Meister Patrol Sweater Womens

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Color: Black/White/Lava
Size: L
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The Meister Patrol Sweater reflects retro alpine ski vibes with its sporty stripes and retro colors. Made from soft merino wool, this mid-weight -+ zip silhouette sweater offers extra warmth and versatility. Made with a semi-tailored cut for a feminine touch, this luxurious sweater sits comfortably against your skin providing a smooth next-to-skin feel. Merino Wool - Refers to wool fibers from Merino sheep, which are regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. The long and soft fibers of their wool means merino knit is less itchy than some other types of wool, but carries the same characteristics of natural breathability and wicking. Acrylic - Synthetic textile fibers derived from acrylic acid. When acrylic is blended with wool fibers, it creates a non-itchy and more stable fabric. Semi-tailored zip. Inner collar stripe accents. White knit in SKI wording. YKK plastic teeth zipper with contrast teeth .

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