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Elan skis got their start during World War II manufacturing durable wooden skis for Partisan troops. In the beginning there were only twelve craftsmen and engineers to manufacture these several hundred pairs of Elan skis. Elan was formally established in 1945 by Rudi Finžgar, a ski jumper who jumped his way to a world record in 1941 (record of 95 meters). After a few years Elan skis were rolled out to the US and Elan began producing 800 pairs of skis a year...Read More


Expansion was the name of the game for Elan skis in the 50’s and 60’s as they expanded from just skis to include boats, kayaks, canoes, tennis racquets, mountain rescue gear and more.

The 70’s and 80’s also saw great success for Elan skis thanks in big part to Ingemar Stenmark. The Swedish skiing legend took his Elan skis to the record books setting and still currently holding the record for most World Cup victories with 86. Ingemar Stenmark used Elan skis for his entire tenor and in result Elan became one of the biggest ski manufacturers in the world and in 1984 there were 168 racers in various disciplines all using Elan skis.

In the 90’s Elan skis made one of the most important changes to ski technology by introducing shaped skis for carving. These skis offered a true change in the way skiers were able to ski and offered much more control and fun on the slopes. Not only was Elan the first company to come up with shaped skis but years later they were also the first to offer an integrated binding system bringing the skis and bindings together in perfect symmetry. In 2012 Elan skis won a prestigious award for their years of dedicated R&D and revolutions in skiing winning the most innovative sports brand by Plus X Award.

Taking on the mountain with a set of Elan skis is fun and exciting no matter the type of skiing you are doing or the part of the mountain you are slaying. You can be sure to find a full line of skis from Elan available at including great deals on all mountain, powder, freeski and downhill skis for men, women and kids.

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