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Snowboard Binding Shopping Tips


Bindings are the glue that holds you to your snowboard and with this they are fairly important pieces of equipment. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for bindings; what type of snowboarding are you going to be doing? What size snowboard boots do you have?

Types of Bindings

The two main styles of snowboarding bindings are going to be all mountain and freestyle which correlates to the two main styles of snowboarding. All mountain bindings are going to be best geared for those riders doing more recreational riding all over the mountain. There will be different variances of all mountain bindings for different levels of riding from beginner to advanced expert boarders; pipe riders typically go with a stiffer all mountain binding to get the support they need. Freestyle bindings are going to be geared towards park riders and will be a bit softer offering the flex park riders need.  

Binding Sizing

Just like most pieces of equipment bindings come in different sizes. This size coincides with the size of your snowboard boots. You will notice that there is a “range” of sizes a certain size snowboard binding will fit; with this you may have to adjust the bindings once you receive them to fully customize the fit. The bindings and boots may fit just fine right out of the box but for fine tuning these adjustments work great. We have included below a general size chart for bindings.

Bindings for Men, Women and Kids

Just like all the rest of snowboarding gear there are mens, womens and kids snowboard bindings available. There are differences in each style that make the unique their category; kids bindings are going to be narrowest and smallest to better hold the smaller kids snowboard boot. Womens snowboarding bindings are going to be narrower in the heel and throughout the middle of the chassis to fit a narrower womens snowboard boot better. Mens bindings are going to be a bit wider and will be offered in larger sizes to accommodate a mens snowboard boot.  For complete sizing information please view our
sizing guide for snowboarding bindings and view all guides and articles in our Ski-O-Pedia


Binding Size Mens Boot Size Womens Boot Size
Small 4-7 5-8
Medium 7-9 8-10
Large 10-13 10+
X-Large 12+ -
Small/Medium 4-9 5-10
Medium/Large 8-11 -
Large/X-Large 11+ -



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