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Armada LogoLike most great ideas, Armada came about via five skiers brainstorming over a few beers on what would make the ideal ski company. Lo and behold, Armada was born. On that fateful day, OC’s business plan began simply: “Armada. What skiing will become.”


And since its inception, Armada has grown to a distribution net as wide as 40 countries and brings some of the market’s best, most advanced and rider-friendly skis, poles, jackets and more, all while enjoying the heck out of doing so. Read More

Brand History

In the early 2000’s, how people skied was changing, but legacy ski companies continued to anchor their identities in alpine racing. What came to be known as freeskiing was a departure from anything that had come before it – it shared more in common with the freedom of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing than it did with anything seen in skiing at the time. This new movement left more to the imagination, and there was a shared sentiment among a new generation of skiers that this style and progression they were pursuing should be celebrated. The time had come for a company that did exactly that.

The handful of people at the epicenter of skiing’s evolution came together: five skiers and a photographer from across the US, Canada and Europe, consisting of JP Auclair, Tanner Hall, JF Cusson, Julien Regnier and Boyd Easley, along with snow sports photographer Chris O’Connell, or “OC.” This crew was poised to adapt the team-based model of snowboarding and skateboarding to a ski brand, something never done to up to that point.

In November 2002, the operation moved from a basement home office in Truckee, California to its own building in Costa Mesa, the beach city home to so many of the world’s biggest skate and surf brands. Athletes drove the company, with Eric Iberg on board as the first team manager. Co-founder Hans Smith joined to run the business and Tyson Hall, Tanner’s brother, jumped on as the company’s sales guy.

In June of 2015, their headquarters moved to Park City, Utah, putting them right smack dab in the middle of one of the world’s greatest skiing and ski-business towns in the world, an ideal home for a brand that prides itself on being connected to the pulse of the ski world.

Armada skis really showcase the awesome design and style that skiers of this new wave crave. From the latest in technology to designs that accommodate skiers of all skill levels, the level of heart and the obsession to make the perfect ski is what keeps this brand going. They started the company with only an idea and a dream, and over a decade later, they are living it.

What Makes Them Different

This isn't some bigwig, money-grubbing corporation. Armada is all about independence, which they feel helps them thrive in the ski world. If their products don’t meet the standards of their athlete-driven and design-obsessed team of creators, then they will never make it to market. It’s this pride and determination in knowing that they create only the best which drives them, not to create the skis of today, but the skis of tomorrow. As serious athletes, they know what’s needed to tackle the steepest of mountain challenges.

Armada is known for producing skis that break the mold. One of the most noteworthy was the JJ, which was first introduced in 2012. It was hailed as being “the first all-mountain powder ski with a rocker”, and is recognized for its versatility considering its wide waist. The latest model of the JJ, the Armada ARV 116 JJ Skis, carries on the legacy of the ski’s deep powder domination.

Embodying the new-school style of skiing in everything it does, Armada skis also boast some of the most unique graphics that you’ll find out there, making sure your skis stand out just as much as your personality. With a pool of artists that renowned within the industry as some of the most creative and eclectic, you’re getting some of the most distinctive-looking skis available.

Armada skis always ensure that they bring the highest-caliber skiers on board, to prove that they’re skis are worthy of being used by the best. They have a very high standard when it comes to selecting riders for sponsorship, and seek out athletes that are among the most creative and most passionate skiers in the world. It’s one of the reasons they can say they have the best skiers showcasing the best skis.

What Do They Sell

Skier owned and operated, Armada is built for the true skier at heart. While they started as one of the only brands to solely produce twin tip skis, they have branched out to share with the world all sorts of creations. They now sell skis, ski poles, ski gloves, mid layers, hoodies, ski jackets and more. Product lines exist for men, women and kids, so the whole family can get in on the fun. Use the refinements on the side of the page to help you find the perfect gear for you.

Armada Ski Reviews

Every year the team tests out the best Armada skis and lets you know what it’s like to ride a pair, right after they hop off the hill. Check out our full list of on-snow ski reviews so you can decide which pair is right for you.

The Future of Skiing

Today, Armada continues on as the athlete-founded, athlete-driven brand of skiing for skiers. Every product is developed with collaboration of the AR Family; their athletes and skiers everywhere alongside the most innovative engineers, designers and artists of skiing. There is collaboration at every stage in the process, producing some great things in the end.

These skis are for the skiers who call the mountains their home, who see art in their core and who never forget the power of a good laugh. They hope that their products will help inspire their customers to live and breathe the ski lifestyle like they do; a worthy goal, without a doubt.

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