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Shopping Tips for Women's Skis


Men’s and Women’s Skis – What’s the Difference?


Women’s skis, like these K2 women’s skis, are specially designed to account for the physical differences between men’s and women’s bodies, including their anatomy, stance and weight. Typically, skis that are designed for women will be slightly softer, a little bit more forgiving in the flex and the waist will be farther forward than in men’s skis. This results in a ski that’s perfectly engineered for a woman’s body, easier to maneuver and less tiring to ski with.


Buying Your First Pair of Women’s Skis


The first thing to know about buying beginner skis is to choose something with a softer flex because these will be more forgiving in the case of poor technique and human error, ideal fro when you are still developing as a skier. Starting with some all-mountain skis is often a good idea, that way you can try out all the different types of terrain and see what you like best. If you're looking to invest in your first pair of skis and are looking to save a few dollars, check out the fantastic deals available at instead of looking for men’s or women’s skis used. There are also pre-built and customizable ski gear packages for people who don’t have any equipment yet; this is the fastest way to get out on the mountain and into the snow.


Skis for Women on the Go


Are you an active mom who loves hitting the slopes because it keeps you young and fit? There are a variety of ski styles and brands available that will suit your lifestyle, snow preferences and skill level, including:


• Equipment for beginner and intermediate skiers

• Skis for advanced and expert skiers

• All-mountain skis

• Powder skis for those deep marshmallow days

• Alpine touring skis for hitting the backcountry

• Freestyle skis for when you want to rip up the park and pipes

• Skis for boys and girls if you like to ride the slopes as a family


All-Mountain Skis for Those Who Want It All


As the name suggests, all-mountain skis are ones that are suitable for a variety of different mountain conditions and many different types of skiers. Thanks to the profile, waist and sidecut of these skis, they can be used to shred anything from fresh powder to a groomed run, making them ideal for new skiers, people who like variety and skiers who have a number of conditions available to them.


Powder Lovers of the World, Unite!


For some skiers, there's nothing in the world better than a few feet of fresh powder, and soft snow is basically the only reason to ever get up in the morning. For you, powder skis are the way to go, because they have a medium flex that allows you to stay above the deep snow, have a wider waist (generally around 110 mm) for better flotation and stability and a rocker for ultimate maneuverability.


Freestyle Skis to Help You Master the Park and Pipe


If jumps, stunts, flips and tricks are what get you going, then you need to grab a pair of freestyle skis. Dedicated freestyle skis and twin tip skis allow for jumping, landing and skiing backward, allowing for flawless execution on anything from the tiniest of jumps to the biggest and baddest of halfpipes.


The Best Skis for Backcountry Trailblazers


Calling all backcountry lovers! has a great selection of alpine touring skis, meaning you can pick out the best skis possible for your off-trail adventures, days out in the snowy wild and touring excursions through the mountains. These lightweight skis often have both a camber and rocker for maximum stability and flotation in deep snow.


Seasoned Skiers: Dial in Your Preferences


Once you’ve been on the mountains for a few years and mastered most of the technical elements of the sport, it’s time to start customizing your equipment based on things like the type of skiing you like to do, your preferred speed and favorite snow conditions. There are many ways that you can personalize a ski to your needs, including by choosing the appropriate:


• Waist width, because while skinnier skis are better for carving, wider skis are better for powder and unpredictable conditions

• Flexibility, because the stiffer the ski, the more responsive it will be at high speeds

• Tail profile, because different profiles are better depending on whether you're looking for speed, stability, jumps or sharper carves


When you're ready to invest in a ski that’s perfectly dialed in to your skill level and preference, you're ready to start looking at the best men's and women’s skis of 2018. Whether you're looking for children’s, men’s or women’s skis for sale, has all the equipment you need to get out on the hill and start enjoying the snow right away. There's a great selection of skis for people of all skill levels, for a variety of different skiing types and snow conditions, and all the best brands and latest models.

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