Hestra Czone Gauntlet 3 Finger Jr Kids Gloves Kids

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The Gauntlet Czone 3 Finger Glove is designed to protect your hands and offers all the important features you want in a winter glove. It is created with four layers, an outer shell, an insert that creates waterproofness, insulation for warmth and a cozy brushed polyester lining. The Gauntlet Czone 3 Finger glove is designed with Wolf Paw that reinforces the fingertips to eliminate seams on the surfaces that receive the most wear and tear. Hestra Micron Polyester Fabric Shell - 100% Polyester - Windproof, Water-Resistant, Breathable. PU Digital - 100% PU. CZone Insert - Waterproof + Breathable. Fiberfill Insulation - 100% Polyester. Foam - Insulation + Steadiness. Brushed Polyester Lining - Soft. Handcuffs. Snow Lock - Keeps Cold Out + Warmth In. Wolf Paw - Patented Fingertip Reinforcement, Eliminates Exposed Seams in High Wear and Tear Areas. Pull Strap w/ Velcro Closure.

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