Nordica Speedmachine J4U Skis Boots Kids

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Size: 4.5 (23.5)
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The Nordica Speedmachine J4U is a great option for beginner to advanced intermediate growing kids that want a comfortable and performance filled boot. The added strap helps keep the cuff rigid when your tween is ready to crank up the horse power on the slopes. Adjustable buckles keep your feet locked in while allowing you to make small adjustments for the right fit. Feet stay comfortable and warm thanks to the Comfort Fit Liner that can be semi heat formable for a better fit and extended comfort. Have your feet saying thank you at the end of the day with the Nordica Speedmachine J4U. Comfort Fit Liner- Provides lots of comfort and warmth. 25mm Strap- Added power and rigidity. Micro Adjustable Buckles- Durable buckles with micro adjustments. .

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