Sizing Guide for Cross Country Ski Boots

Getting the proper size in cross country ski boots is important for a few different reasons. Having the right size will make your boot more comfortable, warmer and will give you a great amount of performance. Here we will go over how to properly size a cross country ski boot and how your boots should fit once you have them and try them on.

How do Cross Country Ski Boots Fit?

Cross country ski boots are going to fit very closely to the same size as your standard athletic shoe size. You can size down for a tighter more athletic fit but we don’t suggest sizing up as having too much extra room can cause issues with warmth and blisters.

How do I Know What Size I am in Cross Country Boots?

Cross country ski boots are sized in Euro sizing making it tough to size unless you know your Euro size. Instead of learning the Euro size scale we recommend referencing the Cross Country Ski Boot Size Chart which has the Euro size on the left with a US size reference to the right in both mens and womens.

Trying on your Cross Country Ski Boots

Whether you bought them online and are trying them on for the first time in your house or if you are in a shop trying different models on the way you put the boots on will be the same. 

Follow the following steps and you will be good to go:

  1. Wear the same sock as you will be wearing while using the boot. A thin ski sock will work great but if you wear a thicker sock be sure to wear that.
  2. Before lacing the boot try it on and stand up. This will give you a general feeling on width. Before lacing the boot up kick your heels back to make sure your heel is all the way back in the boot. Once kicked back in the boot go ahead and lace the boots up.
  3. Now stand up and see where your toes end up. A good tight fit is best so having your toes just brushing the front of the boot is a great fit especially for skate and fitness cross country skiers. Recreational skiers can get away with a bit more room but just be sure the boots don’t have a bunch of extra room.

Break in Time for Cross Country Ski Boots

Depending on the boot model a cross country ski boots may take up to a ½ dozen uses to fully break in. As you cannot return used merchandise we recommend wearing the boots around inside your home as to not mark them up for a couple of hours to ensure they feel comfortable and fit correctly.