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Salomon Skis were born in the French Alps in 1947. Since then the company has grown to be one of the largest ski companies in the world, but their focus still remains on innovative product development and quality craftsmanship. When it comes to skis, Salomon takes the collective approach to bring ideas and inspirations from diverse backgrounds to bring a progressive approach to the customers. That being said Salomon produces top notch skis for Big Mountain or Powder, All Mountain Terrain, Frontside Carving, and freestyle skiing – or park and pipe.Read More


Francois Salomon, the founder of Salomon, and his son George designed and perfected many of the first modern ski bindings. As the company grew so did the potential for further innovation. In 1999 Salomon created a ski called the TenEighty, it the first twin tip ski on the market. That ski gave way to the development of a new discipline of skiing, freestyle. From there they created the Pocket Rocket which was the first wide twin tip ski, thus starting the move towards fatter skis for easier skiing off the groomed trail. These two skis have allowed Salomon to continue improving their products for both freestyle and powder skiing.

To ensure that they are producing top notch products; Salomon has enlisted a team of sponsored athletes to not only endorse the product, but test it in the most extreme circumstances. The Salomon Pro Team includes skiing legends Mark Abma and Bobby Brown amongst others. Mark Abma is best known for his big mountain skiing and appears in several major ski films (Warren Miller, Match Stick Productions, and Poor Boyz Productions) shredding fresh pow lines all over the world. On the other hand, Bobby Brown is a freestyle skier known for going big! How big exactly, 1440 big. For those who don’t know a 1440 is when a skier completes 4 complete revolutions before landing the jump. Incase that isn’t enough; Bobby is one of a few skiers that can do a Triple Cork 1440 so that’s 4 revolutions while flipping (off axis) three times. Salomon is able to provide professional skiers like Mark and Bobby the equipment they need because of the innovative mindset that has been guiding the company from the beginning.

The Salomon engineering team still strives to develop progressive and innovative gear that allows passionate skiers the freedom and assistance they need to challenge themselves in the mountains. Their latest progressive innovation was the BBR Collection of skis. These Salomon skis were modeled after the shape of a surfboard. While perhaps a bit unusual looking the technology really works to make skiing so much easier for skiers of all abilities especially in variable snow conditions where surfing on top of the snow is ideal. There are two other collections of skis that Salomon is currently producing; the Enduro Series and the Quest Line. For more information about the Enduro Series or the Quest Line please watch the video below.

Salomon backs up their ski collections with technical ski products from head to toe – literally. Salomon makes helmets, goggles, complete men’s and women’s ski clothing lines, ski boots, bindings, poles, and a full line up of ski and boot bags. If sporting head to toe Salomon on the ski slopes isn’t enough for you they make trail running, hiking, and mountain life apparel and footwear for the rest of the year too.

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