Chamonix Mountain Icon 5 Panel Cap

SKU: chmi5bone586

Color: Black/White
Size: One Size
Sale price$2.95


Chamonix Mountain Icon 5 panel limited edition cap. Featuring custom print/colors and finished with a custom patch and label here in the US with black or brown closure.Note* Due to variations in fabric cuts, you may not receive the exact cap shown in the photo. Each cap is unique depending on the section of fabric it was cut from. Black/White, Grey/White: Cotton Twill, Contrast Stitch, Black Nylon Webbing Closure. Teal: Custom Print, Micro Nylon Rip, Brown Leather Clasp Closure. Floral: Floral Print, Cotton Blend, Black Nylon Webbing Closure. 5 Panel. Custom Patch.

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