Sizing Guide for Footbeds

Aftermarket ski boot footbeds are a must have for skiers looking for long term comfort, warmth and support. Here we will explain how to properly fit an aftermarket ski boot footbed. To learn more about the different styles and types of ski boot footbeds please see our Buying Guide for Footbeds.

Non-Specific Sized Ski Boot Insoles

Some ski boot footbeds or insoles are not sized as sized in mondo (27.5) or US (9.5) sizes and require a size chart to find the right size. For these ski boot footbeds which are typically sizes x-small to x-large. offers size charts which will show up on the product page when shopping for specific footbeds.

Once you pick the size footbed that is best to fit your specific ski boot size you will want to trim it to the exact size of your existing stock footbed. To do this simply remove your old footbed out of your ski boot and line it up with your new one. Trace the outline of your old footbed onto your new footbed with a pen, marker or pencil.

When you have your outline traced onto your new footbed and can easily see it you are now going to cut the excess off. Trim the footbed to the exact measurements of your old stock insole; doing this will ensure a great fit into your ski boot with no bunching.

Specific Sized Ski Boot Insoles

Depending on the brand some ski boot footbeds or insoles will be sized in exact ski boot sizes. These will be found in either mondo point size (27.5) or standard US size (9.5). For these you will want to select the same size as your ski boot size. For questions on mondo point sizing please refer to’s Glossary of Ski Terms.

Although being specifically sized these ski boot footbeds will still require some trimming to ensure an exact fit. Following the same instructions from above you will want to trace the outline of the old footbed onto the new footbed and trim any excess. After trimmed you can throw the newly cut footbed into your ski boot for a superb fit.

You’re Cut, Fit and Ready to Ski Comfortably!

So now you have your newly fitted ski boot insoles and you’re ready to ski comfortably all day with no pressure points building up. Your ski boot footbeds will feel great at first but just like a new pair of boots there will be some break in. This break in will be minor in comparison to breaking in a new pair of boots but it will take a few sessions skiing to get the ultimate fit which you will continually have from that point forward.

Sizing Ski Footbed Diagram