Giro Ella Goggles Womens White Limitless/Vivid Rose Gold Lens

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Title: White Limitless/Vivid Rose Gold Lens
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The new Ella from Giro is an excellent goggle for ladies looking for clear optics and lenses that can be swapped out in just a few seconds. Made for women with a medium to large face frame and facial features, the Ella features the Quick Change Magnetic Assisted Lens System that uses four snap pins and self-locating magnets to hold the lens into place. Quick Change Lenses can practically be swapped out while you are riding down the mountain. The EXV (Expansion View Technology) Frame has a very wide field of vision that improves the mountain scenery and keeps you safer when you are riding on crowded slopes. Giro's Vivid Lens has been designed by Zeiss Optics to be used specifically for snow sports. Vivid Lenses reduce the strain on your eyes, allow you to see the contours of the snow in high definition and improve your reaction time. Vivid Lenses Designed by Zeiss - Enhances contrast and definition to reduce eyestrain by increasing blue light and blocking harmful UV rays. EXV (Expansion View Technology) - Delivers excellent peripheral vision to spot features, scenery and snow bumps. Quick Change Magnetic Assisted Lens System - Four self-locking magnets assist in lightening-fast lens replacement. Evak Vent Technology - Increases breathability and delivers an escape route for moisture. Injection formed Cylindrical Lens - Shaped for optimal views with incredible strength and durability. Triple Layer Face Foam - Microfleece facing is soft against the face and moisture wicking for all-day comfort. Anti-Fog Coating - Removes and fends off fog build-up for absolute clarity. Seamless Compatibility with all Giro Helmets - The top of the goggle fits against any Giro helmet to close the gap so no wind or cold can push through. Anti-Fog Coating.

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