Smith Ski Helmets

Smith Ski Helmets

With 50 years of innovation and design experience, Smith helmets are widely known today as being the industry leader in ski safety and performance, pioneering advanced helmets that incorporate dynamic technologies, optimized performance and clean styling to fuel fun without limits. Smith seeks to power thrilling experiences with a comprehensive collection that exudes modern style and vibrant personality, not only on the snow, but in surf, bike, fish and all other forms of outdoor adventures.

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Brand History

Smith began in 1965 when Dr. Bob Smith, an orthodontist and an original ski bum, developed the first sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam goggles so he could get a few more powder runs on days when everyone else had to go indoors. In the over 50 years since, Smith has pioneered countless more advanced products and innovations that amplify awesome and crafting gear where every detail makes a difference.

The vast heritage of product innovation has formed who they are as a brand today. Smith first revolutionized the outdoor experience through the introduction of the first interchangeable lens system for sunglasses and snow goggles, then quickly took fog-free goggle technology to the next level with the launch of two new ventilation systems for seamless goggle/helmet integration. Over the next few years, Smith developed the world’s largest eco-friendly sunglass collection in the world.

Plain and simple, Smith started making helmets because they knew they could make them better. Smith started developing snow helmets with the goal of revolutionizing the game. Their ski helmets, both adult and junior, feature the same reduced volume and dramatically improved styling housed in the most advanced helmet construction in the business.

From sand to snow, Smith continues to blend clean style into products tuned for thrilling experiences, while maintaining an inclusive and vibrant personality. To Smith, it is all about the time spent with friends on those powder days. Smith has kept the good time rolling for the past 50 years and wants to keep them rolling for the next 50 too.

Protection Reinvented

To meet the challenges of protecting skiers from the most dangerous of crashes, protection must be reinvented. What does "protection reinvented" mean? For Smith, it means that they will strive to create helmets that exceed safety standards. How will they do this? By focusing on the four types of impact: low speed, high speed, rotational, and multiple-impact.

Each of these impact types requires a different approach, a different philosophy and different technology. To go forward, Smith is using these four different types as their Four Pillars of Design, an ethos that will guide them in their attempt to make the best helmet they can to meet as many of these pillars at one time as possible.

Top Helmet Tech

The objective and design philosophy behind the creation of Smith snow helmets requires them to constantly seek out the latest in helmet technology. Here are some of the ways that Smith is using new technology to create better ski helmets.

Aerocore Construction

Aerocore construction has four primary benefits: to increase airflow, improve temperature regulation resulting in fog-free vision, improve impact resistance and reduce helmet volume and weight. The objective was achieved through the combination of materials such as EPS and Koroyd, a revolutionary new material that absorbs more energy upon impact when compared to international standards, while increasing airflow. Aerocore construction, through the use of Koroyd and EPS, allows for more vents to be placed throughout the helmet without sacrificing protection and comfort.

Smith x Boa Fit System

The Smith x BOA fit system is a custom developed, Smith-exclusive piece. Building on the proven fit of their ergonomic head form, it offers an intuitive dial system for on-the-fly, single-handed micro-adjustment. The three-quarter haloed design offers key features of self-centering and vertical adjustability, allowing the user to achieve a perfectly customized fit.

Hybrid Shell Construction

Smith's Hybrid Shell construction combines separate lightweight and durable shells to create an entirely new helmet category. By fusing the uber-tough bombshell ABS construction with flyweight In-Mold technology, the Hybrid Shell construction optimizes the favorable traits of each material in one revolutionary process. The result is a modern design that provides a lightweight, low profile and perfectly-fitting helmet. Hybrid Shell construction also creates a clean, smooth top surface by enabling the low profiles Regulator to function with reduced mass and volume.

To learn more about Smith helmet technology, as well as Smith ski goggles and Smith sunglasses, visit our Smith Brand Page.

A Fully-Integrated System

One of the benefits of producing both helmets and goggles are that Smith can make them worm in unison perfectly. Smith helmets and goggles are designed to work together as a fully-integrated system. By producing helmets that interact perfectly with their goggles, Smith can create a system that works together to tackle the protection and comfort issues that all skiers face.

Ultimate integration starts with the precise fit of the Smith goggle and helmet. Their helmets are designed to match the curvature of the goggle frame, eliminating "gaper gap" and allowing precise alignment between the helmet and the goggle venting systems.

For the helmet line, the most important factor in their integration with Smith goggles is the AirEvac ventilation system. This is the bridge that allows goggles and helmets to function as one system, venting warm moist air away from the goggles, through the helmet climate control system and ultimately away from the head.

Tomorrow’s Riders Will Wear Smith

Today's riders are going faster, farther and riding more aggressively than their predecessors. The escalated style of riders requires escalated protection, which is why tomorrow's riders will wear Smith.

Using 50 years’ worth of heritage to inform the next 50 years of innovation, Smith is dedicated to making products that authentically empower thrill seekers and modern explorers in snow, giving them the tools to take their adventures to the highest possible peaks.

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