HO Toddler Pursuit CGA Kids Wakeboard Vest

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Size: Toddler (<30lbs)
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The Toddler Pursuit life vest is a Type III Coast Guard approved flotation device geared for Infants weighing up to 30 lbs., including chest heavy foam flotation and a buoyant head rest for face up floating. The little ones will be easy to spot with this bright flotation vest. Toddler specific fit for the up-and-coming child skier in your family. Highly Visible Bright Colors make it easy to spot your little one from long distances. Toddler’s Neck Pillow buoyant head rest for face up floating. Crotch Strap to keep vest stable and secured on child’s body. Pull-Strap allows parents to hoist their children up out of the water quickly. Front Zip Entry for maximum flexibility and easy entry. USCG Approved Type II Personal Flotation Device for use in public waters. Rated for up to 30 lbs.

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