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Based in Seattle, Washington and boasting former vice president Dan Quayle as a board member, K2 is more than a ski company – they’re a legend. K2 Skis have always been leaders and pioneers in creating cutting edge technology for everything from skis to snowboards, skates and bikes. In 1962, two brothers: Bill and Don Kischner founded the company in Washington and over the years they have helped to make skis lighter, livelier and built with greater performance. K2 has brought in a few partners, had the company bought and sold to a few investment firms but one thing has remained..Read More


constant for the ski manufacturer: “K2 Sports is what happens when fun meets science and technology“.

If you’re looking to get your merchandise from a company that gives back, K2 is the way to go. With programs like the K2 Ski Alliance which helps unite female skiers of all ages all around the world, this program helps keep the ladies in the ski world up to date on all the latest and greatest in the ski world.

But more importantly, through the K2 Alliance program, which also encompasses K2 Snowboards, K2 donates a minimum of $50,000 per year to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Within the past decade, K2 has donated over $1,000,000 to the charity.

K2 also likes to heavily promote. Whether it’s through companies like Coors Light or Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, K2 makes sure that they are partnering up with products that will actually benefit the skier like a cold beer made in the snowy Rockies or some beef jerky as some protein for those long backcountry days when the only tracks in the powder are your own.

Of course, there’s nothing like watching some of the best skiers show off their killer tricks and daring blazes from the coldest, snowiest parts of the world to suburban playgrounds which is why K2 proudly sponsors some of the best ski films out there. They work with Warren Miller who has been around longer than K2 as well as other production companies to help bring these superstars of skiing to your TV screen.

When you click into your K2 Skis, you’ll be able to feel the richness of the history and commitment to excellence. From the base to the topsheet, K2 researches, develops and creates some of the best skis on the market. With an unbeatable track record on and off the mountain, you’re doing more than skiing K2 Skis, you’re living the true skier’s lifestyle.

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