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To make shopping for ski poles easier offers a great amount of refinements on the left of the page. With these refinements you can easily narrow down the massive selection to exactly the type of ski poles you are looking for Here we are going to go over the most used and most useful refinements used when shopping poles.


Please note you can use multiple refinements when shopping ski poles, simply make the first selection of refinement and let the page refresh with this selection. Once the page refreshes you can select another refinement and the page will refresh with an updated sort of poles to match these multiple refinements.


Shopping poles by gender


This is an easy way to narrow down the poles you see to just what you need. There are differences between men’s women’s and kids poles so selecting one of these in the gender refinement will refresh the page and only show you ski poles that fit what you are looking for.


Shopping poles by price


Ski poles, like skis, have several variances in performance, style and materials so there is a price range that is going to change based on these variables. If you have a strict budget or simply don’t want to spend too much on a set of poles you can narrow down the selection to just those in the price range you want to shop.


Shopping poles by size


The wrong size skiing poles are not going to do you much good so narrowing down the selection to just what is in stock in your size is highly effective. You can select multiple sizes as well as adjustable ski poles so if you are on the verge of one size ski pole and another you can easily shop both sizes. For sizing information on ski poles please see our Ski-O-Pedia.


Shopping poles by shaft material


Some skiers are very picky about their ski poles and will only want to shop poles made of a certain material, like carbon ski poles. It’s very easy to narrow down the selection with only poles made of aluminum, carbon, composite or any other material by selecting this material in the “Shaft Material” refinement.


As you can see there are several refinements at to make shopping for ski poles as easy as possible. With such a large selection of poles we hope you find these refinements useful and are able to use them to find exactly what you are looking for. If you have further questions not answered here please feel free to contact our customer service by phone, chat or email.



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