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Here at we stock a great selection of ski bags from the actual ski carrying bags, boot bags and simple luggage style bags. While skiing and travelling there are plenty of times that ski bags come in handy whether acting as transportation or protection. When you first click into the ski bag section of it may be a bit intimidating as there are so many options and styles available. We make it easy to shop though as you can use the “Style” refinement found on the left of the page and the bottom of the refinement boxes. Here you can select different styles of ski bags which we will explain in better detail below.


Wheeled Ski Bags


These are going to be the soft pack ski carriers that offer the ability to hold one or more pairs of skis and have wheeled bottoms to easily roll around while travelling. These ski bags can take one or more pairs of skis depending on their size and will state the maximum amount of skis that they will hold as either single or double meaning they hold either one pair of skis or two. Most wheeled ski bags will max out at two pairs of skis. There will be a varying range of prices on wheeled ski bags and this is dependent on the quality and amount of additional features like pockets and additional straps and padding.


Non-Wheeled Ski Bags


Same as above these are soft pack ski carriers which will carry one or two pairs of skis. The difference is that these ski bags are going need to be carried and will not offer wheels to easily roll them around. These ski bags are great for light travels where you simply need a way to carry and protect your skis like trips to your local ski hill.


Ski Boot Bags


So you have a nice carrier for your skis but now you don’t know what to do with your boots. Well, you’re in luck as you can get ski boot bags as inexpensive and easy ways to carry your boots. With either a single shoulder strap or a backpack style strap system ski boot bags are easy to carry while also carrying your skis.


Hard Case Ski Carriers


If you travel a lot and need some additional protection for your skis you should try hard case ski bags. The hard case is a great way to ensure your skis make it to your destination in the same condition as they left in. These hard case ski bags carry one or two pairs of skis and have the option to be locked.


As you shop the ski bags section of you will also notice additional styles of bags including backpacks, luggage packs, goggle bags and more. Any avid skier knows that having the right luggage, carriers and ski bags is very important to a stress free existence on the slopes, on the way to the slopes and definitely on the way home. For more information view our sizing guide for ski bags in our Ski-O-Pedia section.



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