Kuhl Akkomplice Krew Baselayer Top Womens

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Color: Ash
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Woven from a multi-filament yarn, The Kuhl Akkomplice Krew Women's Long Underwear Top is designed to be the ultimate performance piece this season. Crafted with Kuhl's KoreKontrol Technology, less moisture is absorbed keeping you drier and the wicking performance unsurpassed. The amount of fabric in contact with your skin in greatly reduced from the 3D rib construction and lightweight mesh under arms leaving you with superior breathability. The Dynamik stitching is stronger than traditional flatlock, with more stretch and minimal bulk for ease of layering. Included are an resistant finish and Kuhl signature Thumb Loops for extended warmth, making this a must have for winter activates. KUHL KoreKontrol Fabric with Dynamik Stitching. Resistant Finish. Lightweight Mesh Underarms. KUHL Signature Thumb Loops .

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