Sizing Guide for Ski Gloves

Having cold hands is never fun and is definitely not fun while skiing. Properly sizing your ski gloves can lead to a better fit which will lead to more warmth. Here we will go over how to measure your hand for a ski glove as well as how to find your proper size using size charts; we will also share some ski glove sizing pointers.

Measuring for a Ski Glove

To properly measure for a ski glove you will want to measure your hand circumference. Measure the flat area shown on the below diagram without including the thumb. The easiest way to measure is with a flexible tape measure you can easily wrap around your hand.

Finding Your Ski Glove Size Using Size Charts

Measuring your hand is great but what do you do with that measurement once you have it? Find your size easily by using all the size charts offered by! Using these charts is the easiest way to take the size you measured and turn it into the correct ski glove size for you. All of the brand specific size charts are located in the Ski-o-pedia section of

You can easily find find your size using our size chart here.

Ski Glove Sizing Pointers

  • Liners: If you plan on using glove liners on the inside of your skiing gloves keep this in mind while sizing. You can size a bit larger when using liners, either size one size up or if teetering between sizes go with the larger size.
  • Size Overlap: In some instances the size you measure and the sizes listed on the size charts will overlap between two sizes. With this overlap you can go with either size; simply pick based on if you like a tighter or looser fit.
  • Kids Ski Glove Sizing: Some kids ski gloves will not be measured by size and will be measured by age. These are typically for the smaller model gloves and age will determine size just fine in these cases.

As you can see it is fairly easy to measure for a properly fitted pair of ski gloves. Measure properly and follow the size charts provided and you will have no ski glove fit issues when you hit the mountain!