Cross Country Ski Pole Sizing

Getting the correct size in a cross country ski poles is important to performance and comfort while skiing. Back when there was really only one style of cross country skiing it was fairly simple to size as there was also only one style of pole to accompany this ski. Cross country skiing has evolved and with this we have many different types of cross country skis and poles to go along with these skis. Each style of cross country ski pole is going to size slightly different. Here we will go over the sizing of all the styles of cross country ski poles.

Recreational Touring Cross Country Ski Poles Sizing

Recreational cross country skiing is the standard of cross country skiing and the sizing of these ski poles follow the old trusty arm pit guideline. To correctly size a recreational touring cross country ski pole you will want to measure to the under arm (armpit). A correctly sized pole in this category should sit right under the armpit. You can go longer if you prefer a faster stride.

Backcountry Cross Country Ski Pole Sizing

This type of cross country skiing does not conform to a single sizing guideline. For backcountry you are going to want an adjustable set of poles. Having an adjustable set means you can adjust them to be longer for uphill and shorten them for downhill. Having an adjustable set also helps as while backcountry cross country skiing you will most likely have differing conditions from time to time and with these you can adjust depending on the conditions.

Fitness Cross Country Ski Poles Sizing

For fitness style cross country ski poles you size roughly to mid shoulder length. This added length gives you a bit more stride. Not only do you get an enhanced stride but a longer pole will also help engage core torso muscles.

Skate Cross Country Ski Poles Sizing

For skate style cross country skiing you will want to size the poles up to the chin/lower lip area. This may be shorter than you used to size skate style poles but in the years the style has been getting faster thus the shorter poles will aid in cutting weight and also will be easier and quicker to maneuver.

Buying Online | How do I get my Cross Country Ski Poles Size?

All these sizing methods involve using the actual pole to measure but what if you are shopping online? Check the Cross Country Ski Poles Size Chart to determine which size cross country ski poles you need based on your height and skiing conditions.

Now you are a cross country pole sizing expert!