Sizing Guide for Ski Bags, Boot Bags, and Luggage

Skiing requires a decent amount of equipment which goes hand in hand in their being so many different sizes and styles of ski bags, boot bags and luggage. Here we will go over the different types of skiing bags from gear bags, luggage bags to backpacks and hard cases.

Gear Bags

Gear bags are completely necessary for most skiers as they often have a varying amount of equipment that needs to be carried and protected. Gear bags can house many different things including skis, ski boots, helmets, goggles and more.

Ski Bags

Ski bags hold your skis either by a single set or multiple. The reason for a ski bag is simply to make them easier to carry and keep them safe and protected. Here are some sizing considerations when purchasing a ski bag:

How many pairs of skis will you carry? - Ski bags come in varying sizes built for one set of skis or multiple sets of skis. Keep in mind how many pairs you are looking to carry or what type of skis you are looking to carry. One extremely wide set of powder skis may need a double ski bag normally meant for 2 pairs of all mountain skis. Ski bags are categorized as singles and doubles; singles carry one set of skis and doubles carry two sets of skis.

What length are your skis? - In addition to being sized as singles or doubles ski bags will display the maximum ski length that it will hold. This is a tip to tail measurement of the ski measured in centimeters and in some cases is adjustable. If the ski bag states its size is 170cm this means the longest ski it will hold properly is a 170cm ski. If the ski bags size indicates it is adjustable from 150-170cm it means it can be adjusted out to comfortably fit smaller and longer skis ranging from 150 to 170cm.

Hard Cases for Skis

Hard cases offer more protection and are great for traveling. These hard cases come in the same type of sizes as regular ski bags as they are either single or double and will fit either one set of skis or two. Hard cases don’t typically come in different lengths as they are adjustable.

Ski Boot Bags

Sizing ski boot bags is easy, they fit one pair of boots or one pair of boots and some extra gear. When deciding on a ski boot bag you simply need to think of the size of your ski boots and if you wish to house any other equipment in this bag. Unlike ski bags where there are some doubles fit for two sets, these bags are only meant for one set of ski boots.

Ski Luggage Bags

So you have a ski bag, a ski boot bag but you still have a lot of gear left to pack, what do you do? Well, there are plenty of ski luggage bags that will carry all the other items from jackets, pants, under layers and all the other supplies you will need. There are several styles of ski luggage bags from duffle, luggage and tote style bags.

Ski Duffel Bag

Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are typically a bit smaller than luggage bags with a soft shell design having no wheels. Duffle bags are offered in several sizes but having a non wheeled soft style design these bags typically are better used for shorter trips. You will not want to pack for an extended stay with a duffle bag as carrying it will get extremely heavy. Measured in liters a typical skiing duffle bag can be between 30 liters and up to 80 liters.

Luggage Bags

Luggage bags will have a sturdy supported design and offer a rolling system to wheel around your gear rather than carrying it. These bags work great for longer trips as they can carry more equipment and be easier to travel with. Typically separated by compartments these bags have enough room for clothing, toiletries and more. Measured by height in inches these luggage bags can range from 20” to 32”.

Day Bags & Backpacks

Backpacks and day bags work great for smaller and more important items including electronics like laptops and camera equipment. Backpacks work great to keep daily items in for use on the hill. Backpacks and day bags are going to be a bit larger than standard backpacks and will offer many more pockets and protection. Measured in liters backpacks and day bags will range from 15-30 liters.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping Ski Luggage Bags

  • Weight – If travelling by air you will want to keep close tabs on the overall weight of your luggage. Restrictions vary from airline to airline and keeping your luggage below the maximum will ensure you get there and your gear does too. Typically higher end ski luggage will offer a lighter weight design and you can view weight in the product features portion of the products page on our site.
  • Overall Size – Just like weight restrictions airlines will also have sizing restrictions (posted below) you will need to abide by. These restrictions change from airline to airline and will be different for carry on and checked luggage.

As you can see there are sizing differences in ski bags and luggage that will definitely weigh on your decision while shopping. Hopefully this guide has shown you the variances of sizes and the needs that each style and size of bag or luggage will fulfill. If you have additional questions please refer to our customer service or comment below and we will be happy to help.