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One of the main concerns for many when they go skiing is getting cold or more importantly getting cold feet. When boot heaters started out people were just throwing hand warmers in their boots to get some warmth. But with time comes evolution and now the heaters we have offer automated systems that distribute heat to our feet consistently and at whatever setting we please. Yeah we may be spoiled skiing with our fancy boot heaters but if that comfort and warmth equals more pleasure while skiing you have won.


What to Expect From a Ski Boot Heater


Boot heaters offer great warmth and peace of mind while skiing down them slopes but there are some common questions regarding them. Here we will address some of the most common concerns with ski boot heaters.


*Please note all ski boot heaters are different and these answers are to address the most common heaters sold.


Are ski boot heaters hard to install?- Short answer, kind of. Every ski boot heater is going to be a bit different so set up may vary. Most ski boot heaters are able to be installed without the help of a professional but in the case you feel you need assistance most all ski shops and resort shops will gladly assist you in installing your new ski boot heaters.


Can ski boot heaters burn my feet?- No, not at all. Even at their highest settings ski boot heaters will not cause burns.


What temperature setting on ski boot heaters is best?- It’s different from one skier to another. You will want to test the waters when you get your ski boot heater set up and try different temperatures out. Typically you can judge how you know you regulate your temperature in your feet and get it close to right the first time.


How are ski boot heaters powered?- Heaters are typically powered by rechargeable battery packs that hold enough charge for a full day skiing. These battery packs offer rechargeable energy with a fast charging time so you never have to deal with cold feet.


Are ski boot heaters heavy?- Heaters are lightweight and once you have them on your boots you will not even be able to feel them. If your feet get too hot you can turn them off and it’s like they’re not even there.


Now you know the answers to some of the most common questions about ski boot heaters. If you still have additional questions please let us know through on site chat or give our customer service a call today.



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