Sizing Guide for Hats

It may seem simple to size for a ski hat and for the most part it is but there are a few things to know when shopping for a new ski hat. Over the years there have been several new styles and fits given to ski hats to accommodate new fashion trends and specific fits. This guide will help differentiate between ski hats for use with or without helmets, different materials and how to choose the best ski hat for your personal situation.

Ski Hat Sizes

Most ski hats are “one size fits all” but are available in men's, women's or kids. Judge by the user’s size and age as to what will fit them the best. Some adults use kids size hats if they have a smaller head or like a snugger fit. In the same sense some kids with larger heads can wear an adult size hats to have it fit better.

Ski Hat Styles

  • Traditional Ski Hats: A traditional ski hat or what is commonly called a beanie or ski cap is going to fit pretty standard and most have a one size fits all style to them. With these styles you can see by looking at the hat pretty much how it is going to fit. This style of ski hat is made to fit quite snug and offer a fit that will not slide around or fall off easily.
  • Slouch Fit Ski Hats: There are the newer “slouch” style ski hats which fit larger and are made to fit with some excess at the top of the hat. These can also typically be folded over which gives a bit more of a traditional fit while offering more protection for the ears.
  • Brimmed Ski Hats: These brimmed ski hats or beanies are going to fit similar to a traditional ski hat but may be a bit tighter. The brim portion of the hat will sometimes pull at the hat making the entire hat fit a bit snugger so keep this in mind while shopping.
  • Skullcap Ski Hats: These ski hats are made specifically to be worn underneath helmets. A skullcap will be sized either adult or junior and will have a much tighter fit than a standard ski hat. A skullcap ski hat should fit comfortably underneath a helmet without bunching up and causing any discomfort.

Sizing With a Ski Helmet

If you are wearing a ski helmet you can size a ski hat a bit smaller or go with a skullcap style hat. Your best to go with something that will not interfere with your helmet or make you re-size it.

When you have a thinner ski hat or skull cap on your ski helmet should fit snug and not move around side to side or up and down. The best fit would be the ski helmet sliding on over the hat and almost “locking” into place so that it will not move around. For helmet sizing please see our ski helmet sizing guide.

Sizing Without a Ski Helmet

To size a ski hat for use while not wearing a helmet it’s all about personal preference. Choose a style of ski hat in men's, women's or kids and in a specific hat type that fits your style. This can be a trial and error process but once you figure out a certain style, brand or fit you will be all set. A properly sized ski hat should fit snug and not move around freely.