Sizing Guide for Ski Socks

Sizing ski socks seems fairly easy and for the most part is but this is a piece of equipment that is detrimental in your comfort and is important to size properly. Just like the rest of the ski layers worn for warmth these are meant to fit snug and are not meant to be bulky. Here we will cover proper wear and sizing of ski socks.

Sizing a Ski Sock

Ski socks will typically be sized in small, medium or large with the occasional extra small and extra large in certain brands. This size will correlate to a range of shoe sizes which will eventually lead you to your correct ski sock size.


Ski Sock Sizing Pointers

  • No Doubling Socks- A nasty rumor was spread many, many years ago that you should double up socks if you get cold easy, wrong! You definitely don’t want to double up socks as this can cause friction which will mean blisters and sore feet but will also lead to overheating which leads to sweating which in the end gives you even colder feet. The best set up for someone that gets cold feet easily is going to be one pair of well fitting ski socks; some ski socks are available in a bit thicker models which is great for those that get cold easily.
  • Thin Ski Socks- In the last couple ski seasons if you purchased a set of ski socks you may notice they seem a bit lighter and thinner than ski socks of the past. This trend is due to better materials being used with more technology which gives you a very high performing sock that is not bulky and heavy. This means you get more comfort, a better response between your foot and boot and you get to stay warm all the while. These thinner ski socks are not only warm but they are comfortable and wick away moisture faster.

As you can see there are a few things to remember when sizing ski socks but overall it is an easy process. Having a properly fitted pair of ski socks can make or break your skiing experience so stay warm and ski happy by following these pointers and getting the right size sock for you!