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Rossignol is known as the Pure Mountain Company, a title earned over a 100-year history of designing products through their undying passion for the mountain lifestyle. Founded in 1907, Rossignol is today one of the oldest ski companies in the world, continually developing products and technologies over the years that allow every mountain day to be better than the one before it. A favorite of ski-world legends and record breakers across decades, Rossignol skis are devised straight from the brain of the world’s best skiers, bringing that knowledge and expertise to the everyday ski bums.Read More


Rossignol History

The birth of Rossignol Skis began with the man himself, carpenter Abel Rossignol., who hand craved his first skis out of wood all the way back in 1907. Dedicated to the craft, Rossignol continued to refine his skis, and before long they were being used by some of the world’s top skiers. The first major triumph on Rossignol skis came from Emile Allais, who won the 1937 World Championships with Rossignols on his feet. The notable conquests for Rossignol riders came often thereon out, with Henri Oreilier’s Olympic Gold in 1948 marking France’s first gold in skiing and Jean Vuarnet’s 1960 gold being done on the first all-metal skis.

The Rossignol story was already a legend. Then in 1956, Rossignol began selling skis all over the world and the legend grew. From creating the world’s first fiber glass skis, an international success called the Strato, to officially becoming the world’s largest ski manufacturer in the seventies, Rossignol was bounding ahead of the competition. A flurry of competitive success has followed since and cemented the brand as a giant in the ski consciousness. Since then Rossignol has continued to develop winning race skis, in addition to developing skis for all mountain skiing, powder skiing and freestyle skiing.

Today, Rossignol is still one of the strongest brands in skiing and in ski racing, a testament to their continued innovation and commitment to skis that perform above all else.

Competitive Achievements

The accomplishments of Allais, Oreilier and Vuarnet are some of the biggest moments in Rossignol’s competitive history, but far from the only. After the 1960 Squaw Valley gold from Vuarnet, just about every French racer began using Rossignol skis during competition, proving to be one of the most influential victories in the brand’s history. In the 1966 World Championships, four French skiers won six gold medals using the Strato and other Rossignol skis, a watershed moment in the marketing of the Strato to the world. The French team continued on the become the dominant team during this time period, in part thanks to the Rossignol skis many of the riders used.

The period from 1968-1972 was one of the most lucrative eras for Rossignol competitive success. Two North American riders, Canada’s Nancy Greene and the United States’ Barbara Ann Cochran, rode Rossignol skis to the top of the sport, again establishing the Stratos as a dominant force in the race circuit. From 1968 onward, Rossignol athletes never failed to win at least seven medals in any Olympics.

The 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada proved to be one of the biggest competitive hauls for riders using Rossignol products, winning six out of ten gold medals in alpine events. The dominant technical skier of the late 1980s and 1990s Alberto Tomba was another prominent racer who rode Rossignol skis during competition, showing that Rossignol could still create a high-functioning race ski after all these years. Throughout the nineties, Rossignol bolstered their brand with a slew of success in Nordic competitions, as well.

Rossignol continues to sponsor a healthy team of alpine and Nordic ski athletes along with competitive snowboard riders, consistently showing up on the podium in all disciplines.

Straight from the pros

After revolutionizing the ski industry with the Strato, Rossignol has consistently delivered skis on the forefront of innovation. Skis like the Rock 550, ST Competition, SM Competition, Equipe 4S, Excess Dualtec, 9X Oversize, Radical Mutix, and Strato series have carried the company to where they are today. What all of these skis have in common is a commitment to perfection, reliability, quality and an attractive design.

The Experience Series and the 7-Series include some of the most popular skis on the market in the Experience 88 and Soul 7. The Experience collection has been receiving accolades from leading industry magazines since they were introduced in 2011, drawing high praise from reputable publications like Skiing and Ski Magazine. The 7-Series is the latest and greatest Rossignol ski collection to hit the market, showing up on the scene this season with gusto and killer ability. The Soul 7 has been the leading ski in the 7-Series and, at 106mm wide, it offers the benefits of powder skis with the ability to ski the rest of the mountain too.

How does Rossignol create such highly-regarded, widely-recognized skis? They begin by sponsoring the world’s best athletes in Big Mountain skiing, freestyle skiing and ski racing. They listen to the athletes and make products based on their recommendations and expertise. The concepts that are developed and brought to life for the professional are then adapted for the general consumer and brought down through every model in the collection. As a consumer, you can take to the mountain with your Rossignol skis knowing you’ve got the power of pro performance beneath you.

The World of Rossignol

Rossignol debuted its first Nordic ski in 1976, adding to its collection of alpine racing skis they create. Around 1973, with the popularity of freestyle skiing exploding, Rossignol began work on developing a freestyle ski that would rival their racing skis in performance. By their second year, Rossignol had already made their mark on the new style by winning the Professionals Freestyle Association’s Manufacturing Trophy award for their freestyle ski design. This was one of the most important developments in Rossignol’s storied history; at a time when the attention of skiers was drifting away from racing, Rossignol had to find a way to shift their racing-heavy marketing strategy that relied on competitive success from top racers to a more consumer, every-man type approach.

Rossignol could have been content with their success in ski making, but the same passion for adventure that pushed them to master downhill and Nordic ski design also challenges them to enhance the active outdoor lifestyle in all its facets. In addition to making world-class skis, Rossignol also designs and manufactures technical equipment and soft goods for all seasons. Ski accessories such as boots, bindings, poles, helmets and goggles are all in the Rossignol wheelhouse, not to mention full collections of men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing.

What Do They Sell?

Rossignol is much more than just a ski company these days. On top of the various types of skis they make, Rossignol now produces a just about every type of winter sports gear you need.

Alpine Skis: Rossignol is best known for their alpine skis, which they have been perfecting for a century. Producing a ski for any part of the mountain you want to ride, Rossignol has every form of alpine skiing covered.

On-Piste: Tailor made for precise and powerful carving ability, Rossignol’s on-piste skis bring excitement to the hardpack. Stay in control with the enhanced stability and smoothness these skis provide, perfect for making your way down the groomers.

All-Mountain: Rossignol’s all-mountain skis can adapt to every type of terrain and all snow conditions. Make the most of your day on the slopes by attacking any area of the mountain you want.

Freestyle: All about park performance, freestyle skis offer versatility and playfulness that mesh well with the free-flowing style of the park.

Freeride: Tackle backcountry, big mountain riding with Rossignol’s freeride variety of skis. Some of the most light and stable skis in their collection, they can glide effortlessly on the powder and tear up the back bowls no problem.

Racing: The crown jewel of Rossignol, their racing skis have over a century of fine-tuning to their name. A beast on the hard-pack, Rossignol racing skis turn technical execution up a notch. With a history of innovation and competitive success to their credit, they have time and time again proven their ability.

Nordic Skis: Rossignol has a variety of cross-country skis as well. From the narrower racing skis to their thicker backcountry counterparts and everything in between, there is a Nordic ski for any mountain trail exploration you want to adventure on.

Snowboards: Breaking into the snowboard world as well, Rossignol has an assortment of all-mountain and freestyle boards that shred with the same intensity as their skis. Whether you want to stick to mostly natural features or play all day in the park, there will be a board for you.

Accessories: Outfit yourself in Rossignol equipment from head to toe. Rossignol is dedicated to helping you experience the mountain life in the best way possible, and that includes providing you with top-tier gear beyond just skis. Helmets, goggles, ski and boot bags, poles and more all carry the same chutzpah as their skis.

Apparel: Whether you need a warm winter jacket to stifle the cold, some fashionable sweaters to wear around the lodge or some sweet kicks you can wear while wandering around your winter wonderland, Rossignol produces full lines of clothes for both men and women. Performance wear to personal wear, Rossignol has got you covered.

The Latest in Ski Technology

Rossignol has consistently led the charge into new ski tech, a large part of its sustained success in what is a highly-competitive industry. Two innovations stand out in particular: The Strato. the first fiberglass ski to see competitive success and recognition worldwide, was one of the landmark achievements in skiing in the 20th century. Named for the multiple layers of wood that the ski was composed of, the Strato had three layers of laminated ash or hickory lightened with strips of low-density tropical woods, with additional layers of epoxy-reinforced fiberglass above and below. The Strato, which debuted in 1964, became very popular with many professionals because of its thinner, lighter and softer-flexing structure.

Another noteworthy success for Rossignol on the tech front was the Vibration Absorbing System that launched in 1982. The new advancement was designed by engineer Yves Piegay as a way to deaden vibration that resulted from high speeds. He did this by placing steel wires embedded in thin strips of rubber at the perfect nodes in the skis, controlling the ski’s vibration without reducing how lively the ski feels as you ride it. This was a major turning point for Rossignol, allowing them to create high-speed recreational skis that could be used for racing as well as the backcountry, an unheard-of proposition at this point in time.

Rossignol doesn’t limit the technical advancements to only their gear either; they want to create ways to bolster the mountain way of life no matter the size or shape it comes in. In that spirit, Rossignol developed The Ski Pursuit, the first social ski app. The Ski Pursuit, available for both IPhone and Android, allows you to track your runs, speed, distance, ascent and descent. Of course, you can share all of this info with your friends, answering once and for all the age-old question between your buddies: who skies harder.

Icon of the Past, Symbol of the Present

Everyday Rossignol is inspired by their roots and history of creating exceptional skis. They use that motivation to build the future of the mountain lifestyle, learning and borrowing from their past to shape the skis that will be used by pros and joes alike. For 100 years, Rossignol has made a passionate commitment to the thrill of the mountains, and they hope to make the next 100 years just as full of thrill as the last.

See what has kept Rossignol relevant a century later and find out for yourself what it’s like to ride a pair of Rossignol skis. has a large selection of Rossignol alpine skis to choose from. To see all the Rossignol products we carry plus Rossignol ski reviews, click here.

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