Snowboard Gear from Burton, Ride, K2, Lib Tech, Flow and More makes it really easy to shop for snowboard gear. Our buyers take time to create snowboard packages which include a snowboard, snowboard boots, and snowboard bindings which match up in terms of skill level and graphics. Snowboard packages are available from all of the top brands including K2, Salomon, Ride, Burton, and more.


Most of the beginner and intermediate snowboard gear packages match up products which may not be from the same brand but look great together and are appropriate for the skill level of the rider. These packages are often offered at great prices, sometimes even as low as $250 for a complete snowboard package. The top end snowboard gear packages might be from a single brand like Burton and match up the products that the manufacturer designs to go together.


If you don’t need a complete snowboard gear package you can certainly shop for snowboards, snowboard boots and snowboard bindings separately. has a full selection of snowboards including All Mountain, All Mountain Freestyle and Freestyle designs. All Mountain snowboards are designed to be very versatile snowboards which are good on all groomed terrain and even in some powder. Freestyle snowboards are designed to do tricks in the terrain park on boxes, rails, and jumps. All Mountain Freestyle snowboards are a hybrid of the two designs, making them good for both general snowboarding and hitting jumps and doing tricks in the terrain park.


Snowboard bindings mount directly onto the snowboard. Snowboard bindings use a disc with holes in it which fits in the base plate of the binding and screws which get screwed into the predrilled holes in the board. Most of the boards and bindings available are for the standard 4 hole system which uses 4 screws in each binding and the holes in the board are in rectangular pattern in two rows. Burton snowboard gear uses a 3D hole system. Snowboard bindings are attached to Burton boards using three screws in a triangular pattern. Many binding manufacturers include discs which are compatible with both hole patterns. Burton also makes a new system which is called ICS. These bindings use a channel system which the binding connects to the snowboard. ICS channel snowboards must use ICS compatible bindings. highly recommends that you carry a snowboard tool in with your snowboard gear incase the binding screws loosen.


Snowboard boots are the most important piece of snowboarding gear to invest in. Since snowboard boots are the only piece of your snowboard gear set up which actually touches your body directly, it is important that they fit great and are comfortable. Snowboard boots are size using standard American shoe sizing. It is important to size your snowboard boots like you would a pair of running shoes or dress shoes. Many people wear their casual street shoes a ½ size or a full size too big, which although comfy doesn’t provide the snug fit you want from a snowboard boot to give you better control over your snowboard.


Hopefully this and the rest of the buying and sizing guides on will help you pick out the right snowboarding gear for you. If you need a hand please use our Live Chat or contact customer service to speak with one of our gear experts.


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