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Smith is a sunny happy company based out of Sun Valley, Idaho. Smith Optics was founded in 1965 and has had a large influence in the ski and snowboard industry. The first ever Smith Goggle was also the first ever goggle to offer a sealed thermal lens with breathable vent foam. Many of us don’t know what skiing without a sealed thermal lens and breathable venting foam is like and we have Smith goggles to thank for that. The early years of Smith goggles had Dr. Bob Smith, an orthodontist, making his Smith goggles using dental tools, foam and glue.....Read More


Smith received a deal in the late 60’s for manufacturing of Smith goggles and after that there was no looking back. Smith has offered many more technical innovations since their inception in the late 60’s and many of these innovations have made wearing goggles while skiing or snowboarding much more comfortable and user friendly. Some of the greatest innovations to be found first on Smith goggles include Fog-X anti fog coating, Turbo C.A.M (constant air management), patented ODS (ocular docking system) and PMT lens ventilation system (perforated membrane technology) among many more. It’s easy to see with their laundry list of innovations why Smith goggles are so important to the industry.

Smith Optics has built its company off quality products with innovative and durable designs for both eyewear and goggles. Smith ski and snowboard goggles are easily one of the top choices for skiers and boarders, and over the years Smith has gained support by constantly upping the ante with new designs and technologies. Smith is based out of Ketchum, Idaho but sells their products worldwide in more than 50 countries with a European headquarters located in Florence, Italy.

Putting trust in a pair of Smith goggles is easy because all Smith goggles for skiing and snowboarding have been researched and tested by a dedicated group of Smith employees and athletes involved in the lifestyle. Recommending Smith goggles is a no brainer with their interchangeable lenses, anti fog technology, photochromic lenses, polarized lenses and more. There is something for everyone. You can find a full line of Smith goggles for skiing and snowboarding right here on

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