O'Brien 1-Section Deep-V Combo Waterski Rope Sz 75ft

SKU: wkob1sdv7520

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A fantastic rope for teaching or assisting anyone struggling to do a deep-water slalom start. The bridle section is vinyl coated to protect the rope from ski abrasion. Just rest your ski inside the DEEP-V, and let the “V” hold the ski straight. Makes deep water starts vastly easier. Once you’re up, the rope simply pulls out from underneath the ski and performs just like a regular ski rope. Crossbar in bridle section keeps ski tip in perfect starting position and protects against crunched knuckles. A 70 foot mainline with a 5 foot detachable DEEP-V bridle section and a 12-inch wide aluminum-core handle. 16 strand, 40 filament polypropylene rope construction.
  • 70 foot mainline
  • 5 foot detachable DEEP-V bridle section
  • 12-inch wide aluminum-core handle
  • 16 strand, 40 filament polypropylene rope construction

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