Snow kites have been gaining much popularity over the past couple years. A great new sport of skiing with the help of a snow kite has offered a whole new branch on the tree of skiing. Here we will go over the sizing for snow kites and how to figure out which size is right for you.

Choosing the Proper Snow Kite Size

Snow kite measurements are based mostly on wind speed but other factors can weigh in on the selection. The terrain you will be skiing on will impact the ski kite size as flatter harder packed terrain takes less power from the kite than more powdery conditions. The most popular size kite is the 5.0 square meter as this is great for medium wind conditions making it a solid choice for a wider range of users.

Snow Kite Sizing Chart

Wind Speed Kite Size
14-20 mph 5.0 Sq. Meters
Over 18 mph 3.5 Sq. Meters
10-15 mph 7-10 Sq. Meters

As you can see it is fairly easy to properly size a snow kite. Although it is easy it is still a decision you should not make lightly. Keep in mind the conditions you will face the most and use the chart to determine your best choice. Happy ski kiting!