Snow Kite Shopping Tips


Snow Kites, in addition to ski or snowboard gear, are necessary equipment for the newly popular extreme winter sport Kite Boarding. Kite Boarding is a combination of windsurfing and skiing or snowboarding. Novice kite boarders can use their kites on any snowy surface, if they can catch a prevailing wind. The snow kite will pull them across the surface similar to windsurfing in the summer. For a more extreme approach, kite boarders can take their snow kites to the slopes. Adding a snow kite to back country skiing or snowboarding allows riders to catch wind currents and explore previously uncharted sections of their favorite mountains.


Snow kites are attached to a harness system and rigging allows the kite boarder to control their snow kite. These kites come in a variety of sizes and choosing the appropriate snow kite is extremely important. The larger the snow kite, the more pulling power it will provide. The best way to size a snow kite is based on the wind speed. Typically, the stronger the wind speeds the smaller snow kite you can use. However, there are other factors that can impact the size of the snow kite you should use. For example, if you are a heavier kite boarder or are skiing or boarding in heavy snow conditions you may need a bit more power out of your snow kite.


As a general rule of thumb, for wind speeds between 10 and 15 miles per hour the average adult should use a snow kite which is between 7 and 10 square meters in surface area. As wind speeds pick up into the 14 – 20 mile per hour range a 5 square meter snow kite is recommended. Lastly, for winds over 18 miles per hour a small snow kite, approximately 3.5 square meters should be optimal. The most popular size for snow kites are approximately 5 square meters, since it is suited for standard wind conditions.


With the selection of snow kites available there are plenty to choose from. Kite boarding can be dangerous, so please make your snow kite selection carefully. If you have any questions about kites or how to size them please feel free to contact our customer service department for additional assistance.



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