - all-mountain - shape - level etc. This really helped when comparing skis. The graphic the showed the ski trail markings - circle, square, diamond and where my skis fit on that spectrum was especially helpful. I know where I like to ski and wanted to make sure these fit. I also really liked the video so I could see them in action.

- Skiergirl | 1/21/19

I have been looking for a helmet since I started skiing again last year and it was easy to find one on their website. I could look at all the specs and compare and the price was very reasonable.

- Skigranny | 1/20/19

I really think my experience at was one of the best I’ve had. They had exactly what I needed to stay safe (ski helmet) for the right price.

- torikatheryne | 1/20/19

I think it's OK. The price is nice

- WY | 1/20/19

this was the best price by far for some new boots.

- ChuckTown | 1/20/19

The company I've used previously did not carry a smaller length Dakine rolling ski bag which led me to you for my specific need. (The right color was a bonus).

- bobbie | 1/20/19

preparing for a ski trip. found what we were looking for. very good selection of ski products.

- Verified Buyer | 1/20/19

Great selection of products are low prices

- Oscarfish | 1/19/19

Customer service was exceptional. determined that the original used skis I ordered were too damaged for resale. At my request, they substituted a high-quality alternate of whichI am extremely happy.

- DJ | 1/19/19

very good. easy to look on web site

- osatowa | 1/19/19

The product I was looking for is widely available, however was the only vendor that had the specific size I was looking for in the particular color I wanted.

- BKraut4 | 1/19/19

this is my first time shopping at this website I think it was good deal ...

- folkem222 | 1/19/19

One of the better online ski shops.

- Brian | 1/19/19

Good UX for choosing gear options

- SVB | 1/18/19

Found the bindings I wanted and ordered them. would have perfered the other color but was out of stock.

- Bernie | 1/18/19

I went to stores tried boots on found better price here

- Jake | 1/18/19

Have bought from before and very satisfied with process, product and upgrading to higher performance, longer skis knowing all will that will continue.

- Brain Bucket Bill | 1/18/19

Good site, quick shopping!

- Ron | 1/18/19

Nice selection and easy to find. Smooth transaction.

- phloyd79 | 1/18/19

It was my first purchase from and I was pleased with the products, order process and delivery.

- Chris | 1/18/19

There are some good deals that i found. Definitely am not dissapointed.

- Yana | 1/18/19

It was super easy finding the bindings I needed for my snowboard. The color is perfect for my board and I had a coupon which helped to save me some cash.

- Char | 1/18/19

It is convenient and they had what I was looking for at a decent price.

- MLHARFORD | 1/18/19

Found the best deal on skis here. Got a package deal with free shipping and I was able to get 10 percent off too.

- J bizzle | 1/17/19

Fast and easy checkout, found good boots through the easy boot quiz and got 10% off by signing up for emails!

- Skigirl37 | 1/17/19

Browsing the avaiability of skis and ski boots was very easy on your website. had a good variety of ski and boot types available. The description seemed through and gave me a good idea of what skill level and type of ski I was buying. Overall a great website.

- Mika | 1/17/19

I’m teaching my wife and kids to ski this year it’s awesome

- Nikbiff | 1/17/19

I order from Summit also...VERY helpful staff!

- Verified Buyer | 1/17/19

great prices and selection

- memo | 1/16/19 was pretty slick. ordering was easy and their website was easy to navigate. They had what i was looking for in stock at a good price.

- Verified Buyer | 1/16/19

Very good selection and prices

- chick | 1/16/19

I purchased Smith Knowledge OTG goggles. I have tried other OTG brands. They were too small. Smith sets the standard for OTG. was most competitive and offered most options. Amazon could not compete!

- Mr Math | 1/16/19

Super easy to find and compare different equipment. Reliable prices compared to other shops.

- MG | 1/16/19 is a great place to find the occasional deal on ski/snowboard equipment and accessories. I got a great deal on my Icelantic skis there so check them out.

- derksb | 1/16/19

The checkout process was fast and easy! Came here after an issue with another online shop...

- Jack | 1/16/19 gave me all the information I need and a fantastic selection. A great experience.

- John | 1/15/19

I would recommend I was excited to discover that they were the last place online that had an item I had been looking for and had wanted to order.

- Verified Buyer | 1/15/19

They had what I wanted.

- Verified Buyer | 1/15/19

I was looking for some good ski boots and I found what I was looking for with the best price that I could find. There were a lot of options but seemed like the way to go.

- Nick | 1/15/19

quick and easy!

- Del | 1/15/19

I am purchasing skis and wanted to use two American Express gift cards. Since the website does not have an option for more than one method of payment, I spoke to Carson who was most helpful. He advised me to use the American Express gift cards to purchase gift cards and then apply the gifts cards towards purchase of the skis.

- Verified Buyer | 1/15/19

I have shopped skis 3 times over an 15 year period. Always great quality service.

- Verified Buyer | 1/15/19


- Verified Buyer | 1/15/19

Haven't skied in 20 years, was helpful getting modern equipment

- Lendat | 1/15/19

It was very easy to determine which googles were on sale and they have a smooth check out process

- JYM | 1/14/19

Great selection, able to narrow down with choosing options, and free shipping!

- KYSHREDDER | 1/14/19

Site seems clear and well designed.

- Brenda | 1/14/19

I am very particular about my skiwear, and I find that has a great selection of top quality ski wear to pick from. I can get most all of my shopping done on your website! Thanks

- Factor | 1/14/19

I was looking for a particular style and right away I found what I was looking for.

- Cricket | 1/14/19

It was easy to navigate and find what I was looking for. Overall very happy.

- Verified Buyer | 1/14/19

I am very pleased with the price and choice of products. I do think, however, it would be helpful if you included pictures of the interior of the bags.

- Reteach | 1/14/19

nice wide selection of products. I will be back to shop.

- Verified Buyer | 1/14/19

Before you go elsewhere, check out SKIS.COM! What a great site! It's easy to navigate and super deals! And, if they say that there is only 1 left, they mean it! Now that's integrity!

- joey | 1/14/19

Good deals, easy to use

- Verified Buyer | 1/14/19

It was easy to find the type of ski boot I was looking for and the video descriptions and discussions were helpful as if it were a FAQ session. Thanks

- Bluerider | 1/14/19

The prices were competitive and the selection great.

- Kimmyp | 1/14/19

Best prices found and easy to work with options. Nobody pushing you buy something you don’t want.

- Verified Buyer | 1/13/19

Love the ski reviews and watch them often. Bought poles today that were hard to find but you had them, and at a decent price.

- Verified Buyer | 1/13/19 was an easy to navigate site that had a wealth of product information that made the experience as good as putting your hands on the product in a physical store. The expert help and videos are fantastic. Will definitely use again.

- Daniel | 1/13/19

At their prices are great! They had the exact same helmet that sells anywhere between $5.00-$20.00 more on other websites, including Amazon.

- Verified Buyer | 1/13/19

I was able to easily and quickly determine which skis and shoes were going to work best for me. I am very pleased.

- Verified Buyer | 1/13/19

great prices

- mdmac | 1/13/19

The purchase was a helmet that was thirty dollars cheaper than any other site. I checked a ton of sites!

- Rocket | 1/13/19

Great place for all things skiing

- Chad | 1/13/19

I was looking for a ski boot in my size at a good price and had it. They have a very good selection and very competitive prices on last years models. I also just bought two pairs of boots for my wife from and she selected one and I returned the other and made the process easy and fast. So far, I have found shopping with them has been very good experience.

- Sparky | 1/13/19

Very easy, now I’ll just see if it all fits when they come

- Laura | 1/12/19

I found that through shopping here I was able to find an incredible deal on a high quality ski boot. I bought these with my wife and she is super excited to try them out after a bad experience in the past. I will be buying from again.

- Tyler | 1/12/19

good pricing good return policy easy to find items

- cw | 1/12/19

The site is easy to use and I like to available options

- JD | 1/12/19

Very easy to work the site.

- randi | 1/12/19 is a great source for gear info and reasonable pricing.

- Dbear | 1/12/19

Great prices when compared to other sites.

- Verified Buyer | 1/12/19

I enjoyed the possibility to use by Amazon account for final check-out, while the ski selection was better on was larger than on Amazon

- Patrice G | 1/12/19

I had a hard time finding the pant I ordered. It was a relief to find them on this site

- Verified Buyer | 1/12/19


- JBOY | 1/12/19

a lot of detail information help to choose the correct item

- Jason010105 | 1/12/19

easy to use site. great price.

- marty kay | 1/12/19

Site loaded quickly and had a wide variety of gear. Very easy purchase.

- MC | 1/11/19

Easy website and ordering. Thanks!!!

- Brian | 1/11/19

Items were as described.

- Verified Buyer | 1/11/19 has variety items and competitive price

- bognerskiier | 1/11/19

I was shopping for HEAD ski boots on line. Local stores carry the boot I was looking for but at a retail cost of $600 before taxes. By purchasing from I saved $100.00 and didn’t have to visit a local ski shop to get pressured into purchasing a boot if they didn’t have what I wanted. Notwithstanding, most bootfitters don’t even ski. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

- Louie | 1/11/19's online web site is great. Very user friendly, ordering is easy. Great job Skis

- David | 1/11/19

Quick search for a pair of ski boots yielded the exact model/size I was looking for at a closeout price, so I pounced like a coiled puma!

- Giblets | 1/10/19

I purchased a pair of cross country boots. They were to small. It was not the fault of On line size conversion of sizes vary. They accepted my return, unused, and credited my account. I ordered the next size up. They were shipped and delivered promptly. I have used them and they are great.

- Renaldo | 1/10/19

great selection and pleasant customer service help I received when deciding on a selection

- Verified Buyer | 1/10/19

The first pair of skis i ordered for my girlfriend. I actually got jealous that the equipment i ordered from is still on its way, when i purchased it days ahead. I decided to return my EVO skis because they didnt fit what i wanted. So now im purchasing my equipment from so i can have my gear ready for CO next month. Thanks again. PS My girlfriend loves her skies that i bought. haha

- Verified Buyer | 1/10/19

I was able to find what I wanted quickly and easily for a fair price.

- Shawn | 1/10/19

Great variety of products, great prices, free shipping, well-designed website and easy checkout

- Frank | 1/10/19

I created an account with I love that they didn’t require me to save my credit card information on their website.

- 4elements | 1/10/19

Everything was as described and delivered promptly.

- Verified Buyer | 1/10/19

So many great options at reaally nice prices with free shipping! Can't get better than that and there's options to pay in installments.

- Verified Buyer | 1/9/19

I bought a pair of Atomic Hawx magna 100 ski boots on-line at They arrived within 2 days with free shipping. I really liked the boots and they fit great, but the shells were too big to fit my ski bindings and I had to return them for refund. They refund process was easy and service reps were helpful. I then called the product tech support staff via phone and they helped me select another pair of ski boots that will hopefully fit my bindings better. I appreciated their call backs and willingness to help. Good experience with Thanks !

- Bob | 1/9/19

Love that they carry petite sizing - have great brand selection. Overall great experience.

- Telemama | 1/9/19

crashed and broke my SMITH helmet, and wanted to replace it with same model, quickly. Found exact replacement and got quick shipping, at good price.

- Verified Buyer | 1/9/19

easy to use

- Tom | 1/8/19

Love the site. lots of options for ski jackets and the prices were really good!

- Karin | 1/8/19

Very happy with their purchase and return policy. It allowed me to buy 2 different pairs of ski boots and pick the one that fit best. Without that, I would have never purchased from and would have had to go to a store, which we indeed did, but didn't have the selection you do.

- RVT | 1/8/19

Found the gloves I wanted for my son and myself

- DocW | 1/7/19

Great web site. Really like the product videos.

- Tom | 1/7/19

Very easy to find items you look for, huge selections to fit everyones budget. Free shipping.

- Verified Buyer | 1/7/19

Super easy to find products and prices were awesome. Would recommend in a heartbeat.

- Mike | 1/7/19

just found a great deal on can't wait until my new skis come!

- David | 1/7/19

Dude, this sight is totally cool. So easy to navigate, and the checkout was easy too. I would absolutely recommend that next time you need gear, start with these guys and you’ll be back shreddin’ the powder pronto.

- Shoona | 1/7/19

So far I am happy with the ability to purchase cross country skis. I could not find any place in Flagstaff that had xcountry ski for sale.

- Debbie | 1/7/19

I was redirected to from Obermeyer's website. They put what I wanted directly in the cart. It was an easy transaction, i was able to use PayPal and I got 10% off for signing up for email! Great transaction.

- Natalie | 1/7/19

You are the only retailer With size 50 boot Just wish you had the off trail style with covered laces

- Joman | 1/7/19

The Site is easy to navigate, and when I used the live chat feature to ask questions I got excellent answers. Rick, the rep I worked with is very knowledgable and had a great attitude. The customer service provided was top notch.

- Raith | 1/7/19

I have been looking for this vest everywhere and had my size!!!

- JD | 1/7/19

Got just what I ordered, all new and delivered on time.

- Greeksports | 1/7/19

I would recommend because I first visited the site just to browse. I had no intention of buying skis and boots today but after visiting with the website and browsing the different options and low prices, I decided to purchase a ski package today. I would recommend this website/company because that was the first time I changed my mind and spontaneously purchased items. The checkout process was easy, and the confirmation solidified that was a reputable and efficient company

- DK | 1/7/19

I was pleased to find just what I was looking for with a wide selection to choose from. Hopefully my package arrives in a timely fashion and I can start wearing it right away.

- Jeremy W | 1/7/19

Found a nice helmet my size on sale which is rare considering my size always sells out fast, me there usually nothing by this time of the year (early January).

- Japanda | 1/6/19

I was looking for a good deal on a base layer and ski sock. After sea4cging numerous sites had the best deal

- Jmr | 1/6/19

over all a Wonderful experience making this purchase. I wish that there were more pictures and views (models) for the items.

- Chopper19 | 1/6/19

I searched for a specific pole and found the exact color and size I needed.

- Verified Buyer | 1/6/19

All aspects were great

- Melloman | 1/5/19

The experience was good. I went straight to what I wanted, placed it in the cart and processed the purchase. It was a few minutes worth of process.

- Jonny | 1/5/19

Barry was really helpful setting me up with a cross country ski package!

- Verified Buyer | 1/5/19 is very easy great selection yes friend

- Verified Buyer | 1/5/19

Love the site and service

- JRo | 1/5/19

I bought a nice pair of ski boots. They have a nice pair of the hard yo find 75mm binding style. Prices are good. I will look here again.

- KM | 1/4/19

I have been comparing snowboard helmets for a few weeks now. I found and noticed the comparative prices. I was happy with the different sizes and brands I found. made it easy to view many items for specific details. I'm excited about my purchase, and I hope my helmet fits!

- Kaydubs | 1/4/19

Good selection of boot sizes in the colors I wanted

- Jake | 1/4/19

Ordered some ski pants the wife wanted.

- The Earl o Sammich | 1/4/19

Solid experience. Would recommend.

- Nick | 1/4/19


- BOO | 1/4/19

easy,good selection,most of all good discount on 2018 merch

- OGXer | 1/4/19

Reasonably priced items compared to other items. Shipping was a good price

- bwanser | 1/3/19

I found exactly what I was looking for at a good price!

- Donna I. | 1/3/19 lets you look at all of the aspects of a ski boot from the last to the flex to the instep - Perfect for those of us with different shaped feet!

- David San Angelo TX | 1/3/19 has very competitive prices. I found it easy to find the correct ski equipment sizes and level type. The website was very easy to navigate.

- Val | 1/3/19

I called asking for shipping advice. Got it. You were very helpful. Then completed the order online.

- Verified Buyer | 1/2/19

Very clear instructions- to help me figure out the right ski and binding for my daughter

- Verified Buyer | 1/2/19

Price was better than any other merchant we could find. Website was organized and made the purchasing experience a pleasure!

- Amina | 1/2/19

Great understanding about the ski equipment what type skier should buy the ski equipment considering,some reviews are from experts in the field and the pricing is exceptional!!!

- Gillie | 1/2/19 had a full selection of items I was looking for and the best deal! I would highly recommend that you check them out for your outdoor adventure supplies!

- Heedini | 1/1/19

The site was very easy to navigate. The videos on boot sizing was very simple and helpful. Helped me confirm my purchase. seems to have a great inventory. I was looking for some size 15 (mondo 33.5) boots which are very hard to find. They had them in stock and in a boot that fit my skiing style/ability.

- Dutchbrain | 1/1/19

Good web site

- Gunnerdog | 1/1/19

I found the user experience to very easy straight and to the point. Thank you for a nice user experience.

- Factor | 1/1/19

it was a good experience. I was shopping for sales and there were many for what I was looking to purchase

- dakota | 1/1/19

Good selection and pricing.

- Verified Buyer | 1/1/19

Easy to find and compare products. Really helpful, easy-to-use site!

- Pammer | 1/1/19

Ease of site navigation and product display.

- Stinky | 12/31/18

I was able to find reasonably priced gear that was not the newest version, which was nice because I can't afford the newest edition of everything. It seems like it is hard to find leftover stock of previous year's gear and I was able to find some here.

- Verified Buyer | 12/31/18

Had a very informative chat with Rick before I made my purchase. Very helpful!

- DJ | 12/31/18

Product arrived timely and was what was as advertised. Overall experience with the website was excellent. I've bought 3-4 items from and have not had a bad experience yet. Keep up the good work!

- Dan R. | 12/30/18

It was great to be able to shop and compare specs

- RVTim | 12/30/18

great website - great purchase

- DCD | 12/30/18

Great deal on a full-shell helmet!

- Roo | 12/30/18

I bought ski boots for a large wide foot. None of the stores carried my size. The filter allowed me to find boots that matched my boot size, width, last size and calf size criteria. I found it very difficult to select a boot with the correct instep. I didn't know if I should select medium or high instep. I couldn't find out if selecting the wrong instep would make the boots unusable or not.

- TCM | 12/30/18

Great company with helpful, courteous and responsive customer service representatives. Products available are competitively priced and meet and/or beat other retailers consistently. Returns and/or exchanges are handled smoothly and professionally. Well done.

- Verified Buyer | 12/30/18

Finding what I wanted was easy, the only hard part was figuring out which boots I wanted. Checkout was a breeze.

- Bacchus | 12/29/18

This was my first time buying from and it was seamless and fast. All costs were up front and gave me options. I would order from them again. I can't wait to get my gear!

- Hank | 12/29/18

Good choice of products and sale items

- Verified Buyer | 12/29/18

Both the ski bag previously purchased and the gift certificate lived up to all expectations.

- Todd | 12/29/18

I found the jacket I wanted and ordered it, simple as that.

- Greeksports | 12/29/18 provided detailed information that allowed me to select the appropriate ski boots for my skiing skill set and for a proper fit. The videos offering support and information was fantastic. Will definitely buy from the again.

- JCTheWsy | 12/29/18

Pictures and reviews provided helped to make an educated decision on the best ski boot bag for my daughter.

- Verified Buyer | 12/29/18

I have been using for years, and have always been satisfied.

- Verified Buyer | 12/28/18

Easy to navigate

- chris | 12/28/18

I was looking for very specific leggings on Google and came up as free shipping and no tax so that's why I chose to shop there (even though I did have to pay sales tax in CA). Didn't spend much time on the site, just bought the leggings and checked out. So far so good. :)

- BlackBetty | 12/28/18

Great overall experirience

- Tony | 12/28/18

This was the first time I shopped at I was very impressed with the ease of ordering the item, the selection, the price. Unfortunately, our daughter changed her mind about the gift she wanted; and we returned it. We will shop here in the future!

- Verified Buyer | 12/28/18

great experience so far

- martin22 | 12/28/18

I'm glad to support a Michigan company. I previously got a great deal on a jacket and it arrived quickly.

- Alisa | 12/28/18

The price was good, the info on the product made it easy. I am expert / pro level skier and it was easy to find an affordable ski designed for a more extreme athlete. Thank you for making my first on line gear purchase so easy! Lots of love. Joshua

- Shuniqua | 12/28/18

I was looking for a hat and ski mittens for my daughter and found the perfect sizes and colors to match at a great price! I like how easy it was to find these products and the price was great!

- Jessi | 12/28/18

I really liked the selection of quality apparel with significant discounts. I was able to buys the brand I wanted for the price I had stipulated for the purchase. So I was very satisfied.

- camiski | 12/27/18

Awesome detail on boots

- Verified Buyer | 12/27/18

Great! Easy to use and a quick process.

- Calvin | 12/27/18

Great site with great deals! First time buyer from this site and loved it!

- Doomsday44 | 12/27/18

give skis a look. I found them online and their pricing was awesome

- Verified Buyer | 12/27/18

Great selection and great price. This will be our first purchase but hope and assume the quality of the bags will also be great. Easy to order and checkout.

- Lauri | 12/27/18

Only retailer selling desired brand in the size I needed at a reasonable price.

- Verified Buyer | 12/27/18

Site was easy to use, good selection and prices were in line.

- JP | 12/27/18

good website, good selection

- davidschlesinger | 12/26/18

So far a good experience and hopeful the brake comes with the binding. The price is nice and no shipping charges!

- Brian | 12/26/18

Easy ordering and check out good prices

- Verified Buyer | 12/26/18

a very pleasing experience

- Marie | 12/26/18 has great selection, pricing and customer service.

- Kyle | 12/26/18

Checkout was very easy. No added information required except what was in my automatic record. Thanks for the simplicity.

- Verified Buyer | 12/26/18

I liked my experience it was nice

- Pineapple | 12/25/18

Great prices, great website interface.

- Jonathan | 12/25/18

Easy shopping. Could compare products. Great prices!

- Verified Buyer | 12/25/18

Relative to other sites, the goggle selection offered great variety at lower prices!

- Verified Buyer | 12/25/18

Excellent --- got what I wanted, easily, quickly, with the right information available at the right time.

- Jan S | 12/25/18

good price and quick shipping

- Verified Buyer | 12/25/18

Excellent selection and prices

- Chick | 12/25/18

For me as a beginner skier it is very easy to shop on I got all my ski equipment and gear from this and I am very happy with the quality I got so far. Fast shipping and very good items quality are the main reasons made me to stick with this guys. Like I said I am begginer skier but the very understandble "chart sizes" made me become pretty knowledgeable in choosing of ski equipment and ski gear. I am very pleasant so far with my shoping experiance on

- Dima | 12/25/18

good buying experience...will probably recommend this site to others.

- matt b | 12/25/18

Good prices, huge selection, all in one place for ski

- Ivo | 12/23/18

Had a better selection than anticipated and had the size in stock that we needed while many other vendors were sold out.

- B | 12/23/18

Smooth as silk

- Tbird | 12/23/18

I loved the fact that there is such a huge selection. The way to look at items and select by filters is amazing. One of the smoothest site I have purchased from. Can not be pleased anymore. Thank you!

- PooT | 12/22/18

I've always had a good experience here, and do tell friends to look on line for various items that you have.

- Ed | 12/22/18

The website was easy to navigate, tons of options with reputable brands, and unbeatable deals. I decided to buy the Tecnica Ten.2 65 CA W Womens 2019 ski boots after a lot of research and comparing prices. offered the best price on these and many other ski boots + free shipping! The product overview and description provided much more detailed information and specifications than other sites, and the customer reviews spoke for themselves. Would definitely recommend this site and will be back soon!

- Kim | 12/22/18

seamless online purchase.

- spike | 12/21/18

Excellent selection and superior description. Often with supplemental information allowing you to compare products and more easily understand the advantages / disadvantages and make a choice. Option to compare products side by side.Pricing always seems to be competitive.

- Jim | 12/21/18

Have no knowledge of company, but easy to search and checkout was quick. Found an item on clearance.

- Verified Buyer | 12/21/18 was the most painless site I have ever used.

- Verified Buyer | 12/21/18

Nice and easy

- Julia | 12/20/18

Simple process, simple purchase, no problems. Good site, trusted merchant, right information, no overbearing commercial/pushiness.

- Verified Buyer | 12/20/18

Overall good site for skiers who want good gear at a good price. That's why I shop here.

- Verified Buyer | 12/20/18

Great way to compare products to meet your needs.

- RickSL10 | 12/20/18

It was very easy to find what I wanted, sort by my criteria, and buy the skis

- Alex | 12/19/18 is easy to use. There are lots of filters to help narrow the selection and make a decision that will help you feel confident purchasing and love for years to come. Prices are easy on your wallet too, giving you more money to shred the hills.

- Kenai | 12/19/18

Searching was easy, price was same as manufacturer, checkout was easy

- SlopeSlayer | 12/19/18

I was able to find the skis I wanted, but could not find in stores. I found the video reviews by various skiers very helpful especially because one of the reviewers had a similar body type and skiing ability as myself.

- Jimmy | 12/19/18

Check out ! It's been great to myself, family and friends that have ordered merchandise from them.

- Verified Buyer | 12/19/18

Great prices and free shipping! Great ski gear at a good price!

- a | 12/19/18

easy to find items, and good shipping options. solid technical information. Inventory was up to date too.

- Esteffe | 12/19/18

Nice prices, decent selection.

- Verified Buyer | 12/19/18

Again, an efficient buying experience.

- Verified Buyer | 12/19/18

Product is exactly what I was looking for.

- Shari | 12/19/18

Great to connect by amazon for payment. Could order whole thing by phone and using my thumb!!

- Mom5 | 12/19/18

I haven't gotten my order yet so I can't quite get into it fully until then, but at the moment my experience was positive. I found what I needed, on sale and received a coupon and free shipping too. The ordering process was easy as well. Thank you. :-)

- chrisziggy | 12/18/18 has a wide selection of top rated gear. It was easy to navigate the web site to find the model and manufacturer I was most interested in. Completing the purchase was hassle free.

- Verified Buyer | 12/18/18

like the variety of skis, good descriptions, reviews of products, good pricing, easy checkout. I have already recommended to friends

- cbear | 12/18/18

I needed cheap ski poles and found them.

- Verified Buyer | 12/18/18

This is the second pair of skis and bindings I have purchased from Great value and service!

- Carrie | 12/18/18

great service and products

- big lob | 12/18/18

great experience, easy ordering, nice coupon code

- Carly | 12/18/18

This is my first purchase and it was easy.

- Renaldo | 12/18/18

Nice metal poles

- GW | 12/18/18

Selection and price were great

- Nick | 12/17/18

Beat all of the competitors prices and had an easy to use website.

- Idawgfresh | 12/17/18

Looking forward to receiving the ski pants. The price was a great discount, now I just hope they fit properly.

- Dan | 12/17/18

I was referred by my son, and I'm purchasing for my granddaughter. It was as easy as 1 2 3 to place my order.

- Verified Buyer | 12/17/18

I was shopping after clicking through from a promo email advertising a big sale. I was in the market for some decent gloves for my daughter and was able to quickly navigate to the relevant products. The selection was pretty good and the prices were attractive. I ended up buying a pair that I think she'll like.

- skidad | 12/17/18

Have had nothing but good results in working with

- JayT | 12/17/18

Very informative. Helped me pick out the perfect skis for me

- Verified Buyer | 12/17/18

My husband loves Spyder and Skis always has the latest, best products. Easy to shop, checkout and ship.

- Carter0boy | 12/17/18

Great experience. Knowledgeable staff great prices and great inventory.

- Erik | 12/17/18

We bought ski boots last year at this time and had hands-on help getting our shipment sent to a remote address in time for our first day of skiing ... so when it came to time for new boots again this year (kids grow so fast!), the first place we went is Love the selection and the customer service.

- T.G. | 12/17/18

Easily searched for the skis I was looking for and compared them on compared to other websites and with the free shipping I couldn’t resist the purchase!

- Brycen | 12/17/18

Rick was fantastic in helping me with options. Love the video reviews.

- KLong | 12/16/18

Use of site was easy

- Dave | 12/16/18

Price was as good or better then anywhere else. Good descriptions and solid/real reviews from what I could tell.

- Dewie | 12/16/18

Great chat session with Rick. Super helpful and responsive.

- Raj | 12/16/18

I would highly recommend This is the first web site I go to for all my ski equipment.

- Canvasman | 12/16/18

Easy to order; part in stock when Amazon didn’t have it in stock and couldn’t garentee when it would be in stock

- Verified Buyer | 12/16/18

I have ordered more than one item from your company. Love your products and prices are affordable. Thank you.

- Verified Buyer | 12/16/18

I've ordered from for years, always a great experience.

- Verified Buyer | 12/16/18

Easy to find a product; website provides comparable colors with a click, simple and safe to check out with Amazon.

- sue | 12/16/18

Easy to shop and purchase! Huge selection to choose from.

- Sean | 12/16/18

Skis has a great selection of Patagonia Products! Check out is quick and easy and the website is very user friendly!

- Mary | 12/16/18

My most recent experience with was easy, fun, and quick. I was able to find a variety of skis that no website offered. I also enjoyed the 10 percent discount code that I received in my email. Next purchase I will make for any ski gear will be on this website. Thank you so much

- Verified Buyer | 12/15/18

Great and easy to navigate Web site, with competitive prices and free shipping guaranteed by Christmas.

- J | 12/15/18

I just bought my daughter a cute pair of shoes for Christmas that I got for a reasonable price with free shipping!

- Verified Buyer | 12/15/18

They were having a sale on nice ski pants for my daughter.

- Chris | 12/15/18

Great prices on brand new helmets for two of my boys for Christmas.

- Joe | 12/15/18

Good website. Easy to use. Great deals on things that are low in stock.

- Verified Buyer | 12/15/18

loved the free shipping before christmas

- mary | 12/15/18

cool pair of ski pants

- Verified Buyer | 12/15/18

I'd definitely recommend The site saved me 30% over on-sale prices at my local retailers. Plus, it provided me with all the information needed for me to accurately and confidently select and purchase the perfect pair of skis based on my abilities, style, terrain preferences, and weight.

- Tony | 12/15/18

Great deal on a new helmet and goggles.

- CoacDan | 12/15/18

Good selection of ski gear

- Verified Buyer | 12/15/18

I just purchase some Rossignal Seek 7 HD skis for my son. By far, Skis has the most comprehensive and detailed information on how to select the most appropriate skis for the individual's ability as well as the type of skiing. Pricing is always competitive and Skis has always met or exceeded my overall expectations.

- lts87 | 12/15/18

Great site! Love it!

- Jkullman44 | 12/14/18

Best pricing and selection

- Downhiller | 12/14/18

Better than Amazon.

- BGAF | 12/14/18

This shopping experience was unlike any other, the website was easy to navigate and I found what I was looking for with ease, then to top it all off the checkout was simple and not the slightest bit painful. I will 100% be shopping on this website again and I recommend everyone to purchase off of this website over other ones.

- Brian | 12/14/18

the site has easy access and great variety!

- Riverzen | 12/14/18

Fast and easy

- Sam | 12/14/18

Amazon purchase made it super easy to checkout.

- Verified Buyer | 12/14/18

A great and professional experience, thank you!!

- Verified Buyer | 12/14/18

The website was easy to navigate and they even offered me a 10% discount off my first purchase! Awesome website and i plan on using them again on future purchases.

- Verified Buyer | 12/14/18

good website, fast and efficient

- Verified Buyer | 12/14/18

Everything was fine order came in on time and product appears to be of good quality.

- Verified Buyer | 12/14/18

This is the only place I could find a snow suit for my grandson. Go SKIS...thank you

- Verified Buyer | 12/14/18

I Just purchased a helmet and my first pair of skis and bindings from my Idol Tom Wallisch 2019 series and could not be happier thank you for helping to make this such an easy experience!

- Eddy | 12/14/18

Easy. Good selection.

- KJ | 12/14/18

It was easy!

- Verified Buyer | 12/14/18

Great website. Lots to choose from and great information

- B | 12/13/18

So far it’s good. I found a comparable to the one I bought in a store for $20 less. Hasn’t arrived yet, so we will see if it’s what I’m expecting.

- Verified Buyer | 12/13/18

The website looked like it was made by someone who actually knows how to build an interface. That is rare. Search was easy. No bizarre terms our weird placements for functions. The organization of the page was great. I loved the reviews and the technical summaries of the skis. Pricing is sound and less hassle as I could get a package with bindings. Easiest ski purchase I have ever made, and I am a 6th generation Colorado native. Nice.

- Ed | 12/13/18

Easy ordering,helpful sizing charts, helpful tips for the unexperienced buyer.

- Lis | 12/13/18

Love shopping on especially during their holiday sales.

- Meagan | 12/13/18

Have researched this purchase at local ski stores and online. Have discussed what type of skis my wife needs with her. This ski looks like the best for her age, ability, and weight. The free shipping and no hassle return policy should make this a no brainer

- wayne | 12/13/18

Great site. Have ordered all our skis here.

- Rick | 12/13/18

We are a skiing family and I purchased a gift for my husband today who is an absolute ski fanatic! He loves your site especially the product reviews and youtube videos!

- Verified Buyer | 12/13/18

Chatted with Rick - Very good

- Twinsfan | 12/13/18

I was shopping elsewhere and remembered how easy it was to find exactly what I wanted. So I went back to my purchases amd showed my mate this site and she wanted what had to offer. Thanks Mr. Jordan

- Jokah | 12/12/18 made shopping for ski's for a beginner easy with video reviews and sizing. I hope all of my equipment fits.

- Buzz | 12/12/18

Loved the selection of Spyder clothing for my niece. It has been tough to find something that is not so plain for little girls. She likes color and I found a great top at your website

- Lesley | 12/12/18

I love My husband and I have both purchased Skis and equipment both from the website and at local stores. I love that they are local to me in Michigan and their service department is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

- Adventurer | 12/12/18

Excellent selection. Latest models. Website and check-out is excellent and very efficient.

- JPA | 12/12/18

the customer service on the chat was very helpful and recommended the right shoe size for me. the delivery was very fast and efficient!

- chels | 12/12/18

It was a long search. Finally found what I wanted after talking to the great gentleman "Barry" at the 800#. He was extremely knowledgeable!

- Jimbo | 12/12/18

The best price I could find on the CG expedition in blue Camo!

- G | 12/11/18

I was looking for skis for my mom, and found, I think, exactly what she needs. The description of the product seems perfect, and the price was very good too.

- rugbyscout | 12/11/18

Easy to search, great choices, easy payment.

- Neal | 12/11/18

Great place for good quality products at a decent price. Free shipping is a plus.

- Grammy of 9 | 12/11/18

Great online buying experience of new ski goggles

- Giro Goggles | 12/11/18

The website was a breeze to use. Found things easily and was able to check out quickly..

- Verified Buyer | 12/11/18

Bought mid layers for grandkids site was recommended by daughter that lives in Colorado. Site easy to navigate and I liked that you use PayPal. I would have preferred to have shipped directly but couldn’t see how to do that with PayPal so had them sent to me. Will check this site again for future ski gear.

- Verified Buyer | 12/11/18

The online system to help me select the type and size of boot was very helpful. The website even had videos that explained how to measure your foot to ensure the correct size. I would recommend because of the ease of use of the online ordering system.

- The_Way_JC | 12/11/18

Good selection, good prices, easy checkout

- Stuart | 12/11/18

This was a present. I received an email requesting I call. Due to hackers, wanted to be sure I was the person placing the order. I was pleased with their due diligence.

- Evan | 12/11/18

Great on-line experience. The search filters were easy to use. I purchased skis and it would be an improvement to show the lengths available without having to click on the product being viewed.

- Andy | 12/11/18

They have everything you could be looking for.

- Kris | 12/11/18

customer service online chat was very helpful

- Verified Buyer | 12/11/18

I have heard many good things about this site, I checked here for good deals and that is what I got. I will be back for my next ski purchase!

- Steph | 12/11/18

Saw what I needed, easy to order

- Riverdude | 12/11/18 is a great site, it allows me to access all of the ski gear I need. The specs on the product give a good breakdown of information, which has made my purchasing decisions easier.

- Butch | 12/10/18

Customer service was awesome. Product exceeded our expectations.

- Plasticboatman | 12/10/18

Great ski gear and prices!

- Verified Buyer | 12/10/18

will recommend to family, going to the mountains for Christmas in NC. We just received alot of snow, which is unusual for this time of year. So early in before winter has started.

- Jessiemae | 12/10/18

I was looking online for some boots that came in wide. This site had a good selection and it was easy to naviagte.

- bethco22 | 12/10/18

They keep me updated of sales and the checkout experience is great. I also love the way they have easy visual representations on each item of how waterproof, warm, what level, etc. It makes it easier to decide.

- dianakate | 12/10/18

first time. good experience. all good except the survey is very detailed and too long

- Verified Buyer | 12/10/18

So far, so good ... we'll see how the products are, once they arrive. :)

- stoney | 12/10/18

variety of products and pricing. ease of website

- Verified Buyer | 12/10/18 had a great deal on a ski shell by a high quality brand that I trust. In general, I think this is a good place to look when shopping for ski gear!

- Laura | 12/10/18

Great sale, got an email sent to me, visited the website and found a pair of great ski pants at a good sale, in my size. Easy to order and go through the ordering process.

- Karen | 12/10/18

Great customer service, good prices and products.

- Te Jota | 12/10/18

I liked that they offered plus sized ski gear. Most stores do not

- madrivermama | 12/10/18

They had the item I was looking for at a good price.

- cb | 12/10/18

Comparable prices, free shipping, will be here by xmas. Perfect.

- Verified Buyer | 12/10/18

Very easy to navigate the site and to compare items before purchase Good selection

- Vankee | 12/9/18

Awesome! Great site and easy to work with, saved $50 on purchase plus tax of $15. Will come back!!

- Doug | 12/9/18

I recently have been looking for skis because I’m totally over snowboarding and wanted a change. It’s so hard to find good deals anywhere else that’s worth the price! You guys are amazing! Thank you!

- Lauren | 12/9/18

It was refreshing to see a shipping option "guarantee for Christmas" that didn't cost extra. Many retailers, even in early December, require expedited shipping (for an extra charge) to guarantee Christmas delivery.

- C2 | 12/9/18

Our purchase was made easier with your sizing charts which were more precise than your competitors, making the likelihood of a return far less. Also, your reliable name brands helped give us more confidence in our purchase as well.

- Revenant-2 | 12/9/18

Great experience and great information on your site. I loved knowing the level, width, sizes, and a quick description while searching.

- Ed | 12/9/18

For the grand kids, so quality is important as we want the product to last a few years. It will be a wait and see but price and availability is also important at this time of year. Some what anxious for delivery to make our recommendations

- Noname | 12/9/18

Like the inventory and prices. Easy to checkout and loved the free shipping.

- Verified Buyer | 12/9/18

This was a straightforward easy transaction.The price was right and they had all the important details easy to find and they had the product I needed. I would purchase from here again.

- TDS | 12/9/18

I've ordered before,always satisfied. My friend and I are looking for him as well. He may purchase skis as well! Always a good experience.

- Verified Buyer | 12/9/18

I really loved that your site takes advantage of Affirm and this encouraged me to purchase my ski boots from you instead of others.

- Kevin | 12/9/18

Very user friendly had item I wanted

- Verified Buyer | 12/9/18

The service was great. very easy, and the price was the best.

- Verified Buyer | 12/9/18

Hoping the ski helmets/goggles will appeal to my 4 year olds.

- Mich | 12/9/18

It was simple and easy to use.

- Chris | 12/9/18

Shopping was real easy with the specific ways to narrow down the results. Way better than Amazon and the price can't be beat. Great selection and clear easy check out. I'll tell my friends and I'll be back when I need more stuff.

- dizikid | 12/8/18

skis .com is great because it has a variety of things

- angelo | 12/8/18

the site has a lot of good products and good pricing as well

- joe g | 12/8/18

Am happy to be able to make this purchase for my husband for christmas

- Verified Buyer | 12/8/18 has always been my winter-sports go to retailer. Their free shipping and good pricing keeps me coming back and what makes me X-out of competitive websites. I've twice needed to use their no hassle return without issue and my credit card was quickly refunded. Thank you!

- ISki2fast | 12/8/18

Just what I needed at a great price! Thank you!

- Verified Buyer | 12/8/18

They had the exact ski boot that I wanted!

- Verified Buyer | 12/8/18

I was looking for new xc skis , and I came across these Salomon aero 9 skin skis ,and bindings on a close out price . My old skis were 30 yrs old so it was time for an upgrade !!! Quantity’s are limited on close outs so you have to be ready to buy before they’re gone !!!

- KCrider | 12/8/18

Excellent product selection at competitive prices

- Scott | 12/8/18

Good deal on a quality product

- Johnny_k_666 | 12/8/18

you had the best price and availability on a hard to find product, thank you

- Jabeski | 12/8/18 was very easy and convenient site to order from.

- Rhonda | 12/8/18

easy good graphics and 360 view, good sizing charts

- Catz | 12/8/18

The video overview of the product is what sold me. Clear, concise description of product functionality. Also, the shipping options from are extensive, and seem to be very reasonably priced. The actual products I bought were both competitively priced with other sites I visited. This seems to be a solid, reputable company.

- TomF | 12/8/18

Thanks for a great price!

- 2thfxr | 12/7/18

Very happy with the selection of women's ski coats

- Verified Buyer | 12/7/18

Awesome website! Lots of items that others do not have. Great prices, lower than moose jaw!

- lisa A | 12/7/18

Great shopping expeience.

- Joe Shmo | 12/7/18

Great discounted prices and an easy website to navigate. Would definitely use again.

- Kris | 12/7/18

The transaction was very easy and the selection was great!

- jamie | 12/7/18

I would recommend to my friends

- Verified Buyer | 12/7/18

Very good computer site and excellent products & prices

- Chick | 12/7/18

Got a great deal on last years stuff and was able to use online coupons to sweeten the deal even more. I'll be coming back to for my future purchases!

- Cheddar | 12/6/18

good products and good deal

- snowandmusic | 12/6/18

Quick and easy ordering!

- Dee | 12/6/18

I had a great experience speaking to a man named, Rick, today! He was so helpful and honest. I shared with him my story of previously being a pretty decent skier, then having kids, not skiing for four years, getting back on my skis, and realizing I was terrible. He helped me choose a pair of skis that would be great for me in my current situation. He also helped me identify the right boot size for me, as I am kind of in-between sizes. Oh, and he also clarified the return/exchange policy. As you can see, I had a lot of questions, and he was so patient and kind!

- Jacqueline | 12/6/18

I picked out these skis first. My local shop did not have the length I wanted, so I went with

- Verified Buyer | 12/6/18

Good selection of ski equipment with the information needed to make informed decisions. Highly recommend for your ski purchases.

- ski fan | 12/6/18

Great product lines at amazing prices! My ski hubby will be super happy about his gifts.

- Kas | 12/6/18

The package deals are a great way to save money, just wish the boots I really wanted were available in my size.

- JeffH | 12/5/18

Looking for ski boot bags and in the search found showing different styles and colors. Easy sight to use!

- jojo | 12/5/18

Clean site and easy to use, like that you can pay with Amazon. Purchased directly from after seeing the product on Amazon because I could use a promo code on but not on Amazon. Would recommend

- Verified Buyer | 12/5/18

Detailed product information

- Verified Buyer | 12/5/18

Great experience! Great prices!

- Pam | 12/5/18

Great prices, easy to use, fast, and reasonable pricing.

- Jcad | 12/5/18

very easy, great pricing on sale items. Good service so far have ordered twice.

- mike | 12/5/18

I used the chat function, bec I am a beginner, and I am not familiar with brands, etc. Rick was a big help. Thank you.

- Mark | 12/5/18

Quick easy website to navigate. Good selections

- Mike | 12/5/18

I will return for more purchases

- Chick | 12/5/18 is THE BEST !!!

- David | 12/5/18

I was very pleases with the interface user friendliness. Prices are reasonable and the option to finance is an added bonus. I recommend this site.

- Deme1969 | 12/4/18

Good selection and service. Orders arrive sooner than indicated!

- Iceman | 12/4/18

very easy site to navigate and great product and descriptions.

- barney | 12/4/18

I found the cheapest boots and bindings here for the quality so i'm very pleased.

- Alex | 12/4/18

ordering process was easy. Thank you!

- Verified Buyer | 12/4/18

Website was easy to use and I was able to find what I wanted without difficulty. Great selection of products and reasonable prices!

- AG | 12/4/18

good quality sight with good product reviews

- zach | 12/4/18

Selection and availability of the products that I wanted.

- MPeters | 12/4/18

Shipping was fast.

- Verified Buyer | 12/4/18

Good prices and easy to find.

- Verified Buyer | 12/4/18

Everything went smooth and product as advertised.

- nik | 12/4/18

It was easy. Excited for a ski trip.

- pickle | 12/4/18

I loved the site.Easy to navigate and I love the fact that you have free shipping!

- Verified Buyer | 12/3/18 is an excellent website with top of the line products. They have great tutorials that explain all you need to know about ski equipment. I highly recommend them!

- Mike | 12/3/18

I was searching for a Christmas gift for my daughter who loves the snow!

- Verified Buyer | 12/3/18

Product selection earned my business

- Bill B | 12/3/18

Easy to find what I was looking for. Quick ordering process. Quick confirmation. 3-5 day shipping for only $8.

- DL | 12/3/18

I found the best price on the UGG boots my son wants for Christmas on and I was thrilled to be able to use a coupon code as well!

- Verified Buyer | 12/3/18

Easy, found what I wanted and Bought it

- Verified Buyer | 12/3/18

Very easy to place orders online. Very useful to have comparisons pop up.

- Jim | 12/3/18

It was a good deal on something I needed for a gift this year. Free shipping and discounted as well.

- Verified Buyer | 12/2/18

I like the selection of They have my favorite brand of ski wear, gear and accessories at competitive prices. I highly would recommend SKIS.COM to other ski enthusiasts.

- Indianbiker | 12/2/18

I like the ability to review binding recommendations for the skis I was looking at.

- Big D | 12/2/18

It is as an easy purchase

- Verified Buyer | 12/2/18

Worth checking out. Good deals, good products, and good information on buying the products.

- EE.Lucien | 12/2/18

I have found what I'm looking for, and have been very satisfied with the service and products.

- Jim | 12/2/18

Good prices, good product selection

- idaho kelley | 12/2/18

It was super easy to use this site and it carried the best gear available online.

- kc | 12/2/18

good cyber week sale price

- Verified Buyer | 12/2/18

I am a new candidate for ski patrol. I have a few children Very active kids. The gear for the price Size selection and styles because I am in the growth spurt stages with the kids and It has been convenient to handle all aspects of equipment required Personally I could always use more discounts :). It’s an expensive sport

- Gladys | 12/2/18

found an item I first owned 25 years ago. Expensive, but I anticipated that

- Jayne | 12/2/18

I'd recommend because they were fast and easy. The ski bindings that I bought were the cheapest out of any sight. I compared them to and they were nearly $100 cheaper. Definitely going back.

- Chris | 12/2/18

good experience, good ratings and descriptions, good price, I have not received merchandise yet but am exciting to see everything

- chris | 12/2/18 had the size of poles I needed! Thank you

- Wenspen | 12/2/18

It was a good experience. Easy and quick.

- Verified Buyer | 12/2/18

Easy to maneuver on the site. Had what I wanted after searching other sites on line. Easy checkout

- A nonskier | 12/2/18

Even though I'm trying to NOT buy new skis right now, Ski.COM had the second-best choice of skis I'd been looking for, in the right length, and for $250 less than my FIRST choice was... and they even carried the women's skis I've been looking at for my "other half," even though I waited too long and the women's ski sizes evaporated on me (the problem with "discount web sales" is that popular product size selections sell out quickly). Too bad that they only had the skis; their site has to be visited constantly in order to score the good deals... kind of like all the other good discount websites.

- SkiBob | 12/2/18

Good price good product

- Rene | 12/1/18

I really like it for finding the new Oakley goggles and they made it easier to purchase right now and divide the payment over time.

- Greg | 12/1/18

you had what I was looking for when everyone is out and at the same price along with FREE shipping. Easy experience.

- Hekdog | 12/1/18

great site to buy skis!

- Verified Buyer | 12/1/18

I was relieved to find pink ski boots in my daughter’s size. It is hard to find feminine or gender neutral youth ski boots sometimes. I also appreciate the $8 shipping deal.

- CMK | 12/1/18

I loved the selection of the sales items

- Verified Buyer | 12/1/18

Was a good variety of quality brand names and prices. Was just a bit tricky to find the right size for item available. Definitely worth checking out.

- Jeff | 12/1/18

When searching the helmet brand and style I was looking for, had exactly what I was looking for that was half the price that was listed in the ski shop I visited, and also had free shipping! When I checked out there weren’t any ridiculous tax amounts that other online sites have. The sale value listed on was EXACTLY what I paid at the checkout. I’d buy here again!

- Maddy | 12/1/18

i was pleased by the prices and the fact that no other website had the bindings i was looking for at a great price. The jacket was a last minute find

- charlie | 12/1/18

Although I have not ordered from this site, my opinion this far is it is user friendly, quick and could be my go-to place from now on. That will depend on the timeliness and the condition of the article that I have ordered.

- Verified Buyer | 12/1/18

quick and easy; pre-populated good choices; good prices

- bob | 12/1/18

I buy all my ski stuff from great deals and selection.

- Lon C | 12/1/18

Easy to sort through the product lists and compare various items. Pictures and detailed descriptions provide enough information to proceed to checkout. Best prices for big name items. Thanks.

- RSL | 12/1/18

Love Kinda bummed I didn't jump on the black friday / cyber monday deal..

- NattyIce | 12/1/18

I got a great deal on boots! You should check out the deals they have for Cyber Week.

- Norm | 12/1/18

Quick and efficient

- Verified Buyer | 12/1/18

I order xcountry skis last year for my husband. They were great and a easy way to get a whole package delivered right to my door.

- Verified Buyer | 12/1/18

Easy to use with great prices

- Colin | 11/30/18

Very easy website to browse, products seem high quality, and I appreciated the overview of skis located at the bottom of the item description.

- newskiier | 11/30/18

Overall good experience good customer service

- Bill | 11/30/18

Purchased the goggles my 17 year old wanted. Thank you, were less expensive than the site he was on ??

- Boots | 11/30/18

I am a taller skier and there aren't as many options as there are for more normal sized people. However, the prices are right and the website makes it easy to find what you need.

- Pule | 11/30/18

Seemend to be the best price, enjoyed option for free shipping.

- CA | 11/30/18

clickable options to narrow down search is awesome. Saves a lot of time.

- Verified Buyer | 11/30/18


- JT | 11/30/18

I've been able to shop for the items I want and then get better deals on

- Verified Buyer | 11/30/18

Easy website to navigate, good selection and attractive sale pricing.

- Rupert | 11/30/18

Great as always have made purchases in the past efficient and a great value

- Verified Buyer | 11/30/18

I've shopped before in past when I was skiing often. Pleased with selection & definitely better prices than most retailers.

- Verified Buyer | 11/30/18

New company for me, but I plan on purchasing from them again

- Verified Buyer | 11/30/18 offers a variety of items and I would recommend the site to others

- Verified Buyer | 11/30/18

I could not find "long sizes" for ski pants and called your 1-800 #. I received prompt and efficient help and my order was placed in < 5 min. Thanks!

- Michelle | 11/30/18

great experience...maybe too many choices!

- Verified Buyer | 11/29/18

Great site, easy of use to find products. Great selection.

- Dustin | 11/29/18

I was asked by my daughter for skis for Christmas and it was so easy to pick based on her limited experience with skiing

- Mollytoes | 11/29/18

My conversation with customer service on a purchase I made was professional in manner, and the person I spoke with was very helpful. Not mention the equipment and clothing is priced reasonably.

- Joe from Bklyn. | 11/29/18

Great prices and ease of ordering.

- Donna W | 11/29/18

Amazon checkout made it quick and easy

- Eric | 11/29/18

Everything was good but it would be nice if you had sizing information

- na | 11/29/18

I have been checking in daily to see if there were any sales on a helmet my grand daughter wanted and there it was! The website was easy to navigate!

- KAthy | 11/29/18

was looking for some groomer demo skis, tried this particular ski last winter and liked it, first time I had seen this ski available on, decided to try it

- Verified Buyer | 11/29/18

Great prices and inventory

- Dexter | 11/28/18

Always a great selection of merchandise to cover all your skiing and snowboarding needs. I bought my skis, skiing gear and everything of the same for my daughter. We both love our stuff and I love the fact that I get great brands with great discounts! Can it get any better? Quality and reasonable pricing all in one

- Dealerkat | 11/28/18

Easy to find a ski helmet with built in visor

- Tiger | 11/28/18

Easy search

- Verified Buyer | 11/28/18

Looking for ski bag and finally found a highly rated bag in my price range wiht free shipping

- kmom | 11/28/18

Prices were good, likely to recommend.

- Bri | 11/28/18

Great experience. Excellent price when compared to other suppliers

- Nedda | 11/28/18

Great deals. Have used site many times. Have large family so need lots of ski clothes. Check out is easy.

- Verified Buyer | 11/28/18

What a great surprise that I could purchase and pay over a few months!

- CHRISTIE703 | 11/28/18

Excellent products,pricing and computer site

- Chick | 11/28/18

Easy to buy

- Verified Buyer | 11/28/18

Alex was great over the phone. She helped me choose cross country skis and boots for wider feet.

- Ken | 11/28/18

easy website to use, easy to find information

- skiski987654 | 11/28/18

Easy search, purchase and payment! Best selection online!

- Gus | 11/28/18

Great website and selection. you can check out with Affirm!

- JAX | 11/27/18

It is nice to have the convenience to order online. While I like going to a store to try on or test products the ski poles I ordered today are simple and did not need a sales person.

- Sue | 11/27/18

Always great to buy ski gear from!

- Peaches | 11/27/18

son shopped and showed me products

- maria | 11/27/18

I found a great shopping site for outdoor wear and ski equipment

- Deedee | 11/27/18

It was a good experience and I hope I like THE PRODUCT

- Randy | 11/27/18

I've been searching for Stocklis forever. was one of the few sites that had a reasonable price. Making me able to get the skis of my dreams in the Stockli Stormrider 95.

- Tim | 11/27/18

I knew exactly what I was looking to purchase. It was super easy to "search", the size and color were available, proceeded to checkout, entered my first name and the rest of my info auto-filled, entered my credit card # & placed the order. Maybe 3 minutes!! Answering this survey is taking longer!! :)

- Verified Buyer | 11/27/18

A good deal -- nice discount from good company on a quality product

- Bitsydog | 11/27/18

Very good and easy. You guys are great I will definitely recommend you.

- Jon | 11/27/18

Love the site

- Mason | 11/27/18

Awesome prices, great selection for all

- Verified Buyer | 11/27/18

The checkout process was easy and making an account was painless. The rewards were fulfilling.

- Jenn | 11/27/18 has good quality products at good prices. I have ordered skis and other equipment from them in the past, and have always been satisfied with the quality and purchasing experience.

- Alta | 11/27/18

It was easy to navigate. Not pretty from a design standpoint, but functional. Which, to be honest, is what I was looking for. Informative, quick, easy with fair prices.

- Will | 11/27/18

I found this site years ago for all my ski and outdoor needs. You should check it out!! You can take care of the whole family whether you going to get started out skiing, snowboarding or just to enjoy the great outdoors. They offer all the brands with competitive pricing as well as numerous sale items available. Have no worries, gear up with confidence by using the provided size charts and fitting tools for a proper fit. If by chance you need to return or exchange any item, they are more than happy to oblige without question. This is always my first stop and never had a need to go otherwise except for getting my bindings mounted. No snowblinding here only happy trails ..... Enjoy !!

- KIDS SKI BOOTS | 11/27/18

This was great, I'm going back in and buying another pair for my kid -- hope I get a multi-order discount

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I would recommend shopping from Skis. com because they have a wide variety of options to chose from and the prices are very very reasonable compared to other merchants.

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Item was out of stock at the MFG's website but had it! This coat was the only one my wife wanted so I'm a lucky guy. Thanks!

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Super easy to find the products and order!

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I had an on-line chat and a phone chat in researching my purchase. Both were very helpful.

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I love I get all my gear from them since I started skiing in 2013. Good quality, good explanation. Only issue is sometimes they just don’t have your size (boots) in the one you like the most but other than that great. They even emailed me back very quickly when I had a question regarding what I should buy etc.

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Great videos of the products.

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Just had a great experience in finding a great price on a needed product. Totally fair pricing. Totally easy ordering. Now we shall she the rest while awaiting arrival

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I am looking forward to receiving these items, they are a gift for Christmas. The website looks great, and if everyone is happy with their boot bags --I will order more next year......will check out your website again in the near future! and I will recommend to others!

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great experience and I like the 100% satisfaction.

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Use for most of my gear and happy with price and support.

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I found that the prices for the Transpack ski boot bags were comparable, if not better, to other websites. With the free shipping, I couldn't pass it up!

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Great selection and great prices for such great, reliable brands.

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My wife just ordered a pair of ski goggles and was very happy with her purchase so I ordered a pair, too. Price was right- goggles were on sale and exactly what I was looking for.

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Good selection. Good prices.

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Good deals, great return policy

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sight was easy to navigate and I found exactly what I was looking for. I did have a question about sizing, but think I was able to get the correct one by looking at the name of the helmet and realized that it only came in youth sizes. a po up do you need help support person would have been helpful to me! But overall a great experience

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I would recommend it. I was able to get the lowest price for the boots that were out of stock at other stores plus 10% off for being a new customer and it was easy.

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Very Happy with the website and ease of purchase and check out

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Have ordered before and it was a good experience and will continue to for what we need.

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Excellent choices and super easy to navigate, awesome details on products and compare feature makes it easy to decide

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I needed a gift I had no knowledge of. had great choices including different colors and suggested a companion gift which I did purchase.

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Just bought some Leki race gloves from - very happy with the price and cannot wait to receive the shipment!

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Great products, easy to use site, overall good shopping experience. I suggest you check it out for all your ski gear and apparel needs.

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i was originally only looking for boots because i was looking for a used board online as this is my first board ever. but i found this sick deal that came with the boots and i couldnt pass it up! im super excited to try it all out this season.

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I appreciate the clear layout of the website, giving plenty of information on each product. I also like that you carry a large variety of brands. is def my favorite winter sports website to purchase my gear! For these same reasons, I have recommended to friends already. Also, check out/shopping cart interface is easy. ANd not to mention competitive product pricing!

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I searched several websites for my purchase. Your site was by far one of the easiest to navigate. For this purchase, I knew that I needed somewhat uncommon sizes and found that you have the right filters to allow me to find what I needed.

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I Google-search the item that I wanted and compared prices from 20 other places and this was the cheapest. Never heard of this site before but will definitely be coming back for my two cousins and husband since they ski and snowboard!

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you should try, I found a great ski bag for a great price. Online ordering was simple and easy. I will try their site the next time I need ski accessories.

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I was referred to by my friend, my boyfriend to purchase a helmet. The website is easily to navigate and they have several options and a lot to check out. 10/10 would recommend!!

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Me personally I like the fact that you have the overview. Which describes the width of the boot. Also the instep height is very informative, the calf volume also helps with my decision and buying this boot I would research other boots that I found on other website based on this information on your site

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Great experience overall, offers a lot of information and tips that helped me with making the decision on my purchase. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

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Amazing sales, free shipping - what's not to love?

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I like how easy the website is to navigate. It is easy to find discounted/clearance items and there is a wide variety and plenty of options. There is a lot of good information regarding the product making decisions easier.

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I need these alpina Blazer xc ski boots! And I'm going to have my girlfriend get some as well if they work our our 3 pin skis!

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Found a pretty solid web sight that I bought a pair of teaching skis off of. Prices were pretty good as was selection. Great product info and if you are on the fence about what you need this is my go to. It allows you to compare items very easily and sight in on what you really need vs. guessing then hoping you are getting what you think you need when you open the box.

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Good range of products and good prices

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We are going on a ski trip to Colorado in December with a group of 16 of us. I am going to let our family members know to buy the helmets from this website.

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Overall good, would recommend.

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I ordered this helmet because I liked the color and I’m finally switching from ski hat to helmet

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I have viewed your site for a while and found the pricing competitive. Like free shipping. Chat option answered my questions quickly and satisfactorily. I will let my skier team members know about

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very much liked shopping experience. would recommend purchase options

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I found exactly what I was looking for - ski pants to match my sons obermeyer jacket. Good fabric, warm, perfect color, in the size I needed. Plus I didn’t spend a fortune. Perfect.

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It was a very easy process to add the items to my cart all the way to the checkout process. I would definetly buy from them again

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you had a great selection of skis - good reviews as well. easy to use website

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Service was excellent

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I was looking for a rolling ski bag that can hold 2 skis so I can bring my equipment to Colorado for my upcoming trip and I found exactly what I was looking for on this website. A few other websites also had what I was looking for too but this one had by far the best price. I'm satisfied with everything so far and next time I need to buy more equipment this will be the first place I will check.

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I found a good rated snowboard binding with a reasonable price, so I started my Christmas shopping.

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I found these on a Black Friday shopping experience for a gift for my parents. The boot bags look roomy and good for traveling. I can't wait for them to tell me how they ;ike them!!

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Whoever Kaity is, she’s awesome! She helped me with my purchase and answered all my questions

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It works fast, the search options turns out effective results and it is very easy to buy and get lured back into buying with continued discounts...

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This website has great reviews and seems very trust worthy. Ordering was very easy and black friday discounts were really awesome! Love the free shipping.

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I knew exactly what I wanted to purchase, so it was made easier by your site.

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I bought a slightly more expensive Transpack ski boot bag, upgraded from Alpine to Edge. I thought it was well priced for the great quality. It is for a daughter who is an average skier, certainly not a pro, but enjoys the sport occasionally.

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All perfect! Thank you

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Love your site and functionality!

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I had help online to purchase exactly what I needed for a cross country ski package. Finally got it done. The live chat was most helpful.

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Very easy. I was looking for some skis for my 12 year old - found the ones I wanted and all the info was right there only. Excellent experience.

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You had what I needed at a good price. Checkout was a breeze!

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The site was easy to navigate, the selection was solid and I found a very good deal.

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Great site for all things skiing! Would recommend showing all color options on mobile instead of having to click for more colors

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first time buying from, I am hoping for a positive experience

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Easy to navigate website, best price for the item I needed, and free shipping. What else could you ask for!

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I bought a 2018 pair of snowboard boots for $125! They were on sale and even still it’s hard to find the boa fit at this price point. I will def be returning.

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Fantastic. Quick, easy, good price and free shipping. Will always check prices, but adding your site to my list.

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I like product descriptions and categories so I can see what level of each aspect I want to purchase.

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large selection of skiing gear

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I always check the website, not necessarily ready to shop. Nice website, easy to navigate. This time i am expecting a nice snow and was looking for a warm backup coat

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Easy to use and good selection.

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Good experience and products

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(saying thank you for the compliment I received on my new jacket). There were different options for colors and all were so beautiful! I have been looking around for a good deal on the jacket and almost bought it from a different supplier, but I found it on for the best price! I got the last one in my size. I cannot wait to just go outside to just put on my jacket.

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Great selection and easy check out.

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great selection. top quality. site is easy to navigate. something for everyone

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Only thing I would change is adding Apple Pay to the checkout process.

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Good selection, good prices, easy to navigate

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My son found a ski helmet he liked and I was easily able to order it for him as a gift. Plus, it only cost me $4 shipping!

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Great selection, free shipping, easy check out, what more could you want?

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just feel I'm at professional website with great selection of ski products at right price!

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Quick, efficient and good selection. Product reviews looks good and 40% discount made this a very well priced item. Looking forward to using this and see how it fares on my next air travel trip.

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Had a hard time finding the product I wanted an had many to select from.

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I was impressed with how easy it was to find good deals on high quality ski equipment. The information and descriptions were clear and helpful in making my decisions. This was a big purchase for me, but I felt really comfortable that I selected the right equipment, and I was really happy with the final cost - less than I expected!

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I have order from in the past, and have always been happy with my purchases.

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I loved how easy the website was! Found a good variety of everything. And got good Christmas presents for my sisters!

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Prices and variety were great! Love that there were shipping options! shopped around and I am totally excited about my purchases. I bought ski boots yesterday and then bought more stuff today. I will buys skis from here in the next 2 weeks.

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Quick & easy transaction. Competitive price. Good item description.

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The whole process is really easy and user friendly, shopping from the comfort of my couch. I was able to easily find a ski/binding package within my gift budget and I feel like I got a good deal!

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The black Friday sale was great. I got a good deal on a hoodie for my dad for Christmas.

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I was on earlier today and purchased a pair of ski pants and returned tonight to buy these goggles for my wife for Christmas.

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The website was easy to use and find the item I wanted, and they had the best price I could find.

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so easy to navigate sight. I WILL BE BACK!!!

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Item description is very clear, also the size chart is helpful.

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Very easy website to use and good choice of products.

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Great prices, free shipping, quick to find what I needed, and quick to check out. Win win all around.

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i found what i needed and the price was ok

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Great selection and prices

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With so many options I decided to call. I spoke with a very helpful representative who steered me the best way and made me feel good about my purchase/decision.

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The prices are fantastic. Easy website to maneuver.

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I could not find them and so I talked to a young lady and she was very helpful

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I was surprised to see the variety of products offered by They have a great selection to choose from and their prices are all competitive or beat the other major players. Would happily shop from them again.

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The Look NX 11 ski bindings are exactly what I was looking for and the price could not be beat! They arrived a day before I was expecting them and I couldn't be happier.

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Great price along with easy to use website.

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Site is easy to filter to what you want, best part of site....filters and descriptions.

- Jim | 11/20/18

I thought that everything on the website was easy to navigate and a fairly easy checkout.

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With winter quickly approaching I wanted to look at some deals for winter products, and saw was having a sail on skis and boots. I was blown away by the cost for the stuff I needed so I looked around till I found a set I really liked using the filters to help refine my search. I found a good set and ordered them today.

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The Black Friday Sale is the best thing ever! I got my new jacket for half the price! And the options available for searching the jacket were easy to use and accessible.

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Seamless online order process, great pricing, good shipping options!

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The website offered all of the things that makes online shopping a good experience and I appreciate it when I can get all of my questions answered when shopping without needing to speak to a customer service rep. Thanks

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Quick navigation, great selection, quick price info

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seems like a great deal on high quality item

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You guys are local. Sometimes I go to the store, sometimes use the online service.

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Good and positive experience, easy to navigate the site

- saul | 11/19/18

This product was available at other sports retailers for the same price, but had it in my size and color. Others did not.

- Verified Buyer | 11/19/18

Web site was easy to you. I'm not prepared to add much more to the review until I receive delivery of my order.

- Older skier | 11/19/18

easy web site. great prices. great customer service

- brian | 11/19/18

I especially like the reviews of the ski equipment. It seems to be competitively priced.

- Mark | 11/19/18

I wasn't sure of the size of ski to purchase, so I called The woman on the phone gave me great info.

- Shall | 11/19/18

love it super to buy from

- peter | 11/19/18

Trying to gear up the family for a ski vacation...traveling with young kids requires ski boot bags for overhead compartments. Great selection and pricing. Looking forward to the TransPack bags. I will be shopping for pants, googles, and ski bags before Christmas. Thank for creating an easy to use website.

- Sparky | 11/18/18

Gift for my daughter.

- Verified Buyer | 11/18/18

Super easy to find what you want, prices seem reasonable, and it was an effortless checkout. I had ordered from them years ago and my account was still there!

- ebsubman | 11/18/18

Amazing deals and very smooth process

- Nik | 11/18/18

Great product, sufficient info about the product on the site - satisfaction!

- Monika | 11/18/18

Very easy to find what I want and I thought it was a competitive price

- Verified Buyer | 11/18/18

Consistently best prices on the internet, hands down!!!!

- Lori | 11/18/18

I was looking for a snowboard for my daughter, she is still learning to connect her turns. She should like this board for the colors, I wanted a board with a good price and performance features that will aid her growth as a snowboarder. had comparable boards with better prices than other websites.

- Biggas | 11/18/18

Good selection of sale items, easy check out.

- JamJ | 11/18/18

Great price on all items free shipping on most orders find items that you don't find in stores

- Rocco4j | 11/18/18

Items were back ordered, was not told that at order time. They kept me informed about the probable date delivery would be made.

- LV2SKI | 11/18/18

Good overall experience in finding what I needed and comparing the given options and prices.

- Thield13 | 11/17/18

This website that I recently purchased from had great product with awesome deals I highly recommend you give it a shot you will not be disappointed I plan on getting several items for Christmas gifts this year

- Goo | 11/17/18

Found what I wanted and easily ordered it.

- Verified Buyer | 11/17/18

Great selection, good prices, great discounts on previous seasons equipment.

- Benek | 11/17/18

Very user friendly website. friendly staff

- TADZIU | 11/17/18

Easy experience.

- Verified Buyer | 11/17/18

Great and easy to navigate products

- DLM | 11/17/18

I like the quality of winter snow boots and how they are made, being from the South it's my first experience in this kind of weather. Will purchase from you again in the future

- Verified Buyer | 11/16/18

I did a LOT of research before buying a winter jacket. This was not cheap but much cheaper than the same jacket on other websites. I thought the refine options you have, when doing a search, are fantastic--especially the warmth rate! This is not available on most sites. The page contained detailed information about the product.

- Nana | 11/16/18

The only thing I did not like is that my shopping cart kept getting reset to zero as I communicated via text message about the purchase with my wife. A couple of times I had to start over and that got a little frustrating.

- Luukas | 11/16/18

its great very good prices

- teddy | 11/16/18

Easy to shop here...good prices and an excellent selection.

- copper13 | 11/16/18

Great online shopping experience with all the help I needed to select and place my order!

- Verified Buyer | 11/16/18

Excellent website, multiple item choices, easy to use and browse, full item descriptions and easy payment selections. Highly recommend!

- Ichibuns | 11/16/18 is a super easy to use website to find the exact product you want at a price that you can afford.

- Jeremy | 11/15/18

These guys had exactly what I wanted for a good and fair price. Super easy shopping experience!

- Verified Buyer | 11/15/18

I really like that the website provides the video about how to choose the right boots size. it also gives me the summary chart regarding the boots features. that helps making a decision on buying the boots.

- Joey | 11/15/18

Very pleased, easy to maneuver thru site, very good sizing charts.

- Deb | 11/15/18

This was the only place anywhere I could find the beanie my wife really wants still in stock. So that made me happy. And the price was about the same as anywhere else I could have found it.

- Verified Buyer | 11/15/18 is an easy to navigate site. I check it often for Ski accessories, clothing, and equipment. I'm never disappointed. I either quickly find great quality at great prices or am quick to get the feedback that they don't have what i'm looking for (which is rare).

- mojo | 11/15/18

I've been looking for this exact product for a while and found it right away using this site, and it was on sale for almost 50% off!!!!

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Easy site to navigate and delivery was quick.

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Easy and efficient. There is a lot of available data on

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Bought something for me. Gave away. Repurchased along with gifts.

- Verified Buyer | 11/14/18

On line chat with Rick was very helpful.

- JPR | 11/14/18

I’ve purchased a lot of ski gear from over the years. Skis, ski boots, ski poles and gloves. I’ve always been shipped promptly and will packed and I’ve never had a damaged item sent from them. The quality of the gear has always been top notch. is the first place I looked for ski gear I never I need some. Any others ski gear site usually has been a complete waste of time.

- Verified Buyer | 11/14/18

customer service was great and know their products well.

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Jon gave great customer service. Thanks!

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good selection fair price

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I completely recommend because it has most convenient option to pay overtime, such as Affirm: flexible, convenient, and necessary.

- GEOGEL | 11/14/18

I bought a pair of gloves in a specific colorway only found on your website, it is a $15 premium over the other color but still $20 than other websites. So I am very happy.

- Verified Buyer | 11/13/18

no problems, site was easy to use

- liz | 11/13/18

I was looking for ski boots for my wife because it was her birthday. I thought I had ordered the correct size ski boot for her, but I was wrong. I went back to that retailer but they did not have the boot in the size we needed. She has white skis so I really wanted white boots for her. The retailer did not have the boot I was looking for so I went online to and found the boot in the size she needed, for a good price, and free shipping. even had a promo discount code so I even saved money on a 2019 model over the other store. will definitely be a place I look to shop at again.

- Kix | 11/13/18

Great prices for kids skis and boots.

- Deb | 11/13/18

I absolutely love review system and info graphic style shopping with lots of great information at my finger tips. I don't make all my purchases at because of price, but I do all my shopping here.

- Phil | 11/13/18

the customer service rep was great! Very helpful, he helped me decide what to buy

- Claire | 11/13/18

Would totally recommend! Love this place, great customer service!

- Ellen | 11/13/18

Rick has been very helpful in getting the right gear for my "newbie" skiing daughter. Great team in the Birmingham, MI store too.

- Dennison | 11/13/18

good website, easy to navigate, very good "chat" service, easy order and pay with free shipping.

- jjb | 11/13/18

Always great time shopping here and yes I have been sharing with friends...

- Verified Buyer | 11/13/18

Good selection and prices.

- Bob | 11/13/18

Quick, easy online shopping experience at a great price.

- scp | 11/12/18

I was trying to find a good price on Oakley goggles, so I searched for the name of the goggles on Google. I saw that sells them and noticed they were $25 less than anywhere else and there was free shipping! I will definitely be buying outdoor gear from them in the future.

- Mbank | 11/12/18

Good deals are key

- Verified Buyer | 11/12/18

great fast and easy

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Great products, good pricing,easy purchase will recommend

- snowboard | 11/12/18 has great deals. The site is easy to find what you need. They also have helpful customer service reps.

- mrugges | 11/12/18

When I ordered skis and boots, customer service was very helpful

- Verified Buyer | 11/12/18

No hassle purchase with a great discount!

- bitsydog | 11/12/18

Great I always enjoy your web site!

- Susie | 11/12/18

On time, good price.

- JW | 11/12/18

appreciate the liberal return policy as this is a christmas gift

- Robie | 11/12/18

very clear information on sizing/fit/ability level not found on other sites

- Verified Buyer | 11/11/18

great site, show and describe products well, free shipping, reputable site, great product choice

- Monika | 11/11/18

Only place I could find the color, size, brand ski pants I needed gincluding from the brand website)

- Verified Buyer | 11/11/18

You guys had some of the best prices around.

- Verified Buyer | 11/11/18

Fast and easy purchase at a good price

- Verified Buyer | 11/11/18

Jon on chat was really helpful and his answers made me decide to purchase

- Jules | 11/11/18

This discounted price was far lower than anywhere else online.

- Gary | 11/11/18

great deals

- jim | 11/11/18

great experience easy way to buy the coat i wanted

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Site was well designed with good product detail and an easy shopping and check out experience.

- Verified Buyer | 11/10/18

Good deal on product.

- TIM | 11/9/18 gave me the great opportunity to get a ski package, something that I could not find on any other sites.

- mberger22 | 11/9/18

Great Spyder Jacket!. It came in 3 days! Thank you.

- John | 11/9/18

Love my new favorite website for this time of year.

- James | 11/9/18

The price was amazing shipping was free and it was just what I know my father would want.

- DevynB | 11/9/18

Good selection. Great prices. Easy checkout.

- JamesQRice | 11/9/18

Very enjoyable experience. Mobile chat was very helpful.

- Adam | 11/9/18

Lots of brands, good sales/deals, variety of options.

- Sarah | 11/9/18

Great experience. Good prices. Easy to navigate site. Will definitely return to see if they have what I'm looking for next time in the market...which will be soon for for kids.

- T Mac | 11/9/18

good sales

- momoftwo | 11/9/18

Easy to find exactly what I wanted

- Stuie | 11/8/18

great experience

- mrnifty | 11/8/18 has a great selection of reasonably priced equipment. The site is easy to navigate and the ordering process was simple and seamless.

- TimM | 11/7/18

Great pants!

- kB | 11/7/18

It was very quick and easy and the customer service department was AWESOME!!!

- Travel Rich | 11/7/18 has clear sizing and good help with sizing! They have through disruptions of their items. Prices were better then any other new items I found on the web.

- Meg | 11/6/18

I love the website! Super simple and easy to navigate around, check out was smooth. Keep up the great work guys!

- KMCBRIDE | 11/6/18

very happy with phone help

- njm | 11/6/18

Best price I found online for ski boots. Hoping they fit!

- Raine | 11/6/18

Went back and forth with and choose becasue of discount and selection.

- Laurie B | 11/6/18

Jon was awesome. Excellent customer service rep. Handled all my problems

- Verified Buyer | 11/6/18

I was looking for a jacket for my "picky" teen daughter and there it was on sale...the jacket she wanted. #boom!

- Verified Buyer | 11/5/18

I would recommend to friends. Easy to use, there are good deals. and good selection.

- Verified Buyer | 11/5/18

I would recommend They have an awesome inventory, it is super easy to use their filters to find exactly what you want, and prices are competitive.

- Verified Buyer | 11/5/18 has good reviews of skis making the selection of the "right" pair for me easy. Pricing is as good as any other online site I could find. I will likely buy from again.

- Dave | 11/5/18 made it quick and easy for me to order my wife's Christmas present. I have used the sight once before and it is always very user friendly and I would definitely order from them again.

- Sammy | 11/5/18

easy navigate fast check out

- Verified Buyer | 11/5/18

I had seen the item I purchased in stores and the cost was much higher.

- Shelly | 11/5/18

It was simple and cheaper than other options.

- Verified Buyer | 11/5/18

I like that I can pay through Paypal.

- Verified Buyer | 11/5/18 is by far my go to site they have the best selection with free shipping option and if you need to return something it's not on the east coast.

- Bullet | 11/5/18

typed in search window of google exactly what I wanted...went down list until I could find what I wanted at a cheaper price.... ya'll did it!!!

- MS girl | 11/5/18

Have been looking for new ski jackets as I have lost weight. The pricing here was best I have seen and you had my size.

- Verified Buyer | 11/5/18

Great selection of ski boots and sizes in stock - Nice!

- spinejam | 11/5/18

I am tall, I am taking a chance on this jacket that it actually is a tall as listed.

- jeff | 11/4/18

Price was the most important for me. I already knew what we needed.

- diehler | 11/4/18

I have been looking for a long black coat. I love North Face Products. I was thrilled to discover this jacket on Buying it was easy. I look forward to its arrival!

- Cannon | 11/4/18

I was very happy to see there was different colors of the bags in the same price range. Very good price and the site was very easy to navigate. Will definitely refer the site to my friends

- The Bon | 11/4/18

Shopped for Snowboard package for my son. Found great deal on Great selection and price.

- Verified Buyer | 11/4/18

Not a big online shopper so when the opportunity arose, was happy to seize it. Somewhat feeling trepidation but gratified when the connections all worked to PayPal and shipping and billing were easy to input. Got the confirmation in only a few seconds.

- PW | 11/4/18

great prices and product selections

- jim | 11/4/18

I bought snowboard bindings on purchase went very fast, at lowest price I could find. Great website, very well organized and efficient. I certainly will visit them again in the future.

- Benek | 11/3/18 made it easy to find the tall sized jacket I was looking for. Other merchants either had no way to filter for tall sizes or they had no selection. I loved the product info it really helped in the selection. I will shop at again and recommend to others.

- Verified Buyer | 11/3/18

Great experience, I recommend to all my friends i retested in skiing and snowboarding.

- Two thumbs up! | 11/3/18

Great prices and diverse gear. Will be looking again soon for pro level ski bindings, din 16 +. Thanks for doing what you do

- Tg | 11/3/18

Found it, Just what I was looking for!!!!!!

- Verified Buyer | 11/3/18

Checkout was easy and efficient. Prices were comparable to others.

- DB2018 | 11/3/18

Like the fact I get notices of special discounts and opportunities. I'm always looking or interested in something for my passion of downhill skiing and will usually find it on SKIS.COM!

- Capt. Downhill | 11/3/18

I can't believe I could find such a great pair of bindings for the price.

- Benny B | 11/2/18

i use this site for everything i buy ski related

- nik | 11/2/18

I spoke with a product support person who was very knowledgeable and I was able to narrow down some of what I was looking for. It was VERY helpful to do product comparisons and to add stuff to a wish list for narrowing the purchases down at the end.

- Tim | 11/2/18

great job

- MN MIKE | 11/2/18

Amazing sales with good deals

- Nicole | 11/2/18

good compant to deal with

- mike | 11/2/18

Quick and easy!

- bcrzylkme | 11/2/18

Talking to daughter about good deal on ski jacket! So I purchased it for her.

- Verified Buyer | 11/2/18

Customer service and on line chat was excellent. Sincerely appreciated the military discount offered. Rick and Alex worked with me to make sure I got the best price they could give me. Bonus to talk rugby and skiing in the same phone call. Thanks Rick! cant wait to see my son's face Christmas morning.

- Verified Buyer | 11/1/18

Good overall experience. Great layout. Can filter on results easily and clearly. Prices are right. Loved the fact that I can check out with my Amazon account. I wish there were more reviews, but will definitely shop here again.

- Pete | 11/1/18 offers the best ski gear at the best prices with an terrific return/exchange policy. They are super easy to work with whenever I have had a need to speak with a live person. Their selection of gear and clothing is amazing.

- LeBeau | 11/1/18

good help on the phone.

- Verified Buyer | 11/1/18

easy website to shop, clear descriptions of product categories

- SS1123 | 11/1/18

Great site, even great deals.

- Vee | 11/1/18

Website is easy to navigate. They have a good selection. Checkout was easy and simple.

- Verified Buyer | 10/31/18

great selection and prices

- Verified Buyer | 10/31/18

The prices are great and I received another 5% off plus free shipping.

- Mickey | 10/31/18

This site was easy to access. Good prices with the present sale. Good selection of name brand items.

- Buck | 10/31/18

Hey, it's a great site for ski equipment! You really need to check it out. Fast and easy to use website.

- dogman | 10/31/18

Great prices and free shipping on excellent gear. This was a no-brainer.

- nickname | 10/31/18

Great selection, easy to use website, reasonable prices

- Verified Buyer | 10/31/18 was very straightforward. The website and checkout process was hassle free. Ski gear selection and knowledge along with the description was great.

- Verified Buyer | 10/31/18

My daughter loves her new jacket! It is warm and not bulky. The shape is flattering for ladies.

- Carmen | 10/31/18

Finally found ski pants in short! I have been skiing the last four years in pants that are way too long for me.

- Verified Buyer | 10/30/18

It was easy to make a purchase.

- Verified Buyer | 10/30/18

Needed a new ski helmet. Skis had what I was looking for on sale. Would have liked an XL but they do not sell an XL in that model of helmet. Giro makes one because I have one. I will be telling my friends about the great purchases I have made on

- rick | 10/29/18

I feel this is a great buy at a great price. I've been looking for a Dale's of Norway sweater for a few years. I've not seen this style at this price and hope to be extremely happy when it arrives.

- Rick | 10/29/18

I am new to cross country skiing and was overwhelmed by all the options. After spending a couple weeks researching I found and selected 2 sets of skis. I was only going to purchase one set, but there was a sale with an add'l 10% and free mounting so I went with 2 sets. However, when I went to check out the promo code would not apply. I started a live chat session with Jon and he assisted me in figuring out the problem. They did not have the sizes of skis I needed in order to qualify for the promo. Instead, he helped me pick out other skis. These skis ended up saving me money, so I was even happier with the deal, but I still didn't get the free mounting promo. Jon passed my info along to Rick to see if he could waive the mounting fee. Rick quickly resolved the problem and granted me the free mounting promo. Both Rick and Jon were very professional and efficient. I'm extremely happy with my experience and will use them again.

- new2ski | 10/29/18

It was quick and easy to order and i got a great ski coat at a great price. I"ll continue to check skis,com for future deals and will recommend it as well.

- Verified Buyer | 10/29/18

The first website I go for all of my ski needs. Great selection, search filters, and prices.

- Saqib | 10/29/18

have ordered several times over the years. Good prices, good service.

- jimbelo | 10/28/18

I've never shopped on this website and found it to have an awesome selection of ski jackets, many on sale!!! which I was looking for as a christmas gift for my daughter. I found several, all at a great sale price and finally narrowed it down to two. 9will return one) I also love the fact that their return policy allows one whole year! So generous! All I needed was until after Christmas in case it doesn't fit. I will definitely be shopping here again!!!

- liz | 10/28/18

The filtering of products is smooth.

- Hayden | 10/28/18 is the only online store with 10short in the type of snowpants I was looking for in the color I wanted. I like that they have an easy return policy and it appears that shipping for returns is covered by

- Jen | 10/28/18

Pleasant experience

- Olga | 10/28/18

Good selection of products at reasonable prices.

- Malko | 10/28/18

Easy to use website with great details on the products. The selection of ski poles and product information was useful in deciding which one to buy. The sizing guide was also very useful.

- Skier1992 | 10/28/18

Very good experience, not too much selection of sale skis but very good prices.

- MK | 10/28/18

Fast and reliable service. Easy returns if needed. Would appreciate a few more coupons as that encourages me to purchase more. Thanks.

- Verified Buyer | 10/28/18

Good experience, will determine quality when I receive the items ordered!

- Suzie | 10/28/18

I name brand snowboard with bindings at a good price compared to the other online guys.

- LT Shop | 10/28/18

Always a great choice of items.

- philippe | 10/28/18

Had the product I was looking for and at a great price as well. Worth a look for sure.

- kayakman | 10/27/18

1st time order with this store i hope the product matchs the price and great quality hopefully i will be satisfied. Thanks

- Autumn | 10/27/18

Very easy apply many filters to find exactly what looking for. Also really easy to see various colors without clicking on each one. Many choices available.

- Verified Buyer | 10/27/18

My family is TALL and I appreciate the wide variety of ski clothing in LONG.

- Verified Buyer | 10/26/18

I bought a spider sweater! The site was easy to manipulate abs see options!

- Verified Buyer | 10/26/18

The size I ordered for our grandson is too small, so I ordered the next size up. Very easy to order online and I expect to again.

- Verified Buyer | 10/26/18

concise and easy order. thanks

- Verified Buyer | 10/26/18

Overall good experience and I was using my phone so the mobile compatibility is good also.

- Ashley | 10/25/18

Easy to use the site and order, has extensive selection.

- Verified Buyer | 10/25/18

Great inventory selection and as always a good deal on a waterproof, breathable shell jacket. Bring on the slopes!

- Ortho23 | 10/24/18

Good products at reasonable cost. Only problem is if cost is very low . There is limited sizes

- Snow ball | 10/24/18

you had item Wanted at competitive price

- Verified Buyer | 10/24/18

I like having the ability to specify style, size, etc to make search more precise and quick

- Verified Buyer | 10/24/18

searching 30 minutes on line for this product and happy to find it at the right price

- JAN | 10/24/18

Love the customer services support, he was very knowledgeable and nice. I talk to him on 10/23/18 around 8.30 am. Thank you

- Denny | 10/24/18

Good price. Easy to search.

- mmichug | 10/23/18

i was looking for new tw full tilts and tried ebay but you guys had the best price with the 10% first time purchase. good first experience.

- Verified Buyer | 10/23/18

I have been looking for ski pants made for vertically challenged people, found online that volkl makes ski pants where you can pick inseam. Bonus when I looked on and they had them over 75%. Easy to order, great advice from previous buyers and free shipping!

- Vertically Challenged | 10/23/18

easy to find, good price!

- Verified Buyer | 10/23/18

Love my new race gloves

- Pughytwo | 10/23/18

Needed something that was hard to find and this was the place to find it.

- SkierB | 10/23/18

I knew I wanted these BC skis after trying a friend's pair and was determined to get them this year. offered a reasonable price and free shipping, and I knew they were dependable so rather than "shop around" and miss out, I ordered them online so they would be delivered in time for snow season.

- gogo | 10/23/18

My five year old grand daughter wanted a pink north face jacket and everyone was sold out. I just happened to do a little more searching and had one left so I bought it.

- Texas | 10/22/18

When I am shopping for something over $100, I want the best price. I looked at all of the usual sites, including amazon, and came in way way lower - hands down the best value available for the skis I needed.

- ALight9010 | 10/22/18

Great Shopping Experiernce.

- Jim | 10/22/18

I've been to Don's Ski House in Birmingham- great group in store- and on line.

- NewSkier | 10/22/18

I called about a return to exchange for a larger size the young man was very helpful

- Verified Buyer | 10/22/18

I have had good experiences so far and hope I will this time also.

- Verified Buyer | 10/21/18

My first option for gear I am looking for is I am looking for some POW skis and the selection is thin. I would like more options for helmet sound.

- Verified Buyer | 10/21/18 offers top brands at better prices than their competition.

- KR | 10/21/18

Great Experience!

- Paulina | 10/21/18

Ease of use. Free shipping! Lowest price on the item I was looking for.

- Ahill | 10/21/18

Easy website to search/ easy transfer to Amazon pay

- M | 10/21/18

I just really appreciate that i can find everything we need to go skiing at this sight.

- Canadian_Ski_Mom | 10/21/18

There are no reasons why I wouldn't recommend The one thing is buying skis online you are not able to "size" so for a first time buyer of skis that could potentially be more effort than going to a store, sizing, and purchasing. I went to a store, sized, didn't purchase, and came to as you have a better selection for a better price. All in all, happy with my experience buying skis though.

- Brett | 10/21/18

I thought it was great

- Verified Buyer | 10/21/18

good products and good prices

- joe | 10/21/18

If same type of products have same specification list, it's easy to compare.

- MY | 10/20/18

It was a great experience.

- Bondo | 10/20/18

Website easy to navigate and transaction was seamless.

- Susan | 10/20/18

Great experience received a coupon for signing up last year and then found the product I wanted on sale.

- Greg | 10/20/18

easy site to use and great selection

- gsmk | 10/20/18

I feel comfortable ordering from because I know I can return the coat if it doesn’t fit to a store close by. There was a good selection to choose from online. I’ve had my eye on this coat for a while so was really happy to see it on sale. I was going to get a Kjus, but fell in love with the colors of this jacket.

- Verified Buyer | 10/20/18

I phoned customer service to ask a rather difficult question regarding a product. The officer could not help immediately, but I was placed on hold while she checked with a supervisor. Within 2 minutes I had my answer. (And this was on a Sa/ay!) Amazing customer service. Congratulations.

- shell | 10/20/18

Great prices and easy shipping.

- Belowme | 10/20/18

It was a good experience, the comparison feature was nice when trying to decide which helmet to buy. The filters help to quickly narrow down the search to only products that meet my needs and the ordering options are very nice. Great UI

- P | 10/19/18

Pretty good

- Carl | 10/19/18

Excellent customer service, Jon was outstanding!

- Zimos | 10/19/18 has great prices and always has the size I’m looking for.

- Kyle | 10/19/18

Really great, option to buy now pay later

- Alex | 10/19/18

This was my first experience and it was great!

- Oriana | 10/19/18

I am happy with the shopping but my experience will be complete when the order arrives.

- holliday | 10/18/18

You had the jacket I was looking for at a decent price. Good selection

- Verified Buyer | 10/18/18

Easily found what I wanted in my price range, and am very excited to get out on the mountains this year

- Andy | 10/18/18

Good price, quick delivery and excellent customer service

- Greg | 10/18/18

Great price with free shipping. Will use again and reccomyto family and friends

- Kristi | 10/18/18

I have talked to customer care for product advice several times before buying which has been extremely helpful. I have also watched many of the product reviews which also have been a huge help. Extremely happy with their service

- danmc | 10/18/18

Fast and easy purchase process Good price with discount code

- JoshPPP | 10/17/18

Loved the brand selection and the FIT, WARMTH and WATERPROOF chart. The charts are extremely helpful

- Sue | 10/17/18

Easy website, easy checkout

- Verified Buyer | 10/17/18

Good. Yes if they ask.

- SuperDude | 10/17/18

Good prices and info about products

- Verified Buyer | 10/16/18

Very easy navigation on the web site. Good Price.

- Verified Buyer | 10/16/18

had what I was looking for...

- sana | 10/16/18

Everything was user friendly

- BIG ROOB | 10/16/18

I have been searching for all brand new equipment for the upcoming winter season. I found more discounts and more inventory choices from top brands with great prices at than any other site. I will be purchasing all of my equipment from from now on and can’t wait to get all my new gear!

- Charles | 10/16/18

They had a difficult (because of high demand) item at a great price.

- MrD90 | 10/16/18

I can't say anything bad about this store, been shopping for years and very satisfied. This is my 1st stop when shopping for ski/snowboard equipment and clothing.

- Leighton | 10/16/18

The ease of the use of the website was wonderful - it was easy to find the items I was looking to purchase

- Verified Buyer | 10/15/18

It was pretty easy. I was looking for alright gear and not too expensive. Everything was there. The hardest part was deciding and even made that easy, listing the gear by price. Gave good spec info which made it easier to decide.

- Jared from Alaska | 10/15/18

Lots of options to pair, good experience overall.

- Verified Buyer | 10/15/18

The website was responsive, not slow. The font was large and legible. The site was uncluttered. Options and prices were easy to find.

- jamcs | 10/15/18

Looked for race gloves found some and priced right

- Pughytwo | 10/14/18 allowed me to search for my ideal pair of skis and then compare appropriate products. I was also able to use a coupon on a sale item to sweeten the deal!

- Summer | 10/14/18

good prices, easy to find items, good detail for research

- Gency | 10/14/18

fantastic prices

- Verified Buyer | 10/14/18 has really nice beanies, which is why I came to this site in the first place.

- Dani | 10/14/18

The chat was very helpful and the website was easy to use. I found exactly what I was looking for very fast.

- Kelhin | 10/14/18

Great selection, pricing and easy to order

- Eug | 10/14/18

I need ski gloves and I went to to look for them because i bought a pair last year for my other daughter. I found 3 pairs that were in the price range i was looking for. It was easy and fast. I additionally found a good and inexpensive pair of ski socks, that helped me getting a free shipping. Efficient and easy.

- el | 10/13/18

Very simple process. I like that it is so easy to find what I am looking for and the check out is quick.

- DMB | 10/13/18

I was looking for a double ski bag online. I looked at "" and found what I was looking for at a good price. I would recommend using them for future purchases.

- Verified Buyer | 10/13/18

Super easy to search and find what you were looking for. Unfortunately many of the clothing sale items were limited in sizing but that’s to be expected at this time of year. Good deals and a large selection.

- AliK | 10/13/18

I love my new jacket, and had excatly what I eanted

- Verified Buyer | 10/13/18

Easy to use

- DLA | 10/13/18

Great easy experience! Finally a deal on 48” poles in aluminum in a style I liked!

- Yaaay sweet poles | 10/12/18 is always the place to go to get product information not found on other sites.

- Sid | 10/12/18

So far good experience.

- paolo | 10/12/18

It was really easy to find what I was looking for and has a great selection in varying prices. It is great to find those items they are low on because you get even better prices on those items.

- bhorob | 10/12/18

Order was shipped from two different locations - it was a bit unclear from the invoice when I would receive the second part of the order. Customer Service cleared that up.

- sal | 10/12/18

I bought the vest version of the item recently and the first day I wore it, I knew I needed another one. I found the cardigan/hoodie version and knew I needed it. I googled the item name and found that had a very inexpensive price for the item I wanted and in the size I needed. I will be shopping at more in the future!

- Sonya | 10/12/18

I found a product in a discontinued style I could not find on any other site. It was at a good price and the free shipped really made it a good value.

- Verified Buyer | 10/12/18

I like the promo coupons. That and price were the deciding factors. Free shipping is great!

- Verified Buyer | 10/11/18

I spoke with Barry twice! He was very helpful in helping me find a jacket for my daughter in the size she needed!

- Verified Buyer | 10/11/18


- JIM | 10/11/18

I was looking for a pair of ski pants for this season, and had a great assortment with excellent pricing. The size chart was readily accessable and allowed for the size selection to be made with confidence.

- Steve | 10/11/18

Site was helpful for sizing and performance questions.

- Hailey | 10/11/18

I found the skis I wanted at a great price. Easy to use website and payment options that are affordable.

- Julie B. | 10/10/18

I have 4 other ski bags and have also purchased boot bags. All have been great. Thanks

- Verified Buyer | 10/10/18

This was the first time I bought from and I am a beginner in downhill ski. Website was very helpful in choosing the right product and I liked the ski+bindings+boots packages that simplify the shopping experience for a beginner. Very good shopping and delivery experience! Hope to be back soon.

- Ontexian | 10/10/18

Rick was very helpful via the chat portal.

- Verified Buyer | 10/10/18

Great price on ski jacket in my perfect size

- TLUF | 10/10/18 makes it very easy to obtain quality ski gear at reasonable prices

- Verified Buyer | 10/9/18

I love to buy things that might not fit. But Hey it's a good deal right? IKR? Well the website worked great. It allowed me to quickly make this off the cuff purchase before I changed my mind. Welp cool man bye.

- Bmasterbuysalot | 10/9/18

The prices of are better than others and the options to filter the search are great to narrow down exactly what I was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised at the affordable shipping prices as well. I will definitely shop here again.

- Kyle | 10/8/18

The product info of ski boots with videos is awesome!

- Franco | 10/8/18

This website always has the best deals, and it is easy to find quality products within my price range. Just because of the vast selection I regularly recommend checking your website before they make a purchase elsewhere.

- Erica | 10/8/18

I wish the sizes of the helmets were listed-instead of just large. How big is that? The sizing guide is on listed for smith helmets

- nunya | 10/8/18

So excited for my purchase and how easy it was to find quality products.

- Dana | 10/8/18

I buy a lot online and is my favorite because of the ease of ordering and the shipping and handling is free or not extra.

- Bullet Johnson | 10/8/18

The experience was great, no hassle quick, easy, and convenient. I see nothing wrong with the sight besides looking a little bland. I would go here again as long as the prices are competitive with other retailers. I even got free shipping and 10% off.

- Rock | 10/7/18

Definitely use They have a great selection, competitive prices, and the website is super easy, even on a mobile device.

- Julio | 10/7/18

I love the quality, selection, and prices on products at Skis.

- E Mc | 10/7/18

Saw on my email. Nice gift for a friend. I have purchased Kuhl products before. Well made

- Bobby | 10/7/18

Found great deal on some new high quality ski pants, should check out if you are looking for some gear this year.

- Verified Buyer | 10/6/18

I spoke with Rob online who really helped me dial in what I was looking for.

- Verified Buyer | 10/6/18

I love - I always find something I need for skiing at a great value. I check in every once in a while to see if they have something I like - Especially Ski Gear With Style! Tony

- Tony | 10/6/18

I thought the purchase process went well. I was looking for a higher DIN binding but found on that was acceptable.

- Verified Buyer | 10/6/18

Web site was easy to navigate and the had what I wanted at a good price!

- Drubie | 10/6/18

Fast and friendly checkout experience! Fair prices too.

- Jake | 10/5/18

My most recent experience on was pleasant. Their prices were best on the internet and there site was user friendly. I sifted through a lot of information and sizing information to eventually make my purchase but I am thankful it was all there.

- justinm | 10/5/18 really a life saver for me. I found the absolute perfect pair of skis (these are the first skis I have purchased), and they were 61% off! That's insane. Literally the greatest pair of skis I could find for over half off. Unbelievable.

- americano | 10/5/18

I found this jacket on several sites, however this site was the most reasonable price.

- Jina | 10/5/18

Great selection and knowledgeable staff to chat with.

- Verified Buyer | 10/5/18

Was searching for a NorthFace jacket from last had it and had the correct size! Found through google search. Checkout fast and easy!

- buffaloborn | 10/4/18

Great Service!

- Verified Buyer | 10/4/18

i really like the video reviews of the skis. it gives the customer a chance to see the skis differently than just a picture as well as a quick opinion on the item.

- dave | 10/4/18

did some online chat for some questions, Rick was great to work with.

- Verified Buyer | 10/4/18

Found the product I wanted quickly and easily. Ordering was simple and got the product shipped to me quickly. Great experience.

- Jim | 10/4/18

No issues, it was easy to find what I was looking for.

- Will | 10/3/18

I like overall is one of go-to places for higher quality brands that are scarce locally. I like that they have Descente, HH, Obermeyer, Strafe, and many other higher quality apparel. I think the site itself could be better regarding how apparel products are shown, Ie. on actual people more consistently, as well as incorporating ability to see what apparel combinations would look like together, ie jacket and pants. Otherwise, I like this site a lot- thanks

- MJR | 10/3/18

It’s a great site with great deals!

- Kate | 10/2/18

Needed a pair of boots and found the ones I wanted.

- Jesse | 10/2/18

Easy to use site, and competitive prices

- Verified Buyer | 10/2/18

Great deals, great brands

- carlie | 10/2/18

Great experience! I found the information about the jacket I ordered even more helpful than contacting Helley Hansen directly!

- Dan Z | 10/2/18

I got a great deal on two pairs of ski goggles

- Bob | 10/2/18

The website has thousands of products and good sales. Coupons are even available for 2018 styles. Includes accurate product descriptions and size charts. would like to see more costumer reviews on the website however - I like to see a positive review before buying a product online

- JB | 10/2/18

Easy to navigate site with plenty of choices. Reasonable pricing as well.

- Ken | 10/1/18

Great site and product lineup. Prices are normal. Checkout easy. Thanks.

- Bill | 10/1/18

The reviews and measurement tables were helpful when selecting my merchandise.

- Verified Buyer | 10/1/18

I love the Obermeyer brand, and their website suggests you as a retailer. I swear by the I-Grow series and recommend it always!

- Tanya | 10/1/18

Good prices and variety. I was able to find what I wanted.

- curlrz | 10/1/18

This purchase today was done by a friend recommendation to your site.

- Verified Buyer | 9/30/18

Great description of product and clear return policy!

- Nan | 9/30/18

Order communication and delivery was very good

- sonin | 9/30/18

This past spring, a couple of friends from school and I decided to road trip all the way from PA to Montana. We were so pumped we couldn't focus on our school work. We would watch videos of Whitefish, shop for new skis, boots, gloves, pants, etc. We procrastinated the first half of the semester, but our excitement for the trip was too distracting! As we were gearing up for the trip, we were buying products from local ski stores,, and amazon. It wasn't until after the trip that I really started looking into It wasn't that was worse than the other stores, it just hadn't crossed my mind. If I were to rank the stores I would choose mainly because it has a variety of many kinds of outdoor sports. If looking for just winter sport equipment I'd probably use both and

- LosCar | 9/30/18

Easy to order, best prices, definitely recommend!!

- Greg | 9/29/18

I am very happy about the reasonable pricing of the products compared to major online websites in today's date . The same brand, same color, make, model is over priced in other sites but Skis is providing for attractive price and also wide range of verities in winter collection, this is going to be a most reputed site sooner or later if they continue making happy by providing good deals and beat the price of other online providers. I am damn sure that I made an excellent choice on my first purchase today and I don't have any second thought to google for this product. even the shipping is pretty reasonable price . YAY !! Thank you SKIS!! Keeping rocking . Good luck for your future.

- Kittu | 9/29/18

Barry Was very helpful in cancELLING AN EARLIER ORDER THAT Was THREE MONTHS BEHIND (Solomon, SKI POLES...NOT EXpected TILL October 25TH), so I re-ordered another brand.

- Verified Buyer | 9/29/18

Saved 10% by signing up for email promotions. Best price I could find. Tried the jacket on at my local ski shop and saved money by ordering on-line.

- Verified Buyer | 9/29/18

I love most parts of The only gripe I have is the return policy. A policy where shipping would be completely free would be nice.

- enjo | 9/28/18

It was great but difficult getting around international shipping because I am buying from Mexico but shipping it with in US

- Verified Buyer | 9/28/18

price and quality of products appear good. Really enjoyed the online chat to help with the purchase

- Verified Buyer | 9/28/18

Good and easy.

- Joe | 9/28/18

very helpful customer service- great website- easy to find and buy- easy and efficient.

- c | 9/28/18

1st order from Skis. Easy to make purchase, waiting to see how follow-up, shipping, returns etcetera is handled.

- Verified Buyer | 9/28/18

Good pricing.

- Verified Buyer | 9/28/18

I likws that I could search by Jacket, then narrow it down to a shell and a brand name. Made it easy and quick to find excatly what I wanted!

- Verified Buyer | 9/27/18

Contacted customer service about information about a possible return and they were very nice and very helpful

- Grndvls | 9/27/18

Everything went as expected.

- Dr Smooth | 9/27/18

Love Lots of options and the filters make searching easy.

- E and the boys | 9/26/18

I googled the exact jacket I was looking for and it was $20 cheaper than patagonia directly.

- Ami | 9/26/18

The product selection is very good but like many clothing merchants the common sizes can be sold out however I like that SKIS gives an expected future stock date. Some products, like the ski pants I purchased can be hard to determine the materials and product use. They have a very handy chart at the bottom of a product page rating the product functionality. In my case; waterproof, warmth, fit, and others. This site is at the top of my list of saved merchants for ski gear. They are generally recommended in other publications for buying better priced ski gear with a good selection which for me has so far turned out to be the fact.

- Will | 9/26/18 was a very easy site to purchase ski's at the best price. They provided free shipping so I was able to get the product I wanted without emptying my bank account.

- Mike | 9/26/18

I found what I was looking for a a great price

- Bob | 9/26/18

Great price and had the color/style I was looking for.

- Mark | 9/25/18

Easy checkout, shipping time seemed long, but I won’t be skiing until the end of November, so no rush!

- Dylan | 9/25/18

Great Spyder products, easy to find.

- BrotherBri | 9/25/18

Good quality selection of products

- JW | 9/25/18

all good. found everything I needed

- Tristan! | 9/24/18

Fair pricing with lots of high quality products to choose from and with free shipping available, what's not to like!

- Bullet | 9/24/18

Just looking for gear for my wife. Site was easy to navigate and find what i needed.

- Amos | 9/24/18 is easy to use and always has the best prices and product offerings

- Verified Buyer | 9/23/18

Good product information provided from the site. Customer service is friendly. Had difficulty to use the promo code when received from email and it worked the next day. Still having trouble to login. I forget password from login page to ask for password reset but no email received to reset password.

- Verified Buyer | 9/23/18

Easy shopping, great selection and would definitely recommend.

- Verified Buyer | 9/21/18

Many great products all in one place!

- winter | 9/21/18

Product in stock and ordered immediately

- Verified Buyer | 9/20/18

Great website, tons of cool gear, easy to find and purchase.

- Verified Buyer | 9/19/18

I’m getting back into skiing after 20 yrs and needed a bunch of gear. I’m purchasing my boots at the ski hill so I know they fit.

- Mike | 9/19/18

Just ordered ski poles that are expected to be delivered second week of October. Was easy enough to order and would order again from

- Paul | 9/19/18

Good experience, wish the online chat was available after normal business hours

- Verified Buyer | 9/18/18 has great prices and variety. One of the things I really like about this site is they do a great job at giving overviews and detailed specs on their skis and boots. You know exactly what your getting before you buy. No guessing. No researching the product on other websites to figure out the specs. Even if you find a better price somewhere else, check out to make sure you're getting the right boots or skis for you, with the right fit, before you make the purchase.

- Ken H. | 9/17/18

Great selection, but if you're looking for a particular brand name, you may have to go elsewhere. Also - there's stuff on the site that looks great, but when you click on it, has waaay limited quantities. A few times is understandable, but a number of times, at the entry point to the new season, well - that caught my attention.

- SkiLikeAPitty18 | 9/17/18

Great products!

- ALC | 9/17/18

It was great! I’d suggest that if someone orders skis, perhaps you could suggest adding bindings.

- Oliver | 9/16/18

Product was available. Price was fine. 10% off the first order for signing up for the e-mail newsletter locked me into this company for purchasing (as opposed to Amazon or looking for some other specialty retailer).

- Verified Buyer | 9/16/18

I was really happy with pricing and product selection. The recommended purchasing of bindings was great. The site was easy to walk thru and it made finding the skis I liked fast and easy. I would recommend to anyone who was looking for ski equipment.

- Verified Buyer | 9/16/18 has good prices. If you catch a sale item, very good price !

- Joe | 9/15/18

It was easy and painless plus the price was right!

- Liz | 9/15/18 carries quality products at reasonable prices and all purchases have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Can't beat that!

- Walt | 9/15/18

Everything good here.. got some boots last year that fit just so... Sent em back super people to work with for refund and it was faster than expected.....

- Fudge | 9/14/18

It was really great. One of the only places I could find boots in my size. Thanks!

- KCATHCART | 9/14/18

easy checkout process

- huss | 9/14/18

Wide selection of products easy to filter by categories

- Verified Buyer | 9/14/18 always has great deals and a lot of different styles and products to choose from. Highly recommend shopping with them - no hassle purchase and return.

- Verified Buyer | 9/14/18

The reason I only gave a rating of "5" on the first two questions is because I felt they were a bit premature. I have not receive my item(s) yet, therefore I do not know how my experience will be/has been.

- Verified Buyer | 9/14/18

Buying new skis is a scary thing! I hope I made a great choice and that they are similar to the awesome skis I wore out...and boots! I hope they fit! I hope my ski buddies are all jealous! I don't know anyone who has what I ordered!

- Brian | 9/14/18

1. the ski sizing guides 2. videos to help make choices 3. good lay out of products 4. reasonable prices

- Uttam | 9/13/18

The experience has been great so far. I love the variety of jackets and brands you offer.

- Verified Buyer | 9/13/18

Nice products!

- Buzz | 9/13/18

I was shopping on Amazon and I saw a product from your site. I came over to your site because they didn't have exactly what I was looking for, but there were a lot more and better options on your site for the same price.

- Rocky Marv | 9/12/18

a place to shop and save omline

- snoopee | 9/12/18

Easy to order, knew prices including shipping, it was quick and easy

- ribtee | 9/12/18 is pretty straight forward

- Than | 9/11/18

Excellent website - easy to use & search - very good prices & checkout procedures

- CPB | 9/11/18 has a great selection. In fact, they seem to carry the selected specific items I am looking for and at a better price point than Amazon. offers several shipping options to ensure I get the items purchased at the ease and efficiency I require. They are my new one-stop-shop for quality outdoor gear.

- Verified Buyer | 9/11/18

The website was super easy to navigate. I knew what I was looking for and didn't have to use the search bar. Navigation was spot-on. A well-designed site goes a long way in whether or not I will continue to use it.

- DBEEEEEEE | 9/11/18

Checkout does not work on Mac

- Verified Buyer | 9/11/18

got some skis

- ayden | 9/10/18

Atomic race skis 1/2 off told two other dudes got them as well.

- Verified Buyer | 9/10/18

I could find quickly what i was looking for, with very good and detailed information about the product!

- Javi | 9/10/18

i like how you can choose 4 items to compare them all directly with each other

- tags | 9/9/18

Great selection, good details and easy to navigate, narrow down product choices based on different factors

- Scooter | 9/9/18

Excellent price on a good product.

- Matt | 9/9/18

The priceings were amazing and clearly going to recommend to my family and friends.

- Karoo | 9/9/18


- Verified Buyer | 9/9/18

Amazing value

- Verified Buyer | 9/9/18

Loved that my item was on sale, will definitely shop here again

- Tarzan | 9/8/18

I loved that they had the high quality Karbon coat I wanted and I could get it with a 10% discount and free shipping. I actually paid $15 more than intended and got a slightly nicer coat than what I had planned since I had the discount code and free shipping.

- Becky | 9/8/18

my experience using has been very easy/fast.

- Verified Buyer | 9/7/18

I absolutely love the jacket. It is exactly what I was looking for and the sale price made it an even better choice!

- Montanan | 9/7/18

i only use i have always received excellent service and good products with fair pricing.

- Susie C | 9/7/18

Great prices, shipped fast.

- Chris | 9/6/18

My recent experiment was fast and easy. I would recommend for the easy maneuvering.

- boudra | 9/6/18

I found via a Google shopping search. They offered the best price for a multi-climate jacket that I had seen on many websites, including the manufacturer.

- Rachel | 9/6/18

Your site has a product that I am looking for, the price is great and reasonable. I am for sure will tell all of my friends. I will shop more for my family later on. Just one small downside (but not too bad..) that -you do not carry all the colors for the product that I was searching, it has 6, you carried 3 colors :) . Anyhow, the rest is ok and definitely will be a loyal customer.

- Reeya | 9/6/18

Skiing in Colorado was great. just wanting to get my own stuff instead of using my brothers

- fevermode | 9/5/18

Skis has very good prices and great delivery time.

- Verified Buyer | 9/5/18

Great price and website. easy to search and checkout experience was fast.

- Luiza | 9/5/18

I searched numerous sites for the skis my husband wanted to buy and had them available. I also used the chat feature to confirm which bindings I needed to order. Very easy purchase.

- Britta | 9/5/18

I like the check out process. Very quick. Yes I would recommend to a friend.

- Hawk | 9/5/18

Easy to navigate and great prices!

- Zach | 9/5/18

great web site and great pricing

- Rob | 9/5/18

Good selection of top brands

- Verified Buyer | 9/4/18

The site was easy to go through and find what you are looking for.

- Verified Buyer | 9/4/18

Received boot bag and poles. Both items seem fine.

- BWarrior | 9/4/18

Good prices and all information about each item

- SwaP | 9/3/18

very pleased

- Verified Buyer | 9/3/18

Simple and easy to use. Great selection.

- Verified Buyer | 9/3/18

First time buyer. We will see.

- Reg | 9/3/18

have used over the years ,two kids raced, great equipment.

- kleiner | 9/3/18

Good products at good prices

- Verified Buyer | 9/3/18 had an awesome labor day sale! The website was easy to use and I was able to find exactly what I needed at a great price.

- Joe Black | 9/3/18

Experience was good and I had no problems placing my order.

- ALF | 9/3/18

Using PayPal did not seem to work

- zack | 9/3/18

Very good site, a lot of deals and it was easy to find what I needed.

- Steven | 9/3/18

It seems when i am searching for snowboarding gear the selection here is always better to what i am looking for or a link takes me there from another site that does not have the item. Plus i like fun gear patterns not blah drag and there seems to be a better find here I have been looking for balaclava on north face and burton and even ride and other sites with less sucess.

- swoosh girl | 9/3/18

The site was easy to use and I loved it that I could sort by weight on the base layers.

- Verified Buyer | 9/3/18 is my first place shop!

- Jim | 9/3/18

Excellent brand choice, good prices, website easy to use.

- JF | 9/3/18

Great options for ski/snow winter sports clothing.

- wintergal | 9/2/18

Great selection and reasonable pricing.

- Verified Buyer | 9/2/18

Good site

- Lar | 9/2/18

Good deal at this site.

- Sarah | 9/2/18

I enjoyed shopping with you and was happy to get a coupon for 10% off. I was a little disappointed that there was only picture of the item I purchased. It was hard to tell if the product is exactly what I want. I could not find the information in the description either. So I hope I am satisfied when I get my items and they are how I think they will be (based on the limited available info)

- Verified Buyer | 9/1/18

Got a deal on a ski bag for daughter.......been looking online over the summer, and had a deal

- Verified Buyer | 9/1/18

The graphic description of each ski items' performance characteristics was FANTASTIC - meaning warmth, breathability, waterproofing. The search lefthand criteria boxes were extremely well thought out. I could easily narrow by size and warmth, for example. I looked at other ski sites but this one made it very easy to narrow my choices using the check boxes on the left.

- Olga | 9/1/18

good sales great produc

- petunie | 9/1/18

Compared to the other online BIG GUY places to shop, I am trending to purchase more from valued retailers that specialize in the product that I am after. I feel I have better peace of mind in knowing that if I have a problem with the purchase, there is someone available to help. is just another example of that trend for me.

- CanoeBoy16 | 9/1/18

I live in Denver, CO where all the ski shops have Labor Day weekend sales to clear out last year's inventory. The prices are supposedly the "best of the season," but they could not come close to the prices I got on

- Snow Miser | 8/31/18

They had great options for both product and price variability. Better they any other place I found online.

- Joy | 8/30/18

Quick experience. Nice variety of the product I was searching for.

- CindyInBoise | 8/30/18

I was looking for a certain type and size of shoe and I found it at a reasonable price at

- Bubba | 8/30/18

Great site and easy to use and provides a lot of details with every product to make sure you are getting the product that is perfect for me and my body shape.

- DK0131 | 8/30/18

I really like the video reviews of the skis. All skis dont have them, but I generally buy skis that have the video reviews. It is easy to match my body size and style of skiing with one of the reviewers. More vidoe reviews would be great. I would recommend the site for sure.

- SkiGuy | 8/30/18

Great price for quality, brand name coat.

- Verified Buyer | 8/30/18

I found the ski boots I was looking for at the best price available.

- Matt | 8/29/18 offers a wide selection of stylish ski related items from a multitude of popular brands at attractive prices.

- Bruman | 8/29/18

good item description, customer friendly web page, a lot of helpful information, I highly recommend

- Agnieszka MR | 8/29/18

I loved that I was able to find the bindings I've been looking for at a price better than what was available from the competitors. After applying my 10% I was set.

- Nick | 8/29/18

easy to find products. Good products with good prices. Many options as well.

- tchristian | 8/28/18

My experience was fine but it kept wanting me to verify my address to one that was clearly not correct.

- Verified Buyer | 8/28/18

your checkout was broken all day and well into the evening.

- Rigger67 | 8/27/18

Detailed product information, relatively easy to categorize products so you see what you want to see.

- Verified Buyer | 8/27/18

Website made it very easy to buy online with by checking boxes to narrow down choices for purchase

- Ben | 8/27/18

Received an email about the sale. Went to the site and purchased the products. Very easy

- Mitchf86 | 8/27/18

Great website. easy to self-educate and pick the best products

- Verified Buyer | 8/26/18 has great deals all year round!

- Skibunny71 | 8/26/18

Love the selection at They are great to work with!

- Jano | 8/26/18

Website easy to use. Product details clearly listed. Size chart included. Ability to return product is important as this a new brand for me.

- Montanan | 8/26/18

Quality products at good prices. Shipping to AK is not priced too bad. Knowledgeable folks that can answer questions about products they are selling.

- Verified Buyer | 8/26/18

I always find just what i need.

- Susie | 8/26/18

Great experience will tell friends

- Beautiful | 8/26/18

This website provided superb information and reviews on the type of ski I was looking for. Other websites offered the same product for the same price but wanted to charge outrageous shipping and/or tax prices. Hooray for! Highly recommend.

- Woods | 8/26/18

I’ve purchased many pairs of skis and other equipment from I’ll continue to n the future

- Verified Buyer | 8/25/18

Website is easy to navigate, pricing is very competitive, makes it very easy to resrach and buy fun things!

- Cheers | 8/25/18

Great products, with great information helping you find just what you want.

- Atldc9 | 8/25/18

Always has problem when I tried to use paypal checkout,I dont know why.

- Oy | 8/24/18

I was looking to buy new bindings for my skis. Your website was very informative and helpful in making my decision and purchase

- Bud | 8/24/18

Shopping experience was all good - efficient and fast. Price for my item was competitive with other vendors but free shipping and first time purchase promo were important incentives. Thanks for making this easy!

- manic123 | 8/24/18

It was easy to find what I was looking for and simple to fill out the order form.

- Verified Buyer | 8/24/18

Happy with the purchase process from start to finish.

- Windy | 8/24/18

Finally a ski shop with advanced skier boots to fit my big feet

- dave | 8/23/18

Very easy and straight forward.

- T Lo | 8/23/18

Good prices and good return policy.

- Verified Buyer | 8/22/18

The experience at is excellent. The online info is outstanding and helpful in selecting products. The customer service people are well informed and helpful. I was going to purchase from another site but could not do it. is the place to go!!

- Janie | 8/22/18

Shopping was very easy, I like the Amazon pay option.

- joe | 8/21/18

A strong incentive to purchase from you is the reward points, the snowflake1 10% discount, and the free shipping. looking foward to using the reward points.

- Dr Smooth | 8/19/18 has very responsible prices and are willing to answer any questions. They have some great sales and having purchased from them before, I can attest to them have great quality products that came in perfect condition. I've never had a problem with them.

- MickZav | 8/18/18

Good description of the product, perfect fit good price

- Memo | 8/17/18

Have been looking for this hoodie in that color for months. Not only did Skis have it in my color & size but it was a great price.

- Goody lover | 8/17/18 had a product I wanted, originally from Dick's, for $20 less. I found a free shipping coupon so the purchase was a no-brainer!

- Verified Buyer | 11/14/18

I was able to find ski bibs from a previous season to match a coat from the same season.

- Verified Buyer | 11/14/18

Easy to order love free shipping

- Tigi | 11/14/18 had a great deal on the ski jacket I have been wanting to purchase and I decided to buy it while they had my size in stock.The purchase process was simple minus one hang up when I tried to use a visa gift card and my debit card. I had to use the gift card to purchase a gift certificate from which took a bit longer than expected and then I used their certificate and my debit. Overall the purchase was quite easy minus that one hassle.

- Herm | 11/14/18

Purchased a gift certificate using a visa gift card so that I can use the gift money and my debit to purchase a jacket.

- Nick | 11/14/18

Awesome ski pants.

- Verified Buyer | 11/14/18

Need to see the product I bought for that. But the shopping experience was good.

- liz | 11/14/18 had a great selection and great prices on the xc gear I was looking for.

- Kjh313 | 11/14/18

I found a ski sweater that I loved on It was a great deal so I bought it. You should shop there.

- Verified Buyer | 11/13/18

Good selection, good prices, and very good site to target what I want (size, color, specs, etc.)

- skidad | 11/13/18

Would like a live chat during extended hours.

- Verified Buyer | 11/13/18

I let my partners know

- Jona | 11/13/18

Good site layout with good product descriptions. Easy to navigate and no hidden fees or charges. I pre-ordered 2019 gear so cannot speak to the shipping/delivery process and times but so far so good.

- Verified Buyer | 11/13/18

It was easy to find the skis and bindings, had the best price.

- jeremy | 11/13/18

They were the only vendor I could find with the size I needed

- Verified Buyer | 11/13/18

Easy to navigate and check out

- ANJ | 11/13/18

Nice ski boots!

- Usually Right | 11/13/18

all good, good price and selection

- Memo | 11/13/18

I did a google search for a patagnoia women's sunshade hoodie. I found this one for like $48 on even though they're basically full price everywhere else for about $69. I ordered one since Ben and I are hiking the wonderland trail in a couple weeks and I would rather carry an extra shirt than a huge bottle of sunscreen.

- Verified Buyer | 11/13/18

Great website to shop with better prices than evo. No charge for delivery. Love it!

- Verified Buyer | 11/12/18

I purchased these ski gloves because of the rating on the website. I have not had a chance to use them so I cannot comment on the product. The price and delivery was excellent.

- Rcubed | 11/12/18

Great deal on the mittens that I ordered. Easy checkout process.

- IDSL | 11/12/18

Easy!!! Had what we needed. Hoping it will be delivered sooner than later. Nothing bad to share!

- Carter | 11/12/18

Had problems on line yesterday but did a live chat and Rick helped me out and I was able to make a fast and accurate purchase.

- Larry | 11/12/18

I am very satisfied with the products I purchased. Delivery was an issue due to UPS. customer service was excellent and follow through was great. I would buy from again and would recommend the highly.

- Atticus | 11/12/18

I received an email from and followed the link. I decided to look for size 2XL ski gloves which is often hard to find. had some top brands listed so I decided to give them a try. Check out was very easy.I look forward to receiving my first order.

- Buzz | 11/12/18

We found what we were looking for on your website for a good price with free shipping and easy to order

- Tigi | 11/12/18

I like detailed product description. Ease of choosing what I want - good selection options. Satisfying return policy.

- AgaMR | 11/12/18

I like doing business with SKIS.COM

- Quofu | 11/12/18

It was great my second time ordering from

- Tracy | 11/12/18

This was a great shopping experience

- Andrew | 11/11/18

Responded to email, needed pants. looking into upgrading skis boots and bindings.

- Verified Buyer | 11/11/18

Great merchandise at a great price

- the beave | 11/11/18

Great website easy to navigate, fair prices.

- Verified Buyer | 11/11/18

have been a customer for number of years. the experience online has continued to improve. quick, simple, clearly communicated instructions, etc.

- Verified Buyer | 11/11/18

Friend told me about this site, and it was everything she promised it was.

- cski | 11/11/18

Good product shipped on time with no issues. This was my second purchase from here and will use them in the future.

- Verified Buyer | 11/11/18

Price is good and ease of search and sizing. The narrowing of search using side bar is great feature.

- lmarco69 | 11/11/18

I like that the technical specs are easy to understand. The video reviews are very useful.

- utvol1992 | 6/24/2018

The filter options make it really easy to find the equipment you need - even if you're not sure what you're looking for. And, they have great deals, too.

- Gretchen | 6/24/2018

LOVE my Helly Hansen!!! Thank you so much!! Highly recommend SKIS.COM!! Customer service was prompt and extremely helpful!

- Syd | 6/21/2018

good experience

- Juanjo | 6/21/2018


- Verified Buyer | 6/20/2018

I have purchased from before and as always it was a very easy experience to make this purchase.

- Skier | 6/19/2018

Used the live chat for questions very responsive and easy going and everything just flowed they even sent me a 10% off coupon. Very happy so far great detail on items.

- kmayhew | 6/19/2018

Good shopping experience, quick and smooth with friendly online help as well.

- GreatJob | 6/19/2018

slick as always

- doc | 6/18/2018

Great price and good recommendations on matching equipment.

- Phil | 6/18/2018

I bought for next ski season so I can not tell how at this time how these worked out but I was pleased with the price of the helmets that I purchased for my grandchildren just a bit confused on the sizing

- Frankie | 6/18/2018

Great price!

- skidog4life | 6/15/2018

Great experience shopping online at except tool used to narrow down my search results did not produce the results I was looking for. For example, I selected "slim fit" and the search still yielded coats with a "regular" or "relaxed" fit.

- Verified Buyer | 6/15/2018

Great experience.

- Boo | 6/14/2018

Great product selection and good pricing and reasonable delivery service!

- Ichibuns | 6/14/2018

It was wonderful, best prices online.

- Verified Buyer | 6/13/2018

Finally found the electric mittens I've been trying to buy for three years. Credit card you not go thru, and it was actually blocked during checkout; some kind of glitch.

- TK | 6/12/2018

My husband skis a lot and enjoys the gear - great site we stumbled upon. Hes a big dude and you had all the right sizes...super excited.

- BoogieWoogie | 6/12/2018

Easy way to find the gear you need quick!

- Danbot711 | 6/12/2018

Customer service was extremely helpful through online chat. Quick response and helpful! Thank you for making it a smooth experience. Can’t wait to receive my purchase!

- Syd | 6/5/2018

good variety - always find a deal

- milne | 6/4/2018

Good prices and easy checkout

- Verified Buyer | 6/4/2018

Excellent service nice to be able to zoom in items and return policy is perfect

- DD | 6/3/2018

1. I'm a skier as is my family always looking to shop at a specialty store especially if it has good values and pricing. 2. Teaming up with Amazon for shipping and payment processing adds a huge value to the experience since I'm an active Prime user. 3. carries the brands and products I often purchase so it's a good fit.

- Icibuns | 6/3/2018

The billing site is a disaster. Could not update my credit card information because of a site error and although I provided all my personal information, it is unclear whether that information is kept safe or subject to hacking. I had the same experience 6 months ago and it seems nothing has been done to improve it.

- Verified Buyer | 6/3/2018

This website has all the products a skier/boarder would want and at a great price. The various ways to view the product and its availablity is what I like most about this website.

- wisebird | 6/2/2018

I found the site more useable for mobile this time, then previous experience with The reviews and user descriptions are very helpful. I probably would not have purchased without them.

- Gerry from NH | 6/2/2018

Had a good experience. Got the product I wanted at a very good price

- Chief | 6/1/2018

Have always had a good experience shopping on They always ship quickly and have a good return policy.

- TK | 6/1/2018

Easy website and free shipping.

- Anniebee | 6/1/2018

It would be nice to have more information about ski boot sizing since Salomon ski boots are only available on the half size

- Portac | 5/28/2018

Incredible deals as compared to other merchants and the free shipping for my order was a major plus. I do highly recommend to my friends when purchasing gear.

- Mike | 5/25/2018

Product is beautiful and the typical Obermeyer high quality. It is depicted as "pink" in the description; however, in actuality, it is more to the "coral" color hue. I'm keeping it, but color description was not correct. Shipping took 3 days to happen, which I consider slow. I like; however, prices drive from whom I purchase.

- LadyCee | 5/22/2018

Love all the good information on the site. Size charts, recommendations, videos all made me feel like a made an informed purchase.

- RR | 5/21/2018

They are helping me out with a mistake I made in a return so I am happy with experience I have had

- solarguy | 5/21/2018

Like your selection very much but have a hard time finding color and correct size.

- Kitten | 5/20/2018

Great Buying Experience -- Gotta love those year-end sales...

- skyman | 5/18/2018

First time buyer, I'll be back!

- Fred | 5/18/2018

Good site. Product images don't magnify (only complaint). Sent me 10% off code to get me to finalize purchase. Would recommend.

- 4est | 5/17/2018

An easy website to order from

- KV | 5/16/2018

Skis. com seems to have good stuff

- Rod | 5/15/2018

Good business experience.

- Chadskis | 5/14/2018

Great prices and great inventory regarding selection and sizes.

- Michael | 5/11/2018

Great service, great deal..again!

- Jenny | 5/8/2018

Good stuff.

- Chizzy | 5/5/2018

Initial shopping experience was great.

- Jparcher | 5/4/2018

It was really easy to find what I was looking for and to scan through the products. I could narrow down the search by using their search tool. Everything was easy throughout the whole shopping experience.

- wubbs | 5/3/2018

great selection of ski gear, lots of great options for my little ones this coming winter.

- Kimster | 5/3/2018

This was my third online purchase this year at I will continue to check their website first when I am looking for ski equipment.

- Skier53 | 5/2/2018

Easy to navigate and great prices

- joyride | 5/2/2018

Great prices and service.

- Ghost Rider | 5/2/2018

SLO's were delivered ahead of time frame quoted

- Brian H | 5/2/2018

I was very happy with price,free shipping,helpful reviews,great communication, excellent shipping department packaging of skis and bindings, arrived undamaged....Fantastic volkl 84 rtm skis, thank you so much

- Polish Prince Northwest Suburb Chicago | 5/1/2018

This site has great pricing and selection - check it out

- EWEB | 5/1/2018

Easy experience. Thanks

- Evelyn | 4/30/2018

seems to have reasonable pricing -- similar to ski shops yearly sales events. Have purchased several items from them over the last year

- ET | 4/29/2018

Wish there were more variety of length, color and brand

- Perry | 4/29/2018

Would have purchased more, but unable to use either promo code I have. Both promo codes were "invalid" even though my last purchase was less than one month ago.

- Barb | 4/29/2018

Just wish there were more sizes available in some products

- MissoulaSki | 4/28/2018

Great selection, easy to follow descriptions, easy to deal with

- Verified Buyer | 4/26/2018

We were planning to ski trip to CO, and I needed a new jacket but didn't want to spend a lot. had Northface jackets for a great price and the color I wanted.

- Verified Buyer | 4/26/2018

i love

- coachQuinn | 4/25/2018

I was looking for ski bindings and had exactly what I wanted at a great price and I had a $10 off coupon from a previous purchase, so this purchase was a no brainer.

- skisalot | 4/24/2018

Easy to use online ordering. Agent was needed to give shipping info and was helpful

- jim | 4/24/2018

Great sale selection, I'm excited to try out my purchased items, thank you!

- Beanie87 | 4/23/2018

I found what I wanted and it was at a good sales price , with free shipping. I would recommend this site.

- mr. Blue | 4/22/2018

I liked my experience overall and will likely purchase from again, though I wish there were filters for skill level when shopping for ski boots. I also wish the BSL was listed in the specs.

- Verified Buyer | 4/21/2018

Nicest jacket I have ever owned! Can't wait for next ski season to wear it. I could not find the size I wanted on the brand site so helped me out

- Holli | 4/21/2018

Great price and great product availability. Free and fast shipping

- George | 4/21/2018

good experience.

- Verified Buyer | 4/20/2018

nice selection - prices seem reasonable when compared to others

- ET | 4/20/2018

I have used before, got the notification of a sale, knew my daughter needed goggles. Website was easy to navigate, product description was useful, and price good. That's how it should be.

- Nuc | 4/20/2018

Great deals sometimes and I appreciate that.

- Jenny | 4/19/2018


- BARB | 4/19/2018

They gave me a $50 coupon and said I could use on anything in store. Bought a North Face fleece that was on sale for $57. Who could complain about that?

- Michael S | 4/19/2018

The website design could use some updating, but it was a very simple and great experience.

- Chiuibar | 4/19/2018

Very attentive both on the phone and also, online chat experience was very good.

- Verified Buyer | 4/18/2018

Buying boots online is really a crapshoot. As it says on your website, the stiffness rating is not consistent from brand to brand. I got Nordica NRGy Pro2 (110). They were stiffer than Rossignol 120 that I was also trying from a different vendor. Nordica won out. I greatly appreciate all the info on your site. As I have improved as a skier, I have been looking for equipment that better fits my ski level, and the videos and web pages really helped me hone in on the right stuff!

- KidDoc | 4/18/2018

A lot of choice and good price.

- zg | 4/17/2018

I would recommend because they had the best prices and major winter sales up I SAVED $15O DOLLARS

- Olympic Skier | 4/17/2018 is a very good online vender.

- Verified Buyer | 4/17/2018

Good selection; good customer service; reasonable prices.

- Leo | 4/17/2018 is always a great site to find the right equipment.

- Verified Buyer | 4/17/2018

I found what I was looking for AND IT WAS ON SALE!!!

- PR | 4/16/2018

I had a great experience with the chat person

- Bobby | 4/16/2018

Less than 5 minutes to find and complete purchase

- Gus | 4/16/2018

Showed the bag to a ski buddy, refered him to you and he is purchasing one.

- Seal | 4/16/2018

Thank you for the great deal!

- Pam | 4/15/2018

Great experience.

- Matt | 4/13/2018

Used on-line chat to find right size.

- Barb | 4/13/2018

Very nice selection of quality ski equipment and apparel.

- Charlie s | 4/12/2018

Good price, no shipping, simple purchase.

- George | 4/11/2018

We have been very happy with our purchases from

- Anne | 4/11/2018

Great deal

- Chucky | 4/10/2018

I had trouble applying my promo code to my purchase but you r support staff offered to apply the promo rate for my purchase. thank you for great service

- Verified Buyer | 4/10/2018

Excellent details of ski categories (flex, rocker, int/adv, etc.), love the videos for ski reviews.

- mg4 | 4/10/2018

Great experience! Got a promo code to spend on my first purchase, free shipping and the option to pay over time.

- Big Steve | 4/10/2018

I found a very well rated pair of ski boots for the best price I have seen online. I also like their return policy - it enabled me to buy two pairs of boots with the intent of trying them both on and sending one back. The website is helpful when finding boots that fit your needs.

- Becks | 4/9/2018

Great price on an Alp-n-Rock shirt

- Verified Buyer | 4/9/2018

Rapid search, had item I was looking for, god price, initial purchase 10% discount, free better price found on the internet!

- GMC | 4/9/2018

I liked the videos describing the boots. It would be useful if they could also show someone actually putting them on and demonstrating the buckles.

- Verified Buyer | 4/9/2018

Great website. Reviews on products are great

- Verified Buyer | 4/9/2018

The discount code you emailed me brought me in to purchase.

- Verified Buyer | 4/9/2018

Good variety, decent prices, nice discounts

- bcp | 4/9/2018

This site has great products and great prices

- Nikki | 4/9/2018 has the best deal on some products and this is why I will continue to use this site. The online checkout experience was simple and fast. I hadn't shopped here in awhile, but thanks to an email offering $50 for returning, I came back to purchase a gift and was reminded how good the deals are.

- Dr. B | 4/8/2018

excellent layout-ez to find sales==ez ordering

- pucksave | 4/8/2018

U have always been happy with quality and price... My daughter is, now, a high school racer and EveryThing she needs is costly. makes it so I can ship for little bits of clothing and equipment year round. I try to gather as much as I can through out the year, making it easier to afford this very expensive sport that she Loves! Thank you, keep up the good work.

- Vicki | 4/8/2018

I love to ski, leaving this week for CO and needed a new jacket - loved the shipping choice, pricing was great. Really easy site to use. Looking forward to receiving my purchase in a few days.

- Suse | 4/8/2018


- Ula | 4/8/2018


- neil | 4/8/2018

Great experience, will shop here again!

- MikR | 4/7/2018

Easy to navigate website, good prices.

- Mnb328 | 4/7/2018

Great information.

- AR | 4/7/2018

Excellent online shopping experience.

- Alpine Skier | 4/7/2018

I was already considering buying these skis for my granddaughter because they were listed at a great price, and the 10% off coupon I received online made this a no brainer.

- UTskier | 4/7/2018

I liked that you had the petite sizing!

- Alicia | 4/7/2018

I had a good experience with because my brother gifted me a pair of their socks (with their logo on it, so I knew where they were from). My husband and I went skiing, and I wore the socks, while he wore... socks that were not made for skiing/snowboarding. He developed some blisters, while my feet felt great. I guess I have a good view of the website because of this. As a gift, I got him some gear and socks from the website that I know he will love, and got free shipping. The website was easy to browse.

- Dee | 4/7/2018

Clean site

- Verified Buyer | 4/6/2018

One of three items I ordered was back ordered, but arrived at the same time, with no additional postage on my card. Thanx!

- Verified Buyer | 4/6/2018

Good price on sale for this product.

- New Jerseyan | 4/5/2018

I was just browsing for the boots and saw that Skis had the lowest price.

- Marcia | 4/4/2018

Wonderful experience.

- Verified Buyer | 4/3/2018

Good prices for what appears to be a quality product. It was on sale for 40% off.

- Cindy | 4/3/2018

Love this site. Great deals and good customer service when I've needed it.

- Lydia798 | 4/2/2018

I bought a North Face Apex Flex GTX rain jacket. I was so impressed with the quality and fit and price from you that I came back and bought one for my wife as a present. She has a old black one I am going to throw away and give her this one. I hope it fits her right. Usually, we just buy from stores where we can try the items on for fit. This one fit me so well I thought I would chance buying one for my wife.

- John | 4/2/2018 has a great selection of products at great prices. I do a lot of price comparison and have ended up purchasing mostly from them. I have also had questions. has responded very quickly!

- Eileen | 4/2/2018

Great products with helpful filters make finding what I'm looking for quick and easy. I recommend their site frequently as the lodge parent for my sons' ski race program.

- Eandtheboys | 4/2/2018

Thanks for making my first ski purchase a great experience!

- Verified Buyer | 3/31/2018

I received a pair of the NorthFace Bibs for my five year son. They exceed my exceptions!

- E | 3/31/2018

It is a very simple and easy to understand procedure. Great prices.

- John | 3/30/2018

Very easy to order. A good selection of skis and the order process was simple and quick.

- Eddie | 3/30/2018

will recommend you to friends!

- na | 3/30/2018

Great services

- isamu | 3/29/2018

Simple and Easy. I would recommend to a friend.

- Verified Buyer | 3/29/2018

Good web site very easy! Great service & quality products!

- BrentO | 3/29/2018

Very easy site to navigate !!! Great selection !!! Glad that I was referred to !!!

- big Z | 3/28/2018

Great products, delivered on time. Just what we wanted.

- Dasher | 3/28/2018

Easy and friendly website, size chart and specifications well explained

- HHR | 3/28/2018

Order received in great condition and in a timely manner. I plan on using my ski bucks to purchase another item.

- Barb | 3/28/2018

Love the coat!

- Verified Buyer | 3/27/2018

Easy to use website, competitive pricing.

- avuzman | 3/27/2018

great site, great price, love it

- Verified Buyer | 3/27/2018

Easy to use site. Site clear colors

- Go Blue | 3/27/2018

Good website, I'll be back again

- Steve | 3/27/2018

good prices 100% satisfaction guarantee (and for a long time!) Chat response to question about returns was prompt clear comprehensive.

- BCskier | 3/27/2018

Excellent online shopping experience! On sale prices are great especially when combined with a coupon code!

- Anne | 3/27/2018

Best online ski supply company I've ever delt with! Would recommend to anyone looking for any type of ski equipment or clothing!!!

- Verified Buyer | 3/25/2018

Dealing with could not have easier. I ordered a pair of skis, they were delivered in a timely manner. Before they arrived I decided to go with a longer length which was no longer available from They made my return very easy, I called and they sent me a return label that was a very reasonable amount. I will definitely do business with them in the future.

- Chloe | 3/24/2018

Great. Thank you.

- Alexis | 3/23/2018

great store

- MG | 3/23/2018

I love skiing, I'm a firm believer in that skis don't make the skier but they sure do help. This is my first time visiting, my husband shared the link with me, I couldn't believe their prices with the Spring sales I was so excited I bought my skis right away, I even shared the link with a good friend of mine who has been looking into getting some skis. I also loved that the shipping wad free, that's not offered on a lot of websites so I truly appreciated it.

- KyBear | 3/23/2018


- none | 3/23/2018

Was able to find the ski pants I wanted thru The price was great, quick shipping, lots of notification and follow up. I definitely would do business with them again

- Crystal | 3/23/2018

Everything was so easy, best price. No computer genius here but had no problem placing order. Will use them in the future.

- Verified Buyer | 3/23/2018

Easy to use website

- arseneau | 3/22/2018

Very good experience, easy to find, easy to pay, and no need to create the account while buying

- DG | 3/22/2018

Best online ski shop.

- Bob | 3/21/2018

I was nicely surprised to find by chance. They have a great selection, and good sales. If my order arrives in time, I will definitely shop more here. I'm waiting for late springs sales to purchase the whole package from this merchant.

- bronya | 3/21/2018

Good online experience, selling products I use on a regular basis. Good pricing and selection.

- Robo31542 | 3/21/2018

First time using the site, it was an overall great experience. Slight hiccup using paypal to checkout, other than that, excited to see the shirt I got and hope it fits!

- Phil | 3/21/2018

awesome customer service via telephone / very short wait

- lesgarth | 3/20/2018

These ski pants have a great fit.

- Skiron | 3/20/2018

Quick turnaround - I bought both skis w/bindings and boots. The service was superb, and the turnaround was quick. Very pleased!

- Alexandra | 3/20/2018

Rossignol Evo First 49 IFP Cross Country Skis with Bindings 2018 Cross Country Skis I love these skis. Great product and great service from I don't want winter to end.

- Laura | 3/20/2018

This is an excellent online store! Great prices, and quality gear!

- Verified Buyer | 3/19/2018

Great website and voice of products. Good experience so far

- mtbikealaska | 3/19/2018

I the website was quick and easy to operate. Made finding products very easy.

- broman | 3/19/2018

Great site! Excellent product information and reviews on all merchandise.This really helps when sorting through the extensive inventory. Love SKIS.COM

- Jean Claude | 3/19/2018

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with

- Lucky | 3/19/2018

The site is very organized and with good prices.

- shy | 3/18/2018

Quickly found the North Face ski pants that I was looking for in my size and a SHORT length! Looking forward to their arrival and hope they fit me perfectly!

- Donna | 3/18/2018

Great product sizing info! Can't wait to get my new jacket!! :)

- Verified Buyer | 3/18/2018

Pretty happy with today's shopping experience.

- Living in NJ | 3/18/2018


- SKIMAN | 3/18/2018

Smooth process overall

- Verified Buyer | 3/18/2018

it was helpful that they had a chart for ski jacket (warmth, breathavility) to purchass a right type of jacket.

- Verified Buyer | 3/18/2018

Great site for a skier or outdoors person!

- Verified Buyer | 3/18/2018


- Skippy | 3/17/2018

great company

- yungvick | 3/17/2018

Great experience easy and fast also no shipping great perk

- Verified Buyer | 3/17/2018

friendly use, excellent source of information about skis thanks.

- charlieboy | 3/17/2018

Great service

- Verified Buyer | 3/15/2018

I was very happy to receive the 10% off first-time email quickly and apply it to my first purchase with no trouble.

- Verified Buyer | 3/14/2018

Quality products, quick shipping, best pricing, discount offered with every order and follow-up order

- Amelia | 3/14/2018

Good selection of items and sizes

- shops alot | 3/14/2018

Easy purchase & checkout hope product is good!

- BrentO | 3/13/2018

Expectations were met, thank you!

- Verified Buyer | 3/13/2018

Great Experience

- Verified Buyer | 3/13/2018

Very pleased with the website, details of the skis and helpful review videos. It made me purchase the skis here vs other websites!

- Kevin | 3/13/2018

Great experience with I ordered a Smith Vantage helmet and Smith I/OS goggles, which I just love. The service was impeccable. Shipment was to take about one week and both arrived in 3 days, which was really perfect for me as I was headed on a ski trip. I was sent an e-mail that requested I verify that I was the one actually making the order. I called customer service to verify this and they were so pleasant to speak with. There were no problems from beginning to end. I will definitely order from in the future.

- Praguegal | 3/13/2018

I had an overall excellent shopping experience on

- Ken | 3/12/2018

Found out through a friend about a great deal on Salomon skis/bindings and just couldn't pass up.

- dirtgirl | 3/12/2018

Great selection of products and prices are super competitive with other online sellers.

- Bob | 3/12/2018

Great products and prices! Really happy with the purchase and ability to use 10% coupon.

- Verified Buyer | 3/11/2018 has a great selection with a lot of info on all sorts of gear. I've learned about helmets and sizing race skis. The videos are very helpful too!

- E and the boys | 3/11/2018

Good deals and solid selection.

- Matt | 3/11/2018

Good site with plenty of choices

- Wot a gem | 3/11/2018

Great experience! Lots of options and good sales.

- T. Black | 3/11/2018


- Verified Buyer | 3/11/2018

It was a good price for the item. Thanks.

- ND | 3/11/2018

Great service, Fast delivery. The skis were less expensive than any local dealers, (and I live near Denver Colorado). They were shipped in a well fitting box, wrapped in plastic inside the box, and properly separated with packing foam strip. Absolutely no shipping rash. I already knew what I was getting into with the skis, so of course I am perfectly satisfied with their performance. I use these for backcountry (mining roads, forest service, and occasional new snow conditions at the Eldora Nordic center trail system.)I mounted my old bindings, so this was not a concern or cost addition. Light and relatively fast for a backcountry ski, with the right amount of flex for my 200 lbs. I use these skis with Alpina 75 mm 3pin Alaska boots, and voile bindings. I have intermediate experience with about 15 yrs on and off of cross country experience. I also have a pair of waxable madshuss skis for classic groomed touring, but they get to be a handful when not on the groomed trail.

- Michael | 2/27/2018

Great Coat - will keep you warm - the coat is great - however, it didn't quite offer the fit that I was looking for = therefore I had to return it, were awesome and great in making the refund quick and painless.

- MGE | 2/27/2018

Was easy, and after shopping at brick & mortar stores price was easily $150+ cheaper

- Beth | 2/19/2018

Very good experience with this site so far.

- Aly | 2/19/2018

This particular transaction was quick, easy and painless. The website was layed out in a matter that it was easy to find what I was looking for. There were plenty of comments pertaining to my items which helped narrow down the field quickly.

- Jfay | 2/19/2018

Fully satisfied. What I wanted was readily available.

- Benjamin | 2/18/2018

I ordered this jacket a couple weeks back. The one I ordered was a special order item and had to come straight from Obermeyer but was purchased through It was the Black Gray and Lime with the RECCO. Beautiful Jacket and well worth the money. I had heard really good things about Obermeyer Jackets from a friend so I decided to try one for myself. All I have to say is the people at Obermeyer think about it before they just up and make it. Well thought out jacket. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Customer service was excellent and stayed in touch with my throughout the entire thing with it being a special order. Took me about a week to get it. Very happy so far!!!

- Truggies | 2/16/2018

Great pricing on K2 V02s... Sent quickly, arrived in perfect condition. First order from Summit.

- Jensen | 2/15/2018

Clean, easily navigable interface. Quick checkout process. Wish I could find user reviews more easily, but I only did quick views of products.

- Julia | 2/7/2018

I ordered this and there was an issue with my information, customer service promptly corrected this and were very nice to speak with. The board came on the first possible arrival date, rather than taking the two weeks it could have. Will absolutely buy my gear here, excellent quality for a great price.

- Cherie | 1/31/2017

There was a issue with my shipping on the race suit that I ordered for my daughter. I though I ordered it with two day shipping but for some reason it shipped out with one week shipping. She needed it for race ASAP and when I called to explain the situation they overnighted me a new suit for free and sent me a shipping label to send back the original suit arrived a week later. The customer service was wonderful and fix the problem quickly with no issue. More companies should run their customer service like this. Trevor was the person in customer service that I dealt with so thank you Trevor.

- Jessica | 1/29/2017

Boots fit awesomely thanks to the boot fitter at the Brighton store. They ski great and look good doing it.

- 5 out of 5 | 12/18/2017

I recently bought these skis and I am very pleased with I researched at almost every online and local ski shop and was the best deal available by far. Haven't been able to ski with these yet, but they are very comparable in rigidity and size as the Head Strong Ti Instinct I was using. Can't wait to hit the slopes.

- Rodolfo | 11/1/2017

I bought these skis on line and am pleased with's performance. The skis arrived a day early, were packaged very nicely, and the bindings went together in 5 minutes, no tools required. I've had the skis tuned and bindings adjusted and tested with no anomalies and will be skiing them for the first time in about a week. Overall; I'm very pleased with This isn't my first on-line purchase from them and it won't be the last!

- Edward | 10/31/2017

Online ordering the way it should be! After wearing several pairs of rental Nordica boots the last several seasons, I contacted Nordica and they recommended the Sportmachine 80 Ski Boots. offered a great price with free shipping. Ordering was easy, the boots shipped quickly and they were easy to track. They were received in perfect shape and fit like expected. What more could you ask for?

- Ed | 10/30/2017

I needed a new helmet this year. My old helmet cracked. I knew what wanted since I do most of my purchases with research and questions of those that own. When I saw this helmet on I knew right away it's mine! The price beat everyone else. When it arrived I was very happy with the fit and look. I will buy more products from

- Randy | 10/16/2017

I live somewhere where there are no ski shops anywhere...and I tend to like to get on the mountain as soon as I get to the resort without having to wait in rental lines or whatnot. I knew I did not want to wait in a line to have my boots mounted or bindings installed. This service was great, just as all the customer service is on! The representative I talked to from the boot mounting department actually recommended I get a different boot after we got to talking about where I liked to ski and what I liked to ski. He made a great recommendation and I will be able to use my boots for more advance skiing once I get there. I would recommend adding this to your order, especially if you do not live in the vicinity of a ski shop! I have never been disappointed with!

- Mary | 9/8/2017

Great fitting good looking goggles. Great price as always

- John | 9/4/2017

Very happy with the items of clothing we bought at a great value. Will be back again.

- Peter | 9/4/2017

I had a Live Chat with Rick today, and he was very helpful. I haven't bought a pair of skates in over 20 years (my old Macroblades were the best) and I had a lot of questions about the new trends and technology. He really knows his products, and offers friendly advice. Thanks Rick!

- John | 6/9/2017 service is excellent! I ordered these in the small size for my son based on the sizing chart provided by Flow. My son has a size 8 boot, these are rated for up to 8.5 boots. His boot stuck off the front by nearly 2 inches. The hybrid design also doesn't stay in place on the for making rear entry a pain. It was an easy return thanks to size up if you buy these but I would not get the hybrid version and read other reviews on rear entry mishaps.

- Matt | 6/6/2017

The skis were on back order but the customer service reps kept in contact with me and shipped them as soon as they came in. The product is amazing! And came packaged really well! Love the skis! thank you

- Lana | 6/5/2017

I have never worked with an online company that is more helpful and knowledgably. Adam seems to know exactly what the best ski is for your skill level and ski conditions. His recommendations were always right on and helped me to avoid making some major mistakes. I also got to work with thom who can naturally get you excited about your skis and can give in detail the technical reason why a boot or ski is right. Then Rick was absolutely amazing as he helped me work through some unusual returns and credits. Everyone at made me evaluate my own company and compare to see if it measures up. You guys definitely set the bar for customer service, products, and price. I would definitely recommend you to a friend. this ski season would not have been the same without you.

- Anon | 3/21/2017

I ordered these skis online, and feel that I got a very good deal on them. They really handle well in all sorts of conditions. They arrived quickly and the packaging was great. Very pleased with this purchase!

- Mary | Maine | 3/13/2017

I'm very happy with my new skates! I'm not as good as I used to be, so I purchased the K2s knowing they were going to roll faster than I'd like at first..hoping to improve my skill set like old times. I've only used them twice so far and I have no complaints. They fit true to size and comfortably on my foot, they don't dig into my calves, the wheels roll super smoothly and the brake works well too. The colors of the skate are bright,vibrant, and fun. I'm very pleased and would recommend inlineskates and K2!

- 4Smooth | 3/13/2017

I loved the Volkl jacket and was happy to find something unique. It is good quality and comfortable. It was a little large and my arms are too short for a lot of jackets, this on included. I had to return the jacket but will do business with again

- Cody | Wyoming | 3/13/2017

Searched the internet for this pant, it's a past years model. They were wrongly sized due to the manufacturing. Customer service took the time to assist me with the sizing which insures the correct fit. Thank you, I couldn't be happier with the price, quality and fit. I'll be a return customer because of your helpful service.

- Happy Girl | 3/6/2017

I started skiing for the first time this year and moved up from Fischer bulletproof rentals and Fischer Viron rentals to the Rossignols. They feel lighter without feeling floaty. They also gripped the snow/ice better. All my skiing has been done in the warm Northeast so I don't have any powder experience with these. I would recommend them for anyone including a beginner, although a beginner might want a shorter ski before moving up to a longer one. As for they are an exceptional website to buy from. The only thing that I would like to see is them mount and adjust the bindings before shipping.

- Bubbychub | 3/1/2017

After a little debacle with locating my product I ordered (it somehow was the shipping room) the supervisor then sent it ASAP and was in my hands in two days. I find it refreshing that someone would take the time and get up from their but and go on a safari for a customer. And after receiving said merchandise I a very pleased with my purchase, great description, and good follow up! I would recommend to a friend, I also find your site very easy to navigate and very informative

- Tim | 2/27/2017

I want to compliment Barry with Summit Sports who worked with me to make things right after a pair of ski boots I ordered was stolen for my apartment building. These were an anniversary gift from my boyfriend as he wanted me to be able to ski with him more often. I will absolutely go to again when I look to buy new skis and snow gear. Thank you so much!

- Alina | 2/2/2017

Great company to buy from. Everything was as promised. Great Jacket!

- Jonas J | 1/30/2017

The North Face Long Haul shorts were perfect for my last Marathon, perfectly carrying gels, headphones, ID etc. - lots of suitably sized pockets and absolutely fantastic for affixing my race BIB. SKI's shipped the item very quickly and customer service has been top notch since i've been a customer. I just wish all purchases could be so extraordinary

- Blackwatch | 1/30/2017

I worked with Rick in the customer service chat and he was extremely helpful and patient with my questions. He helped me size my Ski boot correctly and worked through some order details. That you for running a top notch customer service, you truly set the bar high. - Nate

- Nate V | 1/12/2017

I've had some nice quality ski jackets through the years. One was an Obermeyer jacket I had many years ago. Loved it. But then moved on to other good brands, and haven't had an Obermeyer again for no particular reason. This year, to mark my return to skiing after a several year hiatus, I decided a new jacket was in order. I paused over ordering the Obermeyer Zermatt for a few weeks. The price was one factor (to be sure, there are more expensive jackets, but there are also much less expensive ones). But it was one of the few good ones in red (red being one of my un-negotiable demands for this jacket). Beyond that, I liked everything about it – the styling, the materials, and the functionality. Oh, and the color (red, did I mention that?). All that was left was the fit. But has the kind of return policy I require to buy over the internet. So I took the plunge. And I'm so glad I did. The fit is great. And it is everything I expected of an Obermeyer jacket. I happened to catch it when had a promotional going ($50 ski bucks to apply to a future purchase). So I even got a price break in the sense I have 50 ski bucks to spend on something else. All in all, I am 110% happy with this purchase.

- Finngirl | 12/30/2016

I ordered a pair of Rossignol Alias Sensor ski boots for my son for Christmas. He has a wide foot and a high instep, so I am hoping that these boots will provide the comfort that he is looking for in a boot. He has not used these, so my comments are really about the company. The boots were sent very quickly to me and were in perfect condition when they arrived. I received wonderful customer service and help from online chat representative Rick. and I want to award him the 5 stars from this review.

- Skier Mom | 12/11/2016

Hi, my friend asked me to help him find skis that are appropriate for his ability and interests, and your site is extremely helpful! I like the video reviews - this helps put a person with inflection behind the words and makes the reviews seem a lot more credible. Keep it up!

- Guest | 12/8/2016

Dear Sir/Ms, This order was placed on 11/30/2016 online, however it was determined with my phone conversation with you customer service representative named "Bobby". He was helpful, honest and patient enough to find out information I wanted to know which ultimately confirmed my decision to purchase the ski boots. Please make sure, he receives whatever credit your company provides to it's sales reps. Thank You Andrew

- Andrew | 12/1/2016

i completed my first order, an found i had gotten the wrong size, returning was easy an refund was very fast, replacement item is here just as quickly; i highly recommend this site to all my family and friends!!

- Bonnie | 11/30/2016

Talked to Rick (Rick, I hope you get to read this) VIA live chat on your site, he was an absolute pleasure to speak with and gave me some killer product suggestions. He was incredibly knowledgeable and able to recommend a ski that would be great for me in Michigan and out west. He really helped me sort through all the options. I will be sure to recommend based upon this interaction. Give that man a raise! Seriously! Thanks Rick!

- Evan | 10/28/2016

Great customer service! We ordered a pair of 2017 ski boots for our 4 year old daughter, when they arrived they were the 2016 graphics. Barry in the customer service dept was very helpful in resolving the issue.

- Steve | 10/6/2016

First, i ordered the wrong type of boot. I called Skis and customer service extensively researched whether i could use the boot and found i couldn't. they quickly canceled my order and placed an order for the replacement boots which arrived in 2 days and fit great. Super happy with the service!

- John | 8/26/2016

Dear Staff, I was delighted to get home from skiing yesterday afternoon to discover the boots I had ordered for my sister waiting on the doorstep - that was fast! Thank you so much. She is due to arrive here for skiing within the next week, so the timing was great. I ski the Pro EDT which I love, and she tried them out last year (fortunately we share the same size). So it was great to locate a boot virtually the same, in the right size (always a problem), and at a wonderful price. Please extend my thanks to all the staff involved, and I look forward to doing business with you again. (I have spotted lots of other goodies on your website!)

- Cushla | 8/16/2016

Nice packaging and fast shipping. Haven't got a chance to test these new skis yet because they were bought during summer sale. Can't wait for that first run down the mountain!

- Li Xu | 7/27/2016

I recently purchased a pair of Head REV 85 from The Skis were described in "Class A" condition which from memory was less than 10 or 15 days skiing. The skis recently arrived (I live in Melbourne Australia) and were exactly as described, I think they only have 67 days on the mountain. So you can feel very confident buying second hand or demo skis from , they have integrity and do their job very well. I think I got something like a 65% discount off list price - so big savings. Also as I live in Australia a bit more footwork to get the gear sent down here (you have to forward to a 3rd party first). All went off without a hitch. So buy demo skis with confidence from

- Jonathon | 4/26/2016

The Swiss WC Pants are comfortable, warm, well-fitted. They work with easy as well as aggressive skiing, just like advertised. And was quick, fair and professional in their customer focus. Great shopping experience. Thank you.

- Jon | 3/30/2016

Rick on chat helped me find an order status with little to no help from me...apparently I put the wrong email address in...didn't write down my order number...didn't know anything about what I ordered and he figured it all out and hooked me up with my tracking number and just did a great great job. It is people like him that keep me buying at, #1 Customer Service! Again...thanks Rick and thanks!

- Gerrick A. | 2/12/2016

I had a chat with Rick about the Elan Amphibio 84 Ti ski. He was incredibly helpful and answered my questions honestly. He also explained to me (in terms that I understand) the benefits of such a ski. Again, Rick has been most helpful and plan to purchase the Elan skis after I test them on Saturday at my local hill. Can't say enough on how helpful he was!

- Anonymous | 2/8/2016

Customer service is outstanding. I recently had a problem with a pair of skis I bought.Totally my fault. But they went out of their way to help me out and get me in the right ski. I can not say enough good things about the caring attitude of the staff. If you are thinking about new skis or boots ,look no further!

- Mark C. | 2/8/2016

Hello - I would like to take the time to thank the SKIS.COM team for a wonderful experience. One of your customer service reps, Trevor, helped me with an order today that required some background checking and approval from management. Let me say, I run a sales team, and Trevor was quick to respond, anticipated questions and needs, and got info to me faster than I expected. It is because of Trevor's excellent service, that SKIS.COM has a new customer - I hope management rewards and recognizes Trevor's efforts - he is a huge asset to your team! Thank you, Trevor for all your help!

- Scott S. | 1/28/2016

Rick J was SUPER awesome and helpful. Honestly, I got way more out of the experience online than I have when in a ski shop. Really impressed and REALLY pleased with my experience.

- Marcela S. | 1/24/2015

Oliver was superb! He spent 46 minutes with me on the phone helping me choose ski goggles.

- Michael C. | 1/19/2016

Rick helped me on my selection of ski and was so helpful! He was polite and thorough and honest. I haven't bought new skis in years and all of the choices are overwhelming with ski length, ski waist, and ability factored in along with height and weight. Rick supported me in my assumptions and helped make recommendations. Your prices are great, especially with free shipping! Thank you!

- Beth | 1/19/2016

I was in contact with Lisa, Jonathon, and somebody I spoke with on the phone (I don't remember her name). They were all extremely helpful and really helped to streamline the process. They were quick to respond and very helpful. I am very happy with the customer service I received and I would be happy to shop here again!

- Daniel J. | 1/6/2016

Rick was extremely helpful as I went through each of the items I am going to buy. I verified my reasoning on why I chose the equipment I did and the sizes I did. His suggestions led me to change my mind on the boots I was buying and to reconsider the poles I was buying. That kind of thought and advice reflects a person who cares to make sure his customers are doing the right thing. I feel more assured of my purchases than I did before the message exchange. Thanks, Rick!

- Anonymous | 1/04/2016

I ordered two snowboard, binding and boot packages on the 19th of December and received all my packages on the 23rd of December. Couldn't be more impressed with how everything worked out. Very happy with all my purchases and to get everything so fast and during the Christmas rush was incredible. Top notch company and one I will definitely buy from again in the future.

- Michael B. | 12/23/2015

Rick ROCKS. Seriously, super, amazingly helpful, he completely set me straight and was looking out for my best interests. Patient and willing to listen (read, since we were IM'ing), he made what was turning into a stressful choice an easy one. Seriously, top marks all around. Thanks Rick.

- Dan M. | 12/21/2015

Shipping (in December) was amazingly fast! And their customer service is outstanding.

- Kellie | 12/04/2015

I would like to let you know that my interaction with Rick tonight was very pleasant. He answered all my questions and was very patient. Employees like him make a great impact on the name of your company. I will be going for sure with your company thanks to the great customer service I received :) thank you Rick

- Alejandra | 11/28/2015

Buying skis and boot is not an easy job online. It is hard for me to choose what kind skis and what size boots are good for me. I had chat with Dru, very professional and knowledgable. Under his assistance, I bought a ski package and got 10% ski package discount. This is the first time of my shopping at, and I will do more in the future. thanks

- Kevin | 11/28/2015

I was having trouble placing my order on line. I called customer service and spoke with John. He was the most helpful customer service rep I have ever spoken with. He helped me place my order. I will definitely order from again in the future. Thank you for having such great employees.

- Anonymous | 11/27/2015

I was working with an Agent named Keith who was extremely helpful. I have been looking for ski helmets for weeks and didn't really know what I was looking for and he helped me pick out the perfect one. Great customer service.

- Anonymous | 11/27/2015

Keith was a huge help today. Answered all my questions and was helpful with suggestions

- Doug N. | 11/28/2015

great comparisons and very easy to look around

- James | 11/5/2015

Just a shout out for Adam P who responded to my many e-mail questions about what types of skis and boots to purchase. He gave more information that was pertinent to my abilities and age than anything I have read or heard. Thanks again Adam!

- Richard B. | 10/6/2015

Hello, I had to use the live chat multiple times and each time I had the same operator Dru. He was very helpful as well as polite, and assisted me with every request. He provided great customer service.

- Alexa | 7/28/2015

Just want to share my excellent experience with Dru today. He went above and beyond the call of duty to provide an extraordinary customer service experience. He should be an example of how to engage shoppers, I can assure that the only reason for my purchase was due to his professionalism and assistance. Dru deserves a raise, well done.

- Michael K. | 7/9/2015

Good deal on the skis that I have wanted for a long time.

- Peter I. | Chilmark, MA | 5/30/2015

Good service and prices at the end of the season

- Kevin P. | Ithaca, NY | 5/28/2015

I like the info graphics that tell about the ski's specs and such. Makes it easier to quickly compare different skis. The prices on the memorial day sale were also really good.

- Brighton L. | Bristol, VT | 5/26/2015

Great buy especially with out of season discounts.

- Michael N. | Morriston, NJ | 5/26/2015

Good prices and good selection.

- Aaron J. | Smithville, MO | 5/26/2015

Easy. Fast. Awesome!

- Jan N. | Salt Lake City, UT | 5/25/2015

I shop at all the time. The best website for snow equipment!

- John C. | Camarillo, CA | 5/22/2015

I have made numerous purchases from i am extremely satisfied with their pricing, service, and product quality. I will always check them out before making any purchases in this area.

- Cleora C. | Lake Barrington, IL | 5/20/2015

Excellent pricing, free shipping on oversized items, would definitely do business again.

- Vernon V. | Wilton, CT | 5/17/2015

Always great deals and if it goes lower they go good for it

- Mark B. | Keeseville, NY | 5/15/2015

I like the, its information is very completed.

- Yanhua Z. | Portland, OR | 5/13/2015

I've been looking everywhere for this particular color ski pants, and I FINALLY found them on, and at a great price, too!

- Ryan D. | Brighton, MA | 5/11/2015

Good ski shop online.

- Megan L. | Rochester, MN | 5/11/2015

Amazing company to buy stuff from.

- Ben H. | Monroe, MI | 5/6/2015

Thanks for helping me pick out a new pair of skis!

- Matthew J. | Leesburg, VA | 5/5/2015

Easy, Logical Straight forward purchases. Love the shopping experience.

- Steven L. | Menlo Park, CA | 5/5/2015

I had great experience shopping. Delivery was prompt. I already Recomended to my friends and they love it as well.

- Peter S. | River Vale, NJ | 4/28/2015

A number ONE company that is there for me and you.

- Judith S. | Edgecomb, ME | 4/28/2015

Excellent values, thanks!

- Gregory H. | Mendon, VT | 4/28/2015

The website was easy to navigate and you had just what I wanted!

- Dawn H. | Fairfield, CT | 4/25/2015

Great shopping experience.

- Qiang G. | Houston, TX | 4/25/2015

Very good selection on ski hardware. They have multiple items when other sites are not showing any, so I'll definitely be back for more.

- Robert S. | Lewisville, NC | 4/25/2015

Great site ... makes buying ski equipment for a family of 5 paletable.

- Thomas C. | Nyack, NY | 4/23/2015

Easy, great purchase.

- Michael R. | Naperville, IL | 4/23/2015

Great Site. Had the product I wanted available. Good customer service.

- Mark B. | Mesa, AZ | 4/17/2015

I have enjoyed your products and love the wide variety of brands and selections.Your products have always come on time and I could not be more appreciative.

- Carl W. | Trenton, NJ | 4/15/2015

Wonderful descriptions of skis with video reviews. Complete explanation of how to buy skis. My son Demo'd the skis your site recommended and is very happy. Great prices.

- Peter W. | St. Louis, MO | 4/11/2015

Great prices & user friendly site :)

- Melissa S. | Sunderland, VT | 4/7/2015

Skis is an excellent web site and great buying experience

- Patrick S. | Spencerport, NY | 4/3/2015

I purchased a lot of ski gear both online and local. I would place above every other online experience. Exceptional

- Brent B. | Broadlands, VA | 3/27/2015

You guys are great! No improvement necessary!

- Michael W. | Oakhurst, NJ | 3/26/2015

My customer service agent handled a problem with a defective product with great skill and got me all set up with a replacement in record time and to my great satisfaction. My experience buying ski boots online could not have been easier, more effective, or more satisfying. Great Work!

- Richard M. | Saint Johnsbury, VT | 3/21/2015

I ordered new Head Rev 98 skis, Nordica Firearrow F3 boots, and Marker bindings on a Friday and they arrived the following Monday! Then there was a price drop on the skis and boots and I was given credit for the $180 reduction! Both phone conversations were very pleasant experiences. The person who took my order was very knowledgeable and helpful. The person who processed my price drop request was very friendly and helpful, too. I've told my friends about the great products and customer service! will be my "go to" ski and gear site from now on!

- Guest | 3/10/2015

I love the coat I got! I live in Minnesota and this is just the coat for the weather!

- Kelly C. | Burnsville, MN | 3/9/2015

I love the coat I got! I live in Minnesota and this is just the coat for the weather!

- Kelly C. | Burnsville, MN | 3/9/2015

Your search options are awesome for narrowing down the kind of gear a person wants. Awesome website!

- Stuart L. | Richmond, VA | 3/6/2015

I am so impressed with the customer service of this site. We had to do returns and changes and everything was made so easy, as a company you were always very helpful and more than fair. I have already recommended you many times. Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air in a world where customer service is often overlooked.

- Toni W. | Garrison, NY | 3/5/2015

Your customer service dept is amazing.

- Jenny P. | Lafayette, LA | 3/5/2015

Great purchase experience

- Tai S. | Albany, OR | 2/17/2015

GREAT SITE, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Biggest selection and comparable or better prices than Evo and Levelnine. I appreciate the thorough reviews and the selector tools.

- Rhonda C. | El Dorado Hills, CA | 2/10/2015

Please, please, THANK OLIVER from the Chat Room in helping me find the v-e-r-y last NORTHFACE Tropical ski parka! He was prompt and knowledgeable. I've ordered the jacket and anxious to have it arrive before the end of my ski season where I'll wear it out to Utah. I'm a veteran ski patroller (Squaw Valley Ski Resort) currently stuck in St. Louis wearing proper Red & Black uniform. This particular colorful parka fuels my California Jimmy Buffett-side!! Thanks again!

- Irene O. | 2/10/2015

Great skis,great price, delivered on time. I will always check with first and buy again.

- Maryann V. | South Ogden, UT | 2/6/2015 has the best search and filter features, and product descriptions for finding exactly what I want.

- Wendy H. | Twin Lakes, WI | 2/2/2015

Great company and fast shipping. Deffinetely plan on doing business with again.

- Greg D. | Lexington, KY | 2/2/2015

I Love this website! I have been in the market for new skis after not skiing for over 20 years. The site has helped me immensely in not only getting up to date with the more modern equipment, but also helping me to do decide which new skis I will end up purchasing.

- John K. | Antioch, IL | 2/1/2015

Very courteous service rep assisted me with questions when I called to confirm discount on items purchased. Professional and helpful service, which will bring me back for future purchases.

- Richard G. | South Orange, NJ | 1/30/2015

Favorite On Line Ski Shop!

- Jeff C. | Chaska, MN | 1/30/2015

Hey I just wanted to say that Chris from Customer Service is an expert when it comes to customer satisfaction. You guys rock and I love your shop! :)

- Florian B. | Alamogordo, NM | 1/29/2015

The customer service I received on the telephone prior to placing my order was excellent, and was the deciding factor in whether to order from phone service

- Muriel M. | North Wales, PA | 1/28/2015

Bought the skis from you because of the excellent video reviews you have on your website. Those women knew their stuff and helped direct me towards the best ski for me.

- Mary B. | Action, MA | 1/26/2015

Very good costumer service!

- Michael S. | Chicago, IL | 1/26/2015 offers an excellent ability to filter the options to narrow down what you are looking for, saving me hours of paging through endless options that you have to do on other sites,..

- Wendy H. | Twin Lakes, Wi | 1/22/2015

Adam from the ski shop did a terrific job! Back in my day I used to be a pretty good skier however, I have not skied in over 10 years okay, maybe 15 years. Adam took the time to listen to what I used to ski like and what I think I can do now. Lol Adam recommended the Nordica fire Aero EDT skis and it was the best decision that I ever made by purchasing those skis. I just want to thank Adam for recommending the skis and for making me have a fantastic 2014/2015 ski year. Thank you again Adam!!

- Bill C. | Ballwin, MO | 1/21/2015

Amazing support! I bought a pair of high-end Rossignol skis a little over a year ago and was surprised to see some delaminating on one of the skis... I contacted during the weekend explaining the situation. Within 24hrs, they had coordinated with Rossignol, sent me a return label and agreed to replace the skis.

- Abby L. | Trenton , NJ | 1/21/2015

One of the few places that i could find snow blades that had a good reputation. all of the other sites or sellers on amazon had bad reviews, but you had all good reviews

- Steve W. | Herndon, VA | 1/20/2015

I worked with Barry, he was excellent and through his knowledge and suggestions I chose a 3rd pair of boots to try (I returned the previous 2 pairs) and saved me from having to go to my local overpriced ski shop.

- Chris F. | Colts Neck, NJ | 1/15/2015 was very helpful when I needed to return a pair of skis last month so I decided to buy a new pair of bindings here. Great company that I like shopping with.

- Dan P. | Fort Collins, CO | 1/14/2015

All purchases have been excellent in quality and arrived in a timely manner. Very satisified with experience with

- Leslie F. | Johnstown, NY | 1/10/2015

Adam is extremely knowledgable on ski boots and fitting issues. Considering that I ordered the boots Online rather then in a tradition store, I'm very satisfied.

- Scott K. | Shelter Island Heights, NY | 1/8/2015

I spoke with a customer service agent named Arun who helped me select the best ski socks for my needs and budget. Its because of people like him that companies thrive. He was very polite, helpful, and informative. If I call back in the future I'll ask to speak with him. This message may make me seem old but I'm 29 and I still like to talk to a person when I want advice on purchases.

- Thomas S. | Tallahassee, FL | 1/8/2015

I love the jacket I bought, and I was very pleased with customer support. I would highly recommend!

- Lynn M. | Hastings, MI | 1/6/2015

Have ordered from many times and have been quite satisfied. Thank you.

- William R. | Clarence, NY | 1/7/2015

Excellent site with an excellent reputation.

- Cory V. | Elkhorn, NE | 1/5/2015

Found what I was looking for (a pair or skis for my 13 yr. old who was not quite ready for adult skis) at a cost I was comfortable with (last year's model was still available : ). Skis shipped and arrived exactly as described upon purchase (quickly!). I'll always check in to to see if they have what I'm looking for. If they have what I want, I'll purchase through them without reservation.

- Chris D. | Bloomsburg, PA | 1/5/2015

Great selection and price for skis. Bought my daughter's first pair and she love's them!

- Sandra R. | Plymouth, VA | 1/5/2015

I did a lot of shopping and found exactly what I was looking for at Prices were great. Looking forward to getting my new boots and shopping here again.

- Shauna F. | Sandy, UT | 1/5/2015 is offering most important high quality brands at most fair pricing with incentives for free shipping or further discounts while allowing various payment methods vs. only credit cards alone...this is a company that stands only to succeed.

- Steve F. | Ellsworth, IA | 1/4/2015

Helpful and down to earth service staff.

- Javier M. | Forest Hills, NY | 1/2/2015

Awesome site for browsing ski jackets. The warmth and breathability ratings were a great help, and the spec tab was not only in a convenient location, but also told me everything that I needed to know about each jacket and help make my decision. The price reductions that you guys had on some of your items was pretty great too. For the jacket I ordered, I got 56% off! At those prices, I'll definitely be shopping with you guys again!

- Brandon N. | Davis, CA | 1/3/2015

What a great site for education and knowledge sharing! The videos, sizing charts, and complete specs very helpful and they were *absolutely* the key factor for me purchasing from

- Cameron C. | North Salt Lake, UT | 1/1/2015

Easy and quick to order from. Great selection of options. Very reasonable prices. Will be purchasing from in the future!!!

- Teren D. | Williston, ND | 12/26/2014

Great description of product lens: better than the brands website in fact.

- Leah N. | San Diego, CA | 12/22/2014

Excellent shopping experience!

- Henry A. | Land O Lakes, FL | 12/22/2014

Love this place!

- Bill C. | Ballwin, MO | 12/19/2014

Your Chat is the best out of all of the sites I've been to.

- David S. | Needham, MA | 12/19/2014 educates customers.

- Bridget B. | South Burlington, VT | 12/7/2014

This was my first time shopping with this vedor and it was overall a very positive experience. It made me want to buy more and more and more products and they had great deals. Thanks!

- Larissa C. | Point Roberts, WA | 12/7/2014 has the best price. Very easy to purchase!

- Pam M. | Austin, TX | 12/6/2014

Helpful customer support!

- Heidi S. | Ladysmith, WI | 12/6/2014

I Found the perfect snowskate for my little brother im so excited. I couldnt find one anywhere else.. I'm so thankful!

- Mary A. | Orlando, FL | 12/6/2014

Love always love to come back!

- Neringa L. | Ridgewood, NY | 12/3/2014

This was a great and easy purchase for me. Thank you for having a search where I could choose detailed options to find the right boot for me.

- Betty F. | Dickinson, ND | 12/2/2014

Love the site! Love the review videos as they are very informative! Great selection of products!

- Zachary R. | Alken, SC | 11/30/2014

I like to features and comparisons on ski products. Very user-friendly, specially for someone new to the sports.

- Yin Z. | Elmhurst, NY | 11/28/2015

Great shopping experience. I'll be back!

- Robin J. | Quinton, VA | 11/28/2014

Great site with awesome discounts. I'm a college student at UCSB on the Alpine Race Team and I found exactly what i was looking for.

- Angel R. | Santa Barbara, CA | 11/27/2014

I really appreciated the information about your items. When searching for an item online, it's hard to tell if it's going to be what you want. But with the "fit, warmth, waterproofing, breathability" ratings, I found it super helpful to pick exactly which jacket was right for me!

- Glenn O. | Joliet, IL | 11/27/2014

Loved the ability to compare boots side by side and like the graphics showing the best fit for each ski boot

- Maggie L. | Trenton, NJ | 11/26/2014

Great experience. Great price for great skis!!!!!

- Julie N. | Staten Island, NY | 11/25/2014

Always pleasant to work with, great pricing and products.

- Glenn D. | North Falmouth, MA | 11/24/2014 is awesome!

- Alfredo M. | Hermiston, OR | 11/24/2014

I LOVE this store! They are so friendly and accommodating, moreso than any other store I have dealt with online. Their return/ refund rate is VERY generous. They seem genuinely interested in my ski experience and that I have a great purchase experience with them, almost like I am in a store. Hats off to your customer service, competitive pricing and inexpensive shipping! Could not ask for anything more.

- Lisa H. | Danville, CA | 11/23/2014

Great selection of products and reasonable prices. Excellent communication throughout the process.And highest-quality produts!

- Michelle R. | Mosinee, Wi | 11/21/2014

You guy are the Best!!!

- Erik D. | Highland Park, IL | 11/20/2014

Great experience. Conversation with Dru from the chat help was very useful on prior purchase.

- Allen J. | Dallas, TX | 11/20/2014

Great jacket and fast service! First time it fit my son on the first try!

- Shannon M. | Houston, TX | 11/20/2014

My husband received an email that was having a sale and we needed a ski outfit for our 10 yr daughter. She found something she liked and they you had it in her size and the price was great. I also found a few things that were priced so low that I couldn't resist and I purchased those too.

- Lauren W. | Keene, NH | 11/17/2014

The buying guides are very helpful--they take the mystery out of the purchase. Plus, great deals and selection!

- William W. | New York, NY | 10/31/2014

Third set of skis and bindings we've purchased from and never disappointed.

- Edward H. | Lexington, SC | 10/30/2014

I had an excellent experience shopping at They have a great selection of items to choose from to fit my exact needs.

- Plano, TX | 10/30/2014

Experience was great overall. Dru was helpful in Chat and helped me make a final decision on a major purchase, new skis. Will shop here in the future.

- Thomas A. | Pleasantville, NY | 10/29/2014

My favorite thing about is how you can look up the specs on basically any ski.

- Guest | 10/26/2014

Great to deal with.. highly recommended.

- Joel D. | Sarasota, FL | 10/23/2014

Love the specs you have for the boots such as 'Actual Flex' rating. Even though these numbers are relatively subjective, a huge help. Also, the print out, 'Before you Try On Your Boots' is perfect. I want to post in the shop at the base of my local hill to help the rental shop explain to customers what's going on. It's got your logo, hope you don't mind.

- Mark O. | Portland, ME | 10/22/2014

Awesome selection and great sale pricing!!

- John S. | Spring, TX | 10/21/2014

Great selection! I am really looking forward to my new ski bindings.

- Bridget O. | Dillon, CO | 10/21/2014

Great Supplies, Great Video Reviews, Great Deals, Really happy with your company over all and look forward to coming back..

- Guest | 10/20/2014

Great prices and good choices. I've already recommended this site to several friends.

- Rogers E. | Monroe, CT | 10/18/2014

Love how I could "sort" when shopping by the style of the fit of ski pants (low rise, regular, loose etc)..

- Tammy J. | Summerville, SC | 10/17/2014

Great site, quick service.

- Chad h. | Bradford PA | 10/16/2014

Although this is my first purchase from I have contacted then with questions concerning ski gear and have received great support. This will be my go to web site for ski gear.

- Barry P. | Monroe, LA | 10/16/2014 is a great website. It is comparable to two other website I frequently use. I really like the availability and wide variety of inventory. I recommend this website to my other ski friends and order from if I really need something for the upcoming ski season.

- Richard J. | Westfield, NJ | 10/13/2014

A lot of information i would think i needed to go to a store in person for. First time ski buyer, just doing research, it was great! Hope to be back to make a purchase soon.

- Guest | 10/13/2014

Great site. I am always happy with the quality and reliability of the products.

- Shelly A. | Belfast, ME | 10/12/2014

Great reviews and information, I will see the accuracy when I jump on the mountain at Winter Park, Colorado. Stay tuned! Good communication and customer service.".

- Andy F. | Helena, MT | 10/11/2014

I think that has done a great job with the layout of the site and did an excellent job providing accurate and detailed information about each product with comprehensive video reviews for ski boots and skis. I will definitely return to this site when I need something ski related.

- John K. | Newtown, PA | 10/6/2014

Quick, easy, fast shipping

- Noah R. | Amherst NY | 10/4/2014

Love em! Love em! Love em! Customer service is 2nd to None! and a great selection of skates to choose from

- 10/4/2014

loved the short video reviews of skis and boots from the staff... very helpful also loved the search features of the site, which allowed me to find exactly what I needed very quickly customer service was also prompt and friendly when I called.

- Andy F. | Fort Worth, TX | 10/1/2014

Using the get 3 and return the other two boots is a great way of asuring a good fit. My call to quickley answered my questions.

- David T. | Marshfield, ME | 9/30/2014

Recently ordered a BOGNER mid layer top. I miss spelled my street address and order was, kicked. Your kindly representative took the time to contact me on my cell and cleared up my problem. Thanks for the personal touch''

- Michael P. | Stevenson Ranch, CA | 9/26/2014

Your walk through for selecting skis is just the right thing! So often folks ask me what skis to buy... I tell them it depends on so many factors and your selections hit them all in a nice uncomplicated way... good job!

- Ron | 9/25/2014

1st time customer - is right down my alley for Winter Sports gear. Breadth of product offering and brand names indicate: 1) they are genuine specialists; 2) they know their stuff. They're a great online resource because finding a competent ski shop in a large metro Midwest location is a challenge.

- David W. | Shawnee, KS | 9/22/2014

Awesome! I have purchased skis, bindings and gloves in the past year and have been 100% satisfied with I cannot wait to get my new boots, I expect they will awesome!

- David B. | North Granby, CT | 8/23/2014

Great website - I have bought items from in the past. I really like how informative/detailed the site is about skis and ski boots and how you can filter the skis you're looking at so many different ways.

- Joy C. | Barrington, RI | 8/22/2014

Very pleased with the selection and communication at The chat feature was very helpful. The prices are outstanding. I hope I will feel just as satisfied once my items arrive. I confirmed the exchange/return policy before completing my purchase.

- Lori R. | Colchester, VT | 8/21/2014

After looking on your site for various items such as a helmet, skis, and bindings I noticed that I had found these items extremely quickly. I looked for a helmet with audio, large skis, and bindings and found some perfect items rather quickly. I am happy with your site content as it is extensive.

- Erin B. | Corona Del Mar, CA | 7/22/2014

I have purchased from them in the past along with the other skiers normally I buy my skies onLine and in late Spring or summer when they run a sale seems a much better deal than paying FFR for new ski in December and your still getting a NEW ski. Thank YOU :-)

- Steven T. | Orlando, FL | 7/17/2014 are one of the very few US businesses that have a fully integrated eCommerce solution that works to deliver what today's and tomorrow's customers need now. Well done guys- great team effort!

- Cate G. | Des Moines, IA | 7/10/2014

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