Snowskate Shopping Tips


Snowskates offer some great fun in an inexpensive package. For years skateboarders have rejoiced in the use of snowskates once the sidewalks and pavements get covered in snow and ice. There are a couple different styles that offer different feels in design from one another and depending on personal preference you may enjoy one over another.


Single Deck Snowskates


Single deck snowskates offer a single layer laying flat against the snows surface. These are typically made of either plastic or wood but the wood models will offer a plastic bottom. The plastic models are typically lighter weight and will slide nicely on the snow. The wood models will be a bit heavier but with the wood top they will offer a sturdier feel and a bit more pop.


Bi-Deck Snowskates


Bi-deck snowskates offer a traditional skateboard deck style top with a single ski attached to the bottom. This style offers a close to traditional skateboard style feel but with the single ski on the bottom it’s a bit more difficult to grind obstacles so this style snowskate may be best for those not looking to do a lot of grinding.


4X4 Snowskates


This style of snowskate is the least common of all the styles but will offer the most similar feel to an actual skateboard. The 4X4 refers to snowskates that offer a traditional skateboard deck top with four individual ski style apparatus’ acting as “wheels” and located where the wheels of a traditional skateboard would be located.


What Style Snowskate Defines You


Based on the above descriptions of snowskate styles you should be able to make a decent decision of which style will work best for you. Choosing a single deck snowskate is the most popular as it really can pretty much do anything and go anywhere. You will find that snowskates respond better to more packed snow.


Where Snowskates are not Allowed, NoSkates!


Don’t try to take your snowskate to the mountain. Resorts will typically only allow snowboards or skis with metal edges and most all snowskates don’t have metal edges thus are not allowed in resorts. Some snowskates, mostly the bi-deck and 4X4 models, offer metal edges but most resorts still don’t allow them in. Check your local resorts rules and regulations if you still wish to try to take snowskates there.



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