Counterfeit products have not always been a huge factor in the ski industry as most of the products are made under intense guidelines with an emphasis on performance. If you bought a ski jacket and it “looked” like the jacket you had in mind but once you started skiing you were cold and the jacket started letting moisture in you would know something was not right. Now with the addition of some great fashionable ski jackets from the likes of Bogner, Moncler and more we are seeing some high end fakes coming out and being sold online. Now, is a registered dealer of all the brands we carry so you can always count on getting the proper and authentic merchandise when shopping from us but what happens when a not so savvy consumer gets hoaxed? 

The cost of counterfeiting

The dollar cost of counterfeiting is one piece of the problem and worldwide has grown to a $600 billion a year problem; $23 billion is accrued annually out of New York City alone. Although most all companies that are victims of counterfeiting still thrive in the market selling enough real merchandise to counteract the fakes the real cost comes when you look at where the money goes when you buy a fake. The money you spend to get a counterfeit product is in most cases going to supports organized crime, drug trafficking, child labor and terrorist activity.  

How to buy authentic merchandise only

 Buy from reputable dealers, like, which many brands will have listed on their websites. UGG which is an often counterfeited brand has a list of authorized retailers on their website and Moncler has a listing of all the non-reputable retailers and the domains which they have had taken down. It’s pretty easy to not buy a counterfeit item by not buying from a street stand, a flea market and by being very cautious upon where you shop online for high end expensive products. Just know that if a deal seems too good to be real it most likely is.