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Some snowboard accessories are completely that, accessories, but some are completely necessary. In the snowboard accessories section you will find tools, stomp pads, leashes and other accessories. Any snowboarder will tell you that some of those accessories are more like necessities. Let’s get into some specifics of what these accessories are, what they do and why you need them.


Snowboard Tools


Snowboard tools are the ultimate snowboard accessory. It’s awful to be on the slopes and realize your angles are all screwy or you need to tighten a screw before your binding is in pieces. Snowboard tools come in many sizes and styles so there is sure to be one that will easily fit into your pocket or into the glove box of your car. While shopping snowboard accessories you can see all the snowboard tools by clicking “tools” in the category box on the left side of the page.


Stomp Pads


Stomp pads are basically floor mats for your snowboard. You place the stomp pad between your bindings which acts as a grip platform to place your foot when you exit the chairlift or if you are waiting at the top of the mountain. This is one of those snowboard accessories that certain snowboarders will argue the importance of but not us, we think it makes things that much easier. And who cares anyway if you cover a bit of graphic up with a stomp pad, you will thank yourself later. You can shop all stomp pads by selecting “stomp pads” in the category section on the left while on the snowboard accessories page.




A snowboard leash is a great snowboard accessory to invest in; a leash attaches your binding to your snowboard boot. This is good because if you get de-attached from your board for any reason you know it won’t stray too far. A leash is basically a cheap insurance policy for your snowboard. You can also get lockable leashes that you can use as a leash and a lock, two birds, one stone. At some resorts a snowboard leash is 100% necessary as they require them so before you write it off check your resorts rules.


As you can see some snowboard accessories are more like snowboard necessities but it’s all in the shred of the board holder. Some more snowboard accessories you may find in our accessories section are locks, extra parts and gear kits and packs.



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