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Snowboard packages are available on for men, women and kids, and for all ability levels from beginner to expert. Buying all your snowboard gear in a package comes with a bunch of perks including value, performance and fit. The snowboard packages found on are specifically placed together to offer boarders a quality experience with equally matched gear that will perform well. Matching together a beginner snowboard with beginner level boots and bindings or expert with expert will ensure your snowboard package fits great together for performance and fit.


While shopping snowboard packages you may get a bit overwhelmed with the selection but worry not, there are easy ways to narrow your selection. On the left side of the page you will see a series of refinement boxes. These boxes contain certain attributes to the snowboard packages including brand, gender, board size, boot size, ability level, intended use and more. By selecting a feature from one of these refinements you will narrow the selection of snowboard packages shown to you. For example, if you choose women’s in the gender refinement the page will refresh and show you only women’s snowboard packages. Multiple refinements can be used as well to really narrow your selection. To use multiple refinements, simply allow the page to refresh from your first refinement selection and then make a second and see the page refresh to show both.


Some of the refinements are pretty cut and dry when shopping snowboard packages. Things like boot size, board size, gender and brand are fairly easy refinements to figure out and use based on what you are looking for. Other refinements like ability level and intended use can take a bit more information to correctly choose from. Choosing between a beginner snowboard package and an expert snowboard package can offer many differences in how the pieces perform, as well as picking an intended use like all mountain and freestyle. To better your shopping experience when shopping for a complete snowboard package we recommend reading through our snowboard buying guide.


Another very important refinement is the “Boots Included” refinement. A simple yes or no can be selected in this refinement to show you snowboard packages that come with boots or those that do not. Some only want to replace their old board and bindings and use their existing snowboard boots, or maybe they have a set in mind that doesn’t come in the package. Selecting “yes” will show you all the snowboard packages complete with boots and selecting “no” will show you only snowboard and binding packages with no boots included.


Buying a complete snowboard package doesn’t have to be a stressful deal, and here at we do all we can to ensure that the process is easy and stress free. So shop for a new snowboard package today and be happily snowboarding on new equipment the next time you go out!



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