Atomic BCT Mountaineering Carbon SQS Ski Poles Grey/Red Sz 115-135cm (46-54in)

SKU: 8915atbmcsgr19

Sale price$210.00


Atomic BCT Mountaineering Carbon SQS is our high-end foldable ski touring pole for ski mountaineers. It’s constructed just like a probe – 5 pieces connected through a string inside – so all you have to do is press a button and it folds down to 40cm in seconds – easy to pack away. You can also adjust the pole’s length to match the gradient of your climb. It’s reflective for night touring and made from a hybrid mix of 5* aluminum and 6* carbon that makes it both extra light and rigid. We’ve also added SQS, our safety quick release system that instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries. A serious pole for serious tourers!
  • Hybrid Pole Technology
  • Foldable Pole Technology (5pcs) (Pack Size 40cm)
  • SQS - Safety Quick Release System
  • Adjustable Length (Telescope with Power Lock) 115-135
  • Ergonomic BCT Grip (EVA)
  • Reflective Logoprints
  • 5 Aluminum Pole Technology
  • 6 Carbon Pole Technology
  • Touring Strap
  • Touring Basket (85mm)
  • Carbide Tip
  • Ergonomic M-Fit

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