Oakley Line Miner L Goggle Lens Mens

SKU: ss008410

Color: Prizm Hi Pink Lens
Sale price$105.00


There is truly nothing worse on the mountain than a quick change in the weather and an equally as quick change in your ability to see clearly. The Oakley Line Miner L Replacement Lenses are specifically made for your Line Miner L Goggles. Having a backup plan, aka backup lens, is always a safe bet and Oakley has provided plenty of options with its Prizm Lens Technology. Prizm Lenses optimize contrast and color when cruising at high speeds and your sight is a huge advantage. Grab a replacement lens for your Line Miner L Goggles, heck, grab two! You never know when you'll need one! Prizm Lens Technology. F3 Anti-Fog Coating. Large Frame Sze for Oakley's Line Miner and Line Miner Prizm Goggles .

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