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Snowboard Boot Shopping Tips

When purchasing snowboarding boots it is best to know exactly what type of snowboarding you will be doing, how often and how you wish a boot to fit and feel. This may sound like a task but is really not too hard at all. Let’s go over a few snowboard boot basics:

Types of Snowboarding Boots

There are a few different types of boots for snowboarding but here let’s just go over the two main styles; all mountain and freestyle.

All Mountain Snowboarding Boots

Made for general all mountain snowboarding these are going to be the most popular style of snowboarding boots. These boots offer various styles and flexes depending on skill level and can be geared towards very beginner snowboarders to expert snowboarders.

Freestyle Snowboarding Boots

This style of boot is made for the park and pipe snowboarders. Those looking for a bit more padding and a slightly softer fit will find these boots fit their needs greatly. Although the intended use of these boots is the park and pipe you can still snowboard all mountain with them, they will just be a bit softer.

Boot Flex

There will be different flexes depending on how you wish your boots to feel. For someone that is charging hard and snowboarding a lot a stiffer flex will give them the support and control they are looking for. For a park and pipe snowboarder a snowboard boot with a softer flex will give them the freedom and ability to flex the boot easier.

Types of Lacing Styles

There used to be one lacing style for snowboard boots and that was laces. Now you can still et the trusty laces style but now there are options like BOA, laces + Velcro and more. Traditional laces work great for those who don’t mind lacing their boots and want the feeling of a traditional snowboard boot. Laces work great for park and pipe boarders as they offer a bit softer feel. BOA systems operate as a dial and a wiring that runs through the boot. Great for all mountain riders this style of snowboard boot allows you to tighten it as much as you want and offers immediate relief when you release the dial.

As you can see there are a few things to look for when shopping for snowboarding boots. Please be sure not to overlook these details when shopping for new boots. For more information regarding snowboarding boots please view all the articles, videos and guides in our


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