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Volkl skis have been around since 1923 and have been manufactured from their Straubing, Germany location throughout their entire existence. Although Volkl has built a more state of the art facility the original Straubing location is still in use. Georg Völkl, originally a master cartwright building horse drawn wagons, began officially making Volkl skis in 1923 although at the time they were called Vöstras. The son of Georg Völkl, Franz Völkl, took the reigns of the company from his father in 1952 making radical changes to modernize the company...Read More


In 1967 Volkl skis thrilled the world with their new Zebra skis which featured the legendary striped zebra pattern. Although critiqued by many in the industry for going against their, until then, conservative image, the zebra-ski was a worldwide hit. Three years later, in 1970, Volkl made its first step into the international alpine ski racing side of skiing and soon become a source for innovation. This started Volkl skis becoming a big name in international ski racing with World Cup victories, world Championship titles and Olympic medals. Volkl skis were the ones to beat. In 1973 the Zebra skis had to move over and make way for the Renntiger, a new Volkl ski introducing carbon fiber in the skis which proved to add a great bit of performance to the skis.

The 80’s and 90’s were also good to Volkl; in 1985 the Volkl skis P Series was born. The Volkl P9 skis offered skiers an extension of their bodies through their skis. The “P” in the P series of skis stands for Professional Skinetik Powerline Völkl technology as the skis were intimately attuned to human biomechanics. In 1994 Volkl was one of the first ski manufacturers to discover the trend of carving and presented the world with their new heavily tapered Snow Ranger model of skis at the yearly industry trade show. Still today Volkl skis holds the rights to the Carver trademark in Europe’s Alpine countries.

The 2000’s have also been good to Volkl skis with some new technology coming to their skis and bindings. In 2001 Volkl introduced the Motion binding system which was revolutionary giving their skis a fully integrated binding and ski system. This system worked great on Volkl skis and gave the skis a free flex throughout the entire ski. In 2007 Volkl introduced the power switch technology. The manual switch gives skiers the ability to adjust their Volkl skis to varying snow conditions or differing levels of fitness.

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