Line Vision Ski Poles

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Color: Mello Yellow
Size: 103.5-145cm (41-57in)
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Lightweight and offering just over 40cm of adjustability, the LINE Vision Pole is your ticket to backcountry ripping one day and groomer charging the next. Whether you’re an average joe, a cornice whacker, or a park rat, the Vision Pole has a setting that will fit your style. Not to mention they go together like salt and pepper with our Vision Skis. Bonus points for matching your gear, just saying…
  • Pole Basket (mm): 60 & 95 Screw Off
  • Pole Features: Screw it All!™ Screwdriver Tip, Adjustable, Anti Slip Sleeve
  • Pole Material: Carbon Upper, 7075 Aluminum
  • Grip & Diameter: EVA Anatomical
  • Pole Weight: 239

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