Tecnica Ski Boots

Tecnica Ski Boots

Tecnica was started in the 1960’s out of a small workshop established in the 1930’s by Oreste Zanatta. At the beginning Tecnica focused on crafting work boots, and in July of 1969 they launched the Original Moon Boot.The Moon Boot was designed as an after-ski boot that was modeled to resemble the boots worn by the Apollo astronauts, the first men to walk on the moon. Moon Boots were quite popular in the ski world and are a symbol of Tecnica’s success... Read More


By 1970 Tecnica presented the first bi-injected ski boot – the Tecnus. By the 1980’s Tecnica developed The TNT hit series Tecnica ski boots. These boots were the first steps that Tecnica took to become a leader in the ski boot world.

By 1993 Tecnica acquired Lowa, a well-known German footwear company. This was the first time an Italian company had taken over a highly recognized German company in the outdoor field. And in 1998 Tecnica purchased Dolomite – the world’s oldest existing mountain equipment brand. This is how Tecnica Group was formed, now a world leader in Tecnica ski boots, Tecnica fur boots, Tecnica hiking boots, after-ski footwear and inline skating. Tecnica Group owns the brands Tecnica, Blizzard, Moon Boot, Lowa, Nordica, Dolomite and Rollerblade.

By the early 2000’s Tecnica was named a “world leader” in after-ski and third in the ski boot market. In 2002 they introduced two new technologies to the market. HOTFORM – a thermoformable liner that allows you to mold your liner to the shape of your foot, and Rapid Access a system that allows you to take your Tecnica ski boots on and off with ease.

From 2010-2017 Tecnica has continued to hold its place at the top and develop their products and collections to meet the need of their consumers. Over the years Tecnica ski boots have received a number of awards. Some of those awards being the ISPO Award in 2014 for the Mach 1 130, and the ISPO Award in 2016 for the Zero G Guide Pro – the newest addition to winter sports. Ski champion Mario Matt has won a gold medal using Tecnica ski boots in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, and Loic Collomb-Patton has twice won the FreeRide World Tour in 2014 and again in 2017.

Tecnica Ski Boots – C.A.S. Technology

Custom Adaptive Shape (C.A.S.) – Tecnica ski boots feature an “industry leading” out-of-the-box fit, that is now paired with the industries best and most customizable shell and liner combination. CAS uses the most anatomically shaped liner and shell for foot retention and maximum comfort, while maintaining a high-level of performance. The C.A.S. shell and liner on Tecnica ski boots features asymmetrically located ankle pockets, Achilles tendon grooves, anatomically shaped heel pockets, navicular bone pockets, asymmetrical located metatarsal pockets and an asymmetrical toe box with increased height.

C.A.S. Liner: The C.A.S. liner was put on the market in 2014 and was a great success. You can find the C.A.S. Liner in the Tecnica ski boots Mach 1 and Cochise collections. There has never been a stock liner that has fit so well out-of-the-box or provided as many custom fit options for bootfitters. The C.A.S. liner features:

Microcell: This dual density, pre-shaped thermoformed material is used in the C.A.S. liner. Its ability to pre-form allows for a great fit and provides enhanced sensitivity and power transmission. Microcell has a super low pack-out rate and is incredibly customizable.

C.A.S. Tongue: Used on the Tecnica ski boots Mach 1 130 MV, this tongue features microcell material directly above the instep. This allows for a better fit and makes it easy for a boot fitter to increase the volume in this area when necessary.

C.A.S. Liner Customization: Quick and easy – the C.A.S. Liner offers the “highest level of customization” found in a stock liner. The Microcell material found in the C.A.S. can be heated and punched to fix problem areas; it is also easy to grind up to 2mm in problem fit areas. Glue the C.A.S. Fit Kit pre-shaped Microcell pieces to decrease volume in problem fit areas.

C.A.S. Cuff Adapt: This allows skiers to customize the cuff of the liner, eliminating any potential pressure points.

C.A.S. Shell: Like the liner, the C.A.S. shell is anatomically shaped and offers a customizable fit for unmatched comfort. The C.A.S. liner and shell are designed to work together for the perfect combination of comfort, fit and performance.

The Shape: The shell, much like the liner also focuses on critical fit areas, and features; asymmetrically located ankle pockets, Achilles tendon groove, anatomically shaped heel pocket, navicular bone pocket, asymmetrically located metatarsal pockets and an asymmetrical toe box with increased height.

The Dimples & Customization: Dimples located on the C.A.S. shell are put in place to serve multiple purposes. They provide a roadmap to problem fit areas and reduce the surface tension of the plastic allowing the shell to be easily, and more effectively punched – after punching, the shell will retain its new shape better. The shell can also be ground to increase volume in problem fit areas.

C.A.S. Boot Board: The Dimples on the C.A.S. boot board are designed to provide a grinding guide allowing for a completely customizable fit.

OG – Zero Gravity

Designed for lightweight, downhill performance the OG is one boot with zero limits. Constructed with Tecnica’s Power Light Design the Zero Gravity boot provides downhill performance in a sub-1600g free touring boot. The OG-Zero Gravity ski boot features Dynafit tech inserts, a rockered rubber sole and a Mobility Cuff System with the Tecnica S.A.S. (self-adjusting system) and 44 degree range of motion.

Power Light Design: The frame of the OG-Zero Gravity boot is constructed out of polyeter. This makes it 30% thinner and 2.5 times stiffer than conventional ski boot materials.

Mobility Cuff: Made with a metal-to-metal device, the Mobility Cuff offers a solid and strong connection. When the boot is in hike mode there is 42 degrees (in the Cochise collection) and 44 degrees (in the Zero G) range of motion for unmatched mobility. Tecnica’s new S.A.S. (self-adjusting system) eliminates any movement in the connection.

Rockered Sole: The rockered sole on the Zero G is made of Skywalk rubber making walking easy and offering a great grip on rocks, scree and snow.

Tecnica Ski Boots Mach 1

Mach1 features Tecnica’s most advanced anatomically shaped liner for the perfect fit, and excellent performance. The shell of the Mach 1 comes in two different lasts; Low (LV) and Mid (MV) volume and offers a great fit for feet of all shapes and sizes. The C.A.S liner and shell along with the customizable boot board allow for a precise out-of-the box fit and allows for additional customization if needed.

Mach 1 130 LV: The Tecnica ski boots Mach 1 130 LV offer a combination of performance and fit. This low volume boot features a 98mm last for an anatomical fit in the C.A.S. liner and shell. The boot board in the Mach 1 130 is completely customizable, making this boot incredibly versatile. This 130 flex boot is designed to respond to any terrain or condition.

Mach 1 130 MV: These boots are designed for the expert skier looking for a high-performance boot with a roomier fit. With a 100mm last, medium volume and the anatomically shaped C.A.S. liner and shell allows you a completely customizable fit, and featuring a 130 flex – the Mach 1 130 MV can take on any conditions, anywhere on the mountain.

Mach 1 120 LV: Made for a precise long term fit, the Mach 1 120 LV boots from Tecnica are anatomically matched. The C.A.S. shell, liner and boot board allow the Mach 1 120 to be completely customized to your foot. The low volume 98mm last ensures a great out-of-the box fit with the ability to go anywhere, and do anything.

Mach 1 120 MV: Perfect for those looking for a slightly softer flex than the 130, the Mach 1 120 MV is made for advanced to expert skiers and offers the perfect combination of fit and performance. The medium volume 100mm last provides a roomier fit and the C.A.S. shell, liner and boot board are designed to be customized to fit your foot.

Mach 1 100 LV: Perfect for those with a narrower foot, the Mach 1 100 LV provides more forgiveness than most low volume boots and features a 98mm last. The confidence inspiring 100 flex, along with the C.A.S. liner, shell and boot board make the Mach 1 100 LV completely customizable for exceptional performance on the slopes.

Mach 1 100 MV: Ideal for intermediate to advanced riders, the Mach 1 100 MV is the backbone of the Mach 1 series. The C.A.S. liner, C.A.S. shell and C.A.S. boot board offer a perfect out-of-the box fit and feature the responsiveness and control you need to take your skiing to the next level. The Mach 1 100’s quick instep makes for easy entry and exit, and the canting and flex along with the 100mm last make these boots versatile enough for a wide range of skiers.

Tecnica Ski Boots Cochise

The Tecnica Cochise Series of ski boots have been recognized as a leading walk-mode boot since they first hit the market. These award-winning boots offer unmatched downhill ski performance and feature a Power Light Design frame that is constructed out of race quality materials for reduced weight and improved performance. They also feature a Mobility Cuff System that features the Self Adjusting System (S.A.S.) to reduce movement for comfort, while still offering 42 degrees of mobility. The Cochise Series also features Integrated Low Tech Inserts and Lightweight Lift Lock Buckles in top-of-the line models.

Lift Lock Buckles: Made for convenience, the innovative Lift Lock mechanism is designed to hold the buckle away from the boot, so that when you flick the lever it releases the buckle.

Low Tech Inserts: Designed to provide a solid connection from boot to binding, the Dynafit certified low tech inserts are fully integrated into the sole of your boot.

Mobility Cuff: Made with a metal-to-metal device, the Mobility Cuff offers a solid and strong connection. When the boot is in hike mode there is 42 degrees (in the Cochise collection) and 44 degrees (in the Zero G) range of motion for unmatched mobility. Tecnica’s new S.A.S. (self-adjusting system) eliminates any movement in the connection.

Power Light Design: The frame of the Cochise Series ski boots are constructed out of polyeter. This makes it 30% thinner and 2.5 times stiffer than conventional ski boot materials.

The Cochise Series Tecnica ski boots also feature the C.A.S liner, shell and boot board combo for a precise fit right out-of-the box. The breathable membrane ensures comfort on, and off the slopes and the low pack out rate allows you to keep your boots longer. The C.A.S. shell has the ability to be heated and punched faster and more effectively than other boots, while the boot board provides a roadmap for boot fitters to create the perfect custom fit.

Tecnica Technologies

I-Rebound: This system features a metal plate that connects the cuff of the boot to the lower part of the shell. This integration regulates the flex of the boot and offers tons of rear support.

Quick Instep: A softer plastic is placed over the instep area, allowing the shell to open as you are sliding your foot in and out of the boot.

Quick Instep Max: The same as the Quick Instep, the Quick Instep Max covers more surface area over the instep, allowing the shell to open as you slide your foot in and out of the boot.

Tecnica Volume Concept: Tecnica offers different collections of boots, designed to meet the needs of every skier. There are a variety of sizes, shapes and volumes of feet.

Women’s Specific Cuff Design: Designed specifically for women, the rear of the cuff and liner are lower and feature a scalloped shape to better fit the unique anatomy of a woman's lower leg.

Merino Liner: Known for its insulation and wicking properties – Merino Wool is used in the liners of Tecnica boots.

Aqua Stop Water Protection: Tecnica uses a bi-injected material that features a double ridge structure for funneling water away from the boot. This system is located right over the instep of the boot.

Tecnica Light Fit: Designed to making hiking easy, Tecnica Light Fit features an ultra-lightweight and fully thermoformable liner that reduces weight.

Celliant & Lambswool: Available on the Mach 1 women's series, the Celliant and Lambswool liner is constructed with 13 thermoreactive minerals that convert body heat into infrared energy.

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