Sizing Guide for Snowboards

Sizing snowboards may seem like an easy task and it can be as we will cover here. But there are some important things to consider when choosing a snowboard size which will inherently depend on the user’s weight, height, boot size and the type of snowboarding they wish to do. As there are several disciplines of snowboarding there are various styles of snowboards to choose from which will be sized differently pending the technology used and the overall shape of the snowboard. Here we will cover how to size a snowboard using weight, width, style of snowboarding and style of snowboard.

Sizing snowboards by weight

It is often a misconception that to size a snowboard you simply need it to come up to a certain point on the user. Sizing in this manner will work some of the time but it’s just by chance in those times that it works as a snowboard is truly sized by the user’s weight. The snowboard does not know or care how tall the user is but does know and care about the weight being put on the board by the user. So how do you size a snowboard by the user’s weight?

Sizing a snowboard by weight is fairly easy and most all the specific brands of snowboards we stock will have their own size charts that coincide with them which will offer a clear depiction of which board size goes with which user weight. View all the size charts to get a complete snowboard size rundown by brand.

The width factor – Knowing when you need a wide snowboard

Snowboards are offered in a standard width which most boarders will use and a wide width for boarders with a larger foot. The wide snowboards offer a bit wider platform so that those with a larger snowboard boot size will not have too much overhang with a normal width snowboard.

There is no “exact” cutoff for sizing between a standard width and a wide width snowboard as most snowboard boot brands differ in their actual boot size. A general rule of thumb is in place however; if you wear a size 10.5-11 or higher you will typically benefit from a wide snowboard.

Different types of snowboards and size

There are various different types of snowboards for all the kinds of snowboarding one can do from all mountain to freestyle and the mixture of the two with all mountain freestyle.

  • All Mountain: All mountain snowboards are often sized normally within the general size chart sizing to be good in all mountain conditions.
  • All Mountain Freestyle: For use while freestyle snowboarding which is mostly park and pipe you can choose to size down 3-5cm in order to obtain more control over spins and faster movement in the terrain park.
  • Big Mountain and Powder: If you are snowboarding big mountain and powder you may want to size up slightly. Sizing a bit larger will offer a bit more float and speed when it comes to deeper snow.

Men’s Snowboards vs. Women’s Snowboards

This section is to show women’s snowboards and men’s snowboards are not one in the same. Men will want to get a men’s snowboard and women will want to get a women’s snowboard. The specific flex and materials used in each gender of snowboards have come a long way and now offer specific flexes and performance for men and women. Women’s boards are not just shrunken men’s snowboards and will offer a better feel and performance a women is looking for.

With all the information from the above sections you are now a snowboard sizing master and will be able to help yourself and friend’s size snowboards. Just remember that a snowboard is sized by weight, there are wide boards for those with larger feet, different types of snowboards can be sized differently and women’s snowboards and men’s snowboards are not one in the same. For additional information on snowboards please see our snowboard buying guide and for any questions left unanswered please feel free to contact our customer service through phone, chat or email.