Atomic Hawx Girl 3 Ski Boots Kids Sz 4.5/5 (23/23.5) White/Berry 2023

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The Atomic Hawx GIRL 3 ski boot allows young all-mountain riders to have more fun in any conditions, anywhere on the mountain. The Hawx GIRL 3 steps up to 3-buckle construction to provide supportive and comfortable foot hold. Since little feet grow fast, the HAWX GIRL 3 comes with a Size Adjuster that adds an extra half size – add it in when they’re younger, take it out as they grow. All of the junior models also come with a Progressive Cuff Design: the flex and cuff are perfectly tailored to the skier's ability and size. The Hawx GIRL 3 provides slightly firmer support and a more energetic flex than the Girl 2 and comes in the next range up of sizes. Junior Performance Shell: Delivers a smooth, proper flex for lighter weight skiers with reinforced areas to provide stability.. Progressive Cuff Design: As junior ski boots progress in size, the level of support and stiffness increases accordingly.. 98mm Junior Last: Junior boots use this unique 98mm last taking into consideration that feet are still developing.. Weight (g) / Boot (Size) : 1,130 / 22-22.5. Foot fit: Narrow.

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