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There are a handful of power players in the goggle world, and Smith Optics has established themselves as one of those players. Although this company has a broad offering of products such as ski helmets, sunglasses, and more, Smith ski goggles are probably what they’re best known for, and for good reason. Their commitment to innovation and quality has persisted through the years and brought about groundbreaking new technology to the market, like the interchangeable lens system in their I/O googles. Long story short, if you haven’t tried a pair of Smith goggles, you should, and you should check out the information below to find out which pair are best for you.....Read More


Smith History

Smith is a sunny happy company based right next to Sun Valley, Idaho. Smith Optics was founded in 1965 and has had a large influence in the ski and snowboard industry. The first ever Smith goggle was also the first ever to offer a sealed thermal lens with breathable vent foam. Many of us don’t know what skiing without a sealed thermal lens and breathable venting foam is like, and we owe a great debt of gratitude for that. The early years had Dr. Bob Smith, an orthodontist, making his Smith goggles using dental tools, foam and glue. Smith received a deal in the late 60’s for manufacturing of Smith goggles, and after that there was no looking back. Smith has offered many more technical innovations since their inception in the late 60’s and many of these innovations have made wearing goggles while skiing or snowboarding much more comfortable and user friendly, not to mention stylish.

Smith Optics has built its company off quality products with innovative and durable designs for both eyewear and goggles. Smith ski and snowboard goggles are easily one of the top choices for skiers and boarders, and over the years Smith has gained support by constantly upping the ante with new designs and technologies. Smith is based out of Ketchum, Idaho but sells their products worldwide in more than 50 countries with a European headquarters located in Florence, Italy.

Smith Snow Goggles Tech

Some of the greatest innovations Smith has invented and produced has changed the industry time and time again. Here we are going to take a look at their current tech options and what they mean so you can decide what’s best for you.

• ChromaPop – ChromaPop lens technology allows you to see details and colors better than normal vision. Smith ChromaPop goggles accomplish this through separating individual colors from the overlap we normally see so colors and images pop out even brighter.

• Regulator – This is a type of ventilation in ski goggles that allows for adjustment. It lets you control the airflow through the frame to protect against fog and help you cool down.

• Porex Fiiter – This patented technology helps the lens filter out moisture that can get stuck between the two layers of lenses to keep away fog.

• Fog-X – This is a hydrophilic chemical treatment that absorbs moisture to keep fog from forming. Unlike other anti-fog treatments, this is actually burned into the lens and cannot be wiped away.

• Flexible Urethane Frame – This is unique compound that Smith uses to build their frames that allows for full flexibility to conform to different facial structures, and maintain that flexibility in extreme cold conditions.

• Tapered Lens Technology TLT – You know that difference between putting you goggles on and taking them off where everything looks a little different? Well Tapered Lens Technology does away with this issue with distortion free vision through light refraction, making objects look exactly the same as they appear without any obstruction.

• Carbonic-X Lens – This is a material on the outside of the lens that offers the best of the best in anti-scratch and impact resistant technology.

• Clip Buckle Straps – Usually straps are one continuous piece of fabric, so whenever you want to take them on or off, you have to pull the whole thing over your head. With clip buckle straps, you can undo your strap to avoid the hassle of pulling the strap over a helmet.

It’s easy to see with their laundry list of innovations why Smith goggles are so important to the industry. If you’re not sure how to check to see if the goggles you pick have the tech and features you want, just click on a pair you’re interested in and scroll down to the information below, all technology included will be listed.

Types of Goggles and Lenses

To the untrained eye, googles may look like a one pair fits all type of scenario, but this is simply not true. There are different types, lenses, shapes, and technologies all made to fit your individual needs. Before we launch into the specifics for all Smith has to offer, we suggest you take a quick peak at our ski goggle buying guide or our women’s ski goggle buying guide.

Okay, now that you know the basics, let’s check out what Smith has to offer. There are a ton of styles offered for this top of the line brand, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. From some of the most popular options like the Smith I/O goggles, the I/OX goggles, and the I/O 7 goggles, you may wonder where to start. First we suggest sticking with a goggle that covers the tech you need, as we just talked about. Next, consider what type of lens system you need.

• Interchangeable – This means the lens has a quick release system allowing you to change out your lens depending on the light and snow conditions, and offers an additional lens for options.

• Spherical – The term spherical refers to the lens shape, which offers a semi-seamless design to improve the field of view.

• Cylindrical – This is also in reference to lens shape, and cylindrical lenses offer better light protection due to their curvature over the eyes.

• Airflow – This type of lens incorporates venting holes on the top of the lens to allow for better airflow, which helps to eliminate fog.

• Turbo fan – Turbo fan technology incorporates a micro-electronic exhaust fan into the lens system to provide the best ventilation and fog protection.

• Over the Glasses (OTG) – These lenses sit on a wider and further off the face frame to allow them to sit comfortably over your glasses.

Let’s also take a minute to talk about polarized and non-polarized lenses. This is a type of lens that can be found throughout many brands, and Smith is surely one of those brands to offer both options. In general, your lens is built to protect your eyes from the sun, wind, and other weather factors. When it comes to sun protection, direct sunlight isn’t the only issue you may encounter while out on the slopes. There is also a ‘bounce-back’ problem from the snow, meaning that sunlight reflects off the snow and can still cause damaging UV rays to get through to your eyes. Polarized lenses stop this reflective light as well as direct, which keeps your eyes protected from all angles.

In terms of lens colors and tints, Smith offers an even wider range of choices. Some of the popular tint/color choices range from rose, yellow flash, red mirror, and green mirror. All options offer something a little different in terms of protections and visibility. A good rule of thumb here is that lighter colors are better in lower light conditions to offer better visibility for snow conditions and less protection due to the lack of sun, while darker lenses offer better eye protection in sunnier conditions. Check out below all the color options available in the Smith ChromaPop line and which conditions they are best for.

Bright Conditions

• ChromaPop Sun Green Mirror

• ChromaPop Sun Black

• ChromaPop Sun Platinum Mirror

• ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror

• ChromaPop Photochromic Rose Flash

Medium Bright Conditions

• ChromaPop Everyday Green Mirror

• ChromaPop Everyday Violet Mirror

• ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror

• ChromaPop Photochromatic Rose Flash

• ChromaPop everyday Rose

Low/Medium Conditions

• ChromaPop Photochromatic Rose Flash

• ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash

• ChromaPop Stormy Yellow Flash

Women’s Smith Goggles

Most frames and styles are considered adult goggles, which means that the frames can be used as unisex, for men and women. However, Smith recognizes that women have specific needs when it comes to ski and snowboard gear. In general, women tend to have smaller faces, meaning that they need a smaller frame, and Smith offers options to fit. The most popular Smith women’s goggles are the Smith I/OS goggles. The I/O interchange system was one of the original quick change systems that allow for you to pop out your lens and quickly replace it with a different one for different light conditions, and as an added bonus they include the extra lens for you! They also offer all the best technology from ChromaPop, Carbonic-X and TLT lens tech, and Porex filter systems. Do these just look like a bunch of made up words to you? Scroll down to our Smith snow goggle tech section and see what these awesome features offer you.

Sizing Smith Goggles

There are a few things you want to consider when sizing your perfect pair of Smith optics goggles. The first being how you want the frame to fit on your face. Frame sizes range from small to large, depending on how big your face is or the area you want to cover. In general, they should feel snug around your nose, forehead, and cheeks without pinching or discomfort. For more information on how to properly size your pair, check out our ski google sizing guide.

Smith does have something unique to offer when it comes to sizing, and that is their ultimate integration. This means that when Smith creates their googles and helmets, they ensure that the two will integrate together to form a perfect fit, aka no gaper gap. So if you do find the perfect pair for you in our collection of Smith goggles, be sure to check out Smith helmets as well for the best possible fit.


Okay, so now that you know everything there is to know, it’s time to browse and find the perfect pair for your needs. Use the refinement tool on the left side of this page to hone in on the best Smith goggles for you. Options such as gender, frame size, lens shape, ventilation, and more will help you only look at what fits your needs.

All in all, putting your trust in a pair is easy because all Smith goggles for skiing and snowboarding have been researched and tested by a dedicated group of Smith employees and athletes involved in the lifestyle. Recommending Smith goggles is a no brainer with their interchangeable lenses, anti fog technology, photochromic lenses, polarized lenses and more. There is something for everyone. You can find a full line for skiing and snowboarding right here on

Did you know that Smith sells more than just goggles? Visit our Smith brand page to see everything that they have to offer, including Smith helmets and sunglasses.

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