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Snowboard Shopping Tips

Shopping snowboards at is easy and offers a unique way to pick and choose exactly what is shown to you. When you first click into this snowboard page you will notice a lot of different styles, sizes and types of snowboards. To narrow down your selection you will want to use the refinements which you can find on the left of the page; refinements are the boxes with selectable data in them which starts with brand, gender and price going down the left hand side of the page. Here we will cover exactly how to use these refinements to easily shop our massive snowboards selection.


Shopping Boards by Brand Gender or Price


Boards by Brand- Easily one of the most usable refinements is the brand refinement. With this you can easily shop only snowboards by your favorite brand or brands. If you are loyal to one brand like Burton, you can select Burton in the “By Brand” refinement and you will only be shown Burton boards. Once you select Burton the page will refresh with this data; you can also select more brands once this refreshes. Selecting Burton first and then selecting Rome will show you only Burton and Rome snowboards.


Boards by Gender- Men don’t want women’s snowboards and women don’t want men’s so this refinement comes in handy. Under the “Gender” refinement you can select mens, womens, boys or girls and you will only be shown boards that are for that gender.


Boards by Price- When on a strict budget or shopping snowboards as a gift it’s really nice to be able to set a limit and only be shown boards that are in that range. Under the “Price” refinement you can choose one ore more ranges of prices and be only shown boards that fit into the constraints of your price range.


Shopping Boards by Length, Intended Use, Shape, Board Width, Rocker Profile and More


Boards by Length- Length is very important when shopping snowboards. Under the “Length” refinement you can easily choose the length that is adequate to you and only be shown snowboards that fit this requirement.


Boards by Intended Use- Are you an all mountain or freestyle snowboarder? Here you can select either discipline and only be shown snowboards that cater to your selection.


Boards by Shape- Are you looking for a twin, directional or directional twin snowboard? Here you can select one or more of these shapes and only be shown snowboards that are available in your specified selection.


Boards by Board Width- Snowboards are available in regular or wide widths. Snowboards in wide widths are best for those with a size 11snowboard boot or bigger. Select wide or regular and you will only be shown snowboards that are available in that board width.


Boards by Rocker Profile- Rocker is relatively new in the snowboard world but there are several variances now in how a board can either be rockered or camber. Rocker means the board is shaped up at the tip and tail and there are different offerings of mixed rocker and camber. Camber is the traditional shape of snowboards with a concave being present in the middle of the board.


Boards by Flex- Snowboards are offered in light flexes that will be very soft or stiff flexes that are going to be stiffer and less forgiving. Whether interested in very soft, very stiff or something in between you can select the snowboards you want to shop b flex in this refinement.


As you can see there are many refinements one can make while shopping snowboards. We hope that all these refinements will help you find the exact board you are looking for in our immense snowboards selection.


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